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Contradictory stories surrounding Clark's visit

Over the weekend the Dolphins suffered a free agency setback when Pittsburgh free safety Ryan Clark was invited to town for a visit. Clark was offered a contract by the Dolphins and a chance to start in 2010 but he decided not to take the offer and headed back to Pittsburgh where he signed a four-year contract Tuesday with the Steelers.

Immediately, Dolphins fans cried foul, saying Clark had used their team to get a better offer from the Steelers.

Immediately, Clark's agent Joel Turner came to his client's defense claiming nothing of the sort had happened and telling The Miami Herald that, "honest to God, it wasn't about money."

Well, stuff happens, right?

Easy come, easy go, right? 

Case closed, right?


Seems Clark is talking about his visit to South Flordooda and his version of events throws his agent under the bus, because it apparently was about money. And his version of events also throws the Dolphins under the bus because it depicts them as team that didn't make him feel wanted.

In an interview with Denver TV station Fox 31, Clark said he came on the trip "with an open mind," but his mind closed somewhat when the Dolphins started talking numbers.

"What it came down to was the inability for us to agree on a deal. [The Dolphins] offered what they thought was fair, but in the end I didn’t agree," Clark said.

"They were definitely straight forward with me. I wouldn’t expect anything less from a Bill Parcells team. I thought that I was going to be paid like a starter, but unfortunately for me, the negotiations didn’t reflect that."

So it was about money. The Dolphins' offer was not starter money in Clark's mind.

"There just comes a time in negotiations where you have to give a player reasons as to why you won’t stretch yourself financially," Clark said. "In the way that they responded to me, I could tell that they were being honest so that’s why I can’t be insulted, but I just didn’t agree."

And now the part where Clark throws the Dolphins beneath the Greyhound. He says that in his talks with the team that was supposedly recruiting him, he got the distinct feeling the Dolphins didn't really love him all that much.

"They certainly showed [Karlos] Dansby how they felt about him with what they offered him," Clark said, "but I just felt like I would have to prove myself to [Dolphins head coach] Tony Sparano all over again; and in Pittsburgh I wouldn’t have to do that.

"They told my agent, 'Look, we just don’t know this guy. After we evaluate him more out there with us, maybe we’ll feel different about it.' But I just figured, if this is how they  feel, these things aren’t going to change about me overnight."

One question: If the Dolphins were willing to tell Clark's agent that they didn't really know Clark that well, why were they willing to bring him to town and offer him a deal to begin with?

Obviously the team found itself in a situation that it had a player it liked ... but didn't love. And they actually told him as much which I supposed is honest but also kind of tactless.

Ultimately, Clark signed a four-year deal worth $14 million with the Steelers. That is a bargain rate for a good free safety.

Consider Clark will make an average of $3.5 million a year. Consider that Miami paid free agent bust Gibril Wilson more than half of what Clark will make in four years -- $8 million -- for one year's poor service.

Obviously, having heard the contradictory versions from the agent and player, I'd love to know the Dolphins' version of the story. I will call the team in the morning and request an interview with Jeff Ireland or Bill Parcells on the topic.

And then I'll sit by the phone today and wait for it to ring.

[Update 11 a.m.: The Dolphins say they saw today's blog and are passing on the opportunity to set the record straight. "There will be an opportunity to ask those questions, and others, at Coach Sparano's appearance at the AFC Coaches breakfast at the NFL annual meetings in Orlando later this month and at Jeff Ireland's pre-draft press availability which will be scheduled shortly after that," the team said.]



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Right on tmike

Thats why some of the "cant miss" guys miss and some undrafted guys suceed. They are in the wrong system for their skill set or they dont really want to be "Professional" and do all the work that is required. Study,workout,watch film,off season workouts, etc..

I wish someone would throw finfaninsc under a bus. We were 1-15 just a couple of years ago, nearly 0-16. If you don't think the trifecta has done a great job given what they started with then you are obviously watching the wrong sport. Sure they have missed on some FA but every team does.

Thats right Jimmyfin! Besides if a player doesnt want to be here Good Riddens!

Anybody see me with arnold in pumping iron ? I'm huge !. I was also light featherweight boxing champ. Did i mention i'm huge ?

You guys are upset about Clark, but if you look at the numbers... he's gibril wilson 2.0... Better yet, Wilson had BETTER numbers than Clark, and look how that turned out.

We need a COVERAGE safety. Antrell Rolle was that, a safety with cover skills. Ryan Clark isnt. Clark is a more of a hitter (GIBRIL WILSON). Think Taylor Mays vs. Eric Berry. We made the right move, that would have been yet another set back.

I think we should gamble on T.O. For one yr. Just one. Still draft wr though.

I agree Jsuarez88. We dont even know what we have in Clemmons yet. I also agree that we need some veteren presence and leadership but not by making the same mistake that we just rectified (Wilson)

Alex in Hialeah,
"Little puke"? Wow, that's a cutting barb right there!

Is this the part where I actually care whether you believe me or not?

I'm also genuinely curious as to what YOU think is constructive or interesting. Does it involve bright lights and aluminum foil?

-- Bebo

You and Bebo have more in common than you think, Alex in Hialeah.

Bebo.......some how you give me the CREEP .I WONDER WHAT YOU DO FOR LIVING ?

Bebo prefers the live version of Radiohead's "Creep."

Hey ALoco,
What's "the CREEP" exactly? Some kind of STD?

-- Bebo

did i mention i'm huge !

Bebo has worked on more than one floor at One Herald Plaza. But never in the basement.

Also, there is no basement in the Alamo.

Matt Saracen used to work at the Alamo Freeze.

It all adds up.

Bebo has something that is huge.

Bebo, that was funny .i take every thing i said back .

Its a little early for this today...

Last week you reported that Stephen Ross said, "you win with your brain not by throwing money at the issue".
The next day Boldin was traded for a 3rd and 4th.
The day after that the 'Phins made Karlos Dansby the highest paid linebacker in history.
The day after that they agreed to a one year contract with Pennington that will pay him $2.5mil to rehab at the 'Phins facility. (I spoke th Chad P. by the way and he said he would have rehabbed here for free).
These 3 a s s h o l e s (Parcells, Ireland & Soprano) running things are making all of the players, owners and fans look like h0m0s and they've been doing it going on 3 years now.


Is there any reason why this team is not pursuing O.J. Atogwe? Is he injured or have any other problems that might have this regime looking elsewhere? He has the lowest tender from the Rams and if the Phins truly wanted him all they have to do is submit an offer sheet with a "poison pill" and they would have them with no picks in exchange.

Welcome to the winning team!

-- Bebo

L.T. going to visit Rex Ryans gunt in NY if he doesn't make deal with Vikings. I hope he signs with Minnesota not only so he doesn't end up with The jests, but because I think he would be a good 3rd down back behind A.P.

Clark sucks anyway - he didn't make any plays last year after Polamalu went down. He's a product of the system in Pittsburgh - it worked out good for the Dolphins, believe me.



yes, i want to be in the winning team, what ever it takes .BEBO

It's never too early when you're on Bebo Standard Time. Remember to set your Bebo forward Sunday.

There are some good safeties in the draft this year the Dolphins can get in the later rounds -the trifecta needs to identify one and pull the trigger - I don't know why teams don't draft corners who are a little bigger (slower?) and move them to safety (especially free safety) - they can cover more ground and they can tackle if they are a little bigger.



I just finished winning the arnold classic and i'm going to fight manny pacquiao . i'm a light featherweight champ . did i mention i'm huge and a bodybuilder.. i also am a pro rugby player. I' huge.

Dolfan4life, OJ Atogwe had a shoulder problem and I believe a minor surgery. He can still be offered a contract if we cant find another option.

First of all - I have been a dolphin fan sense the late sixties and probably will be until the day I die, even though I don't know why. The problem is not the draft or free agency. It starts with the owner. How many Super Bowls have we been to since Joe Robbie passed away? How many wins did Don Shula average a year? First of all we have an owner that admittedly knows very little about pro football and to make things worse he doesn't want to be involved in the decision making process.

Then there is Bill Parcells - a pretty good head coach but so far a miserable Vice President. Everyone keeps discussing what Bill Parcells will, or won't due, based on his past. In reality, Bill Parcells has never been in a decision making roll with any team. You can't say, what he will or won't do, because he has never done it. Then he brings in his buddies like Jeff Ireland to make personal decisions and his other buddy Tony Sprano to be the head coach. Even though, Tony has absolutely NO head coaching experience and has proven to many times he's better suited to being offensive line coach.

Their whole philosophy is absolutely wrong. If you continue to pick for need instead of picking the best player available then we will continually pick mediocre players. Pick the best player available regardless of the position. At the very least, you will end up with some pro bowl caliber players. We have to get away from this stupid mantra, "we don't want the best 53 players, we want the right 53 players". If I hear that spewed from Tony Sprano's mouth one more time I going to have a coronary. Do you ever wonder why we have so few pro bowlers? It's because we never draft any.

The same goes for coaching and management. If the trifecta can't get it done then the Dolphins need to find someone who can. The owner should make every attempt to up grade his team when he has the opportunity and that includes the coaching staff and management. There en-lies the problem. We have an owner that's more interested in Hollywood Stars than football. We have a Vice President of Football that has one foot out the door and will probably jump ship sometime soon. If you really want to know how much Bill Parcells cares, ask him to take a pay cut so we could use some of his salary to sign some quality free agents. Dan Marino did.

The sad part is, we will be sitting here in the same position next year or even worse, we might be last place in the AFC East. We will be listening to more excuses from the Dolphin management. It's sad to say but in reality were just one peg above the Detroit Lions and the Buffalo Bills and their gaining ground fast. Remember the beating we took in Buffalo last year.

O.J. Atogwe, St. Louis Rams (29) – Restricted FA (UFA-CBA)
Atogwe is a four-year starter for the Rams at the backend of their secondary, giving them consistent production. Though his impact plays were down this season, Atogwe was on pace to break his personal best for tackles this season prior to his shoulder injury, which forced him to the IR. After designating him their franchise player, last season, the Rams were unable to get a long-term extension done. Coming off injury, the Rams will be cautious, but also realize Atogwe is one of the better players on the team

You can't throw money at every free agent out there, Be patient dolfan's.It's been 26 years since we went to the Super Bowl. Lets take our time and get this right, I want to be able to compete year in year out for the next decade with the possibly of getting there and winning it at least twice. Not to far fetched if done right.

Atogwe would be a good fit in this defense. He has consistantly produced and will continue to produce. Also, they should trade their 1st rd pick to Denver for Marshall. He is proven and aside from A. Johnson, is the best WR in the league period.

Doral would be a lot more fun to watch if Tiger was here. I don't know if I can take 4 days of Phil slinking around with that dumb grin on his face.

I'm huge . I'm a featherweight bodybuilder and feaherweight boxer and i play pro rugby . I'm huuuuuge !

Bebo would never score below average on the Wonderlic.

Wow, they really do read this? Well, Parcells, Ireland, Sparano...YOU SUCK! You've been a collasal failure in FA the past 3 years. Clark at 14 mil would have been a STEAL considering what you paid for that bust Wilson last season and Wilford, and MCown, and Green, and McDaniels, and Ayodele, and Torbor, and, and, and, and...

How about you guys try and win something?

That's why I'm not renewing my 4 season tickets I'm tired of this 3 ring circus

Good post Chris and I agree with dolfan4life on Atogwe. Hes averaged 76 tackles and 1/2 a sack a year,he has 14 FF,33 PD,19 Int with 1 td return and has started from 2006-2008 every game until 2009 when he was injured in the 12th game.He is 5'11" @ 210 and graduated from Standford.

Just read this. Sharper to visit Jets, feels he would be a good fit, upset N.O. hasn't offered a bigger contract. This was from the Times Picayune in N.O.

Say what you will about Bebo, but he'd never be dumb enough to believe that any legitimate sports figures were reading his comments. MARC.

Darryl Dunphy,

I would be suprised if the Saints like Sharper get away unless he were to field som jumbo offer.

Usually those bigger, crazy $$ offers are in athe 1st few days.

Unless they feel he is damaged goods I think the Saint's retain him, imho.


The Jets can continue to fill their roster with high profile names, that does not lead to wins in the NFL, ask the Redskins how that worked out for them. Miami needs to sign Atogwe and secure the secondary, give up their 1st rd pick for Marshall which will make all our current receivers better including Ginn, and use the rest of the draft picks to prepare for the future.

Dolphin Disciple,

Thanks for the kind words bud.

Hat tip to you as well.


I can't help laughing at all the sky is falling crybabies. I have to admit the wussbags do have some entertainment value.
I said it before FA began and I'll say it again. I'll be happy if Dansby is the ONLY "high end" FA we sign.
Free Safety? F U C K throwing good money after bad. The worst thing that happened to our TEAM and our young safties(Culver/Clemmons)was signing an overpriced underacheiving FA!
We upgraded with Nolan and Dansby. Getting Porter and Wilson out of the way was outstanding. It's been a great offseason so far, I'm ready for the draft.

The sky is falling Waahh Waahhh WAAHHH!!!!


Isn't what you just said the same thing?

The Jets sign high profile guys that don't lead to wins while you are suggesting the Fins sign two more hiigh profile guys?

Just curious...


This was just a story in the paper down there today. Probably Sharper stirring the pot a little. I just found it interesting, and thought I would share it.

Well I just read a Zach Thomas article on the palm beach post and he's saying the Fins should trade their 12th overall pick to the Broncos for Brandon Marshall and makes some good reasons as to why we should.

It's just that it won't happen, although I wouldn't mind it.

Just thought I would put it out there.

Clark at 14 mil would have been a STEAL considering what you paid for that bust Wilson last season and Wilford, and MCown, and Green, and McDaniels, and Ayodele, and Torbor, and, and, and, and...

How about you guys try and win something?

Posted by: Marc | March 11, 2010 at 01:53 PM


So your logic is we paid these other idiots to not produce, let's throw some more good money after bad?
You also fail to realize that compared to Camoron's inherited roster, these guys we gems.

Deep breaths Marc, the draft will be here soon.....

The Jets have signed/traded for way more high profile players than the Phins have. All I am saying is that Marshall is a proven receiver that is actually cheap for just a 1st rd pick. This team lacks the offensive playmaker/game changer that good teams have. I do not have an issue with building through the draft but when an opportunity like this presents itself you have to jump all over it!

After years and years of poor management, terrible personnel decisions and bad coaching that culminated in a 1-15 year in 2007 we have obviously only now hit rock bottom. What has this so-called “trifecta” done for us lately?!

Oh, I know what you’re going to say…”they took us to a division title in just one year”…”they brought us back to respectability”…”they have been steadily building our talent base through the draft to build us a winner for years to come”…blah…blah…blah

All I know is these jerks haven’t signed Marshall, Rolle or Clark. They let Boldin “slip” away and showed no interest in Bryant. How can the rest of you sit here and accept that? With Marshall and Rolle all our problems would be solved. It’s apparent to me now that Parcells must have gotten really lucky when he took the Giants to 2 Super Bowl wins. Brought the Jets to the cusp of a championship, started the Patriots on the right path towards a championship including taking them to a Super Bowl and loaded Dallas up with so much talent that they still haven’t frittered it all away. Contrary to what has been said by some, Parcells was ALWAYS an integral part of acquiring players in NY, NE and Dallas.

This guy Parcells must have a damned’ leprechaun up his a ss because it is now as obvious to me as it is to all the other geniuses on this blog that he has NO CLUE what the hell he is doing!! 30 years of excellence is no excuse. You have had two WHOLE years Mr. Parcells. We should already be the best team to ever lace up cleats and we would be if you’d just read this blog once in awhile to figure out what to do. It’s so easy. Not sure about the rest of you but I’m going to find a nice cliff to jump off of. LMFAO

(Side note-perhaps the Parcells leprechaun was unceremoniously eaten by Ryan the Hutt when he entered the AFC East, hence the clear loss of his “luck” as evidenced by not having 3 Super Bowl rings in his TWO years here!!)

(Insert sarcasm anywhere and everywhere.)


The draft seems to be headed towards us at a glaciers pace... I think my TiVo forward advance button for life is broken. LOL.

Nah, I am fine to chat it up with some outstanding fellow Fins fans and some yokels too.

Merlin Olsen dead at 69 and Corey Haim 38. I shant wish for any "Fast Forward" of life.


Garuche, thank u so much, I hope ur tix were lower bowl, near 50 yard line...every year guys like u don't renew I get closer to the action!!!!

Rolle wanted too much money and frankly he isn't that good. Atogwe will be a better fit and not as expensive. The Marshall trade is still a possibilty but I dont think it will happen until draft day.

CavalierKong, LMAO PERFECT post...

Good work Darryl D.!

Thanks for rounding up the tidbit... Some of the rumors are funny, some are lame but it all makes for some good chat stew... well, much of the time.

Not a huge fan of the back and forth posts about semantics but, I have debated more than my fair share of blog stalwarts on certain points of contention.

Keep the news coming bud.


Ryan the Hutt!!!!

Thanks cavalierkong, that calls for a drink ;)

Bottoms Up!!!!

Good afternoon to everyone.

CavalierKong, Good post, lmao...I had a simular post earlier minus the hilarious sarcasm! Patience my fellow phin fans

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