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Stephen Ross: Money doesn't buy victories

With the uncapped year only days away, Dolphins fans can pretty much cast aside thoughts of their team breaking open the piggy bank as it dives into free agency.

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross told me moments ago that, "yes," the Dolphins have set an internal budget for 2010 and although he didn't want to get into specifics, he made it clear the team will neither be among 2010's highest spenders nor at the spending floor compared to other teams.

"I don't think money buys victories," Ross said as he walked to a meeting with other NFL owners at the Ritz-Carlton in Fort Lauderdale. "I think we have the right personnel to make the right decisions. And you do what you need to do. But you don't throw money at things just to buy victories. That doesn't do it. It's about your brains, not your pocketbook that does it."

Last season, the first under Ross as owner, the Dolphins spent a lot of money. According to NFLPA figures the team's total payroll of $126,855,921 was the second highest in the NFL behind only the New York Giants and their $137,638,866 total payroll.

And Ross seems to be correct in essentially saying money doesn't buy happiness because four of the top five spending teams in 2009 -- Miami, the Giants, Houston and Chicago -- did not make the playoffs. The fourth-highest spending team, New Orleans, won the Super Bowl. 

Miami's 2009 spending came with a caveat that won't affect the team this year: The Dolphins had multiple unrestricted free agents of their own they opted to sign -- Vernon Carey, Yeremiah Bell, Channing Crowder. And then they also chased outside free agents, including Gibril Wilson and Jake Grove.

That skewed Miami's cash outlay upward. The Dolphins likely won't be paying big signing bonuses to five high-priced free agents this year.

But again, Ross said the football men will be able to do "what they feel is necessary," to help the team. That suggests the Dolphins won't at the spending floor, either. That's smart because the Dolphins don't have a waiting list for season ticket holders. They need to win to keep people coming to games.

And speaking of coming to games, Ross said the team would announce, "probably today," its new ticket prices. The Dolphins say the announcement, in fact, will be later this week. But it seems clear the team will raise the price of at least some tickets.

In years when ticket prices have remained the same, the team has historically not felt the need to make an announcement.

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No Dansby
Hello Larry Foote

LMAO !!! T told you guys miami won't be spending big money for free agents . Perhaps you can say bye-bye to dansby. DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT !!!

Dump 2nd Tier Depth guys for picks....

Dan Williams is a lock at 12.. He will command less money than Mclain or Dez Bryant

I wouldn't put too much stock into this....

Gerbil was money well spent....
Al Davis outfoxed Ireland!!!

Foote could be a possibility. Dansby might be a giant or redskin.

he's right. You gotta be smart with your resources. just look at the Skins'.

LMFAO @ Rich Eisan running the 40. Cody beat him by 5 lenghths.

I told you that my top 5 has changed alot after the past few days.

1. Eric Berry
2. Rolando McClain
3. Dan Williams
4. Earl Thomas
5. Sean Weatherspoon

Honorable mention to C.J. Spiller. Before you let the boos rain down. I don't think the Dolphins will pick him, I know the Dolphins will go defense, but if he's there at 12, it could be a best player available thing.

Where do you guys stand with your top 5's after the combine?

You don't have to worry about paying Dez Bryant. Parcells will not be going after him even if he is available IMO...

Everyone on the list except Mclain. Avoid him worst than the plague

Go Dan Williams!!!

I hear the Tuna and Tuna Helper are high on Tyrone Culver to Start in lieu of Gerbil

Carlto . I have the same list , same order except for weatherspoon. No spiller.

I hope the Dolphins take one of the defensive players in my top 5 in the first round and go after Demaryius Thomas in the second...

The way Sparano and Ireland keep gushing about chunk yardage, you know they are going to take a game changer somewhere... Demaryius Thomas had a 25 yard per catch average in 2009. Now thats Chunky...


Where do you have Weatherspoon. Spiller is not on my list, he is honorable mention, don't think he will be the guy, but he will probably be there at 12.

please give us a highlight link of this Thomas chunky yards

Keep season tickets the same price. Its not like each game is always sold out. Its supply and demand dammit.

6th on my list behind morgan, i know what you meant by spiller . i don't even have him as a honorable mention.

The Chiefs are not expected to tender an offer to restricted free agent OG Andy Alleman.
Alleman came over with Ike Nduwke in a trade with the Dolphins last year. An interior backup, Alleman won't draw much interest on the open market.

Tuna took his son in law for a ride....


Here are some highlight videos of Demaryius Thomas and his Chunky yardage for you and the Rob in OC's of the world. He is 6'3 230 lbs and averaged 25 yards per catch in 2009. Did not compete in the combine because he broke his foot. Would be a great value in round 2.



But Mr. Ross, according to a number of people on this blog it shouldn't matter if Dansby wants 12 mil a year. Who cares if it's not good value, it's uncapped...

I like what I see, maybe 3rd round because he drops a lot of balls

Why arent you guys patting Mr. Salguero for speaking mano a mano with Ross....
Maybe he can get an interview with Sparano or Ireland soon!

Ross is a bad owner. Spending money alone can't win championships. Spending money with a pro-bowl QB can. I knew when this guy had to delay buying the Dolphins because of cash problems that he wasn't going to be a big spender.

It's kind of strange, Ross seems to have the ego of a Jerry Jones or a Daniel Snyder, but he doesn't seem like he's going to put his money where his mouth is like those guys do. Dolphins' fans get the worst of both worlds with Ross....the giant ego and dumb ideas combined with a tight wallet.

what do you mean ???... Ross is a genius, look at his recent moves:

1) Orange Carpet instead of red
2) Changes the fight song with T-Pain-ful to listen
3) J Lo' AZZ
4) Marc Anthony National Anthem official singer
5) Wants the taxpayers to pay for the stadium roof
6) Doesnt want to spend first class on FA
7) Serena' AZZ

Maybe Ross is playing mind games with Singletary. He wants Singletary to think he will draft McClain @ 12 instead of bidding on Dansbey in FA.

I think he is saying that paying for all the top free agents without some virtual cap is a dangerous move and doesn't guarantee a thing.

That doesn't mean he will not be on board for a single big splash if the football people think it makes sense.

If Parcells wants Dansby and he is convinced that it provides better options or value in the draft by taking care of that need through FA, then I know Ross will do it.

They probably have a limit to the amount they will spend but if they know he is looking for around 10 M a year and they have still shown interest then it means that they are willing to spend "some" money.. the question then comes down to how much the Giants (or any other surprise teams) are willing to spend.

LOL @ cavalierkong. Right on ! Some just don't get it.

I guess dansby is out of the question. Let the skins go after him. We'll draft linebackers in the draft. I say we draft 3 of them. We also still had jd folsom on practice squad

Good one TNPHINFAN . a little jab at rob.

just a little fun NJ.

Yawwnnnnnnnnn,,,,, wake me up when Friday gets here.

Carlito, my post-combine top 5

1. Dan Williams
2. Earl Thomas
3. Rolando McClain
4. Sean Weatherspoon
5. CJ Spiller

Brandon Graham really irritated the heck outta me. As did Dez Bryant. Now, before anyone says McClain didn't do drills either, he is a prover leader who is not adjusting to a new position and does not have major character concerns.

I think this years FA will be determined by availability at need position. There is little or none out there, so...
To the draft.. to the draft.. to the draft... draft... draft...
(sang to the tune of the lone ranger)

mrmrjohnson, you might want to read the article again. You seemed to miss the part where it said the Dolphins were 2nd in the nfl in spending last year. Also this will be the only uncapped year and who cares if he throws a bunch of money around now. The following season will have a salary cap in place and the Dolphins will spend to that cap like every other team in the league. They will also spend more on coaches and assistants as they've been at the top of the league in doing so for quite some time.

Shorter Stephen Ross:
"I'm a cheapskate."

Shorter 'Mando:
"Ross is a cheapskate."

More excusifying for keeping Gerbril & not pursuing any worthwhile FAs. Mediocrity is affordable.

Lastly, to each his own but don't you guys ever get sick of the countless hours of disecting possible draft picks and combine numbers? Holy crap it's like watching paint dry in here lately. :)

NY , like i said earlier, some don't get it.

NY, we have a new piece of information to digest, so it's not that big a deal posting our new thoughts. I don't seem to understand what the problem is?

Hey SEER, see us up a replacement for Gibril Wilson. You're talking about them being cheap and not going after a FS free agent but there are none available. Who Rolle? His ratings were worse than Wilsons so you are suggesting we take a step backwards by signing him to a big contract and then calling the Dolphins cheap for not doing it. Sometimes you need to let the guys who do this for a living make the decisions. They may not be the best but they're sure as hell better than the bloggers on the internet.

NY, Profootballtalk.com has this interesting article on the combine...

Team asks McCoy: G-string or jock strap?
Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on March 2, 2010 11:21 AM ET
The Bucs are off the hook. The single dumbest question of the NFL Scouting Combine was asked to Oklahoma defensive tackle Gerald McCoy.

"Someone asked me if I wore a g-string or a jock strap when I played," McCoy told the NFL Network set Monday to disbelief, laughter, and amazement.

Analyst Mike Mayock wanted to know McCoy's reaction to the question. The affable defender just left his mouth open in a stunned expression.

We heard a few stories in Indianapolis of coaches jokingly messing with players during interviews, but none sounded as creepy as this.

The video of the interview is oddly not yet on NFL.com. That's probably a coincidence. Or perhaps the league is embarrassed.

Another we suck sandwich for me.

NY Scott, I agree. There are only so many ways you can say “I think we should take NT at #12” or “We should trade down”

I can’t wait for Friday so we have something new to talk about like “Why haven’t they cut Porter yet?” lol

Carlito, if you don't want to put too much stock into this, why are you reading it? Are you saying Steve Ross is a liar?

Good information, Mando. Glad you've given Chris Cordero the afternoon off. Hahaha.

Bootang who said there was a problem? I was simply pointing out that it bores me to talk about draft picks, 99% of whom won't be on the team next year. I was just stating my opinion which is why I prefaced it by saying "to each his own". No problem other than my boredom so it shouldn't effect you one way or the other. Talk away, have fun, enjoy life, it's all good. :)

I mean a football blog the day the combine finishes, 3 days before free agency, what do you think people are going to talk about? Shall we discuss the 04 Dolphins and the damage the Ricky Williams retirement had? Do you want to discuss what Bill Parcells ate for lunch? Maybe we can discuss how many two-a-day practices the team will run this summer. It's useless posts that add nothing to the blog that make it like paint drying.

Anybody that said Gibril Wilson is better than Antrel Rolle is on crack. I don't care what the little nerds with protractors say.

I watched Wilson. I watched Rolle for years. Rolle is a ton better and definitely was better n 2009.

TNPhinfan, that's hilarious! Thanks for the laugh.

lets start a betting pool on when porter will be cut. I got 12:43 am 3-5-2010. The only reason not earlier because their FA paperwork will go in first.

We're is the talent for 2nd highest payroll in the NFL?

Cavalierkong is much better than i' always, good to have it back.

Dolphins did do a bit of free agent chasing last off season, Wake, Wilson, Berger, Grove, ( not to mention getting thigpen from KC) and those are just the ones they got... who knows how many others they were really chasing. I think Ross just means that they wont bankroll another huge operation this off season. Which i think is understandable. Just give us Dansby and well be O.K.

Trade idea ... we have the 12th pick, AZ has the 26th pick -- about 500 points in trade value or a 2nd and a 3rd. We trade back to 26 take Boldin(as the 3rd pick)and take their 2nd or pick up someone like Gabe Watson and take their 4th.

AZ uses the 12 pick to replace Dansby with McClain/Spikes

Mia uses the 26 pick on Brandon Graham or Sean Witherspoon

Think this would fly?

Boo, please don't take offense, I was just stating an opinion and I think you took it the wrong way. I wasn't putting anyone down. But since you ask "what should we talk about" and knowing my opinion as you do now, I think the obvious answer from me would be to talk about nothing. Yes, that's what I would rather see instead of reading about what someone thinks regarding a college players bench press numbers. LOL. Ignore me man, I'm just bored of all this and can't wait for something real to happen. Once again do whatever makes you happy and if talking about these things amuses you than that's great. I'm jealous and wish I could get excited about pre-draft numbers and predictions.

on second thought, i bet we take spiller at 12!


I wish it would, but..... No.

I don't think this statement means a whole lot. Presently it's Bill Parcells who has the decsision on where money is spent. You know how Tuna is, when he doesn;t get his way, he simply packs up and finds a new spot.

So either, Parcells is calling the shots and will determine whether they spend on one major free agent (Dansby)


Tuna is packing his gear as we speak.

Finheavenblows, Rolle was ranked 67th out of 87 safeties. He struggled against the run and in coverage. Against the run he was ranked 65th and in coverage he ranked 70th. Wilson was ranked at 15th overall, 20th against the run and 26th in coverage. The numbers don't lie. What you may have seen while watching is Rolles 4 interceptions and his ability to sack the QB. The Cards defense blitzed their safeties wya more than Pasquloni blitzed his safeties with the Dolphins because of the rookie CBs needing extra help in their first season. I'm not saying Wilson is the answer I'm just saying lets actually find someone who will upgrade the position instead of just being a clone of what we already have. Why take a step sideways and not look to step forward?

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