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The Miami Dolphins' view on Patrick Turner

Patrick Turner is a 6-foot-5, 223-pound gift begging to be unwrapped.

But after not getting even one snap on offense and not catching a pass in 2009, the Dolphins are still waiting for Christmas morning to arrive.

So what's the teams view of Turner, or at least they view coach Tony Sparano was willing to share on Tuesday?

It is of a big player that obviously doesn't play big at times. It is of a raw individual who still needs to improve fundamentals. It is of a guy with potential that needs to start showing production.

"I hope he takes the next jump," Sparano said. "I hope he becomes a little more aggressive with the ball, a little more polished with route running, those kind of things and he uses some of the knowlege [wide receivers coach] Karl Dorrell has given him, some of the wisdom that Karl has given him in the last year from a release standpoint and those type of things.

"The fundamental part of the thing with Patrick is the most important thing right now. I want to see that growth. I want to see him more aggressive with the ball when it's in the air. He's a big receiver that I want to see him play big."

And so do we. Desperately.


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I hope Turner proves me wrong, but I have to agree with RIP in that I don't think he has the mental will to take the next step and become a great reciever....

He was given the chance at USC and never stepped up. Don't think he has it in him....

Prove me wrong Patrick......

As much as I like Patrick Turner, trade him to Dallas with our 12th, for Austin and their 27th. With the 27th we STEAL Jimmy Graham and run a hybrid WildCat/Run & Shoot and for Ronnie we call it the WildCat .08 - Then we get our club on at the Super Bowl.

Throw him out there for two games and see what happens

dolfans ...pls remember that henne wasn't used much as a rookie either with the parcells' crew......

white and turner will have more impact this year...

Whatever Sarasota is smoking, I want some !
Graham with the 27th pick ? Even if Dallas does that ? Ya mon... Pass da dutchie...

It is still early, but a plungie nominee has made themselves known!

If Turner is even considered a solution at WR, we are in trouble. There is a reason why he did not play last year. He is not very good.

career? did u say career?
ha ha hah hah hah hah haaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh

HERE ARE TWO GEMS THAT WILL BE AVAILABLE IN THE 6TH ROUND: F.BARNES, WR bowling green ... and MIKE WILLIAMS, WR syracuse .... I would definitely take one of them in the 6th round ....

Rather than taking Dez Bryant at 1-12, I would rather trade that pick for 1-20 and 2-20 .... then ....

2nd round ... J.BEST, RB (we can build francise around him)
2-20 either BENN,D.THOMAS,or LAFELL WR
3. R.JONES,FS georgia
4. J.GRAHAM,TE from the U
6. either Barnes or Williams,WR
Shoefield,OLB Wisconosin
Karka,QB, nw
7 (3 picks) ????

Hennegiven, hey idiot, why didn't Austin Miles have any catches his 1st year at Dallas??? Are u really that stupid???

Turner is not good, but that is nothing new.

Let's face it: just like Ginn, Turner was simply drafted 2 rounds too high. That's why people expect too much from those guys.

Trifecta should have have gambled on his great physical skills with a 5th rounder (his real value, most analysts said at that time), not a 3rd.

Once again, we drafted a guy who needs to be polished. Most teams, owners and fans call this pick a mistake. If you can't run a crisp route and your not aggressive- you shouldn't be in the NFL- how do you teach someone to be aggressive? It's just something you have. What are we a minor league team attempting to polish players and get them ready for the NFL- this is called the NCAA. When your finished polishing players and preparing them to be professionals- then ask your fans to pay to watch them play. Stop making excuses on players like Ginn, White and Turner- cut them loose and find some guys who are naturally aggressive. Call me- I'm 39 years old but I guarantee you wont have to teach me how to be aggressive.

Once again there is another person on this blog who has no clue, Lanceanne2...Tell us oh King of football how many receivers have come out of college polished and tearing up the league??? Very few, chk facts before u post such nonsense

All I know is that the Jet's Quarterback Sanchez says that he is going to be a great receiver in the NFL. I think he knows more about Patrick Turner than Tony Sparano, perhaps?

I have complete confidence in the Trifecta. However, the fact is they had some huge misses on some valuable picks. They took some shots and missed. No worries, lets move on.

There is no chance Turner will ever improve enough to justify his slot. When you can't get in for even one snap on a team with arguably the weakest WR core in league that says something. If the man was a player, with his frame couldn't he have at least been able to get some special teams action?
The Pat White experiment was a also a big reach and also another miss. His QB days should be over. I hope they at least try to salvage the mistake by giving him a look on special teams, as well as at WR/RB slash type role.... or try and move him for a 4th ronder for one of Qb hungry teams.
I hope the White/Turner mistakes are not compounded by trying to make something happen that is simply not there.
Cut bait fella's

I remember the comment coach Sparano made during training camp last year. He said that Patrick Turner was making great strides and that he will be one of five receivers on the team that will get alot of playing time in 2009. What the HELL happen he didn't even make the 53 man roster he was inactive the hole year. Can someone explain to me what went wrong?

WTF?? Fundamentals, are you kidding me?? Who gave the go ahead to take him in the 3rd round? This sounds like a description of a 6th or 7th rounder.

I guess those who ridicule the Pat White Draft pick over and again are trying to prove something beyond the obvious? This Management staff is capable of making a mistake, is that it? Because if it is an attempt at pointing out a mistake was made... OKAY, We get it. You've accomplished your goal. A mistake WAS made obviously. Its literally Unforgivable... I mean... Seriously, How could they have been so dumb? No one had ever heard of the guy. Its not like he did anything extraordinary in College ball or was some sort of QB "standout". And its not like Miami was running a system that would benefit from a fast, athletic, dynamically mobile QB...If he indeed was one in School... Like I said "No one ever heard of the guy." But if he would have been a guy like that in College ball... He would have been a "Perfect fit" for Miami. But, Oh well... He must of just been a Bum from day one. Well? this staff made a drafting error... and other errors... Now what? Lets say it again, just for fun..."The Miami staff made a draft error" Okee-Dokee What next? Wanna say it again?... Okaaaaay we will as long as someone either tells me why we should... OR... Perhaps even better... Those who cannot get past it can just gargle a mouth full of Buckshot? At least in that scenario we will only have the crappy pick to have tolerate.

Dave... In regards to your question of "what the hell happened?" with Turner... A coach is not going to stand at a podium and explain to the entire free world what the weaknesses of his receivers are. But, if it is anything like most players who are seemingly athletic yet do not make the field... it is because they are a bit "Dense" and fail to grasp the play-book and understand what the team is trying to accomplish on the field. Take a guy like Hartline... Smart as they come but not as Physically dominant, but no slouch either. He had the play Book digested before camp broke... I would be my Les Paul that Turner didn't... usually... when you hear a player is struggling with "Rout Running" is a code for "The Guy is sort of Dumb... but we're workin' on it". Don't be surprised to see him make the team this season and perhaps even pan out better then we had hoped... However, if he were to go the way of a total Bust... I would think he will be gone by the end of The years preseason games to make room for upcoming talent.

I've read all the blogs and stories in South Florida about what Sprano said today, the two things I believe is 1. They want nothing to do with TO or Marshall and 2. They will give Patrick Turner the opportunity to show if he is the guy or not,...We don't draft Dezzy with number 12, too many issues...the question is do we go for a WR in round 2 or 4 or later...right now I believe WR doesn't get picked till at least the 4th

If he didn't play a down how do they know what he could do in game situations? Some players are better in the heat of battle than in vanilla practices.

What I don't understand is that the limitations with Patrck Turner were well publisized when he was drafted. So were his strengths. If the Fins need a big reciever to work the middle of the field, then he is the guy.

Here is the report on him:

Strengths: Good athlete...Great size and bulk with a huge frame...Runs excellent routes...Very strong, physical and aggressive...Terrific ball skills and body control...Good hands...Plays a little faster than he times...Runs with some power...Can beat the jam...Tough and will work the middle.

Weaknesses: Severely lacking when it comes to timed speed...Is not very quick or explosive...Doesn't get much separation...Isn't very elusive...Sub par blocker...Not a deep threat...Minor durability issues...Limited upside.

Henne needs to:
- Throw 8 passes a game to Turner
- Throw 8 passes a game to Bess
- Throw 8 passesa game to Ginn
- Throw 8 passses a game to Hartline
-Hand it RB 12 times
-Hand to RW 12 times
-Pitch it to Pat White 12 times(White has the option to run or pass)

Henne'll put up 40 points a game doing that.

BUST along with pat white.

This is killing me!!! First of all there is no way you draft a guy in the third round and he doesn't get one snap the whole year! Who in the heck is in the scouting department? What the heck did they see at the combine to warrant a third round pick, then all of a sudden in training camp decide this guy can't play football? Sounds like the scouting department needs an overhaul! You don't know if the kid can play if he never see's any action. He couldn't of dropped any more crucial passes then Mr. Ginn Jr. in crunch time.

Hey Bobbyd12 everyone is entitled to their opinion. Austin is the exception. Why do you have to disrespect when blogging. Treat people like you are face to face like a man, not a girl hiding behind her iPhone !

If I was Turner, I would be living in Jerry Rice's or Larry Fitzgerald's guest house, from the last game of the season to the 1st day of OTA's. He has the physical skill set to be a WR, now he has to learn the fundamentals of being a NFL WR. He probably came in looking at the roster and thought he would beat them out, that along with having a somewhat entitled mentality, probably landed him in the dogg house, and never been benched for anyone in his career, more than likely, made him reverted back to the ways of a spoiled brat, and that probably manifest itself on the practice field, thus the no playing time on Sundays. If he was truly humbled by this, then I see a promising future for him, if he can get the fundamentals down.....

Couldn't we line Turner up at TIGHT END for some miss match passing plays versus line backers?

if ginn or allen weren't first rd picks they'd be considered great special teams players

while Bess and Camarillo are good they aren't 1 or 2 receivers just slot and hartline might be a 2 some day but not great Ginn could be a great 2 once we have that 1 to draw double teams over the top Ginn would have more value

It just didn't make sense that at the end of last season, with nothing to play for, Sporano still didn't put Turner in a game to actually see what he could do. Practice is no game so he still has no clue on Turner and never will until he puts on a uniform and gets on the field in a game!!!!!!!!

pick up dez bryant so we can have a psssing game again.

he should just give the guy a chance im a hard dolphin fine i love them just maybe he may just show up for us

Some of you guys have to stop smoking, Ted Ginn is gone! He was traded to the 49ers for really nothing. I think Parcells and Lucky were dumb for doing that. We get rid of an explosive returner who is a game changer, yes, at times he had drops, other times he made plays and he is the ONLY wr to BLOW up Revis Island and that was when the Jets were in a Quarters D expecting the pass.

And here we go keeping a bum like Turner who wasn't even that good at USC and his hands weren't reliable, probably worse than Ginn's with a fraction of Ginn's speed. So basically we gave away a play-maker for a wasted draft pick whose playing time on game day has been limited to special teams, which he got flagged for... Tuna and Lucky blew that one

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