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The Pennington contract covers all the bases

The Dolphins decision to bring back Chad Pennington and his decision to come back has raised some interesting possibilities for the two sides and it seems all those are covered in his soon-to-be-signed contract.

Although it has been widely reported that Pennington agreed to a one-year contract with the Dolphins worth $2.5 million with a "trade bonus" of $1.515 million if the team trades him, it has not been widely circulated (that I've seen) what happens if Pennington sets training camp on fire at the same time Chad Henne struggles.

The contract Pennington agreed stipulates that if Pennington starts over Henne, the veteran gets a salary of $5.75 million.

The number isn't what's important. What is important is that Pennington has agreed to be the backup and would accept that role. But, being a competitor, he is not simply going to come to camp and simply lay down -- at least not once his arm starts feeling good.

Pennington will want to be the best quarterback he can be.

And as the Dolphins gave Pennington the starter's clause in the contract, they obviously see the possibility (however small) that he might win the starting job at some point (either through competition or injury to Henne) and would, therefore, merit a higher salary.

So while both Pennington and the Dolphins have agreed his stated role will be the backup role, both also recognize there is a chance he 1. could be traded or 2. could be the starter.

Talk about running the gamut of possibilites.

[Update: I'm told Dolphins cornerback Vontae Davis suffered a wrist injury toward the end of the 2009 season and spent several weeks in a cast afterward. It is unclear if the injury required surgery. Davis has since progressed enough to have the cast removed and is now rehabilitating. He could be limited initially at the start of the team's conditioning program but should be 100 percent for minicamps and training camp.] 

Come back in a bit, I'll have more stuff posting soon.


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bobbyzero,Cussing shows people how STUPID YOU ARE.Come on, try to make people think your smart.Nevermind its TO LATE.

"Come back in a bit, I'll have more stuff posting soon."
4 hours later...

This is obviously some strange new usage of the word "soon" with which I am not familiar. lol

Put up or shut up...how many teams do you see rushing to sign Marshall??? ZERO, Seattle is talking to him and no one else cares...Ask urself why that is and u will have ur answer

Bobbyzero,What did you say about IGNORE? Man I"AM GOOD.

Has anyone read Peter Kings MMQB? http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2010/writers/peter_king/03/07/freeagency/index.html
Read the chart on FA WR's... thats why dolphins have not and will not sign a big FA WR.

Click on my name: t... for link:


This coming from a guy who posts under everyone elses name but his own. LMAO LOSER


Its been REAL FUN, But its time for my MOVIE and SUB. MOVIE IS, HURT LOCKER, your feelings are hurt. Movie time.


Bobby12, You said IGNORE. Did you have a BRAIN FART? Or WHAT? Try again to watch my movie.


So I'm reading through some Foxsports News and come across the headline:

Police hoping to interview Big Ben soon

I bet it just pisses these cops off. It sure must be nice to be a rich celebrity. I know that if I was accused of sexual assault the police wouldn't be waiting around "hoping" to get an interview with me. lmao

CavalierKOng, I'm not seeing the TO thing, I can't believe he would be back in Philly either


ALoco, can I ask you, please, to display the maturity I think you are capable of? People come to this form to talk football, not to rip people or post meaningless comments.

In the name of decency,


bobbyd12, Mccnabb would be the poster boy for turning the other cheek if T.O. does end up back there. lmao

Pittsburg is going to have to do the same thing that the NFL did to Pacman, which is stay out of clubs


AK FinFan,

The touches that a player of his stature is going to get can be hidden to a certain degree.

If he gets 15-18 carries/touches as a RB/WR than takes over as a KR and PR guy thats another 3-7 touches. Throw in any decoy plays and trick plays (Reverses, Fake Reverses) 1-2 plays and you have yourself a 25+ touch guy a game. Not the classic Earl Cambell 35 carries but the entire NFL has really gotten away from that mantra.

Heck the whole idea of having the Fins in the Wilcat is to get their scariest players on the field at the same time BUT, it also allows the Fins to keep both on a low play count when both are healthy.

If he displays extra toughness ala Chris Johnson they can feed him more if they like. Heck, how big was TD Tony Dorsett (5'11" 192Lbs) or Emmitt Smith (5' 9" 217Lbs)?



Thanks for the props bro!


Rob in OC,

that just goes back to the 'Feed the Stud" principle that was discussed in the middle of the season last year. You give the best player on the field the most carries. However, the game has gotten tougher, defensive players are bigger, stronger and faster. Guys like Mario willams who are over 275 pounds and run a 40 in under 5 seconds are the reason why players dont have the "toughness" that some did 15 or 20 years ago.

Hey guys, I know it's highly unlikely , but what do u guys think about drafting Tebow?

If we hadnt drafted pat white last year I would say decent. Now, less than 20%.

Punishthesox, ur right highly unlikely, as in not gonna happen, he is a project QB who will hold a clipboard for 2 or 3 years

Tim Tebow...lol. The most overhyped college qb of his generation. Tebow = failure as an NFL QB.

The only quarterback controversy that will exist in Miami... will exist at the behest of people like Armando, It would be FOOLISH for the Miami press to whip this matter into more that what it is. This language in the contract I am certain is there to protect Pennington should Henne get hurt, or be a total flop. It is NOT there because the organization is NOT convinced Henne is their man and will get the job done. I am not certain of when it happened but there was a sudden gust of stupidity that came crashing down upon this team rebuild trying to force it into a "Win Now" and forget the future free for all. The Miami Dolphins are standing at a cross roads, we have been right here several times in the past 15 years. Do we finish the process of building a winner that will last. OR... do we go all out, hell or high water to "WIN NOW"...Certainly FAIL.... then watch the next 10 years grind away to dust being mediocre?

Mando, what's up with Ryan Clarke???

Good News for those who don't want Antonio Bryant on the Fins. He's is visiting with the Bengals.


God I hope the Bengals sign him so we don't.

But Bobby, If HE holds the clip board what will become of Ted(Fetal position)Ginn's daddy????


Agreed, the trainwrecks are getting more explosive as the players get bigger,stronger and faster.

The bottomline is that injuries occur to ALL types of players. Big and small, old and young.

The young ones just recover faster...most of the time.

Smaller players have been getting things accomplished in the NFL since it's inception and today's NFL is no exception, see Chris Johnson. The way some smaller players live to fight another day is to be shifty enough that they never take the really big hits. NFL is a an extremely rugged sport played by many of the top athletes in the world so everyone has to take a lick now and then. Our soon to be R. Clark vs Percy Harvin as an example.

The idea that the smaller players simply die is a myth that gets perpetuated again and again. Welker had a fine season even after the aforementioned Clark knocked him silly in one of the toughest hits I have ever seen a player absorb.

Comparing Ginn and even Pat White to Spiller is completely unfair. How are they put together anything close to what he is? How many 225 reps can they do on the bench 1? 7? None?. He plays RB for Clemson a large school from a tough conference. Ginn and Pat White can't touch Spiller for the all important lateral acceleration. That's the same skill set that allowed Barry Sanders to do what he did all those years as a smaller RB.

I am not delusional saying "just plug in Spiller and he is a sure fire hall of famer" what I am saying is a VERY easy argument could be made for him being the most explosive player in college football that would be potentially available to the Fins at #12.

There are many clips of him doing literally amazing things with his speed and agility. He fills a TON of needs the Fins have on offense all wrapped up conveniently in one player. The Thunder we have in running backs RB, RW and LH... we need the lightning part of the equation.

Even the Bolts blinked a little bit when they cut LT and actually had the diminuative Darren Sproles floating out there a brief period before the RFA'd him. He is a smallish RB as well.

Thanks for chatting about it t.

I have to run a few errands but, I will be back after a while. Pleasse feel free to comment and I will get back to ya when I come back.


Meg Ryan or Meg Griffin?????

Cuban, I know u hate Ginn with a passion, what do we do with him?? I defended him last year but u can see the guy making a beeline to the sideline on every kickoff return...it's close to impossible to solve that problem if ur scared ur scared...can u imagine if someone goes over the middle and he sees Clark put a big hit on them?? This guy to me has been given his three years and hasn't gotten better...I don't think he is tradeable for much so what do we do???

Meg Ryan

profootballtalk.com reports:

Colts dump starting guard Ryan Lilja
Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on March 8, 2010 5:34 PM ET
Colts center Jeff Saturday disagreed with President Bill Polian's suggestion that the team's offensive line struggled in the Super Bowl.

Polian is the one that makes personnel decisions, though, and he spoke loud and clear by releasing starting guard Ryan Lilja Monday, according to Alex Marvez of Fox.

Lilja was due a $1.73 million bonus soon, but the move is still surprising. He started every game for the Colts last season and is only 28 years old.

Ultimately, the Colts need better run blockers and Polian decided Lilja was only going to get in the way with a hefty base salary. Polian trusts the team's ability to develop players.

That allows him to make strong statements in print, and on the transaction wire.

Why the Dolphins will not draft Tim Tebow:

With Pennington signed, there will be 3 QBs on the roster who are guaranteed a roster spot:

1. Henne (the franchise)
2. Pennington (the insurance policy veteran backup)
3. Pat White (the wildcat who the Dolphins just spent a 2nd round pick on)

The Dolphins also have Tyler Thigpen, who they spent a 5th rounder on. They may keep him.

That is why Tim Tebow will not be drafted by the Phins - he wants to play QB, and the Dolphins already have 3 (and maybe 4). This regime will never carry 5 QBs on a roster, and I dont think they will carry 3 either (I think Thigpen gets traded before the draft).

Bobby, the only thing to do with him is cut him, he has zero AND THE CUBAN MEANS ZERO trade value, maybe after cutting him he and his family can settle back in Columbus, Ohio and rebuild there fledgling business "Ginns bicycle emporium"

TN, Bill Polian was right, that line could not run the ball. They were 32nd in the league. Peyton disguised a lot of flaws on that team.

Rob in OC,

You make a good case and it is an interesting debate, until I read your comparisons...

Dorsett played when NFL players were much smaller than they are now (probably 40-50lbs on average). How many 250 lb Linebackers were in the league then? Not to mention 270-300+ lb defensive linemen. Emmitt played at 20-25 lbs heavier than Spiller. That is significant on that size frame.

I think for the Fins Spiller is the wrong pick at 12 because you don't use that pick on a non-starter.

i think you are right mark.

just thought i would spread the news. thought it was interesting because of how saturday took up for his line after superbowl lose

Oh, Ok. I thought you were bringing him up as a possible addition to the Phins. I don't think he's a Parcells type interior lineman.

Polian is one of the top 2 or 3 personnel men I've seen in my time and probably the singular person most responsible for Marino not getting his ring.

In a debate of personnel, I side with Polian over Saturday every time.

And enough of this Spiller talk. We have 4 RBs who can play in the NFL and maybe one OLB and one part time NT and these people want a friggin RB?? Every year, 5 or 6 can;t miss RBs enter the draft. No need to take one here. he isn't a once in a generation talent.

Pennington contract may cover all the bases but your not covering the bases today Mando. Where is the update on Clarke? Update coming soon.....

Mark in Toronto, CJ Spiller won't be the pick I don't know why people keep bringing it up, same as Dez Bryant and Brandon Marshall, just a waste of blog space


I think that on field production trumps any off field worries as far as Parcells is concerned. Everyone says that we won't look at Marshall because of off field issues or Kindle because he drives into apartment buildings at 2 am. Let me list some previous examples to refute that.

Lawrence Taylor
Joey Porter
Terrell Owens

As long as you are producing, your off field issues aren't that important. Just don't do any incredibly stupid crap that will get you suspended by the league.

Tuna draws the line though at insubordination. When you start openly critisizing management or the organization in the media, you will get a one way ticket out of town which was also displayed by TO and Porter.


Patriots to host Crumpler
Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on March 8, 2010 6:02 PM ET
The Patriots have found a target for their usual stop-gap veteran tight end position.

Alge Crumpler will visit New England Monday, according to Chris Gasper of the Boston Globe. Crumpler is looking to fill the medium-sized shoes of Kyle Brady and Chris Baker, who have rolled through town the last few seasons.

With Ben Watson taking trips elsewhere, the Patriots are nearly starting over from scratch at tight end. Crumpler would primarily help with blocking.

Bobby, I could understand it if he was an everyday, everydown back like Adrian Peterson but CJ Spiller? Let him go to San Francisco or Seattle or San Diego or wherever. This is a weak offensive draft and yet people keep piping in for offense. Go figure.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4A756xTC0s Armando tweeted this You Tube Video on Brandon Marshall, all u Marshall fans need to watch this

Alge is almost as funny of a name as Gibril...lol...

Alge Crumpler? Pffft, has he tipped the scales at 300 lbs yet? I hope he signs with the Pats - he's finished just like Fred Taylor, Shawn Springs, and Joey Galloway were last year. Belicheck is losing it.

Ok well the truth is yes Spiller is a smaller back... but at the 12th pick if all the player we want are not there, then what.. you seen in the past how hard it is to trade down..in the draft..when was the last time we got to do that, every years I here about how we should trade down, and in some drafts I wish we could have. But the truth is it harder then it seems. there has to be some one that wants some one at the 12th pick bad for this to happen..and who would that be teams hang on to there picks like gold now days.. and I know we need help on def. but this draft is deep in Def. and look what happen last year in the draft with WR the hey wood bey for the raiders..what did he do nothing the truth is it takes 2 to 3 years for a WR to pan out.. so if there is no Def. there at 12th pick PLEASE tell me fan who you pick.. ? ok so Spiller is a small back how many team have this same guy and they keep.. them .. Spiller to me would bring a joy to my Hear watching him make the plays on the teams I have come to hate for many years..(like the Jets and Jetboy and the Pats and Brady.. 2 times a year.. who in the world do we have that can do that now no one... and I tired each year living in New England and hereing about the Pats and having to deal with my friends and people at the games .. So for once I like to see a player put some feeeeeereer into the other teams in our Div.... the only other guy I take at 12th is a NT and again there are many in this draft.. so come on Dolphin fan tell me that you don't think Spiller would be fun to watch ..and Yes I do see him starting right away with that pick.. I know Ginn and White are still up in the air ..but some how if we could get a back with that kind of speed it would open the Whole passing game up guys..again check him out.. then tell me if he is still there and no body else at Def. you would not take him.. check it out ..

Smells like Tuna, the only problem with ur arguement is Parcells inherited Porter, Owens was forced on him and Taylor didn't come out of college with a straw attaced to his nose...there is a difference between having a player on ur team that gets in trouble, which u HAVE to deal with and bringing in someone from the outside who u know is trouble...Marshall is a headache, Parcells knows he is a headache and won't bring him in

Ok, first Gus, use paragraph indents because i think you just made me go cross eyes.

Second, defensive players worthy of the #12 pick are many:

Derrick Morgan
Earl Thomas
Dan Williams
Sean Weatherspoon
Rolando McClain

All of these players would help the Dolphins more than CJ Spiller would. How many touches can you get Spiller in a game with Ricky and Ronnie there this year? As it was last year before Ronnie went down, Ricky or Ronnie would be sitting more in some games than they wanted to. The only way Spiller gets more than 4 or 5 touches a game is if you play him out wide the whole game. And I don't think it's wise to pick a RB who will predominantly make his mark as a WR with the 12th overall pick.

RB is a 2011 move with an early pick, not 2010.

Gus, there is no way possible all the players we want will be gone by 12, there will be someone on defense we need

Ok Mark in Toronto

You might be right..with 4 backs.. and ya there are always backs like this around but not this back.. go head keep it up with not thinking we dont need a back Like I said before Ricky is getting old and Brown is all ways hurt only one year Brown made it with 16 games. and who are the other 2 backs we have ? oooo ya you never here about them.. the truth is you could be right but for the most part if the player is not there and we can't trade down you tell me who you take that is better then some one we could not get in round 2 or 3 ..

Mark in Toronto, we have 5 rb's under contract, RB is not a must have or even a need, it is a want at best, and we can't afford wants in this draft

Hilliard, Cobbs and Polite, all who did just fine last year, Ricky took two years off to smoke the good stuff and Ronnie is a UFA next year...next year we can worry about RB or late round this draft, NO SPILLER

all right well look I know your right.about the Def..but the player you named that could be there.. I read and hear a lot of not to good things .. I just know I am tired of us picking and not getting a good player in the 1st round.. that is fun to watch.. Spiller is going to go to with 14th pick or the browns..and this draft is deep in def..


Dan Williams is the #1 rated NT in the draft

Earl Thomas is the 2nd best Safety - some people have him at #1

Derrick Morgan is the best pass rusher in the draft

Sean Weatherspoon is the best OLB in the draft and can also play inside just as well

Rolando McClain is the consensus one or 2 ILB in the draft

So you see, if you pick any of those guys, you are getting a premier player at his position and it's also a position of need for Miami (maybe not ILB so much anymore)

You pick Spiller who's a good player, you don't address a major need for the team and you might not get the ball to this guy enough.

There is no way this guy is as good now as Ronnie or Ricky, I'm sorry.

I agree with you Bobby. No point picking a RB this year just to use him in gadget situations or have him on the sidelines and march out a half azzed defense.

Gus, Jake Long wasn't a solid number one pick???Maybe not flashy but he will help anchor the offense for years to come

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