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The complete downlow on the Dolphins WRs

Well, following the Patrick Turner post, I'd like to follow the theme and let you know what Tony Sparano said about the rest of the wide receiver situation -- including the possibility of acquiring either Terrell Owens or Brandon Marshall.

You're not going to like it, but here goes.

The Dolphins are not in the market for Owens. And they are not about to give up a first round pick, plus $10 million annually, plus a big signing bonus for troubled restricted free agent Brandon Marshall.

"I don't know if either of them make sense for our ballclub one way or the other," Sparano said. "Both are great players in their own ways, different from each other. Obviously I've had Terrell before and know his strengths. Brandon I've played against before, know his strengths.

"I'm happy with the group of players we have right now, been very productive over the last couple of years and are continuing to get better."

And I'm thinking, he's kidding, right?


Sparano was asked again later as a new wave of reporters came to him and asked the same question about interest in acquiring Terrell Owens and Marshall. And the coach got less reticent on the topic.

"I wouldn't say, not at this time," he said of his team's interest in Owens or Marshall. "Right now we're kind of sitting back and we feel good about where we are right now. We'll see as this things goes on if all of a sudden something came to us that was tremendous. But right now I wouldn't say. We're OK where we are."

Well, where are the Dolphins exactly?

I have been told they will definitely look to draft at least one wide receiver -- perhaps in the second round if things break right. Would they draft Dez Bryant in the first round? I doubt it. But they're not ruling it out and they're definitely not ruling it out if the kid is still available in the second round -- which, believe it or not, is possible.

"I just think we need good players," Sparano said in answering a question about Bryant. When I say that, we have a lot of good players on our team, and we want to take good players. So we have to be concerned with the other things that are out there, the issues. We have to do our due diligence that way. But we have to take good players. Whether it's a receiver, whether it's a defensive back, an offensive lineman, we have to make sure that we take good player for this football team. And whether that's myself, Bill, Jeff, we've really preached this offseason. Bill and Jeff have been on a mission since the middle of last season with this draft class, preparing that way. So I just feel like more good players we can bring on the team, the more good things we can find for them to do."

Translation: I'm not ruling anybody in or out.

Finally, what is Sparano's assessment of his current wide receivers? Well, let me just tell you what he was willing to share.

"We haven't changed the receiving corps since the season ended," Sparano said. "I liked them during the season, I like that group of players. I do think that we some young players that were on the practice squad in Taurus Johnson and Julius Pruitt, and of course, Pat Turner, who didn't play and I'm anxious to see compete.

"These players did a great job every day in practice against our defense, so I'm kind of anxious to see, when you don't have those goggles on, and you not in a game week, and worried about screwing up rotations and those kind of thing. These players compete. I'm really anxious to watch that. But the top of that group, with Teddy Ginn and Davone Bess and Greg Camarillo and Brian Hartlin, I'm really pleased with what those guys have done this offseason and how hard they've worked during the course of this offseason. So we'll see as we go forward, but I would expect to see a better group of people of that group of people."

I would expect to see some difference in the group, however. That is almost certain. And Sparano pretty much admitted as much later.

"Do we want people to come in and compete? Absolutely," he said. "Do they know there's going to be someone in there to compete whether it's a younger player or the young players already on this roster? I'd say yeah. Sure they do. They know that. That's what we're festering down there right now. It's a competition. No job is safe. You got to go into training camp and you got to show us."


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I dont think Bryant will make it to pick 12, much less teh second round. Its all posturing...


Do you mean lowdown?

Didn't James Pruitt play with the old Houston Oilers? It's just one of those generic 1980s WR names that seem like they've been in the NFL forever.

Didn't Chad Henne have a hand in the picking in Patrick Turner like he did in Brian Hartline? Obviously there has to be something there that he liked about throwing him the ball.

The draft is a month away. Not going to get too much real information from any coach/gm/team source on the record.

I'm not sure... Did Sparano mention "good players"? :oD

Open your f'in eyes. Our WR's are THE problem on our team. Man up idiots and bring in talent. Oh no a first rounder for Marshall? You mean a first rounder for a young PRO BOWLER? Do what needs to get done to get him and Dez and we can start actually competing for the superbowl.

Ryan Tallerguy, until we radically improve the defense, no chance of a Superbowl. That's what we need to do with this draft. Maybe we can find the legendary #1 receiver in 2011, because the 2010 draft just doesn't offer much in the way of prospects.

LOL @ at all the Marshall and Owens supporters for the dolphins. I hate to say i told you so. No i'm not. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha !!

Bryant is going to fall in the draft people. Maybe not the second, but I wouldn't be surprised!

What do you expect???

" The same group of players we finished last year is a mediocre group. They would not be starting for maybe 2/3 of the NFL, We desperately need a #1 WR because Pat Turner is a bust, but our defense was so crappy we cant give our # 1 to Denver. Thank god we found Bess off the street, and Camarillo well, he scored that TD that saved this franchise from Infamy"


1st round WR - can't miss - Yatil Greene

Think about it for a second - Jeff Ireland comes out in the combine - mentions we need chunk yardage - Sparano comes out now - mentions that we need chunk yardage - none of our players at WR were able to provide that outside of Ted Ginn and Brian Hartline and that was maybe 8 plays the whole season. Teams like the Colts and the Saints (and I am using them since they are the standard that made it to the Super Bowl) can sometimes get 8 plays A GAME - be it from their TE or their WRs. Something needs to change and I have no doubt that the team is interested in Dez Bryant - you will NEVER get a straight answer from anyone in this organization; much less any football person when it comes to the personnel that they are interested in. A WR will be selected early and I wouldn't be surprised if it is Dez - no matter the history that this regime has in NOT taking WRs. They are doing their homework on him.

Ryan, you must either be a Jets fan or are you just that dumb? Everybody on this planet knows the Dolphin defense got toasted last year by inept pass rush, poor LB and safety tackling, and inexcusable secondary play. We kept the ball and ran down the throats of 3 of the elite teams in the NFL and still managed to lose because of horrible and atrocious defense. It is obvious that no receiver on earth is going to help us when our defense can't stop a high school offense from scoring. Wake up from your coma and learn some football.

Haha I believe he did mean lowdown. I don't think Tony understands how frustrating it is to be a fan when every other team in the league makes an effort to acquire talent on the offensive side the ball. Then there's us, who seem to be content dressing the most mediocre crop of recievers ever assembled. I think Benn and D. Thomas are our realistic options for recievers in this next draft class.

Sparano is a trip. He is a terrible in game coach but a master of puppets with the Media and Fans... The tuna trained him well, very well.

Indiana...until he has his pro day there really is no telling where Bryant will go. He might go out there and run 4.7 something. And Thomas from GT might go out there on his pro day and run 4.35. Still lots of work outs left and time for the order to change plenty.

Translation : No marshall , owens and Bryant . Miami will draft a wr that fits what they want to do. It could be fairly early if one they like drops in their laps.

it reminds me of the support Wanndsted used to give for Fiedler. It drove me crazy and him out of Miami. Careful on this one trifecta,failure to fix this particular problem might bite you in the split tail same as Fiedler did for Dave W. Wanndsted, like Gruden wouldnt know a quarterback from a stool sample. And this regime the same it seems at the receiver position.

Please remember my Pre Free Agency Blog Headline suggestion

" The Tuna takes a dump on Fin Fans with no WR signings"

Remember... Remember

Well Jeff said he liked the production from the FS spot and look what happened. The fins want a tall #1 playmaker. That's why they picked up Turner last draft. They will get another big target or two. I can see Ginn and Camarillo being moved and keeping Turner to compete with the rookies. See if Pat White want's to take the PR and KR duties. He is more physical then Ginn.

anyone who gets hurt as much as Yatil Green did pretty much has no chance. No way of predicting multiple knee/leg injuries, though. Can happen at any position.

who's not more physical than Ginn though?

Wow, the WR's are so far from our biggest problem. They are mostly young too, who knows what they can do. They have not had the most consistant QB lay either lately. So lets see what they can do with Henne with a full offseason as starter. More often than not in this league you win by running and stopping the run. Right now the 3 biggest needs are OLB,FS and NT. Then either TE or WR. We need to draft value, good players that can compete.

WATERBOY- sing your i want Marshall song please....

there is still talk D Thomas of GT might not be healthy enough pre draft to have a pro day

Mark in Toronto

Henne didn't throw to Turner before the draft. He threw to Hartline though.

Please...Like the Dolphins don't lie. LOL

looks like the stadium will be half empty on Sundays...

I dont want Marshall anymore. I want this regime to come crashing down after an 8-8 with Teddy Ginn as their # 1 WR target

we spent a 2nd rounder on P White and a 3rd on P Turner. So even if we spend a 2nd or 3rd this year on wr, whats there to be excited about? We made a mistake not getting A Boldin.

they won't be 8-8, right now they look really bad on paper. 6-10 or 5-11 more likely.

NJack, he'll only be able to do a 40 and a couple other things. Won't be a full work out. At least that is what i read.






i have a Wr gem---im calling him baby Marshall-----David gettis---Baylor----6"3 215---4.4 speed ---elusive, physical---40 inch vert--34inch arms and 10 inch hands----he is a 6rounder right now because he played at Baylor and his production wasnt there----Gettis in the 4th----

Bess, Camarillio and Hartline are all #2 receivers. Ginn should be a returner/number 3 receiver (speed guy) the way Az Hakim was with the Rams back in the day. We don't need 3 #2 receiver. Trade one for draft picks. The fact they are very good should get us something. Just an opinion. People will beat me over this, but I also want to trade Ronnie Brown. I love the guy, but he is not a K yard season back. He reminds me of Fred Taylor (very good but too many injuries) Lex Hilliard has the best hands in the bunch and is good for passing situations. RB still has value, but one more his value drops significantly especially if he doesn't produce or gets hurt.

if you want to talk upside vs good competition he ate up brandon ghee of wake forest last year---Ghee is the 3rd best rated corner in draft-----

Boldin was a no brainer. This regime sucks when picking offensive talent. They lucked out in 08 with the weak schedule and that Penne fell in their lap....

Josh Mclown was going to be their starting QB!!!!!!

What Stud Offensive playmaker did these jokers bring in 2 Drafts and 2 FA periods???? None

Nobody will trade for Ronnie because he is under contract for 1 year. They might as well wait for him to hit FA in 2011

dont want Marshall anymore. I want this regime to come crashing down after an 8-8 with Teddy Ginn as their # 1 WR target

Posted by: Waterboy | March 23, 2010 at 02:52 PM

"PLUNGIE" nomination.......

I'd like to see us trade Patrick Turner to the Cowboys for Demarcus Ware. We could really use a linebacker like Ware and Patrick Turner played college ball in California, which is closer to Texas than Florida, so it would be a better fit for him. I'd also be willing to give Dallas another player, like Charlie Anderson or Joey Haynos, or one of our 6th or 7th round draft picks.

2nd- jamar chaney
3rd-torrell troup
3rd-(smiley trade)--jimmy graham
4th-David gettis---he is a freak---KR/pr--thats coordiantion for a big guy

Sign sharper already

waterboy you changed your mind again. i told you that you flip flop on every subject. just wait til someone tells you that you are wrong and you hop on the band wagon the other way. You would be good at hitchhiking.

allen, if you take him in the 6th its better value. if you want someone in the 4th you can take a Dezmon Briscoe.

A "PLUNGIE" for waternoy........

it is---but value to me after the 2nd round isnt as big as an issue----if u like gettis more than any other Wr left in draft---i say 4th isnt a bad reach b/c i guy like that wont make it to the 6th---too much upside---i see where your coming from---

but value too me is a must in the 1-3 rounds

Flip Flopping is an art

Ask John Kerry

I have Gettis far ahead of Briscoe. Briscoe looked slow and sloppy at the combine, I was high on him, not so much anymore. Gettis will go somewhere in 4-5 range.

What about Hugh G. Reckshun, TE, Ball St.?

Will the Knight who says NI (previously know as Mr. Bungle) have a mock draft done like last year?


Will we have a 2010 version???

Bryant fits what they want to do.


Reckshun has the measurables, but performs poorly when the lights go on.

I think something is brewing
Last time they talked up a player ie:Gerbal
He was gone talking up rec. corps seems suspect
Just a thought..

Yes, Waterboy, it is coming very soon. Thanks for being my fan. I appreciate it.

allen...yeah it wouldn't be a bad reach.

on the Brandon Marshall comparison..i remember watching Marshall at UCF thinking he's pretty good - lots of talent but production wasn't always there. Then at the end of his senior year its like everything just clicked and he dominating out there. Bowl game all about Brandon Marshall.

Haha, good one Bootang. Guess I'm just getting antsy for the draft. haven't we talked everyone up and done from rounds 1 to 7 enough already????

Wake me me up when someone is signed or traded.

Briscoe never looked slow and sloppy during the season though. A lot of guys run fast in work outs where they know they won't get hit.

Briscoe had a much better pro day than combine - but his stats are inflated from the style of Offense that Kansas ran and the fact that there isn't much defense in the Big 12.

I'll take Carlton Mitchell from USF (shoutout to NJ) before I would Briscoe or Gettis.

But when I looked at a lot of Briscoe's tape he had inflated numbers in a college offense. Very suspect route running. 9 reps of 225 shows not a lot of dedication. I love his stats, but I don't see his skill set transcending to the next level, IMO.

The Miami Dolphins will hold a private workout for former Syracuse wide receiver Mike Williams on Thursday, according to a league source.

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