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Source: Rolando McClain visits Dolphins

Rolando McClain seemed like the obvious pick for the Dolphins at No. 12 in the first round when this offseason began. Then the Dolphins paid a mint for inside linebacker Karlos Dansby in free agency and everyone kinda, sorta dismissed the possibility for McClain.

The Dolphins apparently haven't dismissed the possibility.

A source tells me McClain was in town the past couple of days to visit with the Dolphins.

And while that doesn't mean the Dolphins will draft McClain, it obviously shows an interest in the guy. Contrary to what many of you believe, the Dolphins do not bring guys in for the sake of creating smokescreens.

Teams have a limited number of visits and this team doesn't waste those on players they don't like or don't want to know better. This team creates smokescreens by simply saying nothing, zero, nada, zilch, and letting speculation and poor reporting (I've been guilty) do their work.

McClain is believed to be the best inside linebacker in the draft. But for all his production and hype at Alabama, there are questions about him.

He is adequately fast, but not otherworldly as his 4.69 and 4.68 at the Alabama Pro Day attests. He did have a 35-inch vertical leap which is showing good hops for a 6-4 and 249-pound guy.

McClain revealed at his Pro Day he suffers from Crohn's Disease, an inflammatory disease of the intestines. McClain has said he's known of the disease since he was in ninth grade and treats it daily. I am told the Dolphins knew about McClain's Crohn's illness before McClain admitted he had it.

A couple of points:

The Dolphins are obviously not ruling any good player out as a possibility at No. 12. McClain was productive at Alabama so he's obviously a good player.

If McClain is the pick, Channing Crowder could have a fight on his hands for his starting job and either Crowder or Reggie Torbor could find himself playing elsewhere in 2009.

That is, of course, a big if right now. McClain is visiting with a handful of other teams as well, most notably the New York Giants.


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Dont hate on Rob cause he backs his opinion with stats---at least he watches tape and gives a thoughtout reasoning on why he thinks a player is good---other then some people on here who just say random thoughts on players they like and dont back it up with any SUBSTANCE

Do you mean like that stat he omitted that stats mclain started 8 games in route that 74 tackles he had without, that's not hate , that also stating FACTS !!!

All this speculation about who we draft. I cannot wait for the draft.I know NJ does a pretty good job of reviewing players with stats and stuff. Some of you do well also. But all of it gets redundant(spelling). I jsut hope our Phins have a great draft...period. Go phins!!!!

without cody **

Let's not pretend for a second any od us know who the fins will take......unless some here can quote their post from last year claiming it would be Vonte. Or long the year before

The picks should be earl thomas first round, demarious thomas 2nd round....thomas&thomas!!!!

Thanks assassin. And to tell you the truth , i can't wait this F'n draft is over . Then we can talk about who we got !!

until **

No problem NJ, just praying for a great draft.

aren't we all.

NJ Phin Fan... Yeah... I agree those guys are not what you would call "Text Book" ILB's... but since so few NCAA teams field a 3-4 defense... you get what is there. Would you not agree that a DE is more accustomed to what is going on at his particular side/end... then what an OLB would be? It would be nice if the NCAA would mirror the NFL at positions... it doesn't fully do that. Even offensively we are seeing a lack of consistent quality QB's because we never know what to expect from a QB who racked up huge numbers in "The Spread". Having all all the movement and number of people off the line that would be illegal in the NFL. But they keep coming out and teams do what they can with them. DE and a ILB are very interchangeable except in stance and initial contact. Its still all about setting an edge on the run plays and getting up field on the pass plays. You are correct concerning the "Letter of the Law" of what I said But I'm not certain that really means a lot since all the teams looking for ILB's are looking at the men I pointed out and indeed several other DE/ILB converts.

nice stat NJ---and if mcclain goes to a team like buffolo or jacksonville and is still a pro bowl lb for many years then your analysis as welll as others are right----

If he comes to miami and had a great career i wouldnt be shocked b/c when you put a GOOD player in a great system he can be a pro bowler---

You put a player in a losing franchise in a bad system or mediocre system and they are still a pro bowl player that is someone special---i dont think mcclain is that in a good system he can be a highly productive player---but i can say that about a couple of other players at ILB in later rounds

Im wit u ---3 weeks and it is time----Earl thomas might be hard to pass on---i think its between him and one of the top 2 DE's in draft

at the end of the Day are best signing all offseason was MIKE NOLAN---he will cover up the wholes that we cant fix this offseason---

The jets were the #1 defense b/c of scheme not players---Revis is special, Bart scott, David harris---other than them the defense was slow and average---

Nolan was a great pickup. Miami was very fortunate that he was available but i don't care what anybody says , you need talent . Miami was obviously void in the dept of defense last year.

I wouldn't mind Thomas.

CJ Spiller is #1 on my board, because he plays 3 positions Receiver, Tail Back and Return Specialist. Since Billy P hasn’t called this year for my expertise, come to think of it he didn’t call last year. I’d bet the fatted calf on Rolando McClain, Derrick Morgan, or Sergio Kindle 3 top twenty Hybrid type LB’s DE’s. All these players are Carlos Dansby types. Brandon Graham should be placed in the mix because of his senior bowl and the Tribunal’s love of big 10 program players from Michigan ala Jake Long and Chad Henne. Morgan and McClain are boiler plate templates of the size and speed requirements placed on LB and Lineman by the Tribunal, Kindle is a 9.7 and Graham 9.6. Kindle instincts for talking behind the line, 60 for his Texas Longhorn Career, Graham’s motor and Senior bowl MVP solidified him as a every down player for a long time in the NFL. I trust the quadbunal (New Defensive Coordinator Mike Nolan) will get it right. Nolan’s coaching stops has left a string of Pro-bowl LB’s and DB in the wake of his coaching career ala Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, for the Ravens and SF 49ers LB Patrick Willis and DB Walter Harris. I see the #12 pick yielding the Dolphins a high return starter needed to stuff the AFC East running and short slot receiver game. Thanks SteFin

i think it easy to say dolphins picking at 12 is the hardest pick to call for any1----thats why every1 is dis agreeing so much----

Morgan, JPP, Earl, Mcclain, Dan williams, Spiller, ---longshots---kindle, BGram, Bryant----- 9 possible choices is insane

Rolando McClain will be a good player in the NFL. Some say he may have peaked already. What you see is what you get. I like what I see personally. I have stated many times that I want Brandon Graham at #12. I initially wanted McClain until Miami signed Dansby and I kind of wrote him off. I wouldn't complain a bit if McClain was the pick. I personally think he will be gone. I have him going to Jacksonville but who knows.

I still want Brandon Graham at #12 and no I don;t think that is too early for him. He can set the edge in the run game. He gets into the backfield to make things happen whether it sacks or tackles for loss. Can he cover? Who knows but it's not a neccessity for an OLB in a 3-4 to be great in coverage. If they are it's a bonus not a prerequisite. As long as they can cover the flats square up and make a tackle on the TE and WRs on the open field is enough for me. This notion that he can't cover is a bad argument. You don't have to be a shutdown cover OLB. If there is such a thing.

NJ he only had 36 solo tackles his freshmen year that alone should tell you he struggles to bring down his own man.

Rolando Mclain in 8 starts ( while playing in 13 ) had 74 tackles and 2 int's . that alone should tell you he was in on alot plays without cody.

Andy in NJ . Mclain is only 20 years old. he won't be 21 until july. The man is still growing onto is body. He will only get bigger and sttonger. he 's not done yet.

good night all

into *** . stronger ***


Hey bud, thanks a ton for getting my back earlier with your post @11:28. I do try to back up ALL my debate points with actual stats/video or reference logic as best I can. You and I have had some very productive back and forth about some prospects and always on a very healthy level and even keel. Again, thanks for bringing your ideas, insights and homework to the table when we discuss what will make the Fins better!

I am not looking to radically change peoples minds about this guy. I know beauty is always in the eyes of the beholder. Bobbyd said it best when he said "It doesn't matter what stats you bring up you will never change my mind about McClain".

I know there are a ton of puffed chests about football knowledge on this board. We all have our own ideas or visions for what the picks we like can do or not do.

Time will tell.

You rock allen...stay strong bro!


u 2 Rob--

Dolphins have myron Lewis coming in for a visit april 14---one of my favorite players in the draft---extremly physical ---great overall athlete---will move to FS----good production in college last year with 170 tackles--3FF---5 sacks, 10 ints---in 3 years---at 6"2 205--34 inchh arms----Tuna is lovn him as a Prottype

kindle is the pic



This is the rapid fire blog world of fast typing, answering the many questions or defending ones position while chatting with several bloggers, trying to make short posts or suffer "the wrath" of those that can't deal with more than a few line posts, all while trying to bring as much actual, factual data as possible.

I went to espn.go.com/ncf and cut and pasted the stats list from the website. No mystery, you can go there too if you like or maybe you go already idk? I'm being totally transparent here...no omissions or stat spinning.

The only reason I brought this post up is because YOU keep arguing that McClain's stats are "just as good" when Mt Cody was not there. How can you when the actual stats say differently? You keep clinging to the idea that McClain was just as productive without Mt Cody at Alabama despite what the facts are.

Speaking of spinning... Same website, the actual stats clearly show McClain himself really has 36 SOLO tackles and the other 38 were assisted tackles to get to YOUR 74 TOTAL tackle figure. You just post it as he had "74 tackles" while omitting the "Total" part...who is spinning stats?

In the 2007 season using YOUR "TOTAL Tackles" stat he had 74 WITHOUT NT Cody

In the 2008 season using your preferred category of "Total Tackles" McClain had 91 or an increase of 17 more WITH NT Cody.

In the 2009 season using your preferred caregory of "Total Tackles" McClain had 105 or 31 more WITH NT Cody!

I am not sure there is ANY way to spin the fact that he had better success with big Mt Cody in front of him.

Look, McClain's numbers were solid and good enough to win him some awards I concede that point. Awards mean little as Heisman award winners are hit and miss as well.

You absolutely have a man crush on ILB Rolando McClain.

I absolutely have one on OLB/DE Brandon Graham.

So we both like our own choices... so what?

I beleive we are both VERY passionate Miami Dolphin fans. Despite ALL the months of haggling I think we both hope the Fins get the next Weapon X, Bomb Diggety player on OFF or DEF or both.

I will agree to table the matter more so we can be free to talk about other rounds, exchange more ideas, with more people, about more draft possibilities.

If you wan't to go to guns everytime we are on I will do that to... remember I extended the olive branch last time, it's your call.

PS: I sometimes look around on "other" blogs and you get around man.


Myron Rolle ran a 4.67 (wince) at the combine. I have his arms down as 32 1/2 inches and hands 9 1/8 from the combine. 21 combine reps are nice as it shows he has good strength for a DB. We have some conflicting info bud.

I know he is a brilliant guy but the Rhode Scholar deal and being away from football really hurts him in my eyes. I just don't think he has the footspeed required to play Safety in todays NFL. Of course just my opinion.

I am a fan of reeling in either Morgan Burnett or Reshad Jones or Major Wright to play safety for the Fins. These guys run much faster and after watching sooooo many plays slip away from the Fins defense I am making speed a higher priority going forward.



Kindle moves pretty well and looks to have some strong athleticism. I like Kindles change of direction and he has nice plant and drive. He does meet the rigid height standards at 6' 2 7/8. I am not sold on his motor and he had crashed his car while texting and then left the scene?

Hey I was 19-20 years old once too so I know stuff happens.

The Fins brass will be scrutinizing that background if it checks out he will be in the discussion for sure.

For my money I will take BG as he is 268lbs instead of the 250lbs that Kindle current carries. That extra thickness really shines when abchoring against the run and setting the edge in traffic. BG was ONLY 0.01 behind Kindle in the 40 despite the extra weight at the combine.

Like Andy NJ has pointed out. The primary responsibilties for NFL OLB BG already has a solid resume for those duties... he will only be asked to turn and cover on occasion. Most of the time he will be crashing in on the QB, shutting down the run to his side or setting the edge and forcing plays back inside. Stuff he did nearly every down at Michigan. If Nolan sees the same thing, it would just be a matter of him getting the Fins brass to see he has had success with shorter guys in his DEF before.

Most say it can't be done (getting non prototype players drafted by BP) but after seeing Henning get his Pat White pick I believe Nolan may get some say as well.

Just my hope vs anyone else's getting their choices to align with the Fins. Good luck to your draft desires.

Cheers bud,

Rob and NJ I love reading you guy's so waaaaaa stop fighting I don't like it.Luv you guy's

Ask Bill Ruger,

Some good points in your 11:59 post.

Kindle will GROW


You posted:

I want the Dolphins to take the best for them but I almost wish the pick would be McClain just to see Rob in OC have a PO White type meltdown LOL

Posted by: bobbyd12 | March 30, 2010 at 10:12 PM

Sorry bud, won't happen as the circumstances are out of my control. The Fins are going to take who they will take...period. Haggling on the board with aother Fin Fan is different than seeing the Fins take a guy I don't like or agree with. They are suppose to know and have all the experience.

The Po meltdown was quite legendary and I was there as it happened. The guy REALLY got under his skin that night. He apologized, no big deal, we all move on. Po is good folk.

If the Fins end up NOT taking anyone I want I will be bummed (natural reaction) but will hope the guys they selected can all be studs. The Fins need the Draft God's to smile on us if we are to step up in the still rugged AFC East.

By the same token I would love to see your face IF the Fins traded back and grabbed good ol BG himself! LOL.



They are all young and all will grow!

Kind of a wash there... You expect Kindle to put on 20 lbs or more? If he did would he have same speed?

Rob,so you are saying that BP brought in a D-guy that goes against his criteria?If that is true who is going to do the picking in the first to third round?


What do you mean? Brought in which Def guy that goes against his criteria?


Oh...you mean Nolan???

Most say it can't be done (getting non prototype players drafted by BP)

Could be wrong about who said it

ya nolan


They brought in Nolan to run the Def. I am sure BP is still gonna have to sign off on the choices like always.

I am hoping that similar to the Pat White pick making it as a Fins choice with less than the typical size stat reqs, that Nolan is able to speak his mind and influence the draft on the DEF side to get a shot at guys he may think he can do damage with. He has been very effective with smallish OLB types in the past with his 3-4 DEF.

Just sayin... could be Kindle for all anyone knows.



I realize it is a crapshoot at best trying to predict whta the Fins next move will be.

I am simply throwing out some suggestions of something that may be a possible scenario.

Nobody on this blog knows for sure... Heck it could be CJ. Spiller for all we know?

New blog is up...wanna jump to that?

Rob,this is year 3 and they (no we) need to have a special draft in all phases.Not perfect but close or we will be third again.Kinda getting the spiller vibe.lol.It's all good cause I don't think they can miss on anyone they draft.(tongue in cheek).


You got that right bud... Just say NO to missed picks! lol

Year 3 will be crucial. If the Fins FA's, Draft picks, guys on the team already, coaching staff steps up... no reason why they should expect to push their way into the playoffs, regardless of who is on our schedule or in our division.

If they backslide or some of the moves, play calling etc don't pan out and they go backwards from 7-9 it will be hard for them not to take major heat.

Even though from year to year things change and SB teams fall way off (like Pitt did) we are starving group of fans hungry for success. The past successes create major fire.

Dream draft:
1st Berry
2nd Tate/Benn
3rd NT
4th Spikes

love that. Obviously this need Clemons to start at Saftey. Gulp!

sorry, a typo. If this draft happneded we'd be screwed at OLB.

What is it with the Dolphins and Giants mirroring eachother's every move?


tim graham espn talks about if we're doing enough through free agency

but doestn seem to have any insght on the future


U GOT IT MIXED UP-----i dont like myron rolle------I said Myron lewis---from Vandy check him out


Ok I will check him out.


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