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The prototype is important to the Dolphins

As I hope you know, I wrote a column for today's Miami Herald pointing out that it is a mistake to believe the Dolphins don't chase players with questionable characters or keep troubled players simply because of what Bill Parcells said in his one and only press conference with the team years ago.

Please read the column and see how the Richie Incognito acquisition thus makes sense to the Dolphins. For those that disagree with me and think the Dolphins should put a full-court press for acquiring a troubled type such as Brandon Marshall of the Denver Broncos, the column might give you hope that move is still possible.

My opinion is it would be a mistake but that's another matter.

Anyway, in doing the legwork for the column, I re-read the transcript of that long-ago Parcells press conference and came across something that we all should remember as the Dolphins go forward in selecting players this offseason:

"Traditionally, I've tried to set a prototypical standard for each position," Parcells said in that presser. "I try not to make too many exceptions in that regard."

What that means partly is that the people running the Dolphins have a certain standard they set for their OLBs, ILBs, CBs, QBs, NTs, every position. If a player meets that prototypical standard, he can be graded in the other areas these folks view as critical factors for playing the position and being on the team.

If a player cannot preliminarily meet the standards, he's unlikely to be considered much further.

That, I suppose, is one reason the Dolphins weren't really interested in keeping Zach Thomas around for the 2008 season. Sure his age and injury history played a role, but the fact the guy is 5-11 and 230 pounds simply doesn't fit the Dolphins prototype of an inside linebacker which is 6-3ish and 245-250 pounds.

I suppose this adherence to prototypes -- prototypes proven through the years on both offense and defense -- might be a reason the Dolphins aren't likely to pick Michigan's Brandon Graham with the No. 12 overall selection in the coming draft.

Simply said, Graham apparently doesn't meet the standard for a Dolphins outside linebacker. He's 6-1 rather than 6-3 or 6-4. That minor size deficit costs Graham in Miami's evaluation. He would have to have great agility, great hips, great ability to leverage his opponent, great change of direction, great speed, all manner of great attributes to make up for those two or three inches of height.

The Dolphins want monsterous offensive linemen. The 295-pound guys that helped the Denver Broncos win back-to-back Super Bowls years ago are not the types that interest Miami.

The Dolphins generally are looking for big receivers. They want receivers that are big targets for young quarterback Chad Henne.

The Dolphins need 300-plus-pound defensive ends. Jason Taylor, who broke into the NFL as a 242-pound defensive end in a 4-3 defense, has to move to OLB in Miami's 3-4 scheme.

Generally, the idea of bigger is better is a Dolphins staple now.

Sure there are positions where size doesn't eliminate a player from consideration. But there's a reason players such as 5-8 Jim Leonhard and 5-8 Bob Sanders play safety for other teams and not for Jeff Ireland and Bill Parcells.

Obviously the Dolphins braintrust believes in what it does because they've seen what has worked in the past. And, yes, while there is always a possible exception, sometimes when the these guys make an exception it backfires.

Take Pat White for example.

He doesn't have prototype quarterback at height at 6-feet tall. He's light for the position at 190 pounds. He doesn't have an exceedingly strong arm. He's not exceedingly accurate. In none of these regards does White meet the prototypical standard for his position.

Was he a winner in college? Yes. Was he a playmaker? Yes. Did he start a bunch of college games and gain a ton of experience? Yes.Is he bright? No doubt. Is he all about team and not very much about self? Yes. In these regards, he meets some critical factors for a Parcells-Ireland quarterback.

But before the duo got to those critical factors, maybe they should have gone back to the prototype. Because they seemingly made an exception with this player ... and the results aren't good so far.


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How can you NOT trade the 12th pick for a top 3 playmaker in the leaque?Would'nt you rather give guaranteed money to a proven and still young stud than an unproven rookie?What has Brandon Marshall really done to make him such a questionable player?Make the move before it's too late.

Waterboy,got the alarm set for 2012.


You're on the right track buddy


Great post today. That is exactly why they should trade Ginn. First off, there's no way they would have ever drafted him in the first place. At Number 9??? LMAO!!! In the first round??? LMAO!!! In the first three rounds??? No way.

Here's the deal. Ireland came out before the season began last year & said this was Ginn's opportunity to step up. I don't think he has proven to anyone who matters that he belongs on this team. I welcome a trade & although Parcells will get as much as he can for him, I just want him gone.

For all those who dont want Marshall, please answer the following question:

Who is the best receiver on the fins roster?

1) Ginn? I thought everyone says he has no balls and drops plenty
2) Bess? Great for 5 yard slots. How many TDs did he score?
3) Camarillo? Catches everything but is slower than Spikes
4) Hartline? Your rookie is your best Receiver?

Fear the fins WR Corp!!!!!!!

We Have Playmakers,

I agree that Ginn is not a #9 pick, a 2nd rounder at best but we have yet to use this guy properly and I believe if he goes to a team that will use his speed correctly he will end up being a Was Welker type of mistake (hit his prime with a rival team after we let him go).

But if we don't get that #1 Receiving playmaker we will never know or be able to use Ginn Properly. You see, Ginn is not a #1 receiver or a #9 pick of the draft, he is as your name suggest "PLAYMAKER"
Broke a record for single game return yards, 2 TDs againts the Jets, we don't sweep the Jets without him last year.

He's a situational playmeker, retunr kicks AND Punts. Give him receiver screens with a wall of blockers, revereses, and once you have the run working with our great OLine and that #1 receiver demands double coverage, you can run fly routes with Ginn's speed. He and his speed will then become a weapon. We need to ADD weapons not release weapons but some of the weapons we already have need that missing Piece in order to take advantage of thier skills

I think that anyone who is saying we shouldnt get brandon Marshall cause we have to give up picks is a fool. If we get Dez Bryant what are we giving up?? I first round pick. What are we going to pay him???? Top 15 money for an unproven rookie who in all reality could be Ted Ginn Or I cant catch Bay in Oakland. For so many years we have gone away from troubled guys and they have come back and killed us.The phins should get Marshall and go sign Sharper or O.J. our locker room, coaching staff and head of organization is strong enough to control him!!!!

Mr. Gombs,

You;re on the right track. I agree that would be the best route if it can be done;
1st round trade for Marshall, sign Sharper or OJ at FS, 2nd round OLB and 3rd round NT.

That my friends, is the best route

Prototype my a$s!!

Zach Thomas when he left the league was the leagues leading tackler

JT is currently the leagues leader in sacks

Neither were seriously, or significantly hurt until late in there careers

Both are undersized. There are many "tweeners" like JT out there. This close-minded old-school football crap is outdated!

Good article until the end going off on a tangent about pat white. Btw after last years draft 95 percent of posts where in love with the pick. On draft day Armando was gushing with excitement over the WildPat so dont act like you hated the pick now.

And they will BOTH be in the HOF

We need Marshall. There is no other Option for an impact # 1?

Keep hording picks and see you at 8-8 next year

All last year, we heard:

Watch out for Dallas Clark against Indy
Watch out for White and Gonzales against Falcons
Watch out against all the saints WR
Watch out against Moss and Welker
Watch out against Braylon Edwards
Watch out against SD receivers
Watch out against TO

Who do teams watch out when the play us?

The Wildcat = an offense that cant produce chunk yards plays

if Denver really wants to trade Marshall they'll give him up for less than what they are asking for right now. after the 1st round is done and no one has traded for him then maybe give Denver a call about a trade for Marshall. When everyone knows you are trying to get rid of a player the chances of a team getting their asking price is pretty much zero.


You're exactly right about the WR position, though I believe we should keep the Wildcat going at least 4-8 times per game depending on the success of it during a particular defense (It allows us to control the clock, tire thier Defense with our OL and keep our D fresh)

Best Draft scenario:
1st round – FS or OLB
2nd round – trade for Marshall (perfect if Broncos agree to a 2nd rounder)
3rd round – NT
4th round – TE or LB
6th round – LB or TE
6th round - CB
6th round – S
7th round – best avail.
7th round – best avail.
*Sign OJ Atogwe or Sharper, FS (if 1st round pick is OLB)

2nd Best Draft scenario:
1st round – trade for Marshall
2nd round - OLB
3rd round – NT
4th round – TE or LB
6th round – LB or TE
6th round - CB
6th round – S
7th round – best avail.
7th round – best avail.
*Sign OJ Atogwe or Sharper, FS

3rd best Draft scenario:
1st round – FS (Earl Thomas)
2nd round – OLB
3rd round – NT
4th round – TE or LB
6th round – LB or TE
6th round - CB
6th round – S
7th round – best avail.
7th round – best avail.
*Sign L. Coles or T. Holt @ WR

Fishypete says "I agree you can't compare the two, Incognito is nothing but a scrub...A cheap scrub..

Richie Incognito
(2005) Injured reserve
(2006) Started 16 games
(2007) Stared 4 games then IR
(2008) Started 15 games
(2009) Started 9/StL 3/Buffalo

If starting 47 games in 4 years is a scrub, unfortunately the rest of our OL (Smiley, Grove,Thomas, Carey) are scrubs as well.....

I agree that Ginn is not a #9 pick, a 2nd rounder at best but we have yet to use this guy properly and I believe if he goes to a team that will use his speed correctly he will end up being a Was Welker type of mistake (hit his prime with a rival team after we let him go).

Please pass the pipe jamillion

Trade for Marshall, draft a safty and nose tackle in that order.

Chad Henne said
"Pat Turner is in backburner, lets see what he does this season...."

Lets hope for a miracle!!!!!! LMAO

Jamillion...there are other safeties in this draft that could come in and start. 2nd through 4th rounds will have guys like Morgan Burnett, Major Wright, Chad Jones, Nate Allen, and Kam Chancellor available. And also have CBs that might be better off at safety available like Chris Cook and Dominique Franks.


I'm not comparing him to Wes Welker completely dif. reciever/player. What I'm saying is that we will never be able to use his speed as a weapon without that #1 Reciever demanding respect from defenses. And if we let him go thinking he's a scrub just because we expected him to be a #1 receiever (we all know he's not). Then that team with a #1 receievr will open up the field for Ginn and be able to use his speed as a weapon - I would even predict a 9+ TD season (TD returns, revereses and Fly TDs). And that would be a mistake, especially if he goes to a rival team.

He's never gonna be the 1,000+yards rec., 10+rec Tds, 90+ catches type of receiver but use his speed properly and Ted Ginn will give a team a good 10Td season.


I like that Cook kid. What are his stats like in college as far as INTs? & when do you expect him to come off the board?

Order of playmakers on this team

1) Ronnie Brown
2) Ricky Williams
3) Chad Henne
4) Vontae Davis
5) Cam Wake

No playmakers at the WR position

Some draft info for you guys.... Earl Thomas will be flying to Miami next week spend two days with the Dolphins.... per Universal Draft...

All these OLB at 10-20 range scare me as huge busts prospects.
Tuna will go NT in round 4-5

Ok jamillion I agree alittle that his speed is elite,but,he is a sideline pattern guy.The DB's know he does not like to go across the middle so they chuck him to the sideline at the line and let the FS pick him up and shadow him down the line and come over the top for the bat or pick.Easy to defend.

he had 4 INTs last year Jamillion. I'm guessing 2nd round somewhere is when he goes off the board, but could be there in the top half of the 3rd.

I mentioned during last season that if Miami had a true #1 receiver,Ginn would put up big numbers.If we don't at least kick the tires about acquiring Marshall,I'm gonna be a little fired up.There won't be any football after next season,so I want 2 years of bragging rights.Of course we'd have to win the SB first.

You're right payuengswings, he is limited in his recieving going accross the middle and that's exactly why we need that #1 Receiver - to Open it up so we can use Ginn whenever a situation is right for him to do what he does best - fly routes, reverses and incorporate more Bess like WR screens with him and he can be a threat to take it to the house at any moment.

But with what we have now, we are not in position to do any of those things with success because like you said, they already know what he can do because none of our other receivers are feared enough to open things up

Waterboy, i got the opposite feeling on those OLBs. Not sure any turns into a DeMarcus Ware, but feel like they will be solid players.

lower expectations and yeah would seem like Ginn is doing better. but he needs to improve his game and isn't. physically he's capable of becoming a very good #2. gotta be willing to put the work in and gotta be willing to take a hit once and a while.

Well... I see the "We need Marshall and some Chunk Yards" Idiots are back at it again... Their like zits... they always show up in the wrong place at the wrong time...

GET A CLUE... 31 teams "ZERO OFFERS".... seems a little clear that Houston may have a problem... even though there are some hoodlums raised by hoodlums in this blog who don't.

Waterboy @ March 18, 2010 at 11:06 AM

Ricky and Ronnie with or without wildcat.

All the teams you mentioned already (with the exception of the bills) had a solid core of players. They don't have voids in NT, SOLB, ILB, FS. For me Marshall will be nice but not for a 1st, may be for a 3rd this year and a conditional 3rd next year. I'd like more to take T.O.

Waterboy. Randy starks is a playmaker.

Nice Article. Pure Genius.

need a hole in yur head,

You're right "Houston does have a problem"...for miami's D, his name is Andre Johnson, a beast receiver who would make the difference on this team. Marshall is the only thing out there that comes close to Andre Johnson. We expect the best, lets get the best. Period.

Point taken jamillion

Chris.... you are a moron...

signed...A scrub

Who's chris?

Brandon Marshall, blah blah blah blah , beats women, assaulted a police officer, pulled a gun on HIS DAD, NEVER coming to Miami...FU"k Brandon Marshall move on

sorry missed that post and just found it.Back and forth with the new blog.sorry

The Pat White debate rages on! The biggest Q is who was left (that filled a hole) when the Phins chose to take him, who now 12 months on can we say, " we should have taken.....!" To me there are only 2 -Clint Sintim and either McCoy/Greene as a RB for when Ricky/Ronnie go down. How many of the other players taken after Pat White have actually made a difference to their teams?
ps we should have taken Louis Murphy rather than Patrick Turner then we wouldn`t be having the Brandon MArshall discussion...or would we?

jamillion.... Andre Johnson is a great talent and an even better man... he has not gotten any of his teammates killed running his pie hole to Crips and he has never been charged with multiple crimes... whether or not he cried on the girls shoulder sweet enough to get her to drop the charges or not. You are correct about Johnson... I hope Miami is lucky enough to get a upstanding guy that that... instead of a low life wife pounder....

Oh no! He beats women! Look at your neighbor, he probably does too!

almost anyone over Patrick Turner should have been the move. Louis Murphy surprised me though last year. Played tougher than I expected. I knew he could run goes and comebacks, but he showed he was willing to make tough catches last year.

Miami needs a "Playmaker" on offense. It does'nt necessarily have to be a wide receiver. I think CJ Spiller would definitely fill that need. What's lost in translation is Miami's offense was not the problem last year. It was the defense. Get that "Playmaker" early then use the rest of your picks to address the defense. This draft is one of the deepest defensive drafts in years.

My neighbor doesn't play for the dolphins IDIOT !!

Anyway why aren`t we making any trades? How come Anderson, Quinn,Whitehurst,Carr,Hill and Wallace have all moved and our `deep` 4 quaterbacks are still all ours? Surely White/Penny or TT are as good as or not better than that lot? Where`s their value and why have we still got them all? Have we missed the boat with getting something for one of them?

All u guys who put down Patrick Turner need to learn a little more about football, Miles Ausin Dallas 2006, ZERO catches, 2007 FIVE Catches, 2008 31 Catches, 2009 81 Catches if he was a Fin most of u would have calling him a bust or crying like babies how we need a WR after 2007 when he had five catches after 2 years..,.Buy a clue

bobbyd12,agree lets give turner a chance

Marc, I guess assaulting a police officer, pulling a gun on his own father, being a part of getting ur teammate killed is allright to..,quit picking n choosing what makes u happy..,

Miles Austin averaged over 25 yards a kick return his rookie year though. Contributed. Showed explosiveness.

Turner was always supposed to become the next great one at USC, but was never even the first option. You know some guys have "it" and some guys don't. It's possible he turns into a solid pro down the line, but big time player I can't see it.

need a hole in ur head, Was Marshall really the reason that his teammate shot? I remember hearing about that tragedy in 2008 but I had no idea it was somehow connected with Marshall. Is that a fact or just your suspection? I'm curious because that def. would be a character issue not worth taking.

They wanted to shoot marshall from what I read.


Bobbyd12 firstly, was Austin on the pitch in the first 2 years? Secondly who were the frontline WR`s at that time for Dallas, a certain TO and ? I certainly can`t remember who yet he didn`t catch that many....? I`m all for giving Turner a chance, but im not the head coach, and if he doesn`t put him on the pitch he`s not going to get that chance.....? All i said was taking Murphy has turned out (so far) to have been a better pick (and he graded out higher on Scout.com)

Boob....Maybe the cop and his dad and his teammate were all d!ck$...None of us were there. It's not like we haven't had troubled players in the past. At least he's superstar calibre. I don't give a hoot what any of them do in their off time. Ricky was suspended for weed THRICE!

I agree that Pat White probably should have been picked in the third or fourth round.

I believe that the FO thought he was the best talent available for their Wildcat offense and capable of taking it to the next level (and implement the spread offense as well).

No other team was a serious about making the Wildcat an integral part of their offense. So they weren't going to gamble that he'd be gone before their 61st, 87th or 108th picks.

I expect that Pat White will show major improvement this year and he'll be judged at the end of year if he's part of the future or not.

I also expect that Henne will be judged as well at the end of year to determine if he's the future franchise QB or not.

It seems from reading these posts that many of you would take Berry if he slips to #12 because he could be an immediate starter.

Why not move up and get him by trading spots with the Redskins (Berry probably won't get past the Chiefs)?

Since QB is one of the holes they want to fill, the Fins could throw in Thigpen to move up and ask for a late round pick. Thigpen could probably compete or be a good 2nd string QB.

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