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The Pennington contract covers all the bases

The Dolphins decision to bring back Chad Pennington and his decision to come back has raised some interesting possibilities for the two sides and it seems all those are covered in his soon-to-be-signed contract.

Although it has been widely reported that Pennington agreed to a one-year contract with the Dolphins worth $2.5 million with a "trade bonus" of $1.515 million if the team trades him, it has not been widely circulated (that I've seen) what happens if Pennington sets training camp on fire at the same time Chad Henne struggles.

The contract Pennington agreed stipulates that if Pennington starts over Henne, the veteran gets a salary of $5.75 million.

The number isn't what's important. What is important is that Pennington has agreed to be the backup and would accept that role. But, being a competitor, he is not simply going to come to camp and simply lay down -- at least not once his arm starts feeling good.

Pennington will want to be the best quarterback he can be.

And as the Dolphins gave Pennington the starter's clause in the contract, they obviously see the possibility (however small) that he might win the starting job at some point (either through competition or injury to Henne) and would, therefore, merit a higher salary.

So while both Pennington and the Dolphins have agreed his stated role will be the backup role, both also recognize there is a chance he 1. could be traded or 2. could be the starter.

Talk about running the gamut of possibilites.

[Update: I'm told Dolphins cornerback Vontae Davis suffered a wrist injury toward the end of the 2009 season and spent several weeks in a cast afterward. It is unclear if the injury required surgery. Davis has since progressed enough to have the cast removed and is now rehabilitating. He could be limited initially at the start of the team's conditioning program but should be 100 percent for minicamps and training camp.] 

Come back in a bit, I'll have more stuff posting soon.


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They don't seem too sold on Henne..

From Peter King -

The three worst decisions teams made:

1. Ryan Clark being unemployed. I understand teams don't want to pay real money for a big-hitting safety who might have a short shelf life in the NFL. But there are few players in the NFL in the back end who hit as ferociously as Clark and who lead as responsibly and conscientiously as he does. I think he'd fit well with the Dolphins, the site of his visit today. And I also think the Steelers will miss him badly if he leaves.

What tis means, and it can't be stated more clearly is that more Pennington would be the number 2 guy, not the third like some people on this blog were saying...That more then likely leaves Thigpen or White as trade bait, and after spending a second round and only giving him one year it's more then likely it's Thigpen on the market

I couldn't disagre with the dolphins more, with the dolphins pursuing Ryan Clark. Why are the steelers not pursuing him? The dolphins are in prime position to draft one of the two elite safeties in the draft, but we are going to pursue a 30 year old safety and lose out on these safeties. IT MAKES NO SENSE.

Pennington will be the number two in theory but listed on the depth chart will show as the three because if they do not put Pat White at the two spot then he cannot be used in the wildcat and other spread formations as they choose throughout the game. That being said if Henne goes down then i believe unless penny just cannot cut it then he would take over as the starter and white would stay at two.

Like I said bobby,His criminal record should flourish in Seattle...lol, not really but a nervous lol.... new blog up....

Posted by: cuban menace | March 08, 2010 at 10:55 AM

Yeahg bobby, I too see Tyler being trade bait, though White plays with a lot of heart he's too small, like i said last nite my insurance guy from all-state is bigger then pat......

Pennington will not start. That would be regression. All this "competition" garbage is so Henne doesn't get comfortable. If they really aren't sure about Henne then who else? Frankly I think Thigpen is better than Penny at this point. Whether he's better than Henne, I don't know - I think Henne has the better arm.

I can't see the Fins going to camp with White as the third string QB. He's just not good enough and he's too short and too light. Maybe as a Slash player. I bet they'll keep all four through camp and either decide at that point or keep all four with White as a roster RB or WR but really as a slash player ala Jim Jensen. If they have that luxury on a 53-man roster. Thigpen can do everything White can do, but better (except outrun him).

Is it me or should the "Sham-Wow" guy be stoned to death?????

Sure about that Armando? My guess, is the contract calls for Pennignton to get the additonal money if he ends up the starter in case of injury to Henne, not beating him out in camp. What a circus this team would become if an old rag-armed Pennignton takes snaps and experience from Henne.

is it the commercials you dont like or all that hair gel he uses to keep that due up lol.

Henne could get hurt. That may be the basis of the starter clause.


He could free up another draft position for us.

hair do***

To tell you the truth; I'm also not sold on Henne at this point; but I'm hoping that he soon changes my opinion of him!

Peter i think it sounds like the starter clause only is for the instance he wins the job in camp. He should not double his salary for Henne getting hurt IMO.

The Caffeine.........

have you ever seen the parodies of him and Billy Mayes on youtube. They are pretty funny cuban.

Pennington will back Henne up. Petod. Thigpen is history, maybe White. However, penny is heretofore stay unless he totally poops the bed. Also, a friend from Pitt is telling me that he heard Clark is already a Dolphin. Pre agreed. That's why he didn't go anywhere else and also why Tuna didn't bite too hard on Rolle. He should be a Fin by days end.

That's Period not petod.

Pat White was a huge bust @ #2 Do not ever see him as a QB. What were they thinking.

I agree penny is there in case of injury that's the only reason for the starter clause and Ryan Clark isn't a permanent solution he's gonna, if signed, be a mentor for a lower round safetey if the dolphins draft one.

they were thinking darn if only CHRIS were our talent scout we would never miss on anything. And if a guy doesnt produce year one he is a bust. HAHA no

id rather have darren sharper. . i dont care how old he is. . the guy MAKES PLAYS! we havent had a playmaker at safety since louis oliver. go to nfl network and look at the saints video page. they have a darren sharper highlight video. if your going to get someone old. . hes the guy to get.

any clark info yet?

I don't really care how much Henne struggles in camp... it's his job to lose until he proves he sucks in games. F camp.

Pat white probably gets released unless they can trade Thigpen for a very low draft pick or a bag of balls.


Pat white undoubtedly goes nowhere mark it down. I dont feel like we saw what they really wanted to do with him yet. Could be wrong just dont see them discarding a second rounder after one year of him not getting to play.

Aloco, please ingest your fermented meatball sub and trip my friend.... phin fans talking......

We will be back

Oh really Jrljr2? You're friend from Pitt has insider information on what the dolphins had planned for free agency? I guess we can etch that signing in stone.

sham WOW!!! LMAO...by the way Daniel, the reason they sign Clark is they have no intention of taking a safety in the draft...they already have Clemons and Culver and are probaly confident that these are the guys that will be taking over in the future so they sign an older Clark who is a fill in for awhile...so all u draft junkies can take Berry and Mays OFF the boards for the Fins if we sign Clark because FS is set

A clark signing would be great... all you have to do is ask any NFL player coming into his line of fire........ He hit's like a jilted bit@h..............

The Dolphins failure to have already signed Clark is matched only by their failure to have obtained Kerri Rhodes in a trade.

Great decision by dolphins. This means they will likely trade down in the draft and pick up an additional 2nd or 3rd Round pick. This would be ideal, since they likely want to take a NT in the 1st, and a WR/OLB in the second. The additional Pick will allow them to grab a TE (hopefully Jimmy Graham) and Safety with the next two picks (3rd round they already had plus the additional pick for trading down.

If the do not trade down, I still expect them to take a NT in the first round unless they fall in love with a Safety or OLB. A WR in the First Round is out of the question. The draft is loaded with WR's and LB's so I would expect that to be their 1st Round pick. We'll see but I truly hope we get Clark. He's good for a couple more years. This defense will be awesome next year. Hopefully we find a stud WR in the Second round that can have an immediate impact and a good RB in the later rounds like a marion barber III. GO TRIFECTA


Pat White will NOT be released, that's just ridiculous..look how many opportunities Cuban Menace's favorite number two pick has had, Teddy Ginn...The Fins will not release White until he is given 3 years to perform, and he was the number two pick so forget the Pat White is gone nonsense

Keep it coming Mando..I've been in withdrawal the past 24 hours. lol

Cuban is here, ALoco is here mmmmmm


Especially Wes Welker, he's still foggy from the hit he took from Mr. Clark.....

henne is our qback, penny backup, thigpen 3rd string. and white plays slot receiver

Marcelo- Why do they likely take a NT in the first??? WR in the second??? And you think with an additional pick in the second or third they will take Graham that high??? I do not think he is projected anywhere near 2 or 3.

wasnt it ryan clark that got ran over by adrian peterson? i cant recall if it was him or someone else. can someone please refresh my memory?

Cuban is here, ALoco is here mmmmmm

Posted by: bobbyd12 | March 08, 2010 at 11:34 AM

I know bobby, it's strange, I've never had a stalker.... it's totally weirding me out.....

BIGDFAN- simple question for you-- Have you seen him play WR?

Jamal Williams
Hollis Thomas
Ian Scott
Bryan Robinson
Fred Robbins
Jimmy Kennedy
Maake Kemoeatu
William Joseph
Tank Johnson
Cornelius Griffin
Nick Eason
Kendrick Clancy
Alfonso Boone

None are too exciting - looks like it will have to be addressed in draft.

winz you are correct. he was ran over by just about everyone running back and big WR that made it to him. I watched alot of their games. He can hit but he gets walked over his fair share as well.

I'll be posting in a different name unless Aloco seizes and desist.........

I agree that priority number 1 is NT in draft. I also think thigpen will be traded. He's the odd man out, too much promise, he'll most likely be a starter in buffalo. What do you think buffalo will give up?

Peterson ran over William Gay (how appropriate)

WestVaFins, thanks. i knew i remember seeing his name on the posters and sportscenters top 10 plays..lol

I do not think NT is first order of business in draft because of the depth at the position.

I think the only way this clause is effective is if:

1. Henne gets hurt and Penny is the next one on the depth chart.

2. Penny gets traded to Arizona (or some other spot) and becomes a starter there.

I don't think they would start Penny over Henne based on a few games in spring training... and I can't remember Henne doing anything so horrible that I wished we had Penny back. Henne is young, but solid, and will only get better with game experience, not on the sidelines.

The pennington signing makes no sense...he's not going to be a better QB because he had his third shoulder injury...his arm will never be worth a hoot again. So do you spend mil's on a guy that can't throw...risk's further injury on simple hits...like he did this time...it's just nuts. If you wanted him as a mentor..why not sign him as a QB coach asst...and if he didn't to be a asst...just let him walk. As far as Clark goes...thts another possible signing that makes you say Hmmm...the guy is a hitter...not a playmaker...is he to replace Wilson or Bell? Also add that he can't play in altitude, are you gaining anything for a 30 year old S.S. to be added to the roster? One has to wonder why the Steelers would just let him go...if he was still worth something to them...remember J. Porter...how did that work out? Either spend a draft pick to acquire a younger FS or just draft one.


No more then a 4th rounder at best...

did I just say spring training - damn.. I mean pre-season..

i still say we get McClain with the 12th pick, dude is smart as hell when he's on the field and knows football. Him and Dansby would be the start of a dynasy defense, plus we already have 2 good corners with smith and davis. I dont care what anyone else says, these two corners are going to be the best duo in the league. BEST LINEBACKING DUO AND CORNERBACK DUO = DYNASTY.

Hey, Penne is the backup, Thigpen will be traded.
First round we should take Spiller with his speed and great hands we create mismatches out of the slot or in motion, plus he can break any run any time for the chunk yardage the coach has been looking for.
Second round go for the best available nose tackle.
Third round we should go for Jacoby Ford, he can stretch the field, (4.28/40) and get rid of Ginn.
Fourth and later rounds load up on D this draft is loaded with defensive players.
With Spiller and Ford we become one of the fastest teams in the division if not the league instead of the plodders we are now.
Last time we had a change of pace back like Spiller we won two SB #22 Mercury Morris.
Give Henne some tools to work with Speed kills.

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