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The Pennington contract covers all the bases

The Dolphins decision to bring back Chad Pennington and his decision to come back has raised some interesting possibilities for the two sides and it seems all those are covered in his soon-to-be-signed contract.

Although it has been widely reported that Pennington agreed to a one-year contract with the Dolphins worth $2.5 million with a "trade bonus" of $1.515 million if the team trades him, it has not been widely circulated (that I've seen) what happens if Pennington sets training camp on fire at the same time Chad Henne struggles.

The contract Pennington agreed stipulates that if Pennington starts over Henne, the veteran gets a salary of $5.75 million.

The number isn't what's important. What is important is that Pennington has agreed to be the backup and would accept that role. But, being a competitor, he is not simply going to come to camp and simply lay down -- at least not once his arm starts feeling good.

Pennington will want to be the best quarterback he can be.

And as the Dolphins gave Pennington the starter's clause in the contract, they obviously see the possibility (however small) that he might win the starting job at some point (either through competition or injury to Henne) and would, therefore, merit a higher salary.

So while both Pennington and the Dolphins have agreed his stated role will be the backup role, both also recognize there is a chance he 1. could be traded or 2. could be the starter.

Talk about running the gamut of possibilites.

[Update: I'm told Dolphins cornerback Vontae Davis suffered a wrist injury toward the end of the 2009 season and spent several weeks in a cast afterward. It is unclear if the injury required surgery. Davis has since progressed enough to have the cast removed and is now rehabilitating. He could be limited initially at the start of the team's conditioning program but should be 100 percent for minicamps and training camp.] 

Come back in a bit, I'll have more stuff posting soon.


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Anyone remember the Colts Phins game last year, a running back does not help us win that game.

We will not draft RB the 1st day of the draft.

Aint gonna happen!

Williams will be gone.. Earl Thomas is a reach at 12th.. McClain is a ILB, that we dont need now.. so maybe Morgan or Weatherspoon which I don't know much about ..


Couldnt agree with you more. Spiller is dynamic, butour defense at the end of last year was a joke. They got embarrassed against the Texans, Steelers, and Bills. Safety, linebacker, and nose tackle are much, much bigger needs than a role player type back.

Gus, how to you know Williams going to be gone?? Some people were calling him a reach at 12 but ur saying he will be gone?? Ur one of the few...McClain we dint need, don't be so sure, Dansby said he will play ILB, this is Parcells remember the guy who just had Ireland say Gibril and Akin would be fine...we are pick 12 not 20 and the eleven teams in front can't pick all of what we might use 12 on

Perhaps the Clark deal is stalled because his agent is into the blogs, and he sees the hatred here for his client.

Just a thought.

So did Mandito take the rest of the day off? Anyone hear about Ryan Clark?


Whats with this word (AINT)? Your black, thats for sure.

Fake GM, I hope Clark gets signed and takes safety out of the equation

Also, as good as Spiller is, Reggie Bush was simply better coming out of USC. If Spiller is as good an NFL player as Reggie Bush (and that is not a guarantee b/c Bush was better coming out of college), youhave just flushed the #12 pick down the toilet.

The bottom line is that Spiller is a Devin Hester/Leon Washingotn/Reggie Bush luxury pick that a team like San Diego should pick in the late first round. Miami has much bigger needs and I would be livid if they took Spiller at 12.


I agree. The whole point of free agency is to plug a few holes before the draft so that you dont have to fill so many needs and reach for players.

Now that we dont have to take Mclain b/c we have Dansby, I think Weatherspoon would be a great pick at 12. I would love it if that is what they do at 12.

B12, if that is B12....

"You're black"

Thanks for the grammar lesson. LOL

Not black, just country.

Damn son.....

Not to pile on, but another reason not to draft RB this year is that every year there is a lot of RB talent. I’d say it is the most talent laden position in the league.

One of the big reasons I see people listing for drafting Spiller is that Ronnie & Ricky may not be here next year and we'll need to address RB in the next year or two. But a running back can come in and be effective right away. Some of our positions of need that is not the case. Just about every defensive position takes time to develop, from 1-3 years normally.

Just my opinion, but I say let’s get our D fixed first. Then draft that dynamic RB if needed because you can be sure there will be one in next year's draft, and the year after, and the year after, etc...


Its all Good man.

When I say "not to draft RB this year" I do of course mean in the first couple rounds.

I know PoWhite ur country, notice the D missing...this same "guy" and I use that word loosely posting as bobby12, watch for name

Earl Thomas is not a reach at 12. If we don't take him, Pittsburgh a few slots back most certainly will to give them a nice 1 2 punch with Thomas and Polamalu.

Now if I said “Can I ax you a question?” or I axed for a ticket to the 50CENT concert. That’s black.

National Football Post reports...

Source: Steelers re-sign Ryan Clark

Safety rejoins team Aaron Wilson
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After visiting the Miami Dolphins, free agent safety Ryan Clark has re-signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers according to a league source.

Clark met with the Dolphins' brass Sunday and today, but we've been told he has agreed to terms with Pittsburgh.

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Picking a running back in the draft ROFLMAO.........

No sh*t CM....

Please provide a Ryan Clark visit status.

On a different note... the Colts released starting left guard Ryan Lilja today. Since Smiley is always injured maybe Lilja would be a nice pick up? He's only 28 (as is Smiley) and, more importantly, stays healthy. He's a good bit smaller at 6-2, 290 to Smiley's 6-3, 310, but still... Never hurts to have quality O-linemen.

CK, I couldn't agree with your assessment of the RB position more. There is an endless assembly line of talent at that position feeding the NFL every year. No need to press panic and take Spiller this year, IMO.

Fake GM, I love Weatherspoon too. During the senior bowl, everyone was falling for Brandon Graham for good reason, but the guy that blew me away was Weatherspoon. This guy is going to be a Champ of an NFL player. Some will say he's a reach at 12 now but they won't be saying that in a few years. I think he's the most complete LB in college although others say it's McClain. I think Weatherspoon's versatility - especially now that Dansby is in the fold - tilts the scales in Weatherspoon's favour.

And could the Dolphins' braintrust be an more transparent when 'Spoon was going through his drills at the combine. GET OFF THE PHONE TONY, YOU'RE SHOWING OUR HAND!!!

Makes me want to Gooogle in my pants funny...

As far as Miami draft needs forget about Weatherspoon. He doesn't have the size Parcells wants. Look at Dansby for example he is 6'5 250. Weatherspoon is like 6'1 240 not the proto type size. That's why the pick is more likely to be Kindle he is about 6'3 245 more the size Parcells goes for. Personally I think if Dan Williams is available he is the pick. I could even see Miami trading down and getting Hughes in the 20's.

Wit ya there CM.

clark jus using miami trip to get steelers to resign his ass

Man whoever this guy is, he is hilarious! I LOL everytime he posts. He is really good for this blog, if you think about it. Most of us laugh our butts off. Keep it up impersonator, I had a bad day at work and this is just what I needed. Your plain funny, thats it.

the search continues

tnphinfan dont play with my emotions that better be legit b/c i dont want clark at all...

We need to sign darren sharper---if you read my earlier post you know why---he is just in the same class as dawkins these guys can play at a high level till thier late 30s---give him a 3 year deal---

This number 12 pick discussion i see most of you dont like JPP and think morgan is a 4-3 pass rusher---and i wont disagree with you ---i see your point, but if the dolphins arent set on either one of them you dont select a player there---

That is a huge trade bait pick consdering ur not in the top 10---and a top 10 pick can slip to you---

Hold onto your seats this is what i propose

1. try to move thigpen or pettington be4 the draft for a pick-
2. Try to move ginn before the draft for a late midround pick

3. MONITOR the brandon Marshall situation if there looks like there is going to be no action before the draft wait till the first day of the draft ----trade your 12 pick for a 20ish 1st round pick and a 3rd rounder or even a 4th, or combination of picks---

Then trade that late 1st for marshall---

You get a legitmate 1st round talent that is proven #1 wr---for basically a 2nd round pick
And you have also prob added 3 quality picks for the draft----if we goes this way i think we can fill every hole but OLB

So after the draft you can look for a veteran like Jason Taylor or Adalius Thomas----

Thats my plan if everything falls in the right timing with Marshall----If you need to sign marshall be4 draft then you will have to give up that 12---and to be honest I still would---b/c his play will allow henne to develop like plaxico help eli

he signed a 4 yr deal

look it up your self. i do not play games dude


hey what is that saying they got....will turn every acorn over and look at the possibilities..acorns what ever they might as well say we will be dumpster diving and hoping for something that has a pulse

New blog up about Clark

Allen, I disagree with you on a few points. For one I want Clark in Miami. He might not be the ball hawk Sharper is but he is better in one on one coverage. Sharper missed games last year due to injury/age. Sharper isn't going to be allowed to be a free lance safety in a 3-4 defense. He will get man up with the tight end or with the backs out of the back field.

I agree with you on both JP Paul and Morgan. JPP seems like a one year wonder if you can even call him that. Selvie was better then him. Morgan definitely a 4-3 end.

As far as trading Pennington I would say forget about it. He is going to be the backup in 2010. Thigpen however I can see him being traded for a late round pick.

Marshall isn't what Parcells wants. I think he would be in trouble in less then a season in South Florida. Plus Mike Nolan was with Denver last year and I can't see him having anything good to say about the person Marshall is.

I like the idea of bringing back Taylor! He is an all time Dolphins great and a steady veteran leader.

Aloco, sorry buddy, I wasn’t ignoring you. I just missed your earlier post.
Re: Big Ben
I will admit the phrase “manipulated into sex” sounded kinda bizarre to me as well, but this is the second case in less than a year and he hasn’t even been cleared in the first one yet. He’s also known to be a “night life” guy that maybe gets a little too crazy. If it walks like a duck…

C, just like, looks like rat.Well you know the rest.

I cant believe some of you guys still have doubts when it comes to Henne. He had a great year, in my opinion, as basically a first year guy.
I dont know about you, but its been a awhile since ive seen a Dolphins QB march down field making pinpoint throws like he did and score TD's. With mediocre WR talent at that! Yeah he made a few mistakes here and there, so what.
If our defense would of had an ounce of heart (and talent) we would of made the playoffs.

I for one am extremely excited to watch this kid with another year under his belt, a #1 WR, and a defense that keeps us from playing "catch-up" every week.

And I'll catch hell for saying this, but with a true #1 WR, we may even be pleasantly surprised with Ginn's contributions to this team.

I knew there was more to the Pennington contract. After following him since college, it's safe to say, I didn't think he would just roll over and end it. He's so competitive, it would be no shock to see him win the job.

I cannot believe we signed Chad pennington, what a waste of money.u guys nay think he's great, but I'm getting sick and tired of the lack of confidence in henne. 90 percent of the time pennington play actioned he through to the rb anyway. He can't throw down the field more than once and that's before injury, and lastly I have been to and watched every single game he's played as a dolphin. He is a stats player, may look unselfish but on third down (or even second) if there's eight yards left he would throw it seven. If there was three he wouldthrow it two. Which is why his third down numbers were atrocious in passing situations. All this talk about him competing is CRAP that henne (and the dolphins) don't need and it makes me sick. Last point: we were 0-3 with pennington for a reason last year and thank god for the injury that put in henne to put up monster numbers for his basically rookie year and almost get us into the playoffs with the worst receiving core in the league. I for one am praying this doesn't come back to bite us in the ....

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