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The complete downlow on the Dolphins WRs

Well, following the Patrick Turner post, I'd like to follow the theme and let you know what Tony Sparano said about the rest of the wide receiver situation -- including the possibility of acquiring either Terrell Owens or Brandon Marshall.

You're not going to like it, but here goes.

The Dolphins are not in the market for Owens. And they are not about to give up a first round pick, plus $10 million annually, plus a big signing bonus for troubled restricted free agent Brandon Marshall.

"I don't know if either of them make sense for our ballclub one way or the other," Sparano said. "Both are great players in their own ways, different from each other. Obviously I've had Terrell before and know his strengths. Brandon I've played against before, know his strengths.

"I'm happy with the group of players we have right now, been very productive over the last couple of years and are continuing to get better."

And I'm thinking, he's kidding, right?


Sparano was asked again later as a new wave of reporters came to him and asked the same question about interest in acquiring Terrell Owens and Marshall. And the coach got less reticent on the topic.

"I wouldn't say, not at this time," he said of his team's interest in Owens or Marshall. "Right now we're kind of sitting back and we feel good about where we are right now. We'll see as this things goes on if all of a sudden something came to us that was tremendous. But right now I wouldn't say. We're OK where we are."

Well, where are the Dolphins exactly?

I have been told they will definitely look to draft at least one wide receiver -- perhaps in the second round if things break right. Would they draft Dez Bryant in the first round? I doubt it. But they're not ruling it out and they're definitely not ruling it out if the kid is still available in the second round -- which, believe it or not, is possible.

"I just think we need good players," Sparano said in answering a question about Bryant. When I say that, we have a lot of good players on our team, and we want to take good players. So we have to be concerned with the other things that are out there, the issues. We have to do our due diligence that way. But we have to take good players. Whether it's a receiver, whether it's a defensive back, an offensive lineman, we have to make sure that we take good player for this football team. And whether that's myself, Bill, Jeff, we've really preached this offseason. Bill and Jeff have been on a mission since the middle of last season with this draft class, preparing that way. So I just feel like more good players we can bring on the team, the more good things we can find for them to do."

Translation: I'm not ruling anybody in or out.

Finally, what is Sparano's assessment of his current wide receivers? Well, let me just tell you what he was willing to share.

"We haven't changed the receiving corps since the season ended," Sparano said. "I liked them during the season, I like that group of players. I do think that we some young players that were on the practice squad in Taurus Johnson and Julius Pruitt, and of course, Pat Turner, who didn't play and I'm anxious to see compete.

"These players did a great job every day in practice against our defense, so I'm kind of anxious to see, when you don't have those goggles on, and you not in a game week, and worried about screwing up rotations and those kind of thing. These players compete. I'm really anxious to watch that. But the top of that group, with Teddy Ginn and Davone Bess and Greg Camarillo and Brian Hartlin, I'm really pleased with what those guys have done this offseason and how hard they've worked during the course of this offseason. So we'll see as we go forward, but I would expect to see a better group of people of that group of people."

I would expect to see some difference in the group, however. That is almost certain. And Sparano pretty much admitted as much later.

"Do we want people to come in and compete? Absolutely," he said. "Do they know there's going to be someone in there to compete whether it's a younger player or the young players already on this roster? I'd say yeah. Sure they do. They know that. That's what we're festering down there right now. It's a competition. No job is safe. You got to go into training camp and you got to show us."


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Billbill. DUH, ur buddy tells u the same thing I told u about White, why don't u call him a dumbaz???and Sean, I have nothing to say to an imbecile like u, I don't like pus"ys such as urself, take ur ball and go play with billbill

It will be 2 LINEBACKERS followed by 2 Safeties...nothing surer...in no particular order....Parcells likes PAIRS...

This is why NJ Phin Fan has awards for Buffons like billbill who hasn't gotten ANYTHING right on this blog since Day One

ill take that bet bigalfy

billbill If you do enough mocks you can get close. Last yr I had Vontae with the 1st pick, Hartline with a 6th (he went in the 4th), and Clemons with a 5th. That after doing at least 50 you are bound to nail a few in a mock.

i agree after 50, thats some dedication bro. i really wanted nicks in the first round but i like davis alot

bobbyd12 I have no problem with you I just tell it like it is. if you got a problem with it suck punk. I got you beat anytime you want to bring it b!tch

Fellows: I have followed the BP/Trifecta in their draft for two years and listened to all the stuff you would be GM's try to guess the picks that the FO will make for both years. Would you step forward and tell me who made 60% of the FO's picks? We need to shore up the defense this year. The defense lost most of,if now all our games last year. If a good WR falls to the FO then they will take him off their board provided a needed Defensive Player Of Need is not also there at the same time. We need Defense and we should be talking who are the best defensive players in the FO's size/speed/agility criteria. We have a growing WR core and if we could add to the TE core this year, it would help. But, please, get some good defensive players.

The more mocks you do the more you know the players coming out. I have been doing it for yrs and it helps to know the players even if your team does not pick them you remember the name and stats.

u can take it to the bank miami will go defense first round even if dez is on the board

Sure sounds like the 'Fins are getting ready to draft Bryant at 12, if he's there.

Seems clear that should the price for Marshall drop, they would consider that too.

Both moves make sense to me. If Bryant is there at 12, he's almost certainly the consensus value pick.

Too much talking up of the WR position, even those that didn't run a route last year.

Sean n billbill, two mental midgets watching u two blog makes me believe that our schools are badly broken...Have fun. Duh duh. Oh yea billbill duh duh

Samdolphin I am a big fan of drafting Value over need early in the draft and need over value late in the draft. The best player left on your big board should always be the pick and later in the draft when the value depletes then go after need. I am not saying never go for need early but for the most part Value in the 1st. If you nned a NT and there is a NT there and the value of the best player left on your board is close to the value of the NT then you take the NT because the Valus is close enough to justify it.

parcells will not take a wr in the first rd, dez has all kinds of baggage

I think someone from this blog should try out for receiver. Probably would be an upgrade over what we have now and it won't cost us any draft picks. Maybe Mando has some good hands. Go long Mando!!!

bobby12 I do not see your address on this site punk. If you got a problem put your address up and I will pay you a visit and you can say it to my face. My name is Sean Gough I live at 8121 Tall Timber Dr Gainesville Come get some loser.

first round pick will probaly be williams or kindle, though they love spiller parcells just wont be able to draft offense

bobbyd12 I am not working right now so I got alot of free time and would love to meet you so give up some info punk.

sean is the real punk,no one talks like that TO BOBBYD12 .YOU ARE A BROWN DOMKEY .

where to meat sean ,punk bed ?

Cmon guys stop arguing, everybody is entitled to their opinion...who the FKK knows what Tuna et al will do really...
Ive posted my thoughts with LB's then Safeties in pairs....but really Tuna could surprise all of us...we are ALL armchair experts after all.
You all know that personally I would do the BM deal...but I agree...it aint gonna happen...so lets move on...

"meat" hilarious alocos name is corky

NFL Network is showing the 06 season opener vs PIT at 8. One of my most disappointing losses, this was the debut of the Culpepper era (all 4 games of it) I always think of this game when I think of Wes Welker and his being a Dolphin.

I would take JPaul over Kindle but he might not be on the board. Williams is a good pick.

Well I guess they are not. That sucks.

Phins did not pass on moss for fletcher...it was for good ol john avery. Wanny passd on brees for fletcher. Go Tuna. U have my vote.

Mando,are you sure you didn't accidently replay an interview with Sparano from 2009 regarding wr's? As I recall Sparano made the exact assessment of the Fins wideouts last year and we all knew his comments was a load of hooey! Later into the season Tuna Helper Ireland admitted that the team needed an upgrade at wr--but, we already knew that.

Aloco I see you back bobbyd12 tight like a fanny pack do you make house calls. I could use a blowup doll with mouth wide open about now.

Join me tonight as we discuss the Miami Dolphins WRs. www.blogtalkradio.com/2OTathletics . We will be on the air in 55 minutes.

billbill................meat balls was in my mind ........meet .



Miami gave up more points in the 4th Quarter then any other year in their History. They gave up more Big plays then any other year in their History. Were not able to stop Top QB's from calling audibles out of plays, burning us with Screen Passes and Play-Action like against the Colts. Did not get to the QB enough to disrupt rhythm, allowing QB's to stand in the pocket and take their pick of guys to hit. Yards after the catch were deplorable... do I need to point out what the issue in Miami is right this moment???? Its a DEFENSIVE PROBLEM...
No doubt Miami will address some issues at the Offensive level this season... but to believe the receiver position is the MAIN problem on this team... well, not to be rude but, get a clue... please. The biggest give away is the 4th quarter collapses last season... that is a "straight up crappy defense" issue. The Combination of having a very inexperienced D-Coordinator, along with several rookies starting had allot to do with their failure in all these areas. Not Withstanding all of those reasons, Miami must get the D on track THIS year... in order that next season be all about Skill players, capping off a solid "Core" team built over three seasons of experience. Not the other way around... placing a bunch of Divas in with a lot of young, inexperienced players.
That would be a disaster on and off the field. Particularly when they (the Divas) start pointing fingers. We are fortunate that we did have to start a few rookies last year who will NOT be inexperienced rookies this season... they are 2nd year starters instead... that is a MAJOR plus for us and the team.


Sure would be nice if we could get a second round pick for Justin Smiley although the thinking seems to be third round. Our offense is a abysmal but so is our defense. So many holes to fill.


Free safety desperately needed (Tyrone Culver or Chris Clemmons as the starter? Yikes!!!)

Two every-down outside linebackers desperately needed (Charlie Anderson, Quentin Moses, Cameron Wake, and Reggie Torbor aren't going to get it done; Wake can't even enter the game unless it's third down or an obvious pass situation)

Second inside linebacker (not sold on Channing Crowder; hopefully Karlos Dansby will be the answer at one of the inside positions)

Nose tackle (Paul Soliai is decent but not the answer and who backs him up while the aging Ferguson tries to come back from suspension; probably one of the defensive ends acting as an undersized nose tackle)

Defensive ends (Phillip Merling and Kendall Langford have showed promise but consistency is a factor; Randy Starks is probably the best of the bunch; not convinced on Tony McDaniel; hopefully no more arrests for him)

Defensive backs are pretty solid as long as Will Allen doesn't keep getting arrested.


RECEIVER (We need two dominant receivers like Arizona used to have with Fitzgerald and Boldin; then the Bess/Hartline/Camarillo combination can act as a compliment instead of the main feature)

Tight End: Sorry Anthony Fasano. Not sold on you. We need a playmaking tight end who can also block. Anthony Hernandez from the Gators could be a solution.

Offensive line: Need a guard to replace soon-departing Justin Smiley and more depth. Hopefully Incognito will turn out to be a pleasant surprise.

Running back: Call me crazy but I am not sold on the Ronnie Brown/Ricky Williams combo. Ricky is getting older and is easing in on retirement. This may be Ronnie Brown's last year in a Dolphins uniform. Brown has not been able to play a full season the last two seasons. He seems to be on the verge of greatness at moments and then suffers a serious set-back. I think the Dolphins should make a play for CJ Fuller if he is available at the 12th spot.

Bill Ruger,

May I simply cut and paste your last post every time I read that WR is our biggest need. It would be nice not even have to type anything anymore, just use your post. On a serious note, great post.

Is it so far fetched that he is happy with our wide receivers? Heck, there are people happy with our government right now. In comparison, our receivers look pretty good!

I know at least a couple of people must have mentioned this but I'm not reading all of this mock draft crap to find out, I'm just saying it again. And to all who understand this, kudos to you. For those of you who are mad at Sparano for what he said in regards to the WRs on the team, please listen.#1,If you are going into a draft where you might want to take a WR with your 1st or 2nd pick you DO NOT announce to the entire world that you are not happy with your current crop of WRs and are desperately looking to replace them. There is no good that can come from saying that, you're in essence shooting yourself in the foot. #2 If you are hoping to drive the price down on a WR you may want to trade for you DO NOT announce to the players representitives/agents and every NFL team that you don't like your current WRs and are desperate to upgrade. Yes people already know that Miami could use a WR but if you say it, you can't back out of the statement. When you are sitting in negotiations your opponent will call you on it and use it to screw you. I read far enough into the posts to see there was more than one person who was mad about the statements and I really hope this clears things up for you.

Trade Henne to Seattle for their two first round picks or for a first and a second round pick.

Start Pennington.

And seriously I can't believe we're still whining about WRs after the bombshells hurled our way today. "Sparano said the Dolphins are prepared to go into 2010 with Cameron Wake and Charlie Anderson as the team’s starting outside linebackers". Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!!! "The Dolphins are not one of the four teams in play for Sharper, they will probably add a safety to replace Gibril in the draft". REALLY?! Are you friggin kidding me? Why wouldn't they also sign a vet to teach them the ropes? Are we really going into next season with Anderson and Wake at OLB and a rookie playing one of the hardest most important spots on defense? I'll tell you what, if that's the case we might as well start talking about next years draft as well because we'll be picking in the top 10.

There shouldn't be any sacred cow player that can't be traded for the right price.

News Flash

An unamed armchair wannabe GM for the Miami Dolphins has just sent Chad Pennington, Justin Smiley, and a fourth round pick in the 2010 draft to the Denver Broncos for Brandon Marshall.

Follow me on twitter as I'll be posting updates.

swamysez........you want trade the only player who did well last year and leave the exposed withour a QB....ARE YOU DRUNK RIGHT NOW ?


Come on now. Read your own post at 8:37.

All you have to do is change the WR to OLB.

You know better than this.

i hear you guys talking about defense but miami has been pckin defense for years and they still suck we r talkin about pickin more defense for what we can pick on either side we just need playmakers pick defense fine ok but if your talkin about picking players just to fill a need and not a game changer whats the use /pick the best player on the board really dolfans how many great players miami have passed up to see them go other places and just blow up and we are stuck wit a mediocre mess all im saying dont pass on great players jus bcus they dont fill a stupid need or some dumb character issue lets get real man its not about what parcells or tony say its about how these players play give me one if these need players they picked besides jake long 1 overall that is makin a difference for this team esp on defense bill and tony need to do there jobs pick some winners not public relations guys and lets win the jets dont sit on there hands and ponder they saw a sanchez they traded and got em they needed another receiver they went n got em now tell me were the jets that much better than us no ryan jus used his balls and went and got a team a team that was n the afc championship game something that we want see bcus we r scared to take chances on playmakers difference makers the jets wasnt close but that got close by growing a pair and goin to get what they needed dolfans these guys r layin down on us and bill will laugh all the way to the bank weve seen to many teams go from last to first in a powerful year of drafting and freeqagency and bill and tony r not building a dynasty dont try it this aint no dynasty

I'm telling u right now, two years of this crap with sparano, ireland, and parcells having a wr blind spot. If we don't have a new established #1 receiver, if ginn os still on this team, if either of those are true by preseason the. I am officially done all three. This makes me sick.

swamysez........you want trade the only player who did well last year and leave the exposed withour a QB....ARE YOU DRUNK RIGHT NOW ?

Posted by: ALoco | March 23, 2010 at 08:58 PM

Aloco, maybe we should draft Dez Bryant with the 12th pick, then give Denver the rest of our draft for Marshall.

That way we'll have plenty of time to get lit the F up during the draft.

WE SUCK AT DRAFTING!! Why do people forget that. Parcells or no parcells.


Henne needs to:
- Throw 8 passes a game to Turner
- Throw 8 passes a game to Bess
- Throw 8 passesa game to Ginn
- Throw 8 passses a game to Hartline
-Hand it RB 12 times
-Hand to RW 12 times
-Pitch it to Pat White 12 times(White has the option to run or pass)

Henne'll put up 40 points a game doing that.


Trade Camarillo for a draft pick.
Release Patrick Cobbs.


WE SUCK AT DRAFTING!! Why do people forget that. Parcells or no parcells.

Posted by: Inimounts | March 23, 2010 at 09:04 PM

Ah yes, tis the question indeed. Parcell's or no Parcell's.

Are we waxing nostalgic for the days of ole Cammy the Moron? Wanny, yes?

I know it's been two drafts already and we haven't won a SuperBowl.

Henne, Long, Davis, Smith, Hartline........


Posted by: ALoco | March 23, 2010 at 09:13 PM

Wild Boar to simmer with Bean soup :)


Wild Boar? Sure, but I prefer Wild Turkey!!!!

Bottoms Up


I guess Sparano talk about his receiving corp is sounding a lot like Jeff Ireland in his defense of Gibral Wilson "[W]e have our evaluation of Gibril Wilson," Ireland said. "We know what kind of player he's capable of being. I think he's going to be a very good player for the future. He's disappointed in his play last year. He will tell you that. I think he can play better. We'll just have to see. I think he will." Guess what happened to Gibral? LOL

I am confused as to why everyone is so worried about a wr???? Look at last season. Every single game Miami played they put up enough points to win a football game. From what I saw last year late comeback losses to Colts and the super bowl champs saints. With that said... no nose tackle in a 3-4 defense means no pressure up the middle on QB which means more time for things to develop down field which brings me to another more important spot to fill free safety. PS Parcels sign Jason Taylor. Unless you can pull someone in that's better and will sign for the same money you gave him last year. The guy just wants to be a Dolphin and brings leadership to a defense that has none

It's a smokescreen everybody. Don't believe a word of it.
The Trifecta will outfox everyone, including themselves...........

And with the 12th pick of the draft, the Miami Dolphins have selected.......Jermaine Gresham T.E. University of Oklahoma........

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