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Source: Rolando McClain visits Dolphins

Rolando McClain seemed like the obvious pick for the Dolphins at No. 12 in the first round when this offseason began. Then the Dolphins paid a mint for inside linebacker Karlos Dansby in free agency and everyone kinda, sorta dismissed the possibility for McClain.

The Dolphins apparently haven't dismissed the possibility.

A source tells me McClain was in town the past couple of days to visit with the Dolphins.

And while that doesn't mean the Dolphins will draft McClain, it obviously shows an interest in the guy. Contrary to what many of you believe, the Dolphins do not bring guys in for the sake of creating smokescreens.

Teams have a limited number of visits and this team doesn't waste those on players they don't like or don't want to know better. This team creates smokescreens by simply saying nothing, zero, nada, zilch, and letting speculation and poor reporting (I've been guilty) do their work.

McClain is believed to be the best inside linebacker in the draft. But for all his production and hype at Alabama, there are questions about him.

He is adequately fast, but not otherworldly as his 4.69 and 4.68 at the Alabama Pro Day attests. He did have a 35-inch vertical leap which is showing good hops for a 6-4 and 249-pound guy.

McClain revealed at his Pro Day he suffers from Crohn's Disease, an inflammatory disease of the intestines. McClain has said he's known of the disease since he was in ninth grade and treats it daily. I am told the Dolphins knew about McClain's Crohn's illness before McClain admitted he had it.

A couple of points:

The Dolphins are obviously not ruling any good player out as a possibility at No. 12. McClain was productive at Alabama so he's obviously a good player.

If McClain is the pick, Channing Crowder could have a fight on his hands for his starting job and either Crowder or Reggie Torbor could find himself playing elsewhere in 2009.

That is, of course, a big if right now. McClain is visiting with a handful of other teams as well, most notably the New York Giants.


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That is the question... Or is it to be or not to be?

Those are the questions...

Sorry I guess I should have read through it and thank you for your hard work officer.




I am not expecting you to. You will go down with the McClain ship whether it sinks or swims. I get that.

If you throw out flippant comments like "McClain was just as good without Cody there, look it up!"

Then I do look it up and show you the cold, hard facts. The stats DON'T REFLECT what you are saying as much as you yourself might think.

Then you simply brush aside the facts and start claiming your McClain undying loyalty.

Me showing you factual stats or trying to get you to watch clips and point out the dominance I am obviously missing is no different than you saying I'm delusional for thinking that a player may be able to do in the NFL what he ALREADY did in college dispite his less than perfect triangle numbers.

I do get what you are saying: You can't be confused by the facts because your mind is made up.

No worries. You have moxy regarding your pick..it's an admirable quality.

Changing gears again.....which player would you be MOST happy with, the guy you REALLY want the Dolphins to add. Doesn't matter about round, or anything like that. Who would you be happiest with at the end of the day in the whole draft?

I have TWO.....Eric Berry and D. Thomas from GT. Think about it and let me know.....



They can't take Hughes... Too small like other NON Fin material.

Too bad, he would have made a hell of a player that Hughes!

Mark in Toronto, no offense but I just went over to the CBS Sports Mock Draft web site...they have 4 guys on there, 2 picked McClain over Morgan, 2 picked Morgan over McClain...I know u have a different number system in Canada, but 2 out of 4 doesn't mean a win in America, it means tie... I'll be back with kiper, mayock and McShays pick... The big three cause they also matter


PS: Hughes won't last till pick #43 imho.

Some draft mocks have him late 1st round.

I guess we will know in a few weeks.


No sir like the cry baby u are u bash my president and then plead ignorance. Thats how it started. U can give but u cant take it. Too many sorry democrats let people like u speak freely like ur speaking for everybody. U are the epitome of hypocracy. A cop that makes his wages off tax payer money and hates paying taxes. If u dont like the result then dont trash my prez on a football blog and it wont get started.


Let me just say kudos to you my friend. You make a lot of really good posts on here, not because I agree with most of them (which I actually do) but your logic is well thought out and makes a lot of sense. Keep up the good work!!

Thurs 22 ALoco.

What your gonna snap back into talking to me nice now?

get mcclain,trade crowder .haha doubt anyone would take him.

Guys....stick too football.....this is other crap is pointless......just kiss and makeup!!

OK Bobby, because you obviously need direction,


You'll see the overall rankings where Morgan is ranked #9 and McClain #11.

Now, in any country 9 comes before 11. So please, don't talk about the educational system in my country. I'd pick out all the errors you've made on this blog but I'd be here all night and we Canadians are too polite to do that anyway. :)





Thank You Craig M

cocoajoe, why aren't you nice to carlito, every one loves him on the blog and he never insult any one ,be nice to him ,come on .

Posted by: ALoco | March 30, 2010 at 07:19 PM

Why? because I've been around long enough to know carlito couldn't even speak English and knew NOTHING about football 3-4 months ago.

And now he's an expert, telling people who PLAYED THE GAME they don't know football. He has never had an original though in that primitive mind of his, never suited up but he does read what others say on the Internet.

Maybe there's some truth about a 1000 monkeys typing in one room will eventually write a Shakespearean play.

First of all grammar check(knew not new):
"Dolphins new about McClain's Crohn's illness"

Dansby could have been coached to say that about where he plays. If he is the highest rated guy he could be the pick at ILB.

Cacajoe still ASSuming things he know nothing about and not talking football... What a tool this guy, for sure he never play football.


Why you so worry about the life and times of me, Carlito? This is a blog about the Dolphins, not a blog about Carlito.




Mark in Toronto, LMAO @ you... The start of the CBS Story u directed me to starts off, "I will now make an attempt to do a Mock Draft after the combine" Do you even know who the writer is??? He or she is going to make " an attempt"??? This is ur qualified expert that matters??? Ur kidding me right??? Kiper, McClain 11 Morgan 14... McShay McClain 11 Morgan 15....compared to an unknown writer making an "attempt" at a Mock Draft... And by the way, I was wrong about Dansby, I admitted it, I've also gotten alot right, but I don't get on here and yell about it...

They need either an OLB pass rusher or a ball hawk FS , BPA at those positions that can make the biggest impact. That's who should be drafted at #12. Not related but if WR Mike Williams falls to the 3rd pull the trigger. Dude is a baller!

ThunderDOLT...wahhhhhhhhh I bashed ur President and hurt ur wittle feelings...blow it our pus"y as"...I pay my taxes and protect dumbfu"s like you who want to squash my free speech right...FU"K ur politics, FU"K ur hurt feelings and FU"K you..

Now back to football...

dolfandave, funny how the organiztions said they could justify the money he wanted only if they could move him to OLB...After he signs, Dansby says he is playing ILB....and no one follows up on this story??? No reporter asks anyone in the organization why the discrepancy???

Craig M, to answer ur question, Rob Gronkowski..Period I wanna see that big TE play for this team, that's the one guy I would be happiest to see the Fins sign

He'd be great on this team, no question Bobby. That's an interesting selection on your part. Can't disagree with it at all....just not what I thought you would say.

Craig, who did u think I woulda picked?

Not sure, Bobby. I know your big on Gronk and you should be....I figured maybe someone like Cam Thomas or Dan Williams.

Guys , forget about Mel Kiper but lets listen to Universal Draft.com. WOW !!! are you kidding me ??? LMFAO !!!

Craig M, yea we need a NT among other things but like everyone else I enjoy watching some offensive playmakers...I think Gronk would add some excitement to the offense AND open up some more opportunities for our receivers...I was a huge Bavaro fan growing up and enjoy that aspect of the game

we have too many needs to consider MCCLAIN ..... our bigger needs are NT, F.S., OLB, WR ......

I think we should trade down from 1-12 to 1-20 and get an extra 2nd round pick .....

one of the following will be there at 1-20: DAN WILLIAMS,NT, EARL THOMAS, F.S., GRAHAM, PIERRE, KINDLE, OR MORGAN, OLB, OR DEZ BRYANT, WR .......

We can get one of the above at 1-20...... and then we can deal with the other problems with out two 2nd round picks, plus picks in 3rd and 4th round

"Why can't we all just get along?"

Aloco, that's my line! I have it copyrighted so be expecting an invoice from my accountant.

NJ Phin, Mark in Toronto gives me this CBS Sports site calling it the one " that matters" and it opens up with "I will now attempt my Mock Draft after the combine" I couldn't even find out who wrote the thing, there were no bylines or credits...

I mean, all this Mock Draft is BS anyway, Kiper figured out how to make millions doing nothing, more power to him....but still, someone puts it on the web under CBS Sports and they are the Mock that matters...IDK

Rolando mclain had those 74 tackles as a 18 year true freshman starting in 8 games while playing in 13 games. he 's only 20 years old and won't be 21 until july.

bobbyd12 . morgan is rated as a DE. mcclain is rated the #1 LB. that's all you need to know.

I want the Dolphins to take the best for them but I almost wish the pick would be McClain just to see Rob in OC have a PO White type meltdown LOL

Key stat there is 8 games NJ. Rob neglected to put that stat up with the others. It DOES show the facts that Mcclain posted good if not better numbers without Mount Cody.

Dolphins , that's right. He likes to omit alot of things to better suit his arguement.

He's argues very intelligently. He's very good at spinning facts you do give him into trivial points.

Hehehehe Rodney King. Your right. This is a fins blog. I love my fins baby. No more politics. I suffered when Marino lost to the niners and again when he got sent to retirement by JAX and I was there for every friggin down of the 1-15 season, my first year wasting money on NFL ticket. Rodney just say no to crack tho. LOL.

* -'s

dolphins , yes he is

spinning facts

What if he has to make a doody when he's on defense?

go to bed u fraking jack@zzzz plumbner

Evening Guys... Checking in and see that everyone is lite and cheery as usual (eh-um!)... I really don't know what to think of the MCclain visit so I am sticking with my initial assessment. I felt that if Miami secured the Dansby deal it would draw them away from drafting a ILB so early in the draft. I still feel this way. I just believe if Miami is going to go after a OLB, they will go after a natural at the position, if they make a reach... it would be a DE convert. I agree with the one person who said the coaching staff will decide who plays where but you have to believe they want players where they are the most comfortable... Right? I said a few days ago I thought Miami may draft a wild-card at #12, on similar lines to Armando's earlier Blog about taking best player available. Should Miami do that, I feel the pick will be at Safety or an Offensive Player choice. I believe if they decide to go linebacker... it will be a true OLB like Morgan, Kindle or Graham. That just make more sense to me.

I have always felt that the Fins pick in the first round should be McClain. The second round pick should be the best available NT, probably Cam Thomas out of North Carolina. Picking McClain would open up Crowder to be traded for a 4th or 5th round pick. I also feel that the Fins will draft Mike Williams, WR out of Syracuse, with either a 3rd or 4th round pick. Also, look for the Fins to address safety with Myron Rolle (FSU), and OLB with OBrien Schofield (Wisconsin), with mid to late round picks. All speculation on my part, but I know the Fins have taken a recent close look at most of these players.

Shoulders day??? NJ what a pompous idiot. Like anybody cares.bwhahahahhahahahhahah

Mr. Ross,

I want you to tell those three guys working for YOU to pick that guard Iupati or whatever he's called to block for my son. He can help the slow footed Henne stay upright long enough until my son is ready to start. Then you tell them to pick my son in the second round. You've got the right to pick some of the groceries too!

My son is the only player in this draft that can fill your stadium (whatever it's called now) and pay for that new roof without needing taxpayer money. He's the modern day Red Grange. He'll save the NFL in more ways than one.

So if you want a new roof, remember, you can get my son cheap in the second round (there's a lot of Gator fans in Miami).

"Just Because"
Golden Tate is taller by at least 3" than Smith, though not as fast.
They both have a way of making the catch over and around.the defenders

Ask Bill ruger . Morgan and Graham aren't true OLB's. They would be converted DE's.

I really thought all this Mcclain stuff was behind us after Dansby was signed.

Bobby - I didn't say Dansby wouldn't be good at OLB (and thanks for the note about his college days), but he has played ILB (If I'm not mistaken - and please correct me if I am) since he was drafted in 2004. That's five years since he played OLB. The positions are very different. He is very good and I'm sure he could make the change, but why? Get someone else. This team needs him at ILB.

Miami has Wake and Taylor (trust me, he'll be a Fin again by June) and they have squat at ILB if Dansby moves out. If they draft McClain and he turns into the stud so many of you (not me - I can watch film too, not just read stats, and not much of it looks overwhelmingly great) feel he is then we still have two turds named Crowder and Torbor. McClain has no NFL experience - do you want him to learn from Chowder? Really? I could see them taking him and having him line up next to Dansby. But it would be a bit wasteful when NT needs to be addressed. OLB and FS are needs, but if Taylor is back they are okay (not great) at OLB. So I would rank defensive needs as NT first then FS then OLB. Offensive needs: WR and TE but this F.O. will go TE first.

Just my take - McClain is a bit of a luxury at 12.

Get rid of that runt White. You need a man to do a man's job. My son would be perfect for your Wildcat and stop calling it WildPat!

i dont think there is an argument against mcclain be a very good player in a mike nolan system when he plays next to Dansby----or thats my view---i just think value wise he isnt a good selection at 12 for the dolphins--there is depth at that spot later in draft---

After the 1st round 3-4 pass rushers drop significantly and generally pass rushers have way more value then a ILB.

Mcclain in a dolphins jersey would be a good LB b/c there is a star player next to him and he would be under a great DC in Nolan---but if we got Chaney or spikes in the 3rd or 4th----they would also be players who could have similiar success---which much better VALUE CONSIDERING THE PLACE OF ROUND SELECTION

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