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The prototype is important to the Dolphins

As I hope you know, I wrote a column for today's Miami Herald pointing out that it is a mistake to believe the Dolphins don't chase players with questionable characters or keep troubled players simply because of what Bill Parcells said in his one and only press conference with the team years ago.

Please read the column and see how the Richie Incognito acquisition thus makes sense to the Dolphins. For those that disagree with me and think the Dolphins should put a full-court press for acquiring a troubled type such as Brandon Marshall of the Denver Broncos, the column might give you hope that move is still possible.

My opinion is it would be a mistake but that's another matter.

Anyway, in doing the legwork for the column, I re-read the transcript of that long-ago Parcells press conference and came across something that we all should remember as the Dolphins go forward in selecting players this offseason:

"Traditionally, I've tried to set a prototypical standard for each position," Parcells said in that presser. "I try not to make too many exceptions in that regard."

What that means partly is that the people running the Dolphins have a certain standard they set for their OLBs, ILBs, CBs, QBs, NTs, every position. If a player meets that prototypical standard, he can be graded in the other areas these folks view as critical factors for playing the position and being on the team.

If a player cannot preliminarily meet the standards, he's unlikely to be considered much further.

That, I suppose, is one reason the Dolphins weren't really interested in keeping Zach Thomas around for the 2008 season. Sure his age and injury history played a role, but the fact the guy is 5-11 and 230 pounds simply doesn't fit the Dolphins prototype of an inside linebacker which is 6-3ish and 245-250 pounds.

I suppose this adherence to prototypes -- prototypes proven through the years on both offense and defense -- might be a reason the Dolphins aren't likely to pick Michigan's Brandon Graham with the No. 12 overall selection in the coming draft.

Simply said, Graham apparently doesn't meet the standard for a Dolphins outside linebacker. He's 6-1 rather than 6-3 or 6-4. That minor size deficit costs Graham in Miami's evaluation. He would have to have great agility, great hips, great ability to leverage his opponent, great change of direction, great speed, all manner of great attributes to make up for those two or three inches of height.

The Dolphins want monsterous offensive linemen. The 295-pound guys that helped the Denver Broncos win back-to-back Super Bowls years ago are not the types that interest Miami.

The Dolphins generally are looking for big receivers. They want receivers that are big targets for young quarterback Chad Henne.

The Dolphins need 300-plus-pound defensive ends. Jason Taylor, who broke into the NFL as a 242-pound defensive end in a 4-3 defense, has to move to OLB in Miami's 3-4 scheme.

Generally, the idea of bigger is better is a Dolphins staple now.

Sure there are positions where size doesn't eliminate a player from consideration. But there's a reason players such as 5-8 Jim Leonhard and 5-8 Bob Sanders play safety for other teams and not for Jeff Ireland and Bill Parcells.

Obviously the Dolphins braintrust believes in what it does because they've seen what has worked in the past. And, yes, while there is always a possible exception, sometimes when the these guys make an exception it backfires.

Take Pat White for example.

He doesn't have prototype quarterback at height at 6-feet tall. He's light for the position at 190 pounds. He doesn't have an exceedingly strong arm. He's not exceedingly accurate. In none of these regards does White meet the prototypical standard for his position.

Was he a winner in college? Yes. Was he a playmaker? Yes. Did he start a bunch of college games and gain a ton of experience? Yes.Is he bright? No doubt. Is he all about team and not very much about self? Yes. In these regards, he meets some critical factors for a Parcells-Ireland quarterback.

But before the duo got to those critical factors, maybe they should have gone back to the prototype. Because they seemingly made an exception with this player ... and the results aren't good so far.


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And Czonk

Shula in his prime was a great motivator

How did Rwgie Roby die?

Rwgie Roby

I don't think Graham would be ruled out by any means. He's 264 lbs, plenty big enough for OLB in this system even if he lacks ideal height. High character, experienced 3 year starter in college, student of the game, great teammate.....he meets almost all the criteria aside from being 1 1/2 inches too short.

He's a better overall fit than Kindle, bottom line, and I think he might well be the pick at 12.



Zack Thomas is my all time fav Fin.

He just embodies hard working pro to me... he wrung more outta that body than I would have ever imagined! Coaches dream, kept his mouth shut and didn't pop off too much. (I wish he would have spoken up more often sometimes but he never was a Porter type)

I wish him the best with his concussed issues and hope he is at least considered some day for the HoF.

Love Zach from ttech

Zach IS worthy of the hall

Zack is definitely in my top 5.
For me it's Marino hands down.


I am a fan of Tate's just not over a few other players I would take around his area.

I believe he still goes late rnd #1 but could also go top of #2.

I like WR D. Thomas as 1st choice as he combines some elements we don't have (Unless Turner really comes on strong yr two) with his size and strength. I feel he is faster than Turner as well.

WR A. Benn would be my next pick over over Tate. Similar reasons... although not as big as Thomas I think Benn is more polished as a route runner and can move more fluidly in and out of breaks.

If I were targeting Tate I would get RB Best instead and think he will make the biggest impact in the 2nd round offensively (if he doesn't go late #1). Best has a nice set of hands and as a RB can be plugged into packages right away. Best is faster and can be used in very similar ways. With our own Brian Hartline and Camarillo they have similar WR's size wise anyways.

Tate is a gamer and is really good after the catch...if he ended up a Fin I wouldn't be upset for sure.



I dunno about Reg Roby...u will have to google it. ;)



Boy I sure hope you are right abaout BG!!!...I would love to have him as a Fin.

BG was actually 268lbs at the combine weigh in. I don't say that to nit pic you but rather to illustrate to others that by no means is he some Ompa-Loopa! He is a very thick, strong individual and that shows as he powers by OT's all the time. Granted his height is less than ideal but if one gets out a ruler and looks at how little 1.5 inches is it's kind of baffling he gets so heavily dinged. To each his own.

I would even by into the whole "lack of an athlete" thing if I didn't personally see major game footage of him tracking down QB's, WR's and RB's constantly in space. He lead the nation in TFL's for Pete's sake!! He is a better athlete than many give him credit for and that will be reflected once he gets into the NFL. He has a good knack for running where the ballcarrier will be and not where he is. That is key to TFL's imo.

I got sick to my stomach with the amount of times teams ran outside of JP. The Buffalo game was a prime example... A slow QB for a 30 yard run around the end??? Really?

Shameful! Not on BG's watch.



Marino would be right behind Jason Taylor for me.

Marino is the consumate gamer alterer and gave us endless comebacks and fireworks. That trio of Marino, Zack, and Taylor is nearly neck and neck but I have always goven the edge to Zack.

Lotta years and lotta plays between all those guys.


I will end with a thought:

Because someone, such as myself and others, suggest tracking down a home-run hitter type like RB Best with a 2nd round choice or as some prefer RB Spiller with the first pick doesn't mean we don't understand that the Fins DEF needs more help than OFF.

I simply feel that the MOST important thing we need from every choice we have is to "Hit a Jackpot" on that choice.

If the Jackpot is the next Ray Lewis or Ed Reed...awesome! If it is a RB like LT or WR like Megatron sweet!

There simply MUST be as many "Jackpots" as possible with our picks. When you see something like blazing speed in footage that actually shows up in games with pads on you know it simply "can't be taught". You can improve your game speed but you are as fast as you are.

If I'm a GM, I wage war on the refs and the NFL brass for creating all these ticky tack "no touch downfield" "can't lay a finger on offensive player" bump fouls. I would try to round up as many ** important** "true football players" with superior movement skills that can catch and have them run by LB's and DB's at full speed... ah ah ah...no touchy defenders. ;) Like Parcells I would still try and get as many hefty, atheltic, large men for the trenches on both sides of the ball... that part of the smashmouth "Power" football plan doesn't change.

Ginn would surely be on the list speed wise but misses one of MY crucial criteria...you have to be a all out football player. Barring a miraculous turnaround for Ginn if I drafted RB Spiller, RB Best or WR Jacoby Ford, I could trade Ginn.

With Dansby already on the team and still being able to use 1st, 3rd, compensatory pick, 4rth and ALL the late round picks 6-7 on as many DEF's as you want I think it would stretch the value of the draft further. Sprinkling in a 2-3 offensive guys could increase the chances that you don't whiff on the picks as you are able to draw from a bigger pool every round. IMHO.

It's a bit of a ramble but it's getting later and I'm bushed. Have a good one Fin Fans!!


A quick funsy type of game...

Name that NFL TWIN!

Who looks more like the Pro they will get compared to again and again?? Some vid's to help you decide...

WR Golden Tate to WR Steve Smith:


WR Wes Welker to WR Jordan Shipley:

Which reminds you more of the pro comparison?


What?No blackwood bros?Killer bees?

lol,they were not that bad


TRADE DOWN FROM 1-12 and get an extra 2nd round pick. Then ...

1. trade 1st round pick for MARSHALL,WR
3. R.JONES, F.S.
4. DEXTER MCCLUSTER RB/WR (we might have to give up one or both of our 7th round picks to move up in the draft ... but Dexter + Marshall can be a great combination)

with all due respect to Marino .... here is my ideal Fins team

RB RICKY WILLIAMS (close 2nd .. Merc.Morris)
QB GRIESE (close 2nd... Marino)
WR WARFIELD, CLAYTON (runner up: Duper)
TE.KEITH JACKSON (although he was only here briefly ... but Fins never had an all-pro TE)

OT: WEBB, J.LONG (runner up: Giesler, Carey)
C. STEPHENSON (2nd: Langer)

S. SCOTT, ANDERSON (runner up Y.Bell)
CB S.MADISON, SERTAIN (runner up V.Davis)
DE: L.TAYLOR, STANFIL (runner up Betters)
OLB: DUHE,COX runner up: Brudzinski and Porter)
ILB: ZACK THOMAS (2ND Bounecanti)


COACH: Shula
OWNER: Joe Robbie
STADIUM NAME: Joe Robbie Stadium

Good List Mike, I would Replace ..
QB, Dan Marino... I saw Griese's entire career, he was good... Dan was Great.
TE... I would have used Jim Mandich
OLB would switch Cox and Brudzinski porter would have not rated my list as having no time in Miami to speak of and leaving in shame.
Stadium Name... Dolphins Stadium...

Other than that we think alike..Mike.

Little Ditka there is a huge difference between a hothead (Incognito) and a woman beater (Marshall), one is a head case (Incognito) the other is a criminal (Marshall). Brandon Marshall will not come to the Dolphins, thanks God.

they list pat white at 6' 190lbs. after standing with him he is actually about 5'10 175lbs if that. so much for that prototype.we kept him handcuffed last year; he cant play like that because he likes to improvise.





WORTH THE 12th pick





lol Justin; I like your list, and haven't posted any preference due to the variables of who is available, but your list is solid, and I wouldn't mind any of those being our #12.

I don't post everyday, but read almost everyday and i think most of the participants of this blog do thier research, but i find it funny how some are willing to wait a few years to compare thier choice if the phins don't choose him, but say if the phins don't choose McClain it validates their belief that he is a bust.

the jury is still out on Chad Henne. If this regime gave him a whole hear to learn a system that you say he is the prototype for, then pat white want let any of us down in september.

All that and you just pick on Pat White? Our 3rd or 4th string quarterback? You started out making an interesting point there Armando; did your due dilligence aparently, but fizzled weakly by ending with Pat White.


I know everyone wants WR and OLB.. But without a solid NT all the money invested at MLB will be wasted. Opposing guards and centers will just beat them up, and wear them out in the run game.
They need to finally take care of NT in the first round, then take BPA at the other positions of need.
I would love a bigtime playmaker in the first, but this problem needs to finally be addressed, then other things will start to fall in place.

# 1 Receiver? Randy Moss 149 TD's, T0 147 TD's, Chris Carter 131 TD's aint won JACK. Bye, Bye # 1 receiver theory!


Trade Ginn? Are you insane. What happened when Revis lined up against HARTLINE? He couldn't get open. Bess, couldn't get open. Camarillo, had no chance in HELL getting open. You guys are a JOKE. Trade Ginn,HA, HA,. Good luck waiting on Marshall. We dont take guys who go to jail everyday for beating up females. HA, HA. Go Fins 2010!

Pat White outrushed CJ Spiller by 1000 yards AND outpassed Tony Pike by 1000 yards.

Now that Penny is back Pat White will be moved into the offense.

The Phins need 5 defenders just to fill the depth chart, they won't be drafting offensive skill players at all.

What about Prototype Player flops like Ernest goes to Camp and Wilson?

The only proven starter this regime has signed up is MR. Karlos Dansby

All others are 2nd tier scrubs. I understand that we turned-over 80% of the roster and added depth.... but

WAKE ME UP when we finally get a Proven WR

Chad Henne opened his big mouth yesterday... check out Profootballtalk.com

Please help us to understand how much production we should expect from the backup QB. Please do it comparatively to make it easy for us to understand for example, "Unlike Pat White, Phillip Rivers produced ______his rookie year as the backup to Drew Brees" or "Unlike Pat White, Aaron Rogers threw for ____ TDs as a rookie backing up Brett Favre".

Price Master....
Nice post, but Pat White most move to another Position unless they unload Penny or PigPen

Parcells philosophy on size is simple. A fast guy when tired is no longer fast. A quick guy when tired is no longer quick. But a big guy when tired is still big. Of course if you can get a fast and quick guy who's big that's ideal.

and on Spiller vs Best. If I need a guy to be my starter and get about 20 carries a game and run between the tackles I'd take Best. He's more willing to run hard up the middle and I think he has the better in the hole vision. But if need a change of pace/ 3rd down back / return guy - reggie bush/leon washington type - I'd take Spiller. He's pretty good with route running, his initial burst seems like he's shot out of a cannon and his KR numbers speak for themselves. Thing is Best can be a good change of pace/3rd down/return guy, too, just a little behind Spiller. Best is the better all around guy to me. Concussions are his issue.

In this age of football it is a passing league. Your defense needs to be set up to defend the pass against teams like the Colts, Saints, Pats etc. Is our 3rd and 4th CBs better than those teams 3rd and 4th WRs? We have to strongly consider Joe Haden if is were to be available and Earl Thomas. They would help us to not get abused in the passing game like we did last year. Other first round considerations at 12 in my opinion are Derrick Morgan, McClain, Dan Williams. Before you start bashing about McClain let me explain. He fits the mold. We are not extremely deep at ILB. If the other players i mentioned are off the board the pick has to be him. In the second I like players like Damian Williams USC, and Golden Tate if he is available. What does everyone think about Damian Williams?

Don't forget people worst record a few seasons ago. Then a playoff year using some good play calling and incredible luck of no injury. Another year of mediocracy, almost playoff worthy. This is still a rebuilding year contrary to some hopefuls. Takes a few drafts and free agency years to get back what the schmucks did prior to this. With this many holes, we might get to the playoffs, might not; but they are building foundation.

schizo article Mando,

You start out with Incognito (I love that name) and set the stage to dissect Pat White and prototypes.

You're mixing character and prototypicals - kinda like apples and oranges.

Parcells'philosophy (size over speed) = 0 titles in the last 20 years. Enough said.

Sign B. Marshall if he can be had for a 2nd rounder.

Does this mean we will look away from picking Earl Thomas at #12? The kid is the real deal, we need a game changing play maker at the Free Safety spot and that's what he is.

If we're looking to go all Defense in the early rounds and go for the best value at #12 this would be my pick. There isn't a clear cut great value at OLB, I would address OLB and NT in the 2nd or 3rd round

Or may-be, just may-be the "PROTOTYPE" theory is enough to land the missing piece of offensive puzzle.......... BRANDON MARSHALl, take away all the negative media play and he IS the TUNA PROTOTYPE at WR!!

Can you imagine how defenses will have to prepare for our Offense?? You have to double cover Marshall or he'll produce big numbers, leaving the other side open for Camarillo, Bess and Hartline. Opening up our Top flight running game with Ricky and Ronnie with our anchor O-Line, get the play action going and hitting Ginn on Fly routes all day! Did I mention that Marshall is also a blocker?? This one position opens up huge plays not just for Henne and our other receivers but opens up even bigger holes for our running game!
Imagine how defenses will have to prepare for that! Also, Marshall made Orton look good, we saw what type of QB Cutler was without Marshall, Henne has more potential than both of those guys.
Imagine the growth with this last Missing Piece of the Offensive Puzzle... IMAGINE.

Great article Armando, I just wish it came out earlier along with ur Anti-Marshall blog, would have avoided alot of arguements on Brandon Graham and Brandom Marshall, who will never be here...At least it helps people understand what Parcells is looking at

Here's the REAL standard by which Parcells chooses players: would Parcells let the player date his daughter.

Yann, Belicheck shares that philosphy. Look at their front 7 during the title run. Everyone has good size - even their small guys Teddy Bruschi and Roman Phifer were just under 250. Up front on defense size is the premium.

Good post Esteban, Parcells philosophy is used all over the NFL and has been very successful the past 20 yrs...especially with the Pats

Yann, i think main difference on the size premium from Parcells to Belichek though is that Parcells's size is king mentality extends to all positions. Belichek allows more variation at the skill positions.

Seems like an awfully long winded and unneccessary way to take another cheap shot at Pat White, Armando.

i never understood why they drafted White in the first place. you already had the best Wildcat QB in the league in Ronnie Brown.

ADD, cmon, Pat White will be given his opportunity but u gotta admit as a fan it was a move that no one understands, espicially with the 2nd pick, White was certainly NOT the impact player u would expect with a #2

Mando, I think you left a part out of the Parcells standards. Cost. If he can get a player cheap, questionable behavior becomes less of a factor.

On size. Bigger players are faster than what they were back in the day. But you still sacrifice speed. Last years D was slow. Are we giving up too much to maintain 'standards'?

Mando, I think you left a part out of the Parcells standards. Cost. If he can get a player cheap, questionable behavior becomes less of a factor.

Very valid, good point cocoajoe. Look at Jason Taylor. Trade him one year and the following get him back at a cheap price!!

cocoajoe, i think it was slow for other reasons than size though. OLBs were old. ILB aren't overly big just not fast either. Safeties aren't above average in size, just not fast. the CBs were the only ones with good speed. If Clemons takes a step up in his play that will add plenty of speed to the defense. Dansby adds speed at ILB. Hopefully some speed can be added at OLB, too. Plenty of big and fast guys available early on.

If they want a wildcat QB, I'd much rather seem them get Tebow and drop White, he has the size and toughness required for the position, I doubt he would be knocked out on his first hit. Why draft a Running QB to run the wild cat that is built like a kicker?

The prototype is where they start. If they have two players graded equally, they will go with the player who meets the size standard. It's not that complicated.


and then with that pick they got from the JT trade to Wash u take Pat White, hmmmmm??? that whole deal looked real good(u know, trading him getting a 2nd round pick and then him coming back on the cheap)but it all looked good up to that moment or waste of draft pick, IMO.

w/that said tho, i am happy with the direction Mia is heading and trust the Trifectas or importance of "prototype". may not agree w/all the moves, but who am i, they know and live football

JerseyPhins - I know Pat White was probably a mistake, but can you really judge a player who has only played 20 some (not sure exact number) snaps in his NFL career?

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