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Dolphins take the links Friday for good cause

The Athletes in Action Pro Sport Celebrity Invitational will be played Friday at the Inverrary Country Club in South Florida and will offer local hackers a chance to play with a wide range of NFL and former NFL players -- all for a very good cause.

Chad Henne, Davone Bess, Channing Crowder, Lousaka Polite, Tyrone Culver, Dan Carpenter, Tyler Thigpen, Pat Turner, Brandon Fields, John Denny, John Offerdahl, Keith Sims, Troy Drayton, Tony Nathan, Woody Bennet, and James McKnight are among the current and former players who are scheduled to play.

Herman Boone, the coach from the movie, "Remember the Titans" and Florida Panthers great, Bill Lindsay will also play. John Offerdahl will emcee the awards ceremony.

Athletes in Action has been impacting the lives of both male and female athletes on a professional and college level since 1969. Dolphins team chaplain Corwin Anthony put the event together.

Registration is at 10:30 a.m. on Friday with a noon shotgun start. The awards banquet will be at 5 p.m.

For a complete description of the sponsorships or to register for the event, you can visit www.MiamiPros.com or call 954-649-4820.


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Great stuff........

are we making sausage here , what links ?

Hope someone asked Pat Turner....

Whats your deal?


Why are we payin ya?

Thanks for the information. I want to play.

yeas, why are we paying you Pat Turner ?

Mando, I just called the number and got no answer. WTF?

why are we paying you fasano ?

I called the number and got no answer. Guess I'll try tomorrow.


Thats "Will ask"

Please try calling again or email your questions to Lisa.Muela@athletesinaction.org

Thank you,

What's this got to do with Brandon Marshall ?

Interesting interview with Chad Henne on WQAM... Asked about WRs his response was, we have Patrick Turner on the backburner and we are going to see what he has this offseason and Henne said Tim Tebow will never be an NFL QB

Patrick Turner on the backburner?

What does that mean?

Any Context?

They were asking whether he believes they need to bring in a veteran receiver and that's when he made his comment on Turner


If he has a bad one is he gone?

Kind of weird statement.

Hope they light a fire under Pats a s s.

PO from what I got from his comments was we have Turner and let's see if he is ready to step up and be ready to takeover... Let's see what happens during offseason, it was more complimentry then anything


If he has a bad one is he gone?

Kind of weird statement.

Posted by: Po White Trash | March 17, 2010 at 06:45 PM

PO, cant see them 86ing turner since they've kept the dead weight known as Ted(No testicular Fortitude)Ginn(And his family) for 4 plus years..........Then again what do I know??

Good deal, We need him to do something....


Maybe step into a phone both and turn into Miles Austin!

You're to hard on "fetal position" Ginn, CM.

Good info B12, we don't get that station in N FL. Jax, maybe but Vomit!

Thats Jax info, Vomit. Hate the Jags.

Who are the leading posts for NJs Converted "PLUNGIES" ?????

PO, Miles Austin was drafted in 2006, had zero catches, 2007 5 catches 2008 31 catches, 2009 81 catches...I wish people would stop getting down on Turner, it took Austin 3 years to have a decent year, it takes time with some guys if Austin had 5 catches after two years in Miami he would have been called a bust on this blog with everyone wanting to cut him PATIENCE

PO, Lived there for two of the longest years of my life from 97 to 99.........

Bobby I agree, What are your thoughts on Ted(Hands of stone)Ginn?????

Thats all I was sayin B12.

Need for Immediate gratification, sorry.

Sorry bout that CM. Tallahassee is worse.

Cuban, I've defended him but after really watching him beeline to the sideline after taking the kickoffs, I have no faith anymore...he is obviously scared of getting hit and that is an almost unfixable problem in the NFL

Thank you........

I'll give 4 years if he turns into Austin.

Just thought the phone booth reference was comical.

I have the patience of Job, gotta have that to be a Phinfan. Goes without sayin.

Job the Biblical figure.

What was Job's 40 yard dash????

Slow i'm sure...

Use your taser to speed him up. lol

If ya can't find Job, a Jets fan will do.


I think this will be Teddy's breakout year.

I have watched his steady improvement.

This is the year, I can feel it......


Think you are wastin it on CM.

Just sayin

If ya can't find Job, a Jets fan will do.

Posted by: Po White Trash | March 17, 2010 at 07:35 PM


I like to find jets fans to gauge the results of my off season workout program.

Blog server is actin up.

Armando ...or posters...
Just saw this link on yahoo..
anyone know anything about this cat?


I think The Menace knows I'm just trolling.

I thought he might be worth keeping around as a return man.
After last year, despite the great game against the jets, I don't even think he's woth that.

Trade value? LMFAO! Just cut the guy already!

Must be a anti violence to Jetsfans filter...


No harm in tasing a Jetsfan.

Ease up on the filter man.

Dolphins Digest has made their crystal ball picks for the draft....1. Dan Williams NT. 2. Damian Williams WR USC 3. Jermaine Cunningham DE/OLB Florida...thoughts???

Could be worse could be better B12.

Would pick Major Wright over Jermaine Cunningham in the 3rd (needs based).

If you are gonna pick a Florida boy that is.

I don't know anything about Cunningham, first time I heard his name even mentioned

I'm a Gator and I don't know much about him..

I'd take Wright.


I wouldn't be opposed to going WR in the 2nd but not Damian Williams. I don't think he'll ever be a true no.1 type and We got a lot of 2's and 3's already.

What do you think?


Think you are right about Williams being #2 at best.

odinseye, I don't agree either, if we going to use a second Benn or Thomas would be my choice

Damian that is, not that I was asked. LOL.

Think we would have to trade a 6th or two to move up in the 2nd far enough to get a WR worth a 2nd pick.

PO, we pick 9th in Round Two, u really think we would have to move up to get a WR pick worthy of a 2???

Honestly, I think we will not pick a WR till Round 4 but I have no problem with a round 2 pick on a big time receiver

Needing a starter at FS has thrown my draft picks off, I really wish we could take care of this in FA before adding on this problem in the draft

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