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Dolphins take the links Friday for good cause

The Athletes in Action Pro Sport Celebrity Invitational will be played Friday at the Inverrary Country Club in South Florida and will offer local hackers a chance to play with a wide range of NFL and former NFL players -- all for a very good cause.

Chad Henne, Davone Bess, Channing Crowder, Lousaka Polite, Tyrone Culver, Dan Carpenter, Tyler Thigpen, Pat Turner, Brandon Fields, John Denny, John Offerdahl, Keith Sims, Troy Drayton, Tony Nathan, Woody Bennet, and James McKnight are among the current and former players who are scheduled to play.

Herman Boone, the coach from the movie, "Remember the Titans" and Florida Panthers great, Bill Lindsay will also play. John Offerdahl will emcee the awards ceremony.

Athletes in Action has been impacting the lives of both male and female athletes on a professional and college level since 1969. Dolphins team chaplain Corwin Anthony put the event together.

Registration is at 10:30 a.m. on Friday with a noon shotgun start. The awards banquet will be at 5 p.m.

For a complete description of the sponsorships or to register for the event, you can visit www.MiamiPros.com or call 954-649-4820.


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To be honest Wr is a need, but from a value perdpective i think the only type of player that could bring more then the wrs avaialble is some of the DECOY backs---like Best, Mcknight, and Mccluster----i think th 2nd will be offense because there isnt a legit nose tackle after the 1st round ---Dan williams, and Cody every1 else is a project--and thier is no FREE safety in that round that is good value----Nate allen, chad jones, morgen burnett, rashad jones---most of these guys are really SS or are a reach for a early second rund pick---

we else would you go if you didnt want an offenseive weapon---LB, Pass rusher---

Who would you look at---any ILB you like and i like a couple you could get in the 3round---pass rushers are all devolpment types after 1st round---ricky sappp and company

Maybe Gonkowski the big TE---but if we keep fasano they might go jimmy graham or anthony mccoy in the 4th---

WR or RB looks logical to me in the second

Vernon Cary 15 million, Jake Grove 14.2 million, Jake Long 8.8 million 3 highest paid players in 2009....and that is exactly how Parcells has always paid out, guys in the trenches make the big money, WRs tend to make the least, I don't see that changing anytime soon

Goodnite gentlemen...draft can't come quick enough

Thanks, Allen. Good reasoning.

I guess part of my thinking with them going D for 7 or 8 of the 9 picks is my thinking that they really don't see WR (or RB) as a big need (although many of us fans obviously think Wr is an immediate need and RB is going to be a very big need after next season). That's why I am thinking TE. Maybe as high as the 2nd - I won't rule it out, as I think TE is a big part of the offense this TE is interested in having.

I won't be complaining if they pick up Benn. I like him a lot and, while I do tend to be a Debbie Downer about WRs taking a long time to develop, I can see Benn being ready quite quickly (I must say I don't understand why the coaching staff doesn't move players along faster than they do, but I guess that's why they are doing what they're doing).

goooood night you f'kin blowhard boobyd12...idiot.

and believe me, nobody knows how to blow harder then me

don't get me wrong, i don't mind the analysis, it is quite informative when fresh.. just don't want to spend another month talking about the same 4 or 5 guys.

Would love to hear about 4th+ round sleepers.. someone that could drop but could be amazing.. that would definately be interesting and informative to someone like me..

I apologize to you guys for getting out of hand. I am coping with thefact that I quit drinking a few days ago.

need playmakers

carlito can't wait for the draft. How about you?


I like like your assessment that if the Fin's brass does take a shot at any game changer's on OFF, the 2nd round pick area may be a good time to give it a shot.

The WR I like most is D. Thomas as I think he has the most upside. His yards per catch is just the kind of "chunk yardage" that our offense needs. I do have concerns about running of different routes and they would have to work him out well to and discern if he just straight line athlete or not.

Benn would work as he seems to move more like a Dez Bryant type. Better fluidity and a little less beastly than D. Thomas.

McCluster and McKnight I would pass on in the 2nd round. McCluster is a very good do a bunch of different things well back but is REALLY small at 172lbs and ran a slower 40 than Toby Gerhart at 4.58 to Gerhart's 4.55 but at 231lbs! McKnight ran a 4.47 which is too close to 4.5 for a guy that is sub 200lbs to me. He does not have close to the wiggle that Spiller and Best have.

I like Best as the winner of a 2nd round choice for the Fins. He is a few pounds heavier than Spiller, ran faster in the 40 at 4.35 vs 4.38 and is the better receiver in my opinion. Since Spiller is going in the 1st round I have been scrutinizing him VS Best for a long while now. The REAL key is value in the 2nd round in that Best is essentially a mirror image pick (maybe even better when all skills are tallied up). My fear is that Best sneaks into the top end of the 1st round.



What up Ace! Same here...

best wont be around at that pick

I'm not saying that the Dolphins would or should pick him, but you know the Tuna loves Gerhart...

Carlito, after the draft we can put all the speculation to rest. Hopefully, very good outcome for the Phins. No Ginn or Pat White surprises.

billbill you may be right about the Best pick.


I think its funny/ironic that even though everybody was so mad when Camoron drafted Ginn at 9 and yes he does suck... but the guy that everybody wanted instead of Ginn (including myself), Brady Quinn, sucks just as much as Ginn!

Carlito you are so right. We still would have goofed either way. I believe Ginn has scored more TDs than Quinn.


Notable players picked in the 2007 first round after Ginn include

Patrick Willis, John Beason, Darrelle Revis, Dwayne Bowe, Marshawn Lynch

That was such a horrible draft for the Dolphins... ugh!


Some potential 4rth rounders (There may be a chance they will be there)

TE Jimmy Graham The "U". I think he has so much upside he may go in the 3rd even though he spent most of his time in college as a basketball star and doesn't have tons of gasme experience like many of teh TE prospects. He would be a great pick-up here with super height 6'6 1/4 @260lbs ran a 4.56 40 and seems to have the carry over hand-eye coordination from basketball much like Gates seems to have. He seems to have a mindset like Tebow of what can I do to be a great NFL player. Seems tougher and more willing to block than you would think a ex-BB player would.

With the pick-up of Incognito (I almost didn't recognize him...LOL) I don't think they'll grab G John Jerry from Old Miss. He has a very good Senior Bowl so they got to see him up close and he is the type of fire hydrant that Sparano would covet (6'5 3/8 @ 328lbs) He can wall off defenders and seems to be able to root to a spot to stop bullrush penetration. He may go in the 3rd round but would be an excellent choice round 4.

RB Dexter McCluster also from Old Miss- Simply depends on how teams view him. Small as heck at 172lbs and not fast either at 4.58 but he broke S.E.C. records and was the only player to have 1000 yards rushing and 500 yards receiving. To hear him speak about football you can tell it is very important to him. Again, I am not sure he will fall this far but, when toughness, PR, KR, handsand heart are factored in I don't think he will embarrass any team he goes too.

CB Akwasi Owusu-Ansah from small school Indiana (PA) Specimen at 6'0 1/4 and 207Lbs. Ran an official time at the combine of 4.47 then ripped off a 4.30 and a 4.33 at the Ohio Pro Day. Ton of raw talent to work with and has some return skills although not a super shifty type on returns. Had 8 picks as a Jr and played all 4 years. Reminds me some what of a less athletic but faster Dominique Rogers-Cromartie.

Jamar Chaney ILB , Ben Tate RB are two guys that if they made it down this far I would sprint to the podium with either as I think they 2-3 round talent.

It was lengthy but I hope that is what you were looking for Lipsin!

Carlito true true remember what hindsight is..... I don't like to think about it because it makes me mad about the missed opportunities. You can do the same with the Pat White pick as well.... makes my head hurt.


You may have to go up to get Best as there a number of teams eyeballing him I am sure.

In the copy cat league that is the NFL the Chris Johnson success will not go unoticed. Although neither RB (Spiller or Best) could beat CJ2K in a flat out footrace I think it would be close and both are probably better WR than CJ2K. Imho.

If the Trifecta thinks there is a game changer at WR or RB they will mostly like have to trade up to grab him.

In my opinion if it is not RB Spiller(1st rnd), RB Best, WR D Thomas or WR Benn I don't think anyone else would be worth moving up for on OFF in the 2nd round.



My best guess that year was trade back some and take D. Bowe. I thought he had the body and the toughness to get open and make some tough grabs. I was flabergasted as I thought they would just go with popular opinion and take Quinn.

If Ginn had a normal NFL WR's heart/mindset and wasn't so bent on self preservation I think Ginn woulda been a serious force to reckon with.

Maybe we can get Dr. Frankenstein to put and "Abby Normal" brain in there! LOL.


Damn! How sick would a Willis/Dansby or Beason/Dansby middle have looked?? WOWZA!

Top o The Morning to ya , Fellas ! . You know people have been talking about the draft to long or there's still a long way to go when some are thinking miami is going to take RB in the 2nd round. MY GOD i'am LMAO !. That ain't happening . The chances of miami drafting WR in the 2nd after miami drafted a WR in the 3rd and 4rth last year are really slim. I'm not getting into this Further becauseit's a waste of time. Kiss the Blarney stone !!

Also , Justin smiley is one of the better guards in the NFL and is perhaps miami's best all around OL. He 's not going to be cut and he's not going anywhere.


Which TEs are your favorite in this draft. I'm not asking you who fits Miami or what Parcells would want, but your opinion of the group and who you like?

NJ how many beers have you had tonight? Just asking. LOL

I know this sounds stupd, but I wonder if we have any intentions on rotating interior lineman again. It was one of the strangest things I have seen. I would think if healthy, the starting five would be set, but as with anything with this regime, you never know.


LOL... we shall see if there is any luck of the Irish for our picks.

I gave 2 RB's and 2 WR that should ALL have the talent to be late 1st round picks. If you draft for value at all they should be squarely in any conversation in the 2nd...PERIOD!

You can say that they have found ther #1 receiver? Or are you saying that they will draft purely for imediate need and it will be NT, OLB, FS in the 1st 2-3 rounds?

Are you still sticking with WR Carlton in the 3rd? Is that your #1 WR or do you think Turned will bust out as that? Or are they gonna get a camp cut/trade guy later? Or are they just gonna sit tight and groom the ones they have and go DEF only?

What's your call?


Smiley like Brown is great when healthy!

On A. Benn. benn is not a #1 wr or a game changer. He's more of a complimentary wr who would be better of in a west coast offense. Benn is not a vertical threat. He catches the ball with his body and has inconsistent hands. He also needs to work on his route running. His size , strength. leaping ability and blocking make him perfect in the west coast.

Ace , I've had 0 BEERS.


Berry sprained his big toe and had to call off the rest of his Pro Day.
Hmmm, wonder how quick he will be able to attend private workouts for teams.
Ireland needs to start a rumor that it's a bad turf toe injury...lol

Rob you said the key word "healthy".
NJ O beers for me too, I am a whiskey guy.

The tuna will look for wr steals later in the draft.

Hope you are right NJ


Anything Ireland can do to somehow help Berry get in a Fins uniform, I'll go for lol.

Smiley's injuries is why the signing of incognito is a great move. They also have garner and remember the name of my fellow greek OG Dimitri tsoumpas. he was the 2nd overall pick in the CFL draft as a OL last year and was named OL of the year in the CFL. The trifecta like him alot. He's a great run blocker and his big ( 6-4 315 ) and strong as a OX !

Grove's injury history is also what makes Richie a good ink. He can line up most anywhere at all 3 spots. That is well worth the low investment risk alone.
Look what Parcells has done with Weedy. Let's hope he and Tony can get into Richie's head also.

Sorry bootang . i forgot about your question about TE's. I like some of the TE's you guys have mentioned. Grankowski, Mccoy , graham and to a lesser degree pitta and dickson.

Berry still ran a 4.47. If gets by KC and seattle , miami might have a shot. I doubt it.


Is there anyway you consider trading up to 5 with KC to take Berry? Or if he is still on the board at say, 8?


I will give you the fact that Benn tends to catch with his body and at 4.53 may not be the typical burner that would pose a deep threat but he is athletic and seems pretty fearless. At 219lbs and with a head of steam he could be a tough guy to stop. Maybe not a trade up guy but not a bad fall back on guy if who they want defensively is not there.

Just for arguements sake I will take him off that trade up list.

Is D. Thomas enough of a deep threat as he has the gaudy 25ypc and seems to elevate to the ball better than Benn? While being only a touch slower than Benn he is taller 6'1 vs 6'3 1/4 and has the longer arms by 3/4". He wouldn't work for ya?

My main focus, best offensive pick in a trade up scenario in the 2nd would be RB Best. I think he could be the most dynamic Offensive player in the whole draft including Spiller.

I think he has better hands, is faster, longer and actually heavier than Spiller. He could add speed dimensions to the offense that even Ginn simply can't deliver on. He has the lateral acceleration and heart that Ginn lacks.

Who is your 2nd round pick? Gotta be Defender? Cody? Hughes?(may not be there),?



I know it's NJ's question but I think a trade up in the 1st round is out of the question.

If the Trifecta hold on to and collect picks like Willy Wonka's Golden Wrapper than I don't see them giving up the picks as firepower to move up. Trading up for more $$ and losing the picks in this deeper draft just doesn't seem logical.

Anything can happen but, I would put it as 98% "No" 1st round trade up.

Sorry I intercepted your question NJ... Feeling pretty good with this Rockstar! ;)

bootang , moving up to 5 will cost a pretty penny. miami has to many holes to give up a good pick. Having said that moving to 8 might not coast that much. I would have to consider that but i don't see a team picking berry after maybe a cleveland. So he might fall to miami without trading uo to 8 . Buff , jack and denver don't really need a saftey.

NJ and Rob,

Remember that the Jets gave up a couple role players and there #2 to go from 17 to 5 last year, a lot of which had to do with Mangini and them knowing each other. Also, it is Parcells and Pioli. If this was the trade, would you consider it? #12, Greg Camarillo, Philip Merling, and the 3rd for #5 and their fourth round pick.

The reason I think it is key to get to 5 if you really want Berry is now that SEA landed Charlie Whitehirst, they will pick Berry if he is there, IMO.


I like your list TE list but would knock off Gronkowski and McCoy.

I think Gronk would use up too early of a draft pick. Good all around player but I would go other directions that high in this draft.

I would take McCoy off as he is a bit of a plodder and I think he will have a hard time seperating in the NFL. To me he is much more of a run blocker than receiving threat. Could be a decent suprise "I'm not blocking this time I am going out" type player to me when i see him play.

The rest of your list is the exact players and order I would chose them. All 3 of those TE's could be much more weapon oriented than Fasano or even Martin from the year prior were.


Rob, I think a guy like the kid with the funny african name Sey Airjotu (sp)?, from Fresno State, has some great potential if he's still there in the 6th round, which is about where I think the trifecta shoots for a WR.
The Fresno St kid is big, not a blazer, but played in a pro style offense that Pat Hill runs. He has good hands, balance, and is strong.
I remember seeing where he got a ton of praise from Marty Shotts during the EW Shrine game, I think Marty even compared him to VJax on the Bolts.

Tuna could still take a WR that they have their hearts set on before round 4. But I think they also think about some late round gems, like this kid or Long, Barnes, Easley who I like too.

Rob, thomas is a consideration in the 2nd round and i think he'll be there when miami picks anyway. I like best better than spiller also but miami is NOT picking a RB early and they're not going to trade up for one early either. I have a little tidbit for you about spiller. He has 9 100 yd rushing games in his college career and 5 of them were in his freshman year. Just 4 in the next 3 years to go along with 1 1000 yd season in 4 years. People are making to much of spiller because of Chris Johnson's success.


In that scenario are you saying we flop #12 for #5 and give them the 2 players and a 3rd?

Yea switch first round picks, give them a 3 and get there 4, and give them Camarillo and Merling

bootang , the jets made that trade to get a QB . i wouldn't to that trade just for safety even if though it's for my favorite player. Mccoy has suprised many people with his deceptive speed and catching the ball on seam routes , , He's a great blocker. Miami likes him

That was meant for rob

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