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Dolphins take the links Friday for good cause

The Athletes in Action Pro Sport Celebrity Invitational will be played Friday at the Inverrary Country Club in South Florida and will offer local hackers a chance to play with a wide range of NFL and former NFL players -- all for a very good cause.

Chad Henne, Davone Bess, Channing Crowder, Lousaka Polite, Tyrone Culver, Dan Carpenter, Tyler Thigpen, Pat Turner, Brandon Fields, John Denny, John Offerdahl, Keith Sims, Troy Drayton, Tony Nathan, Woody Bennet, and James McKnight are among the current and former players who are scheduled to play.

Herman Boone, the coach from the movie, "Remember the Titans" and Florida Panthers great, Bill Lindsay will also play. John Offerdahl will emcee the awards ceremony.

Athletes in Action has been impacting the lives of both male and female athletes on a professional and college level since 1969. Dolphins team chaplain Corwin Anthony put the event together.

Registration is at 10:30 a.m. on Friday with a noon shotgun start. The awards banquet will be at 5 p.m.

For a complete description of the sponsorships or to register for the event, you can visit www.MiamiPros.com or call 954-649-4820.


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Maybe, I'm not NJ but I think all the top WRs will come of the board fast in the 2nd round. I'm also not a gambler. Hedge your bets if you see something you like.

Benn is big, strong as hell and goes after the ball.
Using a 2nd is iffy but we got to do something at WR.

We have 3 6th I think, I'd spend one or two to get what I want.

Thats my point.

I'd rather draft D the 1st 3 rounds.

We pick 9th in the second? How did that happen?

Sorry, 11th pick in Round 2, 43rd overall, never good at math

Denver got ahead of us by the Cutler trade in the 1st so they dont belong ahead of us in the 2nd but not sure about the rest.

Well never mind...


I can look stupid on my own, don't need your help. LOL

We have 3 6th I think, I'd spend one or two to get what I want.

Thats my point.

I'd rather draft D the 1st 3 rounds.

Posted by: Po White Trash | March 17, 2010 at 08:41 PM

I agree.
However, it seems were so close to having a great team, I'm open to almost any scenarios that bring some bonafide playmakers.
The 12th for Marshall? SURE, beats the hell out of a pipe dream called Dez.
A NT in the first round? I'm all in.
We have enough little acorns, just get me some play makers!!!!

I’m on vacation and thus drinking beer on top of it.

Which position goes where is the question.....NT, FS, OLB, WR???

I think we will draft WR with the 1ST pick next year and we could even trade up.

NT FS dont have a clue whats next.

Good for u PO, my first vacation comes in April during draft which is cool, I can go down to Draft Party

I’m on vacation and thus drinking beer on top of it.

Posted by: Po White Trash | March 17, 2010 at 08:52 PM

Ahhhh. Beer and Blogging. Some things just go together.

Bottoms up!

Hope we see ya on TV!

i like the depth that we have on oline-men---

Young kid we picked up in off-season Ray Feinga--is a big guy with some upside.

Its good stuff!

At FS I'm still sold on Clemons.
Berry could make me forget about him real quick though.
I'd throw in a big kicker to swap picks with Detroit and land him(or Suh).


I rather talk to myself, than talk to you about meatball subs you little roach!!!!

Don't get ya AL?

Odinseye, how about Thomas or Chad Jones in the safety position??? Would u take Thomas at 12??

I got a good feeling about Incognito.
His size, demeanor, nastiness.
Even the name: I N C O G N I T O

Thanks for the step up Odin.

Owe ya one.

I still think no matter what we HAVE to take a NT by second round...we take Thomas at 12, NT second rd, OLB third and WR 4th...damn


I don't think Jones at 12. Even though most people will say Thomas is a reach there, I would be tempted.
It depends a lot on who's still there.

Torbor will def be cut this year---he has the 5th highest salary on the team in 2010---smiley has the 6th highest---at 3.0mill

torbor is 3.1---

with the depth we have at gaurd---and young talent---with Smiley also never playn a full year both of these guys i think will be cut--

Smiley is only 28 tho, i think that works in his favor


Where are you?

Don't you run from me.

Allen, saw that, Makes more money than Henne....


If we get rid of Smiley, who will be our starters and our depth?

Just asking for your opinion.

I can't wait for the draft so I can be excited about our actual picks...


Come on back little buddy. You know I was just ribbing ya.

Tobor I mean.

You and me both Lips....

I can't wait for the draft so I can be excited about our actual picks...

Posted by: LipsinToronto | March 17, 2010 at 09:16 PM

I know the feeling brother. I had it last year, right up until they called out Pat Whites name.

You can say that again odin.

i just hope they take Golden Tate with the second round pick if he's available. That would be a blessing. That kid is the next Steve smith except faster.

Just stop thinking the Fins will draft or pick up a FA WR. They are happy with what they have. They will probably find a good TE though (well, better than what they have, which shouldn't be terribly hard). TE is probably the only offensive position they will draft.

IMO, the 2009 offense is very close to what the F.O. is after - except I hope they've learned their lesson with Pat White. With improvement at TE, Ronnie healthy and running the WC they will be happy to have Hartline as their number one (I am totally unsure what they will do with Ginn), with Bess and Cam as the 2 and 3. Unless Turner shines in camp and Preseason, he will not make it onto the field (a few plays maybe) - although Ginn's status will have a bearing on that. If Ginn is on the roster, he is only in the rotation as a change up to use his speed to keep defenses honest. Maybe four to eight plays a game. They might keep him on KRs because he might break one (otherwise he is just better than pedestrian).

Those of us who want Marshall (or any true number one) are dreaming.

As for the draft, I just don't see any of the people who have been mentioned as being worth a 12th (except the ones who won't fall that far). I also can't see any obvious trading partners for that spot - it is going to depend on how it plays out and who becomes desperate for their "guy" at the time - if at all. I do feel that eight (maybe seven) out of the nine selections will be defensive players. Unless they take Tebow in the second (that was a joke before anyone jumps all over me).


Even though I believe in drafting early for D this year, I would definitely pull the trigger on Tate in the second.
Wtih his skillset though I don't think he lasts to the 2nd round.

lol, ya, I was shocked about White last year, but was still hopeful he would bring the magic.. obviously if he ever brings any magic, it will be in a while.. and more like a card trick than a cut you in half kind of trick.

At this point am excited about the draft week - but am also excited about the change in discussion. I mean, am hoping to not hear anything about Marshall, McClain, Graham or Dez unless they are officially Miami Dolphins.


I think they like gardner alot, and donald thomas and incognito wil battle for a spot---remember when smiley got healthy they still started gardner because he was playing better in thier mind--and he has a lot more size then smiley which they prob like----

I think smiley is solid but do you think he should be paid the 6 highest salary on our team...

I think thats a question they are going to ask themselves---and if your going to cut people this is the year---Torbor is a no brainer he doesnt even start

but they need some depth - you don't want Pat White filling in, do you?

(although, would much prefer a rookie with potential than Torbor with cement feet)

Just stop thinking the Fins will draft or pick up a FA WR. They are happy with what they have.


I think I read this same time last year.
Say it aint so!

Jimmy Jam, if they are going to get a TE then I hope that TE is Gronkowski from Arizona...6:6 285 incredible stats

Free agency is not even half over, More cuts and pick ups to come.

I am becoming more and more comfortable with arrelious benn in the 2nd round--he will be there because demaryious, Dez, and Golden--have the most buzz rite now---they will go be4 we pick--

Even if it is a pick between Benn and Damryius----i rather go Benn--he has great physical strength at 220 6"1---very good speed 4.4---has some wiggle in the open field, and at this point in his career is way more polished of a wr then Bay Bay---

My problem with Bay Bay is he doesnt run routes andd could be a project because of the shitty system he was in at Gtech---it so hard to evlaute a guy that every time they throw the ball it was like a total mystery---they would throw 8 times a game---he could just use his athleticism with the deception of the offense---the foot doesnt help him either--i hate injuries

Why is it that all the cool events take place when most normal people have to work? I wanna go but can't because of work!


It does get monotonously redundant(doulble big word score) this time of year.
I do like making my own draft board, so I like to get all the info I can.

Allen, Dolphins Digest believes Damian Williams USC should be our pick for WR

We need to kill in this draft, everyone agrees there is potential starters in rounds 1-4...No Pat White picks can be afforded this year

Damaian williams is a good player also in that 2nd area, i like him---i just worry about how physical he is---i think the Tuna will love how physical Benn is and his size at the combine looked very impressive---
at 220

Allen - why do you believe they'll go for a WR?

They were talking on WQAM the other day about Parcells and the 2008 Draft...Person said that the one guy Parcells wanted was Joe Flacco and when Baltimore picked him at 18 he went nuts throwing shyt all over the war room, interesting story to me that Flacco could have been the man


I basically agree with you.
I still don't think they'll get rid of Smiley. Other than Long I think our entire OL is overpaid.
I don't know the details of Smiley's contract, but a "restructuring" wouldn't be a bad idea.

Unless some other position gets solved in FA I don't see how we can pick a receiver till the 4th round


He was not supposed to go in the 1st B12.

I was unhappy too.

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