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A Pro Days update from around our great land

The first wave of free agency has come and gone and has left several players -- Julius Peppers, Dunta Robinson, and yes, Karlos Dansby -- awash in money.

Now the sprint turns into a marathon as teams jockey for good deals among the so-called bargain unrestricted players. We should also start to see some movement in the restricted market if there is going to be any. (Personally, with a fully stocked draft class, I don't see a lot of team giving up draft picks for restricted players.)

And having said all that, it seems like a good time to get back to the college players.

If you haven't figured it out by now, that is where the Dolphins must look to reap the most improvement from 2009 to 2010. If the Dolphins are going to rise from third place in the AFC East, the drafted players are the ones that must help them do that.

(If anything happens in free agency -- such as interest in ILB Andra Davis or OT Adam Terry -- we'll swing back to that, but work with me here.)

As Pro Days are already underway throughout our land let me catch you up on some of those with the help of aspiring scout Chris Cordero.

Sixty-one schools were scheduled to have their Pro Days by now.

The most impressive Pro Day so far, in my humble, was at Alabama where every NFL team was represented and the freakin' New York Jets came with coach Rex Ryan, GM Mike Tannenbaum, and former Dolphin and current defensive line coach Bryan Cox among others.Fat Cody 

A source tells me the Jets were there to take a close look at Terrence Cody. And he didn't disappoint, weighing in at 349 pounds, which is lower than he weighed at the Combine. Interestingly, Cody lifted only 22 bench-press reps of 225 pounds. That's amazing for you and me.

For an NFL nose tackle? Merely OK.

I nonetheless get the feeling the Jets are sizing up the Mount for a possible late first-round selection.

Rolando McClain also worked and his speed ranged from 4.69-4.74 depending on which scout's spotwatch you believed.

At the Baylor Pro Day, the report I get is that wide receiver David Gettis opened some eyes. He ran a 4.39 inthe 40 on some watches and that's pretty impressive considering the guy is 6-3 and 218 pounds.

At the Kansas Pro Day, WR Dezmon Briscoe ran a 4.51 in the 40 at 6-2 and 208. I'm told he look good, but not great in position drills, whatever that means.

Weatherspoon I'm told perhaps the most impressive Pro Day so far has been turned in by Missouri LB Sean Weatherspoon. The 6-1, 239 pounder ran a 4.53 and 4.52 in the 40 which is blistering for an LB. And then he ripped off 35 reps on the bench press. Remember Cody had 22?

Weatherspoon, considered too small for a Bill Parcells prototype 3-4, is going to make someone a very good player as he's not just a workout warrior. He makes plays. I like this player. Noisey leader, to boot.

Quarterback Zac Robinson, another overachiever I like, was among 17 players to work at the Oklahoma State Pro Day. Robinson looked impressive in drills, I'm told. Russell Okung was obviously the star while WR Dez Bryant did not work, as I reported here two days ago.

Here is what Cordero says about Bryant: "No question he is the top WR talent in the draft - I think he is better than Michael Crabtree was last year. But being the best at your position shouldn't put you above working out and displaying your wares in front of decision-makers who will ultimately decide your fate and how much you will be paid. All I can say is, he'd better have an outstanding workout (and he'd better have a workout period) at the end of the month, or he could suffer a Randy Moss-like fall into the 20's despite having Top 5 talent."

The UAB Pro Day offered an interesting look at Joe Webb, a QB that is converting to WR for the pros.

"He appeared to be a very good athlete when I saw him at the Senior Bowl, but wow," Cordero said of the workout. "He is about 6-4 and 223 pounds and ran in the 4.5 range. He did 21 reps on the bench and 
posted a 42.5 inch vert, 11'6 broad jump, 6.55 3 cone, and 3.91 shuttle run - amazing numbers any way you slice them.

"He is very raw and for whatever reason reminds me of Matt Jones. He has great physical tools but will have to learn the nuances of the receiver position. He last played the position extensively in 2007. The Dolphins should have a good idea about him after coaching him in the Senior Bowl. I give him a 5th round grade."

From the Cincinnati Pro Day, Cordero reports:

Mardy "WR Mardy Gilyard improved his 40 time from the combine to the mid 4.4s. He also apparently looked more explosive in the other drills running in the 6.7s in the 3-cone and showing a 38.5 vertical leap. He has had great production throughout his career not just as a receiver but also as a return man. I give him a solid 3rd round grade.

"Potential 3-4 rush LB convert Alex Daniels showed off amazing athleticism with a 39-inch vertical and a 10'9 broad jump at 6-2 and 269 pounds. He is a late round sleeper who I give a 7th round grade. He had 8 sacks as a senior but will need to be coached up in his technique.

"Aaron Webster, a S, has also showed very well - running a 4.48, putting up 21 reps, and turning in a 10'3 broad jump at 6'1 1/2 and 207 pounds. He has played some CB but is mostly looked at as a SS right now. He had 6 ints throughout his career. I give him a 7th round grade and should be a ready-made special team standout."Brandon graham

Florida, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Pittsburgh and Penn State are among the schools that conduct Pro Days next week. Michigan will conduct its Pro Day today. You think I'll have a midday update on what Brandon Graham did if he participates?


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mama maria is coming to the house to cook pizza and bread .i hope she cooks meatballs .

Problem is Denver only wants a 1st... So we just throw in Greg as a bonus...

mario also coming to the house to cook mushrooms .

Didn't we draft Hartline to shower with Bills daughter..

Didn't we draft Hartline to shower with Bills daughter..

Posted by: BlazzinAce | March 12, 2010 at 06:04 PM


CUBAN, show some decency and stop talking of bill's daughter .




If the Jets add Sharper what's the worry we have our new receiving core to threaten them, oh no sorry we don't.
At best now we will have an unproven rookie wideout against Revis, Cromartie and co. The thought of that fat prick Ryan gloating as the Jets win the AFC East sickens me, and we deserve all we get with the lack of offensive moves.
Although I do hope we pick up Demarius Thomas he will be a star in a year or two, imagine how much better with a veteran No1 to learn from, Marshall wouldn't be my first choice but he's fast becoming our only one!!!

No news here.

Funny, I thought we beat the Jets twice last year??? Am I wrong??

Yeah we beat them twice and then we watched them win 2 playoff games and challenge the Colts for AFC championship.

It was really satisfying.

Yea sir Aloco! As for Marshall it's but his really our only option atm, unless some idiot is thinking T.O. If we can get marshall for a good price(not a first) I say go for it! We aren't getting Dez and any rookie needs time, time we don't have. Marshall has his problems but is the 2nd best wideout in the game and let's not forget his middle name is YAC!

jets, = playoffs
fins= no thing but defeat .

Like I posted before, the Jets fans are big time pis-sed about the release of Thomas Jone, the signing of Cromartie, the signing of Brandon Pool and what the Jets have done so far...but the Miami fans think what the Jets are doing is great??? Trading draft picks and signing old mediocre talent??? Worry about what OUR team is doing, not the Jets

Yeah we beat them twice and then we watched them win 2 playoff games and challenge the Colts for AFC championship.

Posted by: TheSMF | March 12, 2010 at 06:22 PM

Yeah against a beat up Bengal team and a Charger team with a head coach that's almost a bigger looser then Cam(Cant win)Cammoron.....

*Edit* As for Marshall it's *sad* but..

You see fat Rex knew he needed a qb so he traded up on draft day to get one. That's known as acting boldly.
Then after Henne burned him with the bomb to Ginn he knew he needed a deep threat receiver so he paid big to get Braylon Edwards. That was another bold move.
That's whe fat Rex is set up to go to the post season and win games there for the next 5-10 years.

Bobbyd you're living in dreamland if you think we are beating the Jets twice again this year with the current offense. We got beat badly in the last meeting, offense produced very little and the Jets have improved their secondary, if not for Ginn's 2 KO returns we would have lost and that's all he did last year.
Oh yeah one last thing that was us playing in the AFC championship game last year wasn't it, no, no , no it wasn't it was the Jets.
We need to improve on offense as well as defense!

allright, SMF = fishpete = Blazing Ace = ALoco. One person, started early tonight, have fun ALoco I'm out for the night,

Well nevertheless they are a post season team set up for a lot of post seasons in the next 10 years.
And so are the Ravens.

WHATEVER...... Enjoy a Quick 8 and 2 record(Like they usually do) And end up 10 and 6 next year, and the year after good luck breaking 8-8...........

Canfin, if Indy didn't pull out there regular players the Jets would not have played ANYWHERE...please, u wanna spread that bullshyt to some unintelligent football fan, be my guest, but anyone else with an ounce if football knowledge knows the Jets didn't belong there and backed in...They ain't that good I AM NOW OUT

SMF Braylon Edwards was already on the Jets before we played our first game against them. As for "Bold" getting. a guy with worse hands than Ginn and a washed up corner is boldly asking to get owned by the fins year in and year out like Always.

bobbyd12, go take a hike and start talking w/another name as every night .

Bobby, dont forget about the last game of the year Vs. A banged up Bengal team.....There the original "Backdoor" Team.

Rumor per Pro Football Talk. L .Tomlinson will sign with Jets.

OMFG!! You guys Are sad.. That's why I only used to post on the live blogs everyday it's this guy is that guy, this loser is typing as so and so.. Do what you will but please for the love of God don't include me in any of it!

guy with worse hands than Ginn and a washed up corner is boldly asking to get owned by the fins year in and year out like Always.

Posted by: BlazzinAce | March 12, 2010 at 06:34 PM

Is there any one with worse hands then Ted(No testicular fortitude)Ginn?????

I say Draft "Patches" O'hollahan, he might be confined to a wheelchair but a guy that drinks his own urine might be good for the team.....

Edwards!! He has bricks for hands. Ginns hands suck but I think most of it is due to having no balls and thus looks for the sideline before the ball even gets to his hands.

Ted(I fall down)Ginn would be a Dodge ball hall of famer IMHO.....

Greg z . i'll be at the house for the cookout and we can toss each other's salad. maybe we can shave each others balzzzz !!

The question is how much longer do we have to put up with seeing Tedd Ginn's pathetic performances whilst we let No1 WR's go by, hey but at least he's not a "diva", he aint a f****** playmaker either!!!

"If you can Dodge a wrench, you can Dodge a ball",,,,,,,,,,,Words that ted ginn lives by.....


Instanf corrected them. I did watch a lot of Texas, but I wasn't payin attention to every snap where he lined up. I don't doubt more than a few of those guys can contribute right away, my point was people want to lock in on teir guys or beliefs, and not have an open mind. while OLB is a definately position of need, that doesn't mean that it is guaranteed to e the first pick. I would be happy to get, say, Brandon Graham and turn around and pick Ricky Sapp in round 2. I dot think there is such a thing as too many pass rushers. I don't know why I am not so high on Kindle? I Hess I saw a lot of them this yer and he never really jumped out. I did like Jerry Hughes. The problem there is 12 is probaby too high, and he will never reach 44. I will take a look more at Kindle, and tell you what I see. One thing I do like, Texas plays a lot of pro style looks on defense, Muschamp was with us.

Ok sean , i like the idea of tossing each other's salad. can we shave each others butts ?

so bobby12,

when do u think this marshall signing will happen???
they got some crazy nightclubs down here in south beach, what women beater wouldn't feel at home???


menace , you want to come over for the cookout and we can toss your salad and shave your balzzz ?

No Aloco, thanks anyway, the Menace doesnt swing that way,,,,(Not that there's anything wrong with that).

No Aloco, thanks anyway, the Menace doesnt swing that way,,,,(Not that there's anything wrong with that).

Posted by: cuban menace | March 12, 2010 at 07:01 PM

Dont fool urself, theres definately something wrong wih that from a gene perspective.



My wife is really cook spaghetti with meatballs tonight, I am not lie... I thought you might appreciate this...

carlito, you are such a classy guy .

OK guys(And wanna be girls)(not that there's anything wrong with that) The Cuban must bid you all Adieu.....

the only meal every one LOVES ...spaghetti w/MEATBALLS .

Braylon Edwards can't catch huh?
Then that 80yd td catch against the Colts in AFC championship game was a powerful hallucination shared by everyone watching the game.

Are you a closet Jet fan SMF?

Run while you can CM....

LT signing with the Jests is no biggy. He made a career/name for himself by punching it in from withing the 5 yard line. NFL backs can do that...we'll be competitive next year, but we need better safety play and a viable deep threat. Still waiting for both issues to be addresses

Dolphins hire former Nat Moore as a vice president and senior advisor to chief executive officer Mike Dee. Now I'm only a Dolphin fan since 1968, but don't you think that Moore should be coaching the Wide receivers? Only the Dolphins can give a good former receiver a job of being a flunky.


How long meatball take? She keep saying its almost ready...


I agree... Who is our WR coach anyway?

If DWilliams is on the board at #12 pick him, NT is the position of most need and he would start from day 1. The next pick should be the best OLB left because there will be some good ones at #43 and a FS with the 3rd.

He also missed an easy bomb against the bengals... So.. wait wait your saying cause he caught 1 bomb he has good hands.. like the 3 bombs Ginn caught(1 didn't even count) makes him our #1 stud in your eyes.. You sir I think are an idiot.

power running game and a kick arse Defense wins football games.


Got to have a NT to take on 2 blockers while Dansby is blowing up the ball carrier and right now we do not have 1.

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