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Dolphins take the links Friday for good cause

The Athletes in Action Pro Sport Celebrity Invitational will be played Friday at the Inverrary Country Club in South Florida and will offer local hackers a chance to play with a wide range of NFL and former NFL players -- all for a very good cause.

Chad Henne, Davone Bess, Channing Crowder, Lousaka Polite, Tyrone Culver, Dan Carpenter, Tyler Thigpen, Pat Turner, Brandon Fields, John Denny, John Offerdahl, Keith Sims, Troy Drayton, Tony Nathan, Woody Bennet, and James McKnight are among the current and former players who are scheduled to play.

Herman Boone, the coach from the movie, "Remember the Titans" and Florida Panthers great, Bill Lindsay will also play. John Offerdahl will emcee the awards ceremony.

Athletes in Action has been impacting the lives of both male and female athletes on a professional and college level since 1969. Dolphins team chaplain Corwin Anthony put the event together.

Registration is at 10:30 a.m. on Friday with a noon shotgun start. The awards banquet will be at 5 p.m.

For a complete description of the sponsorships or to register for the event, you can visit www.MiamiPros.com or call 954-649-4820.


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Good point. And I like what I saw of McCoy.

and boontang.


Considering they gave up a 2011 3rd AND swapped positions in the 2nd round this year going from pick #60 down to #40 in the second round for a QB that was 3rd on the depth chart and has really not done anything of note in the NFL...

That compensation seems a tad high to jump to #5 from #12.

I would not make that deal for Berry even if they said yes and he was there.

Merling was a 2nd round pick and the 1st one from that round that year. I don't mind the Camarillo part of the deal but we would create too big of a hole with less draft picks to fill it letting merling go in that scenario imo.


even tho Seattle got Whitehurst, he will be nothing more than 2-3 on the depth chart. Carrol could still pull the trigger on say Clausen with his 1st pick and hope for E. Thomas with his 2nd 1st rd pick.
Just a thought.

I just can't see doing all that to get Whitehurst, and them turning around and drafting another QB. Especially since Pete really wants to show he belongs. All good points by you guys. I am out, been up since 5:30 for the Gators pro day. I will catch everyone later. 5 weeks to go guys!!!

Damn, just read the Seaturkeys over paid for Whitehurst...lol...yikes!
I still can't think that they see him as a guy to run the team after Hasselbeck is gone.
Something is going on there.
As you know, new high profile Head Coaches like to bring in their own QB's.
If Clausen is there, he may still be the early pick for Carrol, depends on if they now try to move Hasselbeck.

New blog up.

hey boot, that's right, you went to Florida's Pro Day...how did Cooper do? No one seems to mention him.
I like his size, speed, and hands, but cringe knowing the history of Gator WR's in the NFL...lol

GetterDone Phins!,

I don't knwo much about that kid in particular but will look into him.

One guy I have researched and is Freddie Barnes. I see him on your list and with great reason. I see this guy on nearly everyone's late round/sleeper type list and that's because his skills say he should go higher in my opinion. I think this guy could end up being a Derrick Mason type of guy that may not astound you in any one category but is rock solid and understands the game bigtime. Not the biggest or fastest but is a record breaking receiver that seems to be getting snubbed. 6th round would be a steal! Big Pat Simmonds WR from Colgate would be someone in that range too. He is 6'6 @223lbs and had back to back 1000+ yrd season, avg 65 catches, 16.5 ypc avg and caught 23 TD's all in the last 2 years.

Of course WR Blair White Michigan State 6'2 1/4 @ 209lbs 4.51 40 could be a sneaky athletic late pick-up. Is like a Hartline type player that may go in the 6th.



I heard Bucky Brooks relay that same tidbit on NFLN as well. That is an interesting factoid though.

I immediately went back and started to REALLY study what Chris Johnson looked like, more in depth, coming out of college. While looking a tad faster on film it was very difficult to see ANY type of 2,000 yard NFL season coming by any means. Anyone who says they did, INCLUDING the Titans, is fibbing.

With a home-run hitter type that is a speed merchant it is really the threat level they pose to go the distance on any given play as much as anything. You can bait defenses into over pursuit. We both agree that Ginn is rather spineless as a WR goes BUT because he can scare a team with his speed he still has a job in the NFL. If he had "regular type speed" he would have been gone or a back-up a long time ago.

The speed simply causes teams to have to play you a little differently and of course there will always be the occasional long run/catch for a TD. Maybe more than just occasionally if the player is really good like CJ2K.

Ginn has blazing speed but it is really in a straight line. That is why he can't get more returns along with him going down early and out of bounds. Spiller and Best in particular have VERY good lateral acceleration.

Spiller and Best are both RB's and I would not question their heart or desire to get 1st downs or TD's.

In the ENTIRE draft (all of college football) that is saying there are only potentially 3-4 OFF skill players worth taking in the 2nd round... that seems like very fine sifter for the absolute best players/game changers.



Yes Barnes is good, he stats are a bit padded with that Bowling Green offense, but he did what he needed to do.

Simmonds I saw very little on him. Thanks for the tip. I might need to look into him more, sounds like a Plaxico Burress type.

The Spartan kid White is a good call.

I just think we can find WR's later that will be as good if not better, or ready sooner than guys like Arillious Benn, or De. Thomas so early in the 2nd.

I have always liked Mike Williams from the Orangemen. He is a diva type, but with mad skill to back it up. His antics have cost him a 1st Day selection, but on Day 2, he could be a steal if someone knows how to corral him.

I wonder what Dorrell think's of him and some of the others, and how much input he gets.

Armando should try to get an interview with him :)

Ohhhhhhhh. It's GOLF.
I didn't get that till he mentioned the shotgun start. Of course he did say "hackers" although that is more commonly a computer term these days; "duffer" would have been a better word, I think. But, hey, whatever.

I hope our fat coach is not out there golfing, but instead learning how to call a game.

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