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Source: Rolando McClain visits Dolphins

Rolando McClain seemed like the obvious pick for the Dolphins at No. 12 in the first round when this offseason began. Then the Dolphins paid a mint for inside linebacker Karlos Dansby in free agency and everyone kinda, sorta dismissed the possibility for McClain.

The Dolphins apparently haven't dismissed the possibility.

A source tells me McClain was in town the past couple of days to visit with the Dolphins.

And while that doesn't mean the Dolphins will draft McClain, it obviously shows an interest in the guy. Contrary to what many of you believe, the Dolphins do not bring guys in for the sake of creating smokescreens.

Teams have a limited number of visits and this team doesn't waste those on players they don't like or don't want to know better. This team creates smokescreens by simply saying nothing, zero, nada, zilch, and letting speculation and poor reporting (I've been guilty) do their work.

McClain is believed to be the best inside linebacker in the draft. But for all his production and hype at Alabama, there are questions about him.

He is adequately fast, but not otherworldly as his 4.69 and 4.68 at the Alabama Pro Day attests. He did have a 35-inch vertical leap which is showing good hops for a 6-4 and 249-pound guy.

McClain revealed at his Pro Day he suffers from Crohn's Disease, an inflammatory disease of the intestines. McClain has said he's known of the disease since he was in ninth grade and treats it daily. I am told the Dolphins knew about McClain's Crohn's illness before McClain admitted he had it.

A couple of points:

The Dolphins are obviously not ruling any good player out as a possibility at No. 12. McClain was productive at Alabama so he's obviously a good player.

If McClain is the pick, Channing Crowder could have a fight on his hands for his starting job and either Crowder or Reggie Torbor could find himself playing elsewhere in 2009.

That is, of course, a big if right now. McClain is visiting with a handful of other teams as well, most notably the New York Giants.


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i thought carlito does construction and since he lost his job he's at it all day all night .got to go .

carlito, (The secind stanza is not directed at you just FYI)

1.) I like your D. Thomas WR choice and that seems in vogue for most folks.

2.) I would not mind Hughes at all and think he has ability to get to the QB. I am NOT sure how anyone that can't stand BG going to the Fins would ALLOW a HUGHES choice? Hughes is a Parcell's Rigid OLB Anti-Standard guy @ a height of 6'1 3/4 and a measly 255 lbs? Eh gads!!! The Freak has "Short 33 inch arms!!!" We should put this poor sap out of his misery before he starts trying vainly to sack NFL QBs with those lil stubbos he calls arms.

Never mind that he was the best of all the major OLB prospects at sacking QBs in college. He couldn't hope to have success in the NFL. Back you go into the OLB pool shrimpy! ;)

3.) Nate Allen. I prefer Morgan Burnett or Rashad Jones as the next potential Fins deep patrol.

4.) Sapp I would rather have Huges and BG plain and simple.

5.) Cam Thomas I am sure he will be in the mix. If he ends up going in the second I would much rather have Linval Joseph, Troup. I hope they take two shots at a NT type. One in the later rounds.

You are a great diversion creator mang! I think you really understand passion well carlito. Thanks for the free wuuusah outlet.

Mike in Houston...I watched Dez on NFL Network the other day...there is NO DOUBT about his talent, he makes some amazing adjustments on the fly..his problem is all the other stuff, I don't talk about him cause I don't believe we will take him cause Parcells don't like the other BS....but believe me, I wouldn't be the least bit upset if he is the pick, shocked yes, upset no way




do you have a job ?

Rolando is a good player but is not the best LB prospect in the draft - that is unquestionably Derrick Morgan. I would even take Weatherspoon over McClain. Rolando is #3 on the board!!!

And NJ, how do you know that the administration thinks he's the best linebacker in the draft? You didn't even know Morgan could be an OLB.

Craig at 6:27,

You are a really nice guy... a genuine Fin Fan!

Thanks for the post...

"Dez is not in shape"

NFL network....


Rob in OC,

On Jerry Hughes, he is 6'2... and taking a player at 43 is very different from taking a player at 12... He's also had over 25 sacks in the last 2 years

Allen, someone is going to get a big contract at 12 no matter what... To say u don't want to use it on an ILB makes ni sense..if he is the best player at 12 for the Dolphins then u draft him PERIOD...position is the last reason not to draft a great player

Mark in Toronto, the only board that McClain isn't the best on is YOUR board...not any NFL Board I've seen ranks ANYONE above McClain at the LB position

ALoco, no I have no job, I just spend all day blogging

allen @ 6:44,

Thanks man. We are on the same page seeing better value at ILB with other picks.

I am a big fan of Jamar Chaney's although he can't pass the Rigid Trifecta Height standards at under 6'1 242 lbs. He is super quick and active. I think he may be the most well rounded ILB when asked to Blitz, run and tackle and as well as pass coverage.

If anyone hasn't seen him play he has the best, clearest game film footage online of anyone. Completely broken down into 3 seperate categories VS Run, VS Pass, Blitzing. Check it out.

Good stuff allen!

it does make sense----u need to upgrade talent a olb, nt, fs,---u need to spread your big financial commitiements throughout the different needs--this isnt MADDEN

im not saying i wouldnt take mcclain if i believed he was the next ray lewis like Kiper thinks, but i think he is a solid player not a great player---and Tuna would select earl thomas be4 mcclain

Lol Aloco, you do try to fan the flames. Sometimes it works.

Crowder will be so gone that he'll look back at 2009 and be like.. omg, I was actually on another team!!

Berry reminds me of Allen and that scares me.

TN players scare me

Crohns is pretty nasty and could definitely cause problems. Between McClain's average athleticism and the fact that Mt. Cody was eating up all the blockers making him look good, this guy seems more like a "pass" every day.

cocoajoe, why aren't you nice to carlito, every one loves him on the blog and he never insult any one ,be nice to him ,come on .

So going back to WR....

Two things....Bryant obviously had a decent pro-day today but not a great one. The fact he didn't have his cleats, says a lot abot this guy. He doesn't sound like he's going to be a good professional. All the talent in the world but to be a good pro it takes more than that. So, I'm thinking he's going to be there at 12 for us if we want him...but I'm thinking we pass and go elsewhere. Sorry the question is, how far does this guy fall or does someone else trade up for him, like Dallas?

Also, I went back and reviewed some more tape off D. Thomas. I can't help but see a young Anquan Boldin, the way he competes for the ball and his yards after the catch. I think that's an element that is missing from out WR and I think he's be a great addition.

Mike in Houston @ 6:53

So true. Any message that falls on deaf ears matters not the logic applied visual or stats wise. You nailed that 100%

I realize that I hold my own eyes, thoughts, draft beliefs just as close except I believe I do listen to reason and logic. The logical valid proof has yet to come...

Forgetting your cleats at your Pro Day is almost as bad as losing your helmet in the super bowl... almost

Mrmrjohnson, I think u need to take a look at McClains first year at Bama when fat Cody wasn't even there, saying McClain was good because of Cody just isn't TRUE

allen @ 6:57,

When Value is added into the equation thats when Spikes would make tons of sense.

valid point.

It would make the middile a very solid unit with Dansby and McClain.

Allen, what team spreads the wealth around like u say??? Parcells has ALWAYS paid the guys in the trenches more then other members, numbers are set at each position....three highest paid players on Fins 2009, Carey, Grove and Long...teams pay players who can play, they don't set their salary to spread the wealth...leave that to Obama not the Fins

Last time i checked bobbyd12 cops are gov paid employees. Talk about livin off taxpayers when thats how u get paid. What level education do they require now GED enough?

Thunderdolt, none of ur Fu"kin business douche, what I do on my down time or breaks at work have nothing to do with u...and since a Federal Agent, all I care about is u paying ur taxes so I continue getting paid...


I had the exact same thought as your 7:23 post when I heard about Bryant fogetting his cleats.

And by the way, I graduated high school and pull down six figures and I'm damn proud of it NUMNUTZ...

name me 1 team that has 2 ilb making a huge salary---there isnt one BObby---i kno u luv mcclain but it aint happening for many reasons and one is the financial reasons

carlito @ 7:08,

Jerry Hughes is a combine measured 6'1 3/4 EXCACTLY. 255lbs and ran a 4.69 official 40.
He has a COMBINE measured EXACTLY 33 inch arms

A scant 3/4 of an inch longer than BG.

By comparison Morgan's arms were 34 1/2 and JPP were 34 3/4.

I seriously DOUBT Hughes will be there at 43. So the actual amount of slots difference between him and BG will not be as much as you may think.

Also I have Hughes's last 2 years down as 26 games played, 26.5 sacks, 36 TFLs, 110 tackles, 4.23 tacks per game, and 26 Combine reps of 225lbs. 4.69 40

By direct comparison Brandon Grahams last 2 years was 23 games played, 20.5 sacks, 110 tackles, 4.78 tacks per game, Combine reps 31 at 225lbs, Combine Height 6' 1 3/8, Combine Weight 268 lbs, 4.72 40 with the hamstring injury.

The logic would still apply that if Brandon Graham can't meet the Trifecta's Rigid Height Standards surely Hughes would not measure up either...in any round.

Does the chart magically bend in later rounds? rounds?

money will always be tied up on defense on pass rushers and corners, and now matbe FS---ILB is one of the rarest postions to pay big money ---and we just did that with dansby now ur sayin we are going to get another ilb with big money---pipedreams wont happen---they will lock that next big contract with a FS or OLB

Ur a federal agent and i have a classified security clearance and a masters douche. Uh oh.

dansby isnt not going to start at olb---he will be our ilb that on occasions can slide outside

Table dressing for a trade of First Round Picks with the Giants!

Leave ur obama comments off this blog. I got nothin to be proud of. I pay ur salary.

Craig M at 7:21,

I see a lot of AB in WR D. Thomas. D. T. is much faster though.

I would like the fins to add him to the Henne target list!

Armando...smokescreens? The Dolphins don't bring in players for smokescreens...sure they do, just like every other team does...think...they bring in appx 30 players in from out of state...then they can bring in players that live or have a connection to Florida. The Dolphins only select appx 10 players in the draft...so why bring in 50 or more...SMOKE.

ThunderDolt, last time I looked I work and live in the USA...I will make whatever comments I feel like making, if you don't like it, turn the dial instead of crying like a baby to someone who doesn't give a shyt about ur "feelings"...and thks for paying ur taxes, next year I qualify for 8 weeks vacation and I wanna make sure ur doing ur part

Rob in Oc,

How come we trying to talk about the 2nd round here and the argument comes back to Brandon Graham? lol... :P

They give any monkey a classified security clearance

And by the way, ur probaly making less then me AND still paying for that Masters Degree huh??? LMAO Master degree, piece of paper that makes u think ur more intelligent then everyone else...no one cares


Here are super McClain's actual 3 year stats.

2007 74...36...38 1 0 0 0 0 2 40 20.0 23 0 0
2008 91...45...46 3 0 0 0 0 1 12 12.0 12 0 0
2009 105..53...52 4 0 0 1 0 2 21 10.5 21 0 0

Wow! Look at all those assists... he is gonna be special.

His Tackles DID improve fairly dramatically when DT Mt. Cody showed up!!!

In 2007 he had 74 (well actually 36 solo)

In 2008 he had 91 (well actually 45 solo)

In 2009 he had 105 (well actually 53 solo)

Facts is facts... zero malice

Great analysis showing positives and flaws to mcclain and spikes game----verdict both are a good fit for dolphins for different reasons


I don't see what the big deal is they also interviewed Gerald Mccoy,Earl Thomas,Lupati etc... just because we interviewed him doesn't mean anything other then he's an option

Interesting debates tonight.

My thoughts:

If McClain is the pick he will immediately supplant Crowder.

If McClain is picked, Dansby will not be moved outside because he is a probowl quality ILB. Why the Eff would anyone screw with that kind of production? If anyone here thinks the positions are interchangeable, they've never put on cleats.

McClain isn't that special that he supercedes other players available at this pick - he is one of the "questions" guys I've been going on about as compard to a Dan Williams who is a reach at 12 but doesn't have a lot of questions about him. I would be disappointed if he were picked over an NT or OLB which are greater needs now. He is a lot better than Crowder, but Crowder may also play better in the presence of a real leader like Dansby - and with the new understanding that he better play well or he's gone.

Fake NJ @ 741: That was funny as sh*t. Much funnier than your normal attempts at character assassination. Very inventive.

Funny how everyone is off the Dez bandwagon now that he proved himself (an idiot) not ready to be a professional.

Post all the stats u want Rob, I'm not gonna sit here all night and waste my time segueing with u...we have been thru this, Rolando McClain is on the radar and I believe will be a great LB in the NFL...nothing u post changes my mind

nancy belosi,is the iron lady .she screwed the right wing ig time .

health care for all .


I am directly replying to your post of 2nd round list.

When I spotted a player on your list that seems a NON fit for the Trifecta's Can't Miss, Colossal Height, Giant Long Armed Player ONLY list. I have been told by many a draft Czar on this very blog that the Trifecta strictly enforces this code and NO players can violate them.

They make exceptions for QBs but if that player doesn't pan out they will never draft another Non Conforming player. ;)

bobby that piece of paper is very hard to come and takes years of hard work to finally obtain don't knock the guy because he's proud of it.If I ever get one I'll wear it like I'm flavor flav

Those stats Rob in OC put up prove Mcclain can't bring down his own guy.

Jimmy Jam, so the fact that Dansby was a OLB his whole college carreer, a runner up to the Butkus Award and posted solid numbers as an OLB means nothing?? I could see ur point if in fact he was an ILB in college too but he wasn't, he was a darn good OLB


I don't think there is any doubt that Jerry Hughes is a good pass rusher, just like there is no doubt that Brandon Graham is a good player as well. That being understood, I think there is much more value taking someone like this at 43 than taking an undersized pass rusher that will be converting from DE to OLB in the first half of the first round.

bobby, Derrick Morgan is rated higher on every major mock draft board that matters. Check CBS for instance. No offense but we've been over many matter and you were one guy who said the Dolphins would never sign Karlos Dansby so what you don't know could fill the Atlantic Ocean my friend.

I am smarter than u bobby. I went to take a leak and played a half of madden and ur still arguing with urself. When i have time ill read what u wrote. For now im leading the seahawks by 20 at half time later playa.

why can't we all get a long .

FishFan, uh u need to see how things start instead of reading halfway thru ok??? Guy comes on and breaks my ballz saying I'm a cop and what do I have a GED?? He can stick his Masters up his as" as far as I'm concerned, he got what he had coming..he thinks his Masters makes him more intelligent or special in life then he's truly an idiot

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