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The Miami Dolphins' view on Patrick Turner

Patrick Turner is a 6-foot-5, 223-pound gift begging to be unwrapped.

But after not getting even one snap on offense and not catching a pass in 2009, the Dolphins are still waiting for Christmas morning to arrive.

So what's the teams view of Turner, or at least they view coach Tony Sparano was willing to share on Tuesday?

It is of a big player that obviously doesn't play big at times. It is of a raw individual who still needs to improve fundamentals. It is of a guy with potential that needs to start showing production.

"I hope he takes the next jump," Sparano said. "I hope he becomes a little more aggressive with the ball, a little more polished with route running, those kind of things and he uses some of the knowlege [wide receivers coach] Karl Dorrell has given him, some of the wisdom that Karl has given him in the last year from a release standpoint and those type of things.

"The fundamental part of the thing with Patrick is the most important thing right now. I want to see that growth. I want to see him more aggressive with the ball when it's in the air. He's a big receiver that I want to see him play big."

And so do we. Desperately.