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A Pro Days update from around our great land

The first wave of free agency has come and gone and has left several players -- Julius Peppers, Dunta Robinson, and yes, Karlos Dansby -- awash in money.

Now the sprint turns into a marathon as teams jockey for good deals among the so-called bargain unrestricted players. We should also start to see some movement in the restricted market if there is going to be any. (Personally, with a fully stocked draft class, I don't see a lot of team giving up draft picks for restricted players.)

And having said all that, it seems like a good time to get back to the college players.

If you haven't figured it out by now, that is where the Dolphins must look to reap the most improvement from 2009 to 2010. If the Dolphins are going to rise from third place in the AFC East, the drafted players are the ones that must help them do that.

(If anything happens in free agency -- such as interest in ILB Andra Davis or OT Adam Terry -- we'll swing back to that, but work with me here.)

As Pro Days are already underway throughout our land let me catch you up on some of those with the help of aspiring scout Chris Cordero.

Sixty-one schools were scheduled to have their Pro Days by now.

The most impressive Pro Day so far, in my humble, was at Alabama where every NFL team was represented and the freakin' New York Jets came with coach Rex Ryan, GM Mike Tannenbaum, and former Dolphin and current defensive line coach Bryan Cox among others.Fat Cody 

A source tells me the Jets were there to take a close look at Terrence Cody. And he didn't disappoint, weighing in at 349 pounds, which is lower than he weighed at the Combine. Interestingly, Cody lifted only 22 bench-press reps of 225 pounds. That's amazing for you and me.

For an NFL nose tackle? Merely OK.

I nonetheless get the feeling the Jets are sizing up the Mount for a possible late first-round selection.

Rolando McClain also worked and his speed ranged from 4.69-4.74 depending on which scout's spotwatch you believed.

At the Baylor Pro Day, the report I get is that wide receiver David Gettis opened some eyes. He ran a 4.39 inthe 40 on some watches and that's pretty impressive considering the guy is 6-3 and 218 pounds.

At the Kansas Pro Day, WR Dezmon Briscoe ran a 4.51 in the 40 at 6-2 and 208. I'm told he look good, but not great in position drills, whatever that means.

Weatherspoon I'm told perhaps the most impressive Pro Day so far has been turned in by Missouri LB Sean Weatherspoon. The 6-1, 239 pounder ran a 4.53 and 4.52 in the 40 which is blistering for an LB. And then he ripped off 35 reps on the bench press. Remember Cody had 22?

Weatherspoon, considered too small for a Bill Parcells prototype 3-4, is going to make someone a very good player as he's not just a workout warrior. He makes plays. I like this player. Noisey leader, to boot.

Quarterback Zac Robinson, another overachiever I like, was among 17 players to work at the Oklahoma State Pro Day. Robinson looked impressive in drills, I'm told. Russell Okung was obviously the star while WR Dez Bryant did not work, as I reported here two days ago.

Here is what Cordero says about Bryant: "No question he is the top WR talent in the draft - I think he is better than Michael Crabtree was last year. But being the best at your position shouldn't put you above working out and displaying your wares in front of decision-makers who will ultimately decide your fate and how much you will be paid. All I can say is, he'd better have an outstanding workout (and he'd better have a workout period) at the end of the month, or he could suffer a Randy Moss-like fall into the 20's despite having Top 5 talent."

The UAB Pro Day offered an interesting look at Joe Webb, a QB that is converting to WR for the pros.

"He appeared to be a very good athlete when I saw him at the Senior Bowl, but wow," Cordero said of the workout. "He is about 6-4 and 223 pounds and ran in the 4.5 range. He did 21 reps on the bench and 
posted a 42.5 inch vert, 11'6 broad jump, 6.55 3 cone, and 3.91 shuttle run - amazing numbers any way you slice them.

"He is very raw and for whatever reason reminds me of Matt Jones. He has great physical tools but will have to learn the nuances of the receiver position. He last played the position extensively in 2007. The Dolphins should have a good idea about him after coaching him in the Senior Bowl. I give him a 5th round grade."

From the Cincinnati Pro Day, Cordero reports:

Mardy "WR Mardy Gilyard improved his 40 time from the combine to the mid 4.4s. He also apparently looked more explosive in the other drills running in the 6.7s in the 3-cone and showing a 38.5 vertical leap. He has had great production throughout his career not just as a receiver but also as a return man. I give him a solid 3rd round grade.

"Potential 3-4 rush LB convert Alex Daniels showed off amazing athleticism with a 39-inch vertical and a 10'9 broad jump at 6-2 and 269 pounds. He is a late round sleeper who I give a 7th round grade. He had 8 sacks as a senior but will need to be coached up in his technique.

"Aaron Webster, a S, has also showed very well - running a 4.48, putting up 21 reps, and turning in a 10'3 broad jump at 6'1 1/2 and 207 pounds. He has played some CB but is mostly looked at as a SS right now. He had 6 ints throughout his career. I give him a 7th round grade and should be a ready-made special team standout."Brandon graham

Florida, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Pittsburgh and Penn State are among the schools that conduct Pro Days next week. Michigan will conduct its Pro Day today. You think I'll have a midday update on what Brandon Graham did if he participates?


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Craig M, since the Trifecta obviously doesn't believe Clemons or Culver is ready they will regroup and get that safety in Free Agency

I always like Crowder, I thought with a new system and this was only his 2nd year starting at ILB he'd get better. But read that article I posted. His TER(tackle efficiency rating) was like 114th out of 117 rated LBs! He missed more tackles than 114 other LBs! That's fundamental. I hope he gets better. He should be in his prime now and still has 3 years left, but, that's not hopeful


Ain't a chance we're going to be running a 4-3 any time soon, as long as BP is in charge. And the personnel we've been adding fit the 3-4 too.

Bobby, I believe the Jets think they are closer to the Championship than they actually are. I'm still not sold on Sanchez, especially when it gets cold and windy in New York. And I'm not sold on Edwards....drops too many passes. LT would be a good complimentary piece and I expect it to happen. I think they will tough Bobby, but I think they are making a mistake going for broke now. Anyone else think Marshall might end up there too?

Well my thoughts are Dansby and Crowder inside, I'd like Davis and Torbor backing up. JT may not be here, but I think he will be. I see him and Wake, with Anderson and the highest picked rookie being the OLBs. If we pick another OLB, he will have to also produce on ST. Torbor and Anderson are pretty good on ST. I would think the guy who was the least effective at ST would be the odd man out. I don't know the contract details of Torbor or Anderson, that would play into it.

Torbor paid much more than Anderson - would be the one to get the axe

"And incidentally, of the guys you named Forte WAS a first round pick. I believe Portis was a second round pick, Gore was a second round pick and I believe Westbrook was a third round pick."

For you to review your RB draft history:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_Gore 3rd round http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matt_Forte - 2nd round

I know Davis can play OLB too. Not sure if he was playing that in Denver or not. I think he would be a good backup/role player/insurance policy. I know Nolan likes to moves his linebackers around, so I think he could be useful.

I think Crowder has one more season to show he belongs. He better step up this year or he could be gone next year.

There is a better then 50/50 chance Marshall stays in Denver unless they come off their asking price of a first round pick

Now who's 'nitpicking', Joe. For a guy who started his blog comments with a ridiculous thought and then tried to change it halfway through, you've got some balls to try and turn this around on me.

Try not to lose any sleep worrying about the Dolphins URGENT need at running back......

I actually like Witherspoon at 12 if we were going to go OLB... Him over kindle in my opinion. Witherspoon's stock is rising don't be surprised if he goes around 15

the intangibles you get with a guy like him on your Defense makes up for height or size. The guy reminds me of Elvis Dumervil.. he is strong and can rush maybe not prototypical but he will produce in nfl.

I could see the Jets giving up their first round pick (29th overall) for Marshall. I think they are foolishly going for it this year. I think they want to get another weapon for Sanchez. They could pick up a NT in the second round.

I still think Marshall will be moved somewhere next year. It's just better for everyone involved.

What are everyone's current top 5 picks for the Dolphins at 12?

Here are mine:

1. Eric Berry
2. Rolando McClain
3. Dan Williams
4. Sean Weatherspoon
5. Earl Thomas

Ridiculous thought? Yea, ok. LMFAO Because you disagree with it? Actually, I think you just don't understand it. I actually changed nothing, I maintained my "opinion" all the way through. A big need exists, you don't agree. Just because you don't agree with me on that need or how to address it doesn't make it ridiculous, it makes you fickle. You're lack of reading comprehension hampers you.

And I'm not nitpicking. I'm correcting statements you claimed to be facutal, that are not. Also to show studs can be found later in the draft. I'm just correcting you, is that not OK? Thats what you've tried to do with me all afternoon LMAO

Oh, how about Stephen Davis, rd. 4? TD round 6? I could go on but, why bother? You'll just tell me I'm ridiculous :)

Hey lc22, I really don't see how you think the Jets are going to be AFC champs. Honestly, they backdoored into the playoffs and played a Bengals team that was not playing their best ball and a Chargers team who overlooked them. Sanchez proved nothing last year and most 2nd year qbs take a step back. They got rid of Thomas Jones (their leading rusher) and picked up a CB who has underachieved for 2 seasons and couldn't tackle my 8 year old son. They traded away Rhodes their starting safety and put the most expensive tender on Braylon Edwards who is the most consistent WR I've ever seen.

I just don't see it. The Jets will be lucky to come in third in the AFC East next season.

There's a lot of talk the Cowboys are looking to get their hands on a safety. I could see them trading up with the Dolphins and us getting an extra pick or two to move down to 27. There will be lots of good guys available even at 27 and I could see the prior relationship between BP and Jones helping things along.

Of all the NT prospects WHICH one is "The Natural" that can start from day one?

good post ferg

Joe - the conversation has now shifted to linebackers. Please try to keep up, Love.

Williams is the pick at 12. NT is the greatest need. It is obvious that Soliai is just okay - a pedestrian kind of guy. IMO, the first pick will not be OLB because they will fill some needs with FA (JT, maybe Davis) and then a 2nd or lower pick. So Weatherspoon will not be it. McClain is off the board with the Dansby signing.

Offensively (in the later rounds), I don't think they touch an RB (I had forgotten about Sheets - he's got some moves and is a far different kind of back than any of the others on the roster save Cobbs), but I do think they grad a TE and a WR somewhere along the line. Nalbone is finished. Maybe they simply pick up D. Martin again to use the pick somewhere else. Martin can still play and I don't think he's signed anywhere else?


That's a good question. A lot of people on here will say Dan Williams and that may well be right. I'm thinking if Cody can ever get his act together it's him. The guy does have it all to become an elite NT. It's just whether or not he can stay disciplined enough to keep the weight off.

It's going to be interesting to see what the Dolphins do if Cody is still there at 43. Parcells hates fat guys (bit of irony there). I don't think he'll be there at 43 but we'll have to see.


I don't have a top 5 anymore. Without posting the reasons why some guy aren't on the list, and whythe guys are on the list, here goes.

1. Dan Williams
2. Earl Thomas
3. Sean Weatherspoon

bobbyd12 - I don't see Marshall leaving Denver for a 1st round pick. A 2nd and I think he is gone. If we were to get him, I wouldn't want them to offer anything better than a 2nd rounder. Through in a player and a 3rd round or even a 2nd with the player. 1st round picks are just hard to get rid of IMO...

I'm surprised nobody hasn't mentioned Greg Olsen on here. Presonally I'd be against giving up anything like a second for him but I think the backup in Chicago (Desmond Clark)is about to get chopped.He's a little older but he might be serviceable for a year or two with Fasano.


Ben Watson may be a notch below Olsen, but he is the same type of TE. He could have been signed without giving up a pick, and we didn't bring him in. Given that, combined with a pick having to be given up, I don't see Olsen in our future.

heh heh, Armando, do you think the Dolphins should give Willie Gault a try? He's only 50..

Has anyone thought that maybe Dez has already made a deal with one of the lower draft teams ie jets and that's why he doing nothing at pro days! Just a thought!


My top five (in no particular order, right now):

2 Morgan
3 Dan Williams
4 Kindle
5 McClain

I left off Berry because I don't think he will be there and I left off Bryant but I wouldn't mind seeing him taken lower down.

1. JPP?


I know they won't go to a 4-3, but, reality is that MOST of the players (Crowder, Wake, JT, Merling, Langford, McDaniels, Starks, Soliai) were from a 4-3 background NOT a 3-4. Ayodele, Ferg, Torbor, and Porter were the only 3-4 guys...2 of them are gone, soon to be 3, that leaves Ferg

I don't see it either Bootang and I was by now means suggesting it. Just surprised that a guy from the U wasn't getting more play on here.

Churchill, no way Bryant already has a deal worked out with a lower team. He's in enough trouble and he's all about making more money by being drafted higher than less money further down.

I should have mentioned on my list, ideal situation for me would be if we can trade down and land Golden Tate. I've said before on here he would be great on our offence.

I don't agree Carlito. I think the guy could be the next JT. He's got all the tools.

Marc, I believe Dansby played in a 3-4 too. I'm not getting why you want to go to a 4-3.

1. Derrick Morgan
2. Dez Bryant
3. Earl Thomas
4. Brandon Graham
5. Sergio Kindle

Kill me for not having Dan Williams all you want - but I feel like the Trifecta can find a NT in the later rounds. Kill me for not having Rolando McClain - but I also feel the Trifecta is serious about Dansby staying in the middle and would rather draft more of a pass rusher than ILB. Kill me for not having Jason Pierre-Paul; but I think the Trifecta is also not interested in a one-year wonder. Kill me for having Dez Bryant in the Top 5 - but he is too talented to ignore.

I wanted to add Everson Griffen of USC and Sean Weatherspoon as well.

Eric Berry trumps all of course.

I guess the answer to Cordero's question about guessing whether he'll have a mid-day update on the UM pro day would be.. NO

That's a good list Just Because. Can't really argue with anyone on that list. Do you have a favourite? If you were on the clock right now, who would it be?

Just Because,

I agree with you about Dan Williams, thats why he is not my number 1. He is very good and I would be happy if they grab him at 12, but he would have to adjust to playing NT and I think the dropoff between him and the NT's of rounds 2-4 is not that huge. I like Cam Thomas alot as he played in a pro style defense, and Cody also played 3-4 nose...

You're not getting it? Well, the personel that we have RIGHT NOW could run a 4-3 more effectively than a 3-4, and we wouldn't have the same draft WOES. We wouldn't NEED a huge NT, we could use any combo of Merling Langford, Starks, Solai across the front, JT and Wake at DE, Crowder back to OLB, Dansby in the middle, then we'd only need ONE OLB!

That's why!

"We beleive in making the system fit the players" Jeff Ireland, 2 years ago...Has this guy ever said an honest thing?

I wonder if all the talk about needing a NT has Soliai working his ass off 24/7 and we'll see a new and improved player this year.

Same goes for other players that might be on the chopping block.

Dan Williams will be 1st pick.

I'm lobbying for Jerry Hughes as our second pick. Check out his highlights from last year on youtube. This dude can flat out get to the QB and he shows up in the big games.

www.prodraftparty.com #98

Exactly!!.....it's his lips that are moving but Parcells has his hand up his back making the lips move.

I don't see a 4-3 on the horizon for this team any time soon. They've made the decision to go to 3-4, rightly or wrongly.

I'd take Morgan if he was there Craig.

Assuming Eric Berry isn't there

Uhhhhh, we just bought in a DC who speciality is the 3-4....We sure as hell not going to a 4-3...pls end this conversation

I'm thinking the same thing Just Because.....but it may change in the next month....

I don't see it either, I was juist venting, and trying to use logic and reasoning. I know that stuff is not in high demand with these guys, but, I can't help it. Apologies

1. Eric Berry
2. Earl Thomas
3. Brandon Graham
4. Sergio Kindle
5. CJ Spiller

I think we are set inside with Dansby to warrant an early selection there. I would love nothing more than to add Berry or Thomas to solidify the back end of the secondary. Dan Williams I see as a reach but I would like to see him as a dolphin for sure if we trade down.

I would be happy with any one of those 5 picks, (including Williams)...I mean come on, we took Ginn at 9, how could I possibly be upset if we took Dan W at 12??? Drafting Ginn has humbled me when it comes to our early draft picks!

( Ok ok actually, Ginn, Y. Green, Eddie Moore, J allen...who'd I miss?)...lol...I get so nervous now when I see our first round pick headed to podium

Do we have an OLB? If you guys, for one second think we're not drafting SOME LB in the first, you're delusional


Fletcher, John Avery, John Beck.....

I agree Marc. Except they may choose to go OLB in the 2nd or maybe even the third too. This draft is pretty deep for OLB and there will be some good ones there in the second round.

Marc, I agree. The 4-3 is a lot more forgiving. 3-4 has it's advantages but if you have a weakness, you won't be able to hide it.

Another one of the disadvantages is, almost all colleges run 4-3. That means you have to re-train the rooks and that adds time in their developement. It also adds the risk of a player not being able to make the transition.

Hey, I like the 3-4 but you gotta have the right guys to make it work.

We need LB's and Parcells is the VP, it will be a LB

Someone please bet me

Well said cocoa, well said

Dan Williams is a reach!!! U know how many draft boards now have him going to Buffalo I'm the top 10??? Williams is not a reach at 12, that's for sure

One other thing Marc, I have said the same thing you have....several times. Even asked Mando why does Parcells insist on trying to force a square peg in a round hole.

Even though I said before not to re-sign Jason Taylor, we end up having too...I'm against bringing in Brandon Marshall, but we certainly need a WR...Dan Williams at 12, Demetrius Thomas round 2 if they are there...somehow I hope Parcells figures out how to get another 2nd or third round pick to set us up.

And a linebacker in there somewhere too, right bobby? I've seen mocks that have Williams going to Denver ahead of us. I think we need to get off this 'Dan Williams is a reach at 12' thing. It's what our defence needs and right now the way things shape up he is the best available. You can't tell me taking Williams at 12 would be a mistake. Missing out on a NT in this draft would be a mistake and I think a few might go before we pick at 43.

THE FIVE PLAYERS THAT WOULD ALL LOOK GOOD IN AQUA ARE 1. DEZ BRYANT, WR 2. EARL THOMAS, S, 3. DAN WILLIAMS, NT 4. B.GRAHAM, OLB, 5. C.J.SPILLER, RB ..... Most likely, at least 4 of them will be there at our 12 spot in the first round. I think we should trade down to 1-20 and get an extra 3rd round pick. At least one or two of the elite 5 will be there at the 20th slot. Here is my mock draft ... THE YEAR OF THE THOMASES

1. EARL THOMAS, S tenn
2. D.THOMAS, WR, ga tech
3. CAM THOMAS, NT, unc
4. JOHN JERRY, OG Ole Miss
6 UDOFIA,NT, stanford
6. BARNES, WR Bowling Green
6. Graham, TE the U or Pita TE BYU
6. Udofia, NT Stanford
7 Shofield, LB Wisconsin
7 Kafka, QB Wisconsin or Blount, RB Oregon

Bryan Cox is a coach for the Jests? I guess that is where Rex Ryan learned to use his fingers.


This is one of the deepest drafts in years as far as hybrid pass rusher types. It is no guanantee they pick an OLB. And I would tell you that there are far more question marks in regards to the OLBs than Dam Williams or Earl Thomas for example. Who would you say as a possibility? Derrick Morgan, J Pierre Paul, Sergio Kindle, Brandon Graham? How many downs have any of those guys played at OLB?? The answer would be zero. And that is not naming Jerry Hughes (IMO the best of them all) Cameron Sheffield, Eric Norwood, Thaddeus Gibson, Ricky Sapp, Koa Misi, and I am probably forgetting some. That is a lot of players for Parcells to sort through and figure out who he likes and who he doesn't. But the fact remains they have to completely change there games. Dan Williams is adjusting his responsibilities at his position, not learning a new one. And Earl Thomas is likely to be there (Berry will not) and those are the only 2 who have the legitimate ability to be CBs as well as S, so the dropoff from them to the next wave is IMO very large. I am not saying that OLB won't be the first pick, but would caution against guaranteeing so.


Craig M...absolutly a LB..I'm torn between a LB at 2nd or third honestly...Man If D. Thomas is there at that 2nd round I would go for it and take a OLB third..like the last poster says OLB is very deep...if Williams is gone then I take the OLB in that spot and draft a NT 2nd round, WR third...tough call

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