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The complete downlow on the Dolphins WRs

Well, following the Patrick Turner post, I'd like to follow the theme and let you know what Tony Sparano said about the rest of the wide receiver situation -- including the possibility of acquiring either Terrell Owens or Brandon Marshall.

You're not going to like it, but here goes.

The Dolphins are not in the market for Owens. And they are not about to give up a first round pick, plus $10 million annually, plus a big signing bonus for troubled restricted free agent Brandon Marshall.

"I don't know if either of them make sense for our ballclub one way or the other," Sparano said. "Both are great players in their own ways, different from each other. Obviously I've had Terrell before and know his strengths. Brandon I've played against before, know his strengths.

"I'm happy with the group of players we have right now, been very productive over the last couple of years and are continuing to get better."

And I'm thinking, he's kidding, right?


Sparano was asked again later as a new wave of reporters came to him and asked the same question about interest in acquiring Terrell Owens and Marshall. And the coach got less reticent on the topic.

"I wouldn't say, not at this time," he said of his team's interest in Owens or Marshall. "Right now we're kind of sitting back and we feel good about where we are right now. We'll see as this things goes on if all of a sudden something came to us that was tremendous. But right now I wouldn't say. We're OK where we are."

Well, where are the Dolphins exactly?

I have been told they will definitely look to draft at least one wide receiver -- perhaps in the second round if things break right. Would they draft Dez Bryant in the first round? I doubt it. But they're not ruling it out and they're definitely not ruling it out if the kid is still available in the second round -- which, believe it or not, is possible.

"I just think we need good players," Sparano said in answering a question about Bryant. When I say that, we have a lot of good players on our team, and we want to take good players. So we have to be concerned with the other things that are out there, the issues. We have to do our due diligence that way. But we have to take good players. Whether it's a receiver, whether it's a defensive back, an offensive lineman, we have to make sure that we take good player for this football team. And whether that's myself, Bill, Jeff, we've really preached this offseason. Bill and Jeff have been on a mission since the middle of last season with this draft class, preparing that way. So I just feel like more good players we can bring on the team, the more good things we can find for them to do."

Translation: I'm not ruling anybody in or out.

Finally, what is Sparano's assessment of his current wide receivers? Well, let me just tell you what he was willing to share.

"We haven't changed the receiving corps since the season ended," Sparano said. "I liked them during the season, I like that group of players. I do think that we some young players that were on the practice squad in Taurus Johnson and Julius Pruitt, and of course, Pat Turner, who didn't play and I'm anxious to see compete.

"These players did a great job every day in practice against our defense, so I'm kind of anxious to see, when you don't have those goggles on, and you not in a game week, and worried about screwing up rotations and those kind of thing. These players compete. I'm really anxious to watch that. But the top of that group, with Teddy Ginn and Davone Bess and Greg Camarillo and Brian Hartlin, I'm really pleased with what those guys have done this offseason and how hard they've worked during the course of this offseason. So we'll see as we go forward, but I would expect to see a better group of people of that group of people."

I would expect to see some difference in the group, however. That is almost certain. And Sparano pretty much admitted as much later.

"Do we want people to come in and compete? Absolutely," he said. "Do they know there's going to be someone in there to compete whether it's a younger player or the young players already on this roster? I'd say yeah. Sure they do. They know that. That's what we're festering down there right now. It's a competition. No job is safe. You got to go into training camp and you got to show us."


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Billbill, who repeats his name twice...u have a clue about football?? NO TEAM is going to cut their second round pick the next year...White will be given at least 3 years to produce, just like Ginn just like Gholuston, what part of that is so hard to comprehend IDIOT, everytime u post u bring football IQ down on this blog with ur nonsense, u have no clue about NFL football do you??? U just spout off stupid shyt every post


Besides Mike1361 not giving a reason why Houston would trade 12 for 20 and knowing we would most likely not get a 2nd for an 8 spot difference exchange in the 1st. What is so wrong exactly?

1-20 DAN WILLIAMS, EARL THOMAS, DEZ BRYANT (one of them will still be there at 1-20)
2. J.BEST,RB ... we can build a franchise around him.
2-20 depending on who we took at 1-20 ... the 2nd round pick will either be BENN,WR or CAM THOMAS,NT
3. F.JONES, F.S. georgia (assuming that we did not take Earl Thomas in first round)
4. J.GRAHAM,TE from the U

1. Dan Williams and E. Thomas are need positions and being considered I would think? I would take OLB Graham or Weatherspoon.

2. I think Jahvid Best may be the most dynamic player in the entire draft including Spiller. He is faster, heavier, I believe has better hands or at least as good and may have better lateral acceleration too. Great 2nd round get imo.

3. I think he meant S Rashad Jones. A very good safety prospect and very hard hitter. Can make some plays on the ball as well. Good size.

4. You could change this pick to a NT type Linval Joseph? I like TE Jimmy Graham a lot and think he has huge upside. The 4rth would be about the area.

Why don't you like his mock so much?


Rashad Jeanty resigned with the Bengals.

The TRIFECTA will NEVER expose their plans to the media unless it serves their overall mission.

They told reporters that they were behind Matt Roth when he was on IR. Once he was off...see ya Matt!

Ireland told reporters that they supported Gibril and were looking to see improvements in year two. Just a few days later...See ya Gibril!

Now they tell the media they would be up for trading Smiley. Why? Because they want reporters to tell the world, which basically helps them market Smiley to teams who may have interest.

They didn't tell the world they were looking for a gaurd. They went and got Incognito.

They are never going to say we need a receiver. They don't want anyone mudding up their free agency pool or draft pool. They want to fly under the radar and take who they WANT and NEED.

I wouldn't be surprised if they took Marshall tomorrow. I wouldn't be surprised if they took Dez at 12.

bobby repeats the samething blah blah blah. whats the point to him being a second round pick? who cares they made a mistake. so at least do u admit its time for ginn to go. or do u just accept mediocre players.

i agree rob on best. brown wont be back after this season, draft best and start fresh, we can only hope he stays healthy more than brown did.

Yea BillBillbillbill cause the last 10 years have worked out so WELL with Cameron/Wandstadt/Saban using the trade draft picks schemes that you so highly recommend....ur beyond a doofus, u should blog about tennis or something where people with dumb opinions go

im still waiting chrowder to develop fellas its not complaining its just ive seen to many players fall thru our hands and we draft for need and we get eddie moore it seems simple to me if a guy is good dont pass on him bcus everyone knows hes good are he has swagger or for whatever the stupid reasons the dolphins dont get playnakers seriously we could of got randy moss and we picked little known jammar fletcher and bill and jeff are followin that same format

The mediocre thing here is a guy who repeats his name twice and knows nothing about football.

trade draft picks?? funny never once did i say that. i didnt say deal a 2nd for gordon or feeley. but he did waste a 2 on white.

productions its sad to say but u could be right, parcells hasnt been as good as advertised yet. he wont be here more than 2 more years. mediocre football is getting old. but hell were used to it right bobby. so accept it

And how do u know it's a waste there GENIUS??? Ur not part of the Trifecta, it's ur opinion which really doesn't matter


True....muuuuuuch different style of player Brown and Best but all the extra weight and muscle hasn't helped Ronnie Brown stay healthy one iota.

Best will change games in the NFL next season. Good eye billbill.


The Dolphins will pick a receiver in this year's draft. The only problems is that we will have to wait until the 7th round before that selection happens. Maybe we can get Devon Bess, part two.

Dang Bobby... it's almost like you want to "Kill Bill" =)

It's all good hopefully you two can agree to disagree.


Oh yea, Parcells won't be here more then 2 years because billbill knows all

im guessin miami takes a wr in 2nd round

haaaa bobbys fiesty

I agree billbill is an idiot, that's all I will agree to...he thinks Parcells should have created miracles after two years when the team has been ruined by 10 years of bad decisions...he has no clue but gets on here spouting cut White and Parcells isn't that good but will jump right on the bandwagon saying he thought Parcells was right all along when the Fins start winning...he is two-faced and not really a fan, just another know nothing on a blog spouting off his GM skills which he perfected on Madden...

ahhh madden i remember it well. last time i played madden i think vick made the cover, all down hill since. bobby loves white, parcells has a secret plan for white to dominate the league

peace out fellas, ill be back later. go fins!

billbill............you argument is not valid .bobbyd12 knows fottbal like no one and can take you on a ride around the nfl you will never forget .


Run FOREST Run!!!

The coaches have shown their hand somewhat: They are not willing to give up a 3rd round draft choice for Boldin. They are not willing to give a 1st for Marshall. I know u don't want to hear it, but this team scored 40 points against the
superbowl winners-and lost the game because they couldn't stop the pass. This draft will be OLB, then NT then Free safety.

Little early for the crazies to be out. Is this a part of Obamacare?

After the way the trifecta talked up our former starting free safety, making him sound like a hall of famer, only to dump him a couple of days later, makes me not trust on word out of these guys. For that reason, it would not shock me if they drafted Dez, traded for Marshall and signed TO on draft day. So, bottom line, anything is still posible.

nancy the iron lady........don't forget donkeys .

Herb ur right, try expaining it to Billbill

are you a red neck bobby ?

It's going to take at least another 2 drafts and free agancy to compete. WHY cant we be like the Jets who are agressive in the draft and buying free agents. Look at the Pats and what THEY do with picks.

The Tuna knows what he's doing and we just need to wait it out. In the meantime, GINN will drop many BIG catchs and blow it for us just like last season.

In the end, we will end up the next 2 seasons winning 9 games if we are lucky, and IF GINN actually catchs a pass we could win 11 games.

If we are going to keep rebuilding, let's hope we only win 1 game so we get the number 1 draft in 11.

My favorite draft senario: The whole Ted Ginn Family. Rd. 1 Ted Ginn Sr.
Rd. 2 Mrs. Ginn
Rd. 3 Grandpa Ginn
Rd. 4 Grandma Ginn
Rd. 5 Little boy Ginn
Rd. 6 Little girl Ginn
Rd. 7 Uncle Ginn
Super Bowl here we come

NJ PHIN FAN is not allowed within a 100 feet of a school or Chucky E Cheese

It is no secret that wide receiver is a major need. However, this team also has other needs, specifically on defense. A true #1 wide receiver will not do this team any good if they cannot get players on defense to stop the other team. This team got killed in the fourth quarter. Get the appropriate players on defense and then worry about getting top wide receivers.

another words fins fans were not going get an upgrade on recievers, they totally just said to one of the better blockers on the line that he's history and were going to draft all defense untill the 5 th or 6 th round and it might me a reciever or line-man.well if i had any hope of the dolphins going to the play-offs, they were just crushed by average possession recievers.wow thanks tuna guess ill start praying for the 2011 draft now and not even bother watching this season.

The only thing I would say to this is not to believe everything the trifecta says. As a fan, I have to hold out hope that the trifecta realizes our WRs are not nearly as good as they make them out to be. To be honest, in my opinion we only have one guy (Hartline) who's any good at all. Ginn has no toughness, won't go over the middle or up high to get the ball, often runs poor routes and drops too many passes, Bess is just average, and Camarillo is like Crash Jensen. But if the trifecta honestly believes these guys are good enough to get us to the next level we're all in trouble.


2010 starting wide receiver WR1 Patrick Turner
WR2 Ted Ginn
Let's go phins

Look for D Thomas in the second round and Riley Cooper in the fourth. Both are big, tall, fast receivers that catch well and would be upgrades over our current group of wrs. Sergio Kindle or Derrick Morgan will probably be the first pick. I'm not sold yet that Morgan can play OLB but apparently he's dropped about 20 pounds since his playing weight last year which might help out.

Oh my Gawd!!!!

I'm Bawlin cuz da sky is fallen.

Tony ain't drafting no WR's cuz he said so.

You guys crying over Tony's "statements" about our WR's are something else.

This is year 3 of the Parcell's regime and this draft is the most important one in 10 years.
Of course Tony's going to come out and tell me, you and every other team in the NFL exactly what the game plan is.

WTF is wrong with the Dolphins blogs from both major papers? "Compete downlow"? The other paper has a headline with the term "wide recieva divas." What does this even mean? Can we just get some insight?

-- Bebo

YO! Bebo!

Itz Linguistics Main.

I'm still in shock that Miami's WR's are on the downlow! I mean, I could have guess Ted Ginn Jr, but I can't believe the other guys. Maybe Mando was just talking about Teddy.

Dave Wannstedt used to say these types of things about Jay Fiedler. It seemed like he was the only person in the world that didn't realize that the team wasn't going to win a SB with Fiedler.

I hope these guys aren't as blind as Wannstedt. It is possible that they're saying what they need to say to hide their intentions in the draft.....or it is actually possible they believe that the current WR core is good enough.

A WR will be drafted by the Phins in this draft, where in the draft I do not know. Dez Bryant has distroyed his draft status so far because he refused to work out at the combine not to bad some players do not feel a comfort level there but then refuses to work out at his proday or anyother day for that matter is flat out stupid. Some team will pick him but not where a talent like that should go. I have a feeling he will be there at #12 after all but we will not take a chance on the guy unless he comes and works out at some point. Some one is telling him not to work out and it is bad advice IMO. After someone drafts him they will have a holdout on there hands because he thinks he is a top 5 pick and will want top 5 $$$$. If he does not get it he will holdout just like Crabtree who refused to sign because he thought he was a top 5 pick but did not go intil the 10th pick and heldout intil after the season started. Dez needs someone to sit down with him and tell him he is going to lose out on millions of dollars if he keeps it up. Where the hell is Dion Sanders the guy who got him suspended last yr. Sanders needs to brake it down to him before it is to late.

Word to the wise, don't draft a wide receiver in the first round of the draft. Just keep developing Ted Ginn and Patrick Turner and we will be great.

With all the resources available to Dez Brayant(Deon, Agents, coaches, etc) there must be some method to his madness.
He must know he costing himself money. I suspect he's hiding more than a hammy or just being a "little" out of shape.

Our THREE best WR's Camarillo, Bess and Ginn combined for a GRAND TOTAL of 3 Touchdowns last year....thats why we need a No 1 true Wide Receiver....our passing game is very very poor and doesnt score heavily.Hartline was a little better but he may get 2nd year blues...

Having said that, our running game was very good with scoring, even though Brown is injury prone and Ricky ran out of gas toeards the end a bit.

I still see the defense as requiring a complete overhaul with line backers and safeties.Its our No1 need no doubt about it and my firm view is that TUNA will draft in PAIRS once again...2 linebackers and 2 safeties in the 1st 4 picks...then a WR...then a NOSEtackle...last but not least a TE and bits and pieces.

GRAHAM and Weatherspoon
Reshard Jones and T MAYS ( will go early maybe top 10 )
Mitchell at WR
Cam Thomas or Owens or Troup

Something like that but for sure 2 linebackers and 2 safeties for mine..

I normally take what Dolphins upper management says with a grain of salt. They say they really like a guy and he's cut the next day. Ultimately they'll do what they believe is best for the team. If it means signing the devil himself they'll do it. Now if Sparano came out and said he was really interested in going after Marshall in free agency I'd be worried.

If Weatherspoon was 2 inches taller there wouldn't even be a debate. I still see BP going outside the box of his ideal size requirements and getting this guy. You can just see this guy is a "Football Guy".

3 best?? thats bess, hartline, camarillo dont ever put ginn in there

If Bobbyd12 knows football like no other why is he blogging with us and not scouting or running a football team ALoco? I will tell you why he is just like everyone else on this blog, a know it all football fan that insults anybody that does not buy his argument. Billbill they will give White 2 or 3 yrs to develop before they cut him and it is the right way to go. Some players get it right away and some do not, you have invested in the guy and signed him to a 4 or 5 yr contract it would not be wise to throw away that kind of investment.

sean, bobby is basically a retarded rock

lets hope your right sean, i just dont ever see white being an nfl caliber player

If White was a FA and did not proform like Wilson or Wilford he would be looking for work but he was a rook and you give them extra time to develop

dont like the dealing of smiley either

Here is my current DRAFT board...
1 Brandon Graham
2 Taylor Mays
3 S.Weatherspoon
4 Reshard Jones
5 Carlton Mitchell ( D Thomas will be long gone)
6 R.Owens
7 Andrew Quarless
8 9 10 Draft for depth.


u understand bigalfy that none of those players will be drafted by the fins, impossible to predict draft

Billbill White is a winner...... I do not know if he is a NFL player or not but he works hard plays hard and gives it his all and that is what we need on this team Winners. He may end up playing another position by the time his career is over I do not know but do not give up on the guy because winners can and will surprise you.

so u like tebow

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