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The Pennington contract covers all the bases

The Dolphins decision to bring back Chad Pennington and his decision to come back has raised some interesting possibilities for the two sides and it seems all those are covered in his soon-to-be-signed contract.

Although it has been widely reported that Pennington agreed to a one-year contract with the Dolphins worth $2.5 million with a "trade bonus" of $1.515 million if the team trades him, it has not been widely circulated (that I've seen) what happens if Pennington sets training camp on fire at the same time Chad Henne struggles.

The contract Pennington agreed stipulates that if Pennington starts over Henne, the veteran gets a salary of $5.75 million.

The number isn't what's important. What is important is that Pennington has agreed to be the backup and would accept that role. But, being a competitor, he is not simply going to come to camp and simply lay down -- at least not once his arm starts feeling good.

Pennington will want to be the best quarterback he can be.

And as the Dolphins gave Pennington the starter's clause in the contract, they obviously see the possibility (however small) that he might win the starting job at some point (either through competition or injury to Henne) and would, therefore, merit a higher salary.

So while both Pennington and the Dolphins have agreed his stated role will be the backup role, both also recognize there is a chance he 1. could be traded or 2. could be the starter.

Talk about running the gamut of possibilites.

[Update: I'm told Dolphins cornerback Vontae Davis suffered a wrist injury toward the end of the 2009 season and spent several weeks in a cast afterward. It is unclear if the injury required surgery. Davis has since progressed enough to have the cast removed and is now rehabilitating. He could be limited initially at the start of the team's conditioning program but should be 100 percent for minicamps and training camp.] 

Come back in a bit, I'll have more stuff posting soon.


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ooo ya buy the way his number is #28 If you were to clone former running back great Marshall Faulk, you'd get Spiller--all the way down to the jersey number. While the former number 28 paved a path to Canton with his unrivaled versatility, the latter number 28 will soon be cashing lucrative paychecks in the pros thanks to the same dual-threat distinction. Spiller has a great burst, sub-4.4 speed in the 40, and incredible "make-you-miss" ability. He can get to and around the corner, and is almost unstoppable once he reaches the secondary. He's also an underrated between-the-tackles runner, due in part to the immense shadow cast by his effectiveness in space. Additionally, he's as good a receiver as a running back can be, and he's even established himself as one of college football's finest kickoff return men.

I really and truly think pennington sucks. his arm has always been his problem. and now he has had three surgeries on it. to bad there is no coin return on that contract because that is a waste of money. he has always struggled to throw the ball which is why his teams that were successful were run dominant but he IMO sucks.

JUST THINK WHAT OUR TEAM COULD DO WITH PLAYER ON OUR TEAM ...In short, Spiller is arguably the most electrifying player in college football, regardless of division, and a first-round lock for next April's draft. He could even sneak into the top 10, depending on what team is picking where, what that team's needs are, how highly regarded he is by that franchise, and so on. No matter what, though, he'll immediately make a mark--if only as a returner--on the NFL stage.

Once again Gus completely agree. Everyone on here that says no to getting Spiller does not say so because we think he is a bad player. Its just not our need this year. Not at 12 we have glaring defensive holes that must be filled with a true defensive playmaker.

I saw W. VA you posted you don't like Kindle? I disagree I actually like him a lot. I am a Michigan fan and like Graham too. My biggest concern with Graham isn't his size but playing in space. He led college football in tackles for loss last season but I do doubt his ability in space and coverage. I think Cam Wake is going to have a very good season rushing the passer. He could get anywhere between 8-13 sacks in Nolan's defense but he has documented issues againt the run and in coverage. I wouldn't want guys on both sides having those issues. Kindle can play in space and make the open field tackles. He only struggled against the run when he was playing with his hand on the ground and being over matched by big O-Tackles. I don't know W. Va, I kinda like Kindle. What isn't that you don't like about him? Too light?

WVAF, agreed, Pennington is yesterday, time to move on.

that to bad cause this team,, could use a player like spiller..but in the long run. if we are still building they why the need now for the pass rusher.. at best again we finish 8 and 8 and then what ..we need a play maker ..at RB brown is good but always hurt and ricky last year then what ?

You all are talking about the Replacements, but that movie was based on a PLAYERS striking vs. what may happen next season (no CBA). Next season would be the owners closing the doors, not the players walking out. If the owners close the doors, there will be no "replacement" players!!

All this love for Spiller...I can't take it

If we draft RB it should be until the 3rd or 4th and it should be Ben Tate (3rd) or Legarrette Blount (4th)

Our FO hates small backs, case in point, FO gets hired....out goes Lorenzo Booker, ba bye

I love Spiller but he is a luxury pick. Miami blew their luxury pick last year on Pat White. I'm not in the bashing Pat White fan club. He was a rookie and was going to be a project and the Wildcat idea just never took off. With that being said I want Dan Williams, Kindle, Graham in that order. I would say Bryant but no way he slides to 12.

I'm not sure if Parcells drafted Meggett or not

Both Chad's are very Competitive. And I believed out of respect for Chad P. the organization will let them compete for the starting job and may the best man win.IT WILL BE COMPETITIVE AND EXCITING. GO CHAD P. GO DOLPHIN,

Chad Pennington sucks and has always been a liability. Okay who cares that he took us to the playoffs we got smacked but a rookie quarterback that ironically has a very strong arm. something noodle arm has never had. If not for Parcells the kid is a lifelong backup.

phinfan61 - There is not going to be any competition between the Chad's. Henne is our starter without question!!! They even said this 2 years ago when they signed Pennington and drafted Henne. Also, said it last year before Pennington eventually got hurt.


WestVaFins - That is kinda sad you say that about Pennington. I do not think he "sucks". He may not be the greatest QB to play, but he is pretty darn solid. You know what you are getting with Pennington, nothing less nothing more!! The Ravens were simply a better team than us 2 years ago. They spanked us in the regular season as well and I don't think it was the "rookie QB" that beat us. Their defense was simply better...

I don't think drafting CJ Spiller is the right choice for us. We already have 2 very electrifying athletes on our team that excelled in college which are Ginn and White. Spiller is 5ft 11inches and 195lbs. He's built just like Ginn and White. Our offense is not set up for someone built like that, if it was we would see more production out of the 2 players we have.

Andy NJ, all I have to say about Kindle is 3 sacks. No thanks.

If we sign Clark, our secondary is set to go! A rookie safety would just be a luxury pick at that point. Just add another veteran CB for depth insurance; we have Davis, Smith and the Allens but an injury to one of those guys will mess up our CB situation! Culver and Clemons are solid backups at the safety position.

The middle is pretty much set, maybe one more guy for insurance

The outside has way too many question marks; will Taylor be back? Will Wake rotate from OLB & DE? That’s why this position will be our 1st pick of the draft and depending on what happens may-be even the 2nd or 3rd! I think we were 2nd in the NFL or in the AFC in sacks so we’ve done well there but Porter’s 9 sacks are gone and Taylor’s 8 sacks may be gone too (I hope Taylor comes back). This group is the key to the defense; they are the ones who make sacks, who create Turnovers who force QBs into ints, etc.

The way they have built the defense is through big guys up front, we don’t depend on them for sacks, they are there to plug the holes and stuff the run. Sacks are just a plus (Randy Starks did a good job of doing more by getting sacks last year). The only pressing need from this group is the NT position, Solai can develop into that guy but I’m not sure if they trust him – weather they go with a 1st round, 2nd round or 3rd round pick for this position has to do with trusting Solai’s development.

This is the most developed group; they’re ready to continue growing. May-be just add one veteran guy?

Running Backs:
There are question marks here but I trust this group, as long as all four come back we’ll be good. 2011 draft we can concentrate on future replacements, we have way too many needs at other positions to reach for a RB on this draft.

No need to explain the WR situation….

Our TEs are good blockers, signing a strictly receiving TE would be nice.

I love Pennington signing & coming back, gives the whole Offense confidence that we can win if anything were to happen with Henne but Henne is ready to go!

Indiana, I know what REPLACEMENTS was based on and how if the owners shut the doors, there will be NO football... but, cmon, dude, I got a free shot at Ginn. It was worth it!

LipsinToronto - NICE!! I just wanted to make sure. A while back I was thinking it was going to be the same thing until I realized NO CBA = owners shutting the doors, not player strike! I saw it on TV again a few months ago and realized it because it has been forever since I seen th movie the first time...

Is it me or should the "Sham-Wow" guy be stoned to death?????

YES- you get my vote. Where are the stones?

im hoping we dont sign clark---would rather look in the draft in the 4th round--Robert johnson, Myron lewis, nick Polk

NT Linval Joseph in the 3rd

2nd-Demaryius thomas, Spikes, Safety chris cook--

I would trade out of 12 to the 20s---and select a LB----Hughes, Griffen, Spikes or NT Cody

I still think the 12 pick if we stay there is only between morgan or JPP----

to high for dan williams---if u pick a guy at 12 you need some instant value for the dolphins---NT take years to develop---so trading out of 12 to the 20s---i wouldnt mind Cody at that spot

I think they are going to like Mcclain but with Spikes as a late 1st mid 2nd---and micah johnson in the 4th---you can get that same type of player without having to tie another major contract to an inside LB---

I love spiller, wva. I cannot understand how a team so woefully unexplosive would pass on an instant upgrade in Kickoff, Rb, and even in the slot position. We will see..
Btw..can you armchairs out there stop trying to forecast position changes, like V. Davis to safety..LOLOLOL, thats freaking so funny to me. Lets turn penny into a corner, taylor can be our new number 1 WR, Thigpen can man up and play nose. WTF MAN!!!!

Someone earlier suggested TE instead of WR and Greg Olsen. Seems Mike Martz is more inclined to use TEs more blocking and less pass catching. And Olsen's not exactly looking forward to the new plan.

I like the idea but it also sounds like the Bears are going to want a arm and a leg for Olsen. Oh well.


For our needs OLB, WR, and NT, those will be the only guys available at the 12th pick. Signing Clark today will eliminate our need at safety. Dez Bryant will be gone by 12 for sure. Denver needs a WR to replace Marshall and they pick 11th.

Dan Williams will be the best NT available.

Sergio Kindle will be the best OLB available. Derrick Morgan is a 4/3 DE not an OLB.
Jason Pierre Paul only had 5.5 sacks his one full season in college. Parcells isn't picking a guy at #12 because he can do back flips.

CJ Spiller will be the best player available.

Anybody who watched the ACC the last couple of years knows that Spiller can go the distance everytime he touches the ball. He set an all time ACC record for total yards from scrimmage. There is not a LB or safety in the NFL who can stay with him in the open field.

While RB isn't an immediate need, it will be soon as this is probably Ricky's last year and Ronnie is hurt as much as he is healthy. Keep in mind that we declined the $5 million option on Brown this year which made him a restricted free agent. Somebody could come in and offer his crazy money now that we won't be prepared to match. Doubtful because he's injured but it is a possibility.

Don't forget these 2011 Draft eligible WRs. Four Juniors who all could be top 15 picks.

1. Julio Jones Alabama 6'4" 212
2. A.J. Green Georgia 6'4" 210
3.Michael Floyd Notre Dame 6'3" 220
4. Jonathon Baldwin Pitt 6'5" 225

Any of those four could quite possibly be top 15 picks in the 2010 draft. Add them with these 4 Seniors and you might have eight (8) first round draft picks at WR.

1.Terrance Toliver LSU 6'4" 210
2. Austin Pettis Boise St 6'3" 205
3. Armon Binns Cincinnati 6'4 200
4. Greg Little 6'3" 215

Again, I hold off on WR in the 2010 draft, I see what develops between Hartline, Bess, Ginn, Camarillo, and Turner next season then I draft one of these players in 2011.

And for the commenter who posted there will may not be a 2011 draft that is incorrect. Even if the owners lock out the players next March, there will still be a 2011 draft

Don't we have a first round tender on Brown? I would be ok with him getting picked up and us getting a 1st rd pick.

If the owners lock out the players, I wonder how many college players that would otherwise leave college early to enter the draft, will play the final year to stay fresh.

XXXX Long Post Warning XXXX Don't like em... don't read!!! Ye be warned!!!! XXXXXX

I could not agree more on Spiller! He is the consumate "lightning in a bottle" guy. Nearly half of his TD's in college were from 50 yards out!!!! That's at Clemson not DII...crazy playmaker. I think he fits exactly what the Fins need in delivering the "Chunk Plays" that Coach TS always talks about.

The very reason our bubble screens and quick hitch type passes don't work is due directly to the Off players we have. For sure Ronnie, Ricky and Lex are bruiser types so they can't be that type of player lacking sufficient quickness.

Ginn is a long strider type that is obviously afraid of contact so he can't and won't run in traffic. Even his glorious returns vs the Jets only worked because the Jests let him have the edge...twice! (That was a great win...Rex R is still ticked they had all the stats and we won the game!LOL) They should rename him Paunxatawny Ginn as he has a 50/50 chance of bolting when he sees his own shadow. The funny thing is as much maligned as he is, he is still the ONLY guy that scares other teams Def's. Hartline may develop into a decently scary guy that can drive a dagger in if you let him.

Bess has some short area quicks but can't accelerate away from anyone. Great slot receiver but won't ever get you more than 4-6 on a bubble screen as Def close on him too easily.

Hartline is a good mid range receiver and will develop into a superior #2 WR. He's decent on reverses etc but again doesn't have enough wiggle and speed to strike fear on a short pass.

Camarillo never was a speed merchant and then he got hurt. He is the ultimate try hard guy that gets more out of his God given ability than he should. Nice hands... still will be the first Fin WR to get traded or let go inho.

Turner Forgetaboutit! Even if he develops will never be a ferocious short area guy that is capable of taking it long... about this time the Fins are hoping they can get him to be a red zone/possession/move the chains guy...jury out.

Cobbs, while a coach favorite, is never going to be schemed against by Def. He would be the closest the Fins have to this type of player but he is coming off an injury that may affect his speed. He also is not a blazer. He is a good all around football player that had enough wheels to gouge you if you left him in space.

The NFL is a passing league (That's been stated adnaseum). The P.I.'s from the slightest bumps were called at a record pace last year. Vontae Davis was a victim of numerous ticky tack calls. Indy was lighting people up with the quick screens, bubble screens, smoke routes, quick hitches etc. I remember one Pierre Garcon getting discovered on a bubble screen play one Monday night game vs the Fins. That game still stings!

Spiller will be able to get those "chunk yards", give us better field position on Off with Kick return yardage / Punt return yardage. He can't be touched after 5 yards and will be a nighmare for people in space.

The long and short of it is... I realize the Def is further back than the Offense but also know if they snag S Clark after already getting Dansby that will already be Def 2 Off 0.

Even with chosing Spiller the Offensive weapon with the 1st pick, you could still have an overwhelmingly Def draft including FA.

Cheers Gus! Nice exchanging ideas with you.


Yes we have a 1st round tender on Brown which is exactly the same that Denver has on Marshall. If someone wants to overpay for Brown, I doubt that Parcells will match given his injury history. It could be a team with a low first round pick which means we would get hosed.

Let me preface this comment with I am not familiar with Spiller other than what you folks post I haven't seen him play.

What I am hearing is this guy has great speed and can make some moves but is small. Sounds like he is a 3rd down back/kick returner. Especially in Miami considering the Trifecta and who would be playing in front of him Ronnie/Ricky.

Does anyone really think the Fins should spend the 12th pick in the draft on a part time player?

The Pat White experiment needs to be over!!! Why can't Henne or Thigpen do the wilcat/option!!! trade White & give him a chance to work it else where!!! Henne will be a much better QB this year, y'all will see this!!! GO FINS 2010!!!

Smells like Tuna

I think you are wrong about Morgan and Pierre-paul---

Say what you want about all the postitions on a defense if you believe in a pass rusher that is the only position where i see a team take a gamble---

every guy in this draft has flaws you talk about JPP one year production--he has been playing football for 4 years whats dan williams excuse for being invisiable for 3 years at Tenneseee.

m going by what bill parcells wants at a 3-4 OLB---you need to be 270---with long arms---ideal height 6-3-6-4

JPP fits the demarcus Ware mold

Again the whole idea that you listen to all the guys on NFL newtwork or any website about Morgan is what i did at first---

Then look at his tape he is super cordianted with a burst and he said it himself he played standing up at Gtech many times this year---

He has a Lamar woodley build---and to me is more of a sure thing than JPP

If parcells stood up Greg Ellis who is a 4-3 end if you ask most GMS---no issue with morgan in their mind thats why they interviewed already at the combine---

Kindle is too small and isnt a natural pass rusher--i see him more as an outside lb in a 4-3-----Brandon spikes and Mcclain are the same size with longer arms than kindle---and they are ILBS

Love Pennigton but unless it is a injury or a complete collapse by Henne no way Penn can start. Look at Flacco and Ryans 2nd year they definately dropped off but that is expected and part of the growth for young QB's. Henne needs to be on the field learning and Penn needs to be another set of eyes to help the kid. If Penn starts at all this year Im afraid they better just trade Henne and try to start again and I for one would lose Alot of respect for the Trifecta and there ability to get us to the next level.

i know Dermarcus ware isnt 270--but he has the longest arms in the NFL at his postition and its not close---Tuna likes physical freaks---and kindle is too small---graham is too small---

Dan williams only has 1 good year of tape and the dolphins want to win now----

Any nt you draft they will struggle in the first 2 years b/c they are 20 years old and they dont have the man strength when lined up with much older olinemen----

I am open to drafted a nt but not in the 1st round with a pick like that also---if we dont take a pass rusher in the first ---how do we address that postion this offseason---

You could have cody in 2nd, cam thomas, linval joseph in later rounds---

OLB pass rusher---i see know1 in later rounds---
Ricky sapp to skinny
Jerry hughes wont be there in 2nd
Everson griffen will be off the board
Greg hardy interests me but the fact that he wouldnt loose weight for the biggest interview in his life at the combine makes me think he doesnt care plus he has ijuries---but in the 4th or 5th round he is the only guy that fits the Tuna mold as a olb----

roB IN OC,


"They should rename him Paunxatawny Ginn as he has a 50/50 chance of bolting when he sees his own shadow. "


last comment on Ryan Clark---

the fact that the dolphins are pursuing him makes me believe they dont feel comfortable with a young safety and are desperate for a veteran safety

In that case go sign Darren sharper the deal would probably have to be 3 years b/c the saints are going to offer him that---

But i think he is a true playmaker and still just like Dawkins has years left---

What interests me is Nolan signed Dawkins for a 5 year deal and he was a year older then sharper----

that opens my mind alot to the sharper deal and we should get it done b/c clarke isnt a playmaker and his deal would be longer in years

Are young safeties would learn alot from playing behind a legendary saftey like sharper----tahts my final pitch on FA safety signings

Let me know waht you think?

I wonder why Pennington signed a contract if he thinks there's a good chance he could be traded.

As a FA, he could have at least chosen his destination.


I watched every game Derrick Morgan played the last three seasons given that I'm a GTech alum. The guy is an animal and probably the best pure pash rusher in the draft. That being said, he is not an OLB. He is a 4/3 DE which is what he played at GTech. He's 6'4" 275 lbs. He is heck of a player but on our team, he would be playing at the positions currently occupied by Starks and Langford.

Not every college DE translates to OLB in the pros and he is one of them. An OLB in a 3/4 needs to drop into coverage and cover tight ends and running backs. Derrick Morgan isn't going to do that for you.

Parcells places a lot of importance on college production. That is something that Pierre Paul doesn't have. We are not spending the number 12 pick on a guy with 5.5 Div I sacks to his credit. He apppears to have the measureables (size and speed) we typically would want but not the resume. Parcells usually takes the safe play in the draft as exemplified by Jake Long over Matt Ryan.

I'm not sure why people think Kindle is small. He is 6'3" 250 lbs which is ideal LB size and he ran a 4.7 40 at the combine. He's the same size as Cam Wake, Joey Porter, and only slightly smaller than Dansby who we just signed.

Jerry Hughes from TCU is another high motor guy who could play OLB in the pros and will probably be available when we pick in the second round. He is another possibility if we pass on Kindle.

Only LB with longer arms than Kindle was Daryl Washington; you are correct in JPP and Morgan having longer arms.

Another guy with long arms (since it's so important to Parcells apparently) is Lindsey Witten of UConn with 35 inch arms and good 4.71 speed. Could be available 3rd-4th round range.

If Parcells wanted to sign Sharper, he would be in town right now not Clark...Parcells is very methodical and this is the guy he wants and I suspect he will be a Dolphin

B12, how was the game?

Oh, and it is kind of odd how in all the player movement, Ireland's name never comes up.

Does Ireland work? Is he suggesting things that Parcells sign's off on? Or does Ireland just prepare for 12 months to give us the girbil speach withoug laughing?

How does this work?

Smells like Tuna, perfect post on Morgan and JPP...Morgan is a 4-3 guy and JPP is WAYYY to much risk

Hey whats the odds we could trade down pick up some extra picks. Then trade our #1 pick for WR Jackson Or Marshall. But it would be for a lower 1st round pick.
Can we do that. Would the NFL let that happen.

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Lips, felt good to go out there and watch some spring training baseball...something different to start filling in between now and Sept football!!

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Smells like tuna. very well said . good post . I agree everything you said except for kindle. He's got alot of talent but The problem the tuna might have and i have is kindle's off the field stuff. he has a penchet for drinking and partying. He has one DUI and another time slammed his car into a building , took off and parked the car on the street while he went home. The next day when question my the police he said he was texting a friend when the accident happened and then said he went home because he was tired . Yeah right !! this guy likes his beer. Same thing that dropped malaluga. He then went out and got a DUI last month. Kindle's parents and coaches have said they don't think it's a good idea for kindle on miami. I don't trust him in miami . You can't gamble with the 12th pick like that. I"M m OUT TIL LATER

And yes fake aloco, I work for the US Govt like I've told ur stupid ass MANY times, so yes, I have plenty of time to be on this post AND thank u for paying my salary...It's a Wonderful Life

I'm still not understanding why we aren't even thinking about trading our first round for Marshall. This is ridiculous. Our WRs are not good at this point any WR would be an upgrade, but Marshall would be perfect. And no one here can honestly say he's not worth the first round pick.

looks like t.o. back in philly


Cussing is the only way that stupid people such as urself understand after having to explain things over and over and over

You've got to be kidding me! I can't believe they'd let T.O. back in that Philly locker room after the sh*t he pulled.

NJ - Kindle said he was "texting Coach Muschamp" so the story changes every time - no doubting his talent on the field though.

Sure you do, And so do I.I like to smile.Thank you Bobby.


ALoco, yea sorry bubba my bad should have read the small l

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