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The Miami Dolphins' view on Patrick Turner

Patrick Turner is a 6-foot-5, 223-pound gift begging to be unwrapped.

But after not getting even one snap on offense and not catching a pass in 2009, the Dolphins are still waiting for Christmas morning to arrive.

So what's the teams view of Turner, or at least they view coach Tony Sparano was willing to share on Tuesday?

It is of a big player that obviously doesn't play big at times. It is of a raw individual who still needs to improve fundamentals. It is of a guy with potential that needs to start showing production.

"I hope he takes the next jump," Sparano said. "I hope he becomes a little more aggressive with the ball, a little more polished with route running, those kind of things and he uses some of the knowlege [wide receivers coach] Karl Dorrell has given him, some of the wisdom that Karl has given him in the last year from a release standpoint and those type of things.

"The fundamental part of the thing with Patrick is the most important thing right now. I want to see that growth. I want to see him more aggressive with the ball when it's in the air. He's a big receiver that I want to see him play big."

And so do we. Desperately.


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I liked the Turner pick hope it works out.

oh yeah FIRST

i bet you liked the pat white pick too, huh.

i did at the time. but now i really wish someone else had taken him so i wouldnt have to constantly take up for him.

Patrick is my hero.

Not too hard to fight for the ball. Not too hard to study routes. Not sure why someone with all his football days can't do the simple things. Little things. Like catch a pass. How much did he make for catchig nothing last year?

I'd like to see them give him a chance, period.

I really wander what his big issue is?

good athlete, but not a good football player.

WVA I wonder the same thing. Is he that bad? Did he need a year in the weight room? Who knows!

He seemed fine at USC so he couldnt be that bad of a football player.

from what sparono said it sounds like he will get his change this year to improve. if he doesnt he will be gone.

He has great size. i dont know what he runs but everything just doesnt add up.

he sucked at USC.

I don't know where to turn for WR. I certainly wouldn't spend a first on a WR. If Benn falls somehow to our pick in round 2 I would take him. I like Miami's WR they are good but none are great or elite. I like Bess in the slot and Hartline as #2. I like Camarillo as a slot or #4. Ginn I don't like anywhere or at all on the field. Watching him run out of bounds on kick offs and dropping passes in crucial points have made me hate him with no return!

i still think pat white will make an impact on this team. wish they would't have spent so much time trying to make him a drop back qb, removing his gloves, and changing his throwing motion. just let him be him. the guy that was instinctual. maybe after a year in he will be better.

westvafins, i'm in washington pa and a big fan of white. go mountaineers in the ncaa tourny. i'm more a pitt fan but also a big east fan in general.

he's not that bad of one...just not good. Now if he decides he wants to put in extra work and become good...its possible he'll achieve that goal. But he's never seem that interested before. Was never even the 1st option at USC. Steve Smith then Fred Davis then Damian Williams. And he was expected to be the man those last two years. Just wasn't.

Biagini I don't share your optimistic outlook on White. I hated the pick in the second round. If White was picked in round 4 on I wouldn't care. I wish him the best with us. I just don't see a spot for him.

For a team that doesn't say bad things publically about their players, those are some pretty disheartening comments about Pat Turner. I remember last year when there were rumors that he wouldn't be on the roster in 2010. It looks like that's a possibility.

How many WRs are they going to carry? 5? Camarillo, Bess, Hartline, draft pick, then either Ginn or Turner?

If Patrick Turner isn't capable in year 2 being on the active roster he has to be cut. They can make him a practice squad player but I'm sure someone would pick him up.

Whenever a coach says " I hope ", you know that's not a good sign.

Biagini, agreed on the big east fan. I somehow even find myself rooting for Pitt during those games. And i absolutely hate Pitt. But i think we have a pretty favorable sweet 16 match up and then we will have a show down with Kentucky which could be one heck of a game.

Funny the same fans that blast White forget that J. Allen was taken with a first round pick and can't break in to start after what 5 years? White was never going to be the starting QB for the Dolphins...but you'll see this year he'll do more and more for the Dolphins.

At this point, I've just put him out of my mind and hope that he comes back as a pleasant surprise some time down the road.

A comparison -- I wrote Jason Allen off as a huge bust, but I now like Jason Allen the special teams player.

GEEEEZZ... For the Ninth F r e a k i n g --time...

When Turner's not at OTA's

He has to get his @ss to the Coast and work with Vincent Jackson. THOSE TWO need to become BEST FRIENDS.

This is simple stuff -- You find a person who does it right,..get with them and
L e a r n.


fishypete, I hope he is good for something. The value in round 2 just wasn't there with him. And concerning J. Allen that was a different regime and most of them players don't fit the new regime anyway. But yes J. Allen stinks!

considering he was a 1st round draft pick, Jason Allen is a bust, in my eyes anyways...

Some of you people are funny ("I loved this pick..."). If he was sooo good, why couldn't he beat out a fellow rookie (Hartline) or an average possession receiver (Camarillo) to get into the lineup? Not one play, all year. And I'm a cynic, but I'm sure if he even showed 1% promise Sparano would have given him a chance (like he did with Cameron Wake). So what gives? I tell you what..the guy's a bust. I give him til pre-season. If he hasn't shown the coaches anything, axe him (free up a spot for someone that CAN help the team).

i watched turner in camp in august and he looked as good as any of our WR's. sanchez was quoted as saying turner can play! why didn't he get a chance? they had a whole season to work with him. another thing; why not leave the QB position open so someone can win it? don't know why henne is entitled. he can throw a screen pass 99MPH past a wide open lousaka or ricky. let the guys EARN some of these starting positions. some of the benchwarmers will suprise you. langford said ryan baker was the best he saw but never really got a chance to play. guys like bloey played the whole game.

Joe not sure that would work or is it that "simple". Jackson is a big guy with speed. Straight ahead speed but he has it. He also is a good player. I hate the Pat White, Turner and Hartline picks last year. But I like Hartline a lot after watching him last year. He showed a lot of promise for a rookie. He is tough and has under rated playmaking ability. He made me eat my words.

Some guys play better than they practice. Is he that poor with the fundamentals that he doesn't deserve a shot on the field?

Turner was a highly-rated recruit coming into USC but he never lived up to his potential. That seems to be the trend with Trojan WRs. Parcells took a gamble on his upside- the physical skills are there, but we'll find out this year how much he really wants it.

Ginn is what he is. He's a frail receiver / return specialist who avoids contact but is also capable of stretching the field and keeping opposing safeties honest. He also single-handedly won the Jets game for us last year - or did you forget that? You all need to understand what he is and appreciate the kid for what he brings to the table, not where he was drafted. If not for Ginn, opposing safeties would be able to play much closer to the line of scrimmage- Ginn's presence helps our run game.

I'm not letting him off the hook - just saying that he gets too much criticism. I do wish that he'd grow a pair and take a hit when the game is on the line, but you can't coach courage.

im pulln for patrick turner b/c he was the WR that i wanted the dolphins to select---some guys take more time then others to produce give the process time----and if you are going to label any player a bust after 1 season---then thier is nothing else for me to say.

6'5" and 223lbs. that is some size. He will get an opportunity to show us what he can or cannot do.

I second that notion Joe !!@ 1:13pm

On another note I think Camarillo is gonna be traded. Think about We have Bess Greg.C B. Hartline, Ginn,Patrick.T and a possible drafted WR thats too many. Or this could be the end for Ginn and his family!!! Or could T.Sparano really be content with the bunch they have and we draft NO WR?????

Not every receiver starts his first season...Parcells would cream if he could get Austin again...and Austin took a couple years to get where he is...so just relax.

Jay it is true that you can't teach courage

Jay, agreed he did win the game vs the Jets last year. He is a long strider and can only run go routes (9). If he runs a route and has to stop and start he isn't effective. And yes it is his problem if he was a #9 overall pick. He is being paid for that slot in the draft and needs to live up to it as a WR. Not an inconsistent p**sy! He dropped so many balls last year in crucial spots. So it is his fault he was a high draft pick and hasn't lived up to his draft status. Therfore, he is a BUST!



For me is very sad read that, I was hoping Turner will have a good year in 2010, but I interpret the TS comments as he is hard to coach, and is a coward. Saying that in a team where Ted Ginn is the #1 - #2 WR, being coward than him is too much.
Very very sad.

Andy NJ:

I didn't know that VJax is significantly faster...
(I guess 2nd round speed vs 3rd...)

But surely Turner can benefit from being around the guy.
Heck...he might even teach Turner how to get off the line and run Routes...

I just think he (Turner) needs to take extraordinary measures to get better. The job is waiting for him if he can step up.

If Turner can't even sniff the field with our current group of WRs then you have to wonder if he will ever develop into an NFL caliber WR. It is too early to call him a bust but he is headed in that direction. Let's hope he really shows some improvement this year.

Ken you say our current group of WRs like they are bad. They are good players just not great. Bess is a great slot. Harline had 500 plus yards in his rookie season and 16 yeards a catch. Camarillo is sure handed and effective a slot or 4th WR.

Don't worry we've got the "whole Ginn family" to go deep!

Another draft picks (mistake) by the trifecta, and the owner said the Dolphins are in good hands.Is his money not my.

Who are the Scouts that recommend the 2 picks (Pat & Turner)last draft,the sign of Gibril Wilson wit a lot of guarantee money after Oakl. kick his butt and the 2008 draft-lost 4rd pick Murphy, and sign the WR from Jacksonville,with a lot of money also guarantee?

Who are these guys?

I think the Trifecta is more name & luck than knowledge.

I scrutinized the young man's play in the 09 preseason. His debut was the nd preseason game (Jags) and that was all I needed to see. Next.

Henne targetted him on 3 of 4 consecutive plays. One was a completion (offside on defense anyways), the next was an incomplete and the next was an interception. Turners body language going back to the the huddle on the incomplete was like seeing big man on campus suddenly in with the big fish and just giving up. Unless you saw it , you wont understand, but I knew immediately that is NOT the way a football player looks or acts. It was a combination of lazy, I don't care, and a guy whose perception of himself was that he was still in the fantasy world of an oversized underachieving guy along for the ride on a very talented college team who thought he was 'it' in the NFL. (Not For Long). Next.

I hope the door doesn't hit him on the way out. You know, that door swings one way for bums like him whom for once its over its over - there is no 2nd chance - nor should there be. Buhbye.

I couldn't disagree more td. The Trifecta had to add pieces to turn around a 1-15 roster. There were going to be mistakes made along the way. It's not like they were a player away at any position. They had to basically replenish and fill about 85% of the roster.

All of you people doubting the Tifecta need to understand that.


Our group of WRs is among the worst units in the NFL. There is no #1 WR amongst them. Bess and Camarillo are truly #3 slot types. Hartline lacks elite speed to be a #1, although I think he can be a good #2. Ginn is completely miscast as #1. He is a one dimensional player who is really best at returning kicks and not at WR. He had too many crucial drops that cost us games like in NE and the NO game where he not only dropped the ball, he tipped into and it turned into a pick 6. While I agree that there are some individual good role players (Bess and Hartline) as a unit it is among the worst in the NFL.

turner and white 2 major wasted picks. I wonder if they were BP's call or someone else.

td is a jets fan

Td is a jackoff

I agree with every point you made Ken. Miami needs a true #1. That's easier then done. If Miami had one true #1 the rest of WRs would fill in very good. Hypothetically say Miami traded for B. Marshall or drafted a true #1 having Harline as a #2 and Bess in the slot and Camrillo as a 4. Miami would be deep and strong at the position. All Im saying is our WR core isn't bad just no burner or true #1. That doesn't make them bad. That just makes them poorly positioned to highlight their strenghts. But adding a true #1 would make them a strong unit as a whole.

The Miami Dolphins released offensive lineman SirVincent Rogers.


Either get good at Traiing Camp or get out of here.

pat white is a saint

rip pt

4 plays givses you an insight for his career- thats a logical in depth process---i think i could find a bad series for any player in thier rookie season---ur a joke 4 dat comment

I am really not buying Tony Sparano on Patrick Turner there is no way he can tell me that Ted Ginn is aggressive when the ball is in the air when on numerous occasions I saw Teddy bear Ginn run out of bounds or allow an interception to avoid contact. Give him a chance. I am tired of seeing players not given a chance and they go to another team and blossom. Wes Welker example

I watched Patrick Turner while at USC enough to not have my hopes high for him. But I'll leave him alone. Gonna comment on other USC guys who I wouldn't want on my team - u know guys like Taylor Mays and Everson Griffith.

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