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The complete downlow on the Dolphins WRs

Well, following the Patrick Turner post, I'd like to follow the theme and let you know what Tony Sparano said about the rest of the wide receiver situation -- including the possibility of acquiring either Terrell Owens or Brandon Marshall.

You're not going to like it, but here goes.

The Dolphins are not in the market for Owens. And they are not about to give up a first round pick, plus $10 million annually, plus a big signing bonus for troubled restricted free agent Brandon Marshall.

"I don't know if either of them make sense for our ballclub one way or the other," Sparano said. "Both are great players in their own ways, different from each other. Obviously I've had Terrell before and know his strengths. Brandon I've played against before, know his strengths.

"I'm happy with the group of players we have right now, been very productive over the last couple of years and are continuing to get better."

And I'm thinking, he's kidding, right?


Sparano was asked again later as a new wave of reporters came to him and asked the same question about interest in acquiring Terrell Owens and Marshall. And the coach got less reticent on the topic.

"I wouldn't say, not at this time," he said of his team's interest in Owens or Marshall. "Right now we're kind of sitting back and we feel good about where we are right now. We'll see as this things goes on if all of a sudden something came to us that was tremendous. But right now I wouldn't say. We're OK where we are."

Well, where are the Dolphins exactly?

I have been told they will definitely look to draft at least one wide receiver -- perhaps in the second round if things break right. Would they draft Dez Bryant in the first round? I doubt it. But they're not ruling it out and they're definitely not ruling it out if the kid is still available in the second round -- which, believe it or not, is possible.

"I just think we need good players," Sparano said in answering a question about Bryant. When I say that, we have a lot of good players on our team, and we want to take good players. So we have to be concerned with the other things that are out there, the issues. We have to do our due diligence that way. But we have to take good players. Whether it's a receiver, whether it's a defensive back, an offensive lineman, we have to make sure that we take good player for this football team. And whether that's myself, Bill, Jeff, we've really preached this offseason. Bill and Jeff have been on a mission since the middle of last season with this draft class, preparing that way. So I just feel like more good players we can bring on the team, the more good things we can find for them to do."

Translation: I'm not ruling anybody in or out.

Finally, what is Sparano's assessment of his current wide receivers? Well, let me just tell you what he was willing to share.

"We haven't changed the receiving corps since the season ended," Sparano said. "I liked them during the season, I like that group of players. I do think that we some young players that were on the practice squad in Taurus Johnson and Julius Pruitt, and of course, Pat Turner, who didn't play and I'm anxious to see compete.

"These players did a great job every day in practice against our defense, so I'm kind of anxious to see, when you don't have those goggles on, and you not in a game week, and worried about screwing up rotations and those kind of thing. These players compete. I'm really anxious to watch that. But the top of that group, with Teddy Ginn and Davone Bess and Greg Camarillo and Brian Hartlin, I'm really pleased with what those guys have done this offseason and how hard they've worked during the course of this offseason. So we'll see as we go forward, but I would expect to see a better group of people of that group of people."

I would expect to see some difference in the group, however. That is almost certain. And Sparano pretty much admitted as much later.

"Do we want people to come in and compete? Absolutely," he said. "Do they know there's going to be someone in there to compete whether it's a younger player or the young players already on this roster? I'd say yeah. Sure they do. They know that. That's what we're festering down there right now. It's a competition. No job is safe. You got to go into training camp and you got to show us."


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Right on Bootang!

If Miami is likely to take a risk on a troubled WR, Mike Williams is the guy they are most likely to look at. Very talented. Before anyone says he quit on his team, which is true and terrible, Kerry Collins once did the same thing. It is not the end all. Taking a flyer on this guy in the 4th isn't as risky as taking Bryant at 12.

Just because/Abbott , agreed and thanks for the shoutout.

What does the phrase "taking a flyer on this guy" specifically mean?

Does anyone know the origin of this catch phrase?

I saw that fishypete... How about that all of you holier than thou stiffs, won't take a kid with baggage... This kid Mike Williams is a whole lot more trouble than Dez and he seems to do the stuff knowingly with a no care attitude. If anyone would be removed from the Dolphins board would be this guy. And they are working him out Thursday. This basically means all guys are up for discussion. I LOVE IT!!!!

Boontang , especially if miami geta a extra 4rth round for smiley

Again...it's O.K. to be a bum...as long as your a cheap bum.

My post on Williams doesn't mean I'd want him. He is not on my list. He only posted 8 reps of 225, and I just am not big on the guy at all.

David Gettis doesn't play like Brandon Marshall on tape. He's decent.

Williams, another guy with the maturity issues... Not exactly sure what his issues are... On tape, he is physical and can go get the ball with it in the air. He is built like Boldin... Alot of people say he is the second best receiver in the draft. May be a better gamble in the 3rd than Dez Bryant in the 1st.

mitchell wont be there in the 4th gettis will---i liked mitchell but saw him drop the ball way too much at south florida----i rather have gettis who is a lot more physical than mitchell---mithchell also had some issues with the coaching staff---that had him benched for a couple of games----

Gettis fits thats fast physcial wr dolphins are looking for----mike williams could eb an option also in the 4th---but every1 knows his red flags----if you are stupid enough to quit football because your team wasnt good---and not consider the ramification of that action to lets say THE NFL TEAMS WHO WILL PAY YOU MILLIONS----you are dealln with a problem child

Mark in Toronto @ 2:31

I don't believe Henne was a part on choosing P. Turner. From what I understand when the Fins brass did a tour with Henne throwing to potential draftable WR's it was more of an East Coast circuit they did. He was directly involved in finding Hartline as Henne told the brass he really thought highly of Hartline after the workout.

Y-Not @ 2:39

Or how about JJ raving about can't miss WR Larry Shannon in the 3rd round "Hey, why would I take Randy Moss when Larry Shannon is just as big, tall and fast. He will be better."

That's a bullet to the dome!

I remember talking up Randy Moss as they called him "the freak" to a friend that I lifted weights with. We didn't have the internet back then so the info would come via little snipets in the sports pages, ESPN and Mel Kiper's draft guide. I was thinking that he wouldn't be there and was stunned as JJ had traded the pick. We ended up with Jamar Fletcher? (shakes head) Marino to Moss would have been insane and propped Dan Marino up more towards the end of his career.

Ahhh what might have been...

Remember Ireland said the same thing about Wilson and then cut him without a replacement. I take no stock into what he said. If the right player falls to them in the draft they will take him. A.Benn and Bryant will be goen by round #2. Golden Tate? Damian Williams? Demaris Thomas? Maybe round 3 Jeremy Williams or Jacoby Ford? We all love to speculate but it's wait and see with the Trifecta. Again I wouldn't read into anything they say.

Maybe we should try making a trade with Arizona for Larry Fitzgerald. What about sending them Tyrone Culver and maybe John Nalbone?

Does anybody know if smiley has been traded yet or perhaps where he might end up

considering how tight lipped the organization is, do you think they're going to show their hand right now?

Carlton Mitchell also has some trouble with the ball in the air... His game maybe a little too much like Ginn. Downfield threat. He's bigger but so what?

One david gettis profile---not so much tape on him--i can only find tape vs. ghee wake forest

A classic size-speed prospect, Gettis has been on the minds of NFL Southwest region scouts since coming on the scene as a top 50 California recruit out of Los Angeles. His 6-4 frame and track speed (he owned the best 400 meters time in high school track as a senior) give him the tools to be a fantastic receiver.

Baylor's passing attack has not been prolific over the past four years, which hurt Gettis' ability to wow the casual fan with awesome statistics. After a true freshman season in which he caught only four passes (82 yards, one score), he began to contribute more as a sophomore (31-407-0, eight starts) and junior (29-391-0, 10 starts) before finally earning honorable mention All-Big 12 honors with 52 catches for 675 yards and three touchdowns in 2009.

Far from a finished product, Gettis flashes explosive ability but also needs work catching the ball with his hands and more consistency as a route-runner. Teams will look at him as a third- or fourth-round pick worth taking a chance on.

Release: Has moves and strength to get past press coverage, but must be more quick and violent with his hands to beat the jam. Accelerates quickly off the line and gets past most corners with his long strides.

Hands: Catches nearly everything thrown his way, but traps the ball against his chest too often; needs to trust his large and strong hands and catch the ball away from his frame. Extends to grab wide throws and reaches above his head to snare high throws, exhibiting good body control in the air.

Route running: Uses his size and length to get physical separation, and his long strides are hard for corners to match when running full tilt down the sideline. Sells the deep route, but has better foot quickness than expected for his size when stopping to curl or turn outside. Working on sinking his hips to get into and out of cuts more fluidly.

After the catch: Possesses acceleration and elusiveness not expected of large receivers. Also able to stiff arm and run through smaller would-be tacklers in the secondary. Used on quick screens. Though he's taller than most kick returners, he has a chance to contribute there because he has a bit of elusiveness and hits holes at full stride.

Blocking: Uses his size to neutralize corners in the run game or on quick screens, dropping his hips and extending to keep them from ripping off. Needs to consistently give the effort to get to a target.

Intangibles: Took him some time to become a regular contributor despite his physical attributes. Puts effort in on the field now, however, gaining the respect of his teammates and coaches - and now looks to be ascending up draft boards in a similar way.

Just Because,

I would too. I am not a fan of Briscoe. He seems ordinary too me and maybe thats due to his more pedestrian type speed as much as anything.

NJ PHIN turned me onto Carlton Mitchell and I liked what I saw of Mitchell the more I watched game footage of him. We have a running gentlemans bet if he goes 3rd round or above he wins. If he goes 4rth round we tie and if he goes 5th or after I win. He has good triangle numbers and is a smooth athlete it wouldn't suprise me if he wins and Carlton goes in the late 3rd range. I am hoping for the 4rth so the crow can remain uneaten. ;)

Rob in OC 3:48

I was making an indirect reference to the Tuna - I don't think he would risk the 12th pick in the draft for ANY WR or RB.

If Moss had had the injury history Yatil had . . . . . . . .

You just never know is all I'm sayin.

If he get's a 3rd or 4th for Smiley he may try and get a proven commodity like Marshall in a trade.

I usually enjoy reading this blog, but there should be a law making it illegal for jounalists to publish or broadcast any inteview with a coach or athelte. I mean, is there anything more bland or uninformative than a coach talking about how this guy does really well in practice (then doesn't play in the game, or plays and sucks), and in the upcoming draft they might pick a WR, or a TE, or a DL, or a LB, or any other player that plays any other position, and that the reason they didn't win the game is because the other team scored more points, and "no comment" on this, and "no comment" on that?

I wish there was a way for a journalist to show readers that s/he is important, has access, and gets news from the source without forcing us to read this crype.

@ knight

I would appreciate if you call John but his artistic name

John NalBoner

from now on.


Brian Hartline averaged almost 17 yards a catch in his rookie year and had 31 catches so I think he could be something special, Boldin averaged 12.2 and Marshal for career is under 12 per catch and only had 20 catches in his rookie year.

Armando, don't say 'your not going to like' it because you imagine that we are all blindly obsessed with the least important position on the field.

I like this. The team has bigger priority's. Stop being a fan and trying to push the team to acquire a wide receiver so badly when other needs are FAR more important.

Holy Crap we have the Best White WR in the NFL in Brian Hartline... 17 Yards per Catch....

hartline is the real deal and with a true #1 opposite him with bess in the slot we immediately jump to on of the better 3 receiver sets in the league, but getting that true number 1 doesn't seem to be even a top 5 priority!! so get used to 8 in the box and a limited passing game again this season!!

Daniel I like your optimism on Hartline. I hated the Hartline pick when they made it but by the end of the year I liked him a lot. He is very under rated as a play maker. He isn't a blazer but has deceptive speed to get behind defenders. He had a really good rookie. He played with 2 different QBs and a run first offense. I'm big on him too. I expect a big year from him. I want to add a WR somewhere in the draft but not with the first or second rounder. I want them to build this horrible defense.

Is Carlitos Anderson the solution at OLB???

Beware of the JT curse


OIC... I would say you're probably right. Most likely gonna be a DEF pick.

I happen to be on the Marshall won't be a Fin side. I just feel he it is too scary for the Fins to be dealing with a guy that has his potential to blow up in their face.

I am not saying they will try to get all choir boys and Incognito is evidence they won't. The magnitude of the contract/guaranteed money and giving away the draft pick(s) is huge sum to pay for any troubled player.

For ANY that say he is not troubled the simplest answer I can give you is NOT ONE team has given a 1st for the guy (not even late). With his numbers there has to be more to the story...there has to be or one desperate team would have already jumped on Marshall.


nancy belosi IS THE IRON LADY .GO NANCY .

"they're definitely not ruling it out if [Bryant] is still available in the second round -- which, believe it or not, is possible."

Anyone want to explain how this is possible?

Must be a seroious felony charge I'm not aware of...so put me on the believe it "not" side.



1-20 DAN WILLIAMS, EARL THOMAS, DEZ BRYANT (one of them will still be there at 1-20)
2. J.BEST,RB ... we can build a franchise around him.
2-20 depending on who we took at 1-20 ... the 2nd round pick will either be BENN,WR or CAM THOMAS,NT
3. F.JONES, F.S. georgia (assuming that we did not take Earl Thomas in first round)
4. J.GRAHAM,TE from the U

jon, agreed. Bryant is slipping but won't slip out of the first round and into round # 2 past the Rams, Bucs, Chiefs and other WR starved teams.

"That's what we're festering down there right now."

LMAO-Don't they have a cream for that?

In all seriousness, Sparano's comments mean absolutely nothing to me. You can't believe anything this regime feeds to the media. It may be the truth sometimes just to throw you off but 99% is spin and outright crap.

I do think we are a dominant #1 WR from having an outstanding receiving corp as I believe Bess and Hartline have the potential to be a top tier #2/#3 combo. I just think this piece will be added after the defense is fixed unless something falls into our laps.

i nominate mike1361 @ 4:19 for plungie.

Do you think that the Giants fans are so freaking whiny about Ramses Barden having only 1 catch the entire season last year?Do you think they just continually bash the front office over what a terrible pick that was? Do you think the Bears fans cry and moan and complain about Jauquin Iglesias not being active for only 1 game the entire year? I would think in reading this crap and negativity from many of the guys on this blog that we are the worst team ever. Thank god I wasn't a participant on this blog during the 2007 season, I can't even imagine the stuff written that year.

Why dont we wait to decide on whether we need another WR... just give our guys some time to develop. Who knows? Turner or even Hartline can grow into a #1 role. Of course Henne says a great veteran WR would be nice... what QB wouldnt? Our needs on D far outweigh any need we have for a game selling WR.




Bootang, I imagine there are whiny fans of every team. I've never trolled other teams blogs but it's a pretty good bet that they all have fans with issues. As an example, my uncle (through marriage) is a Diehard Pats fan and he has always hated Brady as his QB. Every time they lose a game it's Brady's fault because he is a terrible QB. How dumb is that?!

t, I absolutely agree with this regime thinking they might already have the answer on the roster which is another reason they haven't taken a big risk on a WR yet. Unlike a number of fans they understand this team is still being built so there is a window for the development of some of these guys. (I don't think we have the answer yet, but allow for the possibility.)


Good post. I just can't fathom how people can complain after how bad things were only a few years ago.



The owners approved the changes to overtime rules in the playoffs. I wish they had left it alone.

Bootang25, they can complain because their idiots and have no knowledge...Most of these crying whiners would have cut Peyton Manning and Austin Miles in their first years because they didn't produce...they have no understanding nor patience... Screw em, there not real fans anyway

The best (and I do mean the very best) WR in this years draft class is Demaryius Thomas, of GA Tech. His draft stock is low due to the foot injury thing and the fact that he couldn't work out for the combine or any of the pro days. This is the cat we need!

Ted Ginn's still gonna be on this team next season....YES!!! That's the best news I've heard all day. I was just mentioning to my buddy, "you know what, football is entertainment. I'm taking it too seriously. And you know who's the most entertaining guy on my team...Ted Ginn." How he catches the ball between the hash marks, and look at him, glide like a gazelle in a straight line out-of-bounds, priceless. Miami is full of gay people (sorry folks, but it's true), and Ted Ginn plays like he's gay, so that's actually a perfect fit. So this news is music to my ears (Elton John music)!! Go 'Fins! Ok, let me apologize to gay people for comparing Ted Ginn's playing style to them, that's a low blow, and for that I wholeheartedly apologize.

I believe Tony Sparano about as much or less then I believe that jerk of a President Obama...both say one thing and then do something else.

How many times has this stubby little SOB said something in support of a player only to turn around and cut him the next week..yet woosies like Pat White...he keeps on board to what?

Throw the bum out...along with his celebrity owners.

Bring back football like it used to be.

def need to start doing and not saying things. no way are they fine with our wrs. and i agree get rid of white

White is not going anywhere, thks for ur opinion, which is wrong

cause bobby knows. white has looked great hasnt he, im all for taking a couple years with players. but white is not an nfl qb or even close

Pay attention... the more Sparano says he is happy with our receivers and says they are not interested in diva receivers - the more I think they are posturing. He didn't say he wasn't interested in T.O. or Marshall - he just led everyone to believe so by how he answered the question. Remember what Yogi said, "It ain't over til' it's over." They're looking for a #1 receiver!

the trolls are out

No billybilly,because u have no clue as to why Parcells drafted him and because no NFL team cuts their number 2 pick the next year, White will be given his 3 years to see if he can be put in the right spot, are u that ignorant about football Bill or do u just pretend???


Finfanman, quote from PFT this morning by Sprano, "we are not interested in Marshall or T.O., we don't feel either one would be a good fit" seems clear toe

the dolphins keep puttin mediorce product on the feild offense and defense no proven playmakers playmakers make other players better they passed on anquin boldin/ y he didnt have off field issues its not like they are drafting players and turning them in to stars i didnt see any player from 08 to 09 get better they ethier declined or stayed the same r got hurt now you want to spend another draft pick on an outside lb well y couldnt u coach up matt roth or work with porter another year this crap you guys are doin with the oline is not right you trade satelli for grove what did that prove/now smiley is not good enough/ sporano and parcells have huge egos for a coaches and gm of ateam with the second highets payroll in the leauge and 7-9 record you drafted three linemen in with your first three picks in o7 where is the development of langford or merling you gus are goin in circles you brought in ryan clark for a visit thats great he went back to pa bcus hes mediocre /to dolphins are scared of big name players difference makers the coach and the gm take up all the money and they want all the glory but sporano and bill havent developed any talent and they wont pick any /if they keep playin it safe and riding on parcells name this teams goin to be bad again lookin at third place in the division/ r we goin to be better than the jets?they r makin moves /the patriots they r already good get wit bill get some players dude and if your waiting for ronnie brown to rush for 1200 r better/ keep waiting hes soft

bobby i see u ate another retarded sandwich today. tell me genius why parcells drafted him then, we all thought it was for the wildcat which is basically dead now

bobby wastes all his days defending the front office, at what point do u want to actually compete for a championship? im guessing u will give parcells 10, 20, maybe 30 years. bill wont be here more than 2 more years

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