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This blog rocks, and so do the nose tackles

Before we begin today let me share that Dolphins In Depth has been chosen among the top 100 blogs for NFL fans by the Forensic Scientist Blog. This is the only newspaper-oriented Dolphins blog on the list. I congratulate the folks at The Phinsider and Phinphanatic for being the only other Dolphins blogs included. Those guys often take shots at me but I appreciate that, like you, they read me every day.

On to the information.

Yesterday our aspiring scout Chris Codero gave you the knowledge about the linebackers and how they worked at the Indianapolis Combine. The defensive linemen also worked so let's catch up with what happened to the nose tackles -- a position the Dolphins must somehow address this offseason.

From Cordero:

Dan Williams disappointed a little with only 27 reps on the bench press but with his ideal short, squatty build for a NT, strong showing in the stack and shed drill with a strong punch and good knee bend, he did nothing to knock himself from being the third best DT in the draft. He will never be a great pass rusher; but he will absolutely be a great run stuffer. He showed enough in his senior season and Senior Bowl week to make me believe he could be a solid NT for the next 10 years. A first round lock in my eyes and, depending on who is available, could be the pick at #12. The Dolphins know what they are getting after the Senior Bowl and he came off as a player driven to succeed.

Terrence Cody's 40-yard dash time was terrible and he didn't lift, but who seriously expects Mount Cody to ever run 40 yards in one fell swoop anyway? By losing 16 pounds he has showed some commitment to improving himself and his draft stock. Some team could take a chance on him late in the first round due to the demand of his position - and if he continues to commit himself to improving his body and dedicate himself to the game, he could be a great NT for years to come as well. Would be a solid selection at No. 12 and again, the Dolphins should know more about him than most after having him at the Senior Bowl.

(Salguero interruption here: If the Dolphins pick Cody at No. 12, I would call it many things, but definitely not a "solid selection." To me it would a major reach. that pick would offer zero value because you don't want a two-down player that high in the draft. Sorry, Chris, but we don't agree. Back to your breakdown.) 

My bad, I meant to say it would be a solid pick at No. 43 - no way do I take him at 12! I don't agree with myself drafting him at No. 12! I was tired.....

Cam Thomas continues to impress me. He might be one of the fittest looking 330+ pounders I have seen. He had an adequate broad jump of about 8 and a half feet, showing decent lower level explosion for someone so big. He also showed quick feet in the stack and shed drill and a strong punch - although he could work on his knee bend and have a quicker punch. Because he is nealry 6-4 this could be an issue as strong, short interior linemen could get inside his pads easier and out-leverage him. I have him in the 3rd round; but with the demand on the position, don't be surprised to see him go in the 2nd.

A couple of other NT prospects where fairly impressive as well:

Jeff Owens put up 44 reps on the bench; and also has that short, squatty build teams like in a NT. He also displays quick feet in the drills - his motor runs hot and cold though in film I have seen. Again, after having him at the Senior Bowl (and having a lot of alone time with defensive line coach Kacy Rodgers) this is another player the Dolphins should have a grasp of. I have him in the 5th-6th range and could be a decent value there.

Al Woods of LSU also showed explosiveness - displaying a 37-inch vertical leap. At one time he was a highly rated prospect and has all the physical tools to be a successful NT. But he is another guy who 
doesn't always put forth 100 percent effort. I also have him in the 5th-6th round.

Linval Joseph and Torell Troup also impressed. with Joseph putting up 39 reps and Troup putting up 31. Each player has very good athleticism for their size, as evidenced by their quick feet in drills. Each 
player should go in the 4th by my estimation. But I wouldn't be surprised if they went earlier due to the position they play. I am a fan of both players and think they could be successful in the league.

Come back later this afternoon for a Combine wrap plus other news, notes, analysis, and whatever else got this blog in the Top 100 nationwide.


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I saw Dan Williams on YouTube pursue a ball carrier to the sideline and make the tackle. Can't ever imagine Mt Cody doing that.

I'd like to know the assessment of Geno Atkins, the "other" Georgia DT.

Terrence Cody @ 12? No wonder this guy cant find a job scouting.

Hell i saw him do it in the Sr. bowl. Kid is a beast, i'd be happy if the Phins get him.

I think the player we take at 12---is the player jacksonville doesnt take it at 10

Derrick morgan really surprized me, everyone said he was just a 4-3 end after being impressed at combine i looked at more tape and i can see why the dolphins have interviewed him already---he reminds me of a lamar woodley type with 6"3 270 long arms can play the run and is much more of a sure thing then JPP----

Saying that, jaguars should take Morgan and if they do I think dolphins cant pass up on JPP---b/c after the first round thier isnt another pass rusher with the length, abiltiy to rush and play the run---it is a bunch of one-dimenional player like hughes, sapp, kindle is polished or big enough weighn in at 250, graham is to short----

By the way the also interviewed spikes already and i think in the 2nd he has great value---

I was impressed with the NT Joseph could be a nice grab in the 4th---

I really think we need to trade one of our players and at least try to add one mid round pick---i feel we are a pick short of having a really comfortable posititon to fill holes--

Trade bait

Ronnie Brown
Ted Ginn
Greg camirillo
Jason Allen
Channing Crowder

By the way I know micah johnson ran a herroundous 40, but that isnt important to me for a MLB---in the position drills i thought he moved well enough to take a gamble on him in the midrounds---guys like Spikes and Micah look a whole lot better when you put pads on and you see thier strength and 5-10 yd explosion.......

Ugh, another trade Ronnie Brown idiot.

Pot shots aside, congrats to you as well. Not sure who they are but having only 3 sites represented out of 100 is pretty impressive regardless of what their parameters were.

Nice work Armando...but you can still expect shots from time to time...;)

Brian - Phinphanatic

Chris Cordero is right about one thing, LINVAL JOSEPH WAS AN ABSOLUTE BEAST AT EAST CAROLINA!

This maybe a smaller school but most times when a guy completely dominates on his level it usually translate to a fair degree of nfl success. Ala Walter Payton, Jerry Rice, Randy Moss...... Need I name more?

The guy has ideal size(6'4 328lbs) and strength(39 reps 2nd overall at the combine). He can also get after the passer for a big man, he had 25 qb pressures and 3 sacks, also 13 tackles for loss last season. Those number are better than Mt Cody's. He also increased his total tackles from 40 in 2008 to 60 tkls in 2009. A 1yr 20 tackle increase is phenominal no matter what college division you play in and shows this kid's game is developing by leaps and bounds.


who did you PAY or BLOW to get this recognition?

Be honest!

I think Miami will end up trading down and picking up more pick. There is no player that stands out.Other than the top 3 picks. The Tuna Has his way.

We need an anchor on Defense. Just get a good one. There are too many variables for my pea brain

The forensic scientist blog??? Please, let them focus on analyzing crime scene data, unless they want me to pick who's the top blogger for semen analyzation blogs.

I think trading down will depend on how free agency goes before the draft. If we pick up some of these Arizona players to help fill the gaps then a trade down would be a good bet, but only if we can find a trade down that makes sense.

Cody at 12 and trading Brown. When people say these things they loose all credibility.

You need to get over yourself AS. Before we begin today let me share that Dolphins In Depth has been chosen among the top 100 blogs for NFL fans by the Forensic Scientist Blog. This is the only newspaper-oriented Dolphins blog on the list. I congratulate the folks at The Phinsider and Phinphanatic for being the only other Dolphins blogs included. Those guys often take shots at me but I appreciate that, like you, they read me every day.

i'm really looking forward to releasing porter and drafting some young guys who can TACKLE! we can't let pretenders like porter run the team anymore. everyone let his sacks in 2008 mislead us into thinking he was something he wasn't. i'd like to see us purge some guys for draft picks! don't give up picks for nfl "stars" who are looking for their last big payday!

The dolphins are going to draft the best athlete available. They will not draft because of need. There will be no trading down! They just finished 7-9 and are players away from being a solid Playoff team. The trifecta will take someone that adds speed and explosiveness to that offense.They need more Team speed. You have to be able to score in the league. Both superbowl teams had one thing in common. they could score.The Trifecta know it!!


Why are you so conceded. This has nothing whatsoever to do with your blog nor your limited journalistic skills. It is the Phin site that deserves the credit! Not you and your 5th grade education.

Write much?

It will be Spiller or Bryant at 12! We need a playmaker baby!

Top 100 football blogs for NFL teams is not that impressive seeing that there are only 32 teams! Also, what the hell does forensic science have to do with football???

Gotta admit I do love the blog though, keep up the good work!

No way the Dolphins take Cody at #12.

I agree that Cordero is way off with Cody at 12 statement


You all, watz up with the anger? The dude is trying his best!!

He be no fool - he writes what he thinks, right or wrong. He may not be the brightest bulb on the tree, but hey, watz they pay for his job?

Be nice!!

How about,

1) Sergio Kindle - OLB
2) Cam Thomas - NT
3) Dorin Dickerson -HB
4) Mike Williams - WR
5) Micah Johnson - ILB

+ Karlos Dansby MikeLB

Nice work Armando..... but I also read Omar's blog.

Mando, f*%k what Bob Jones said, he's a tool. You rock brotha! Love the blog (even when I disagree with you). Your a good journalist and have a good knowledge of football. I appreciate the information you uncover for us from inside the organization. Keep us the good work and congrats on the award!!

I see the PUS"Y chickenshyt got out of his boyfriends grip and posted under NJ name at 9:13


You all, watz up with the anger? The dude is EVERYONE, STOP THE ARMANDO BASHING!!!

You all, watz up with the anger? The dude is trying his best!!

H e be no fool - he writes what he thinks, right or wrong. He may not be the brightest bulb on the tree, but hey, watz they pay for his job?

Be nice!!

Thanks Armando for the two dolphins Blog sites. Still read you daily but it's good to have a couple of other sources who look at football the way I do - fins - fins - fins!

By the way Mando, I love ur blog except for the cowards who use other peoples names...NT, need one by the second round if not the first, Dan Williams would be the man, Cam Thomas great, NO FAT MAN CODY

I still think top 100 is funny when there are only 32 teams... I would say if you're not in the top 100 you should be worried... what do a bunch of forensic scientists know about football anyway?

I agree we need a playmaker Bryant or spiller will be fine with me as long as were able to land (ilb) dansby and rolle at saftey

I admit that I am one of those cowards from time to time.

BUT, I have taken self-reflection courses and feel that I can now speak my mind freely without persecution.

Love all,


Lol, MJOR PUS"Y, u think ur funny but it the biggest coward on this site, can't do anything but use others names...go take another load on ur face PUS"Y

My name is Bobby and I hate myself. I call myself names and my mommy beats me because I am a bad boy.

Please help me.

Enjoy AS"HOLE, this is ur last day here

My name is Bobby and I am a COWARD.

I wanted to be born a girl.

Please forgive me for sounding so jerky.

Already contacted The Herald AS"HOLE so like I said enjoy ur last day

My name is Bobby

I run for help. I contacted the Herald because I cannot deal with real issues or people without tattle tailing on them.

I was the kid in school who told the teacher on everyone else. I am a COWARD at heart. Please don't hate me.

Bobby D (D for Dummy)

Bobby D. - grow up boy!!!!!!!!!!!

They are such 'forensic scientists' on that blog that we are the only *known* undefeated team (there's apparently another hidden one out there) and the Steelers are 5-time SB champions!!!


You've been fooled Mando. It's a Forensic Science Technician website that is covered with advertising to go to schools on the homepage. They do these "top" lists in order to drive traffic to the site. The info is based on Alexa ratings and the content is taken from your "About" section on your site.

They say your show is called "The Ticket" so they can't even get that right.

That site has no credibility in regards to being a decider on the top 100 NFL blogs.

You should remove the link before you send them any more free traffic.

'forensic scientists' what a joke

like calling a janitor a waste management engineer.

Say what u want u Fucken PUS"Y, ur all done have a nice life


This is not the appropriate place for such language. I think you should go back to the trailor park!

What a total rag!

someone should report you also....

Will the real bobbyd12 please stand up ?

Berry or Graham are the pic - say no to McClain.

LOL, they must be both like 10 years old...

Arrelious Ben in the 2nd.

Daryl Washington in the 3rd!

in the can snitches , rats, get the meat shank

With the 12th pick,the Miami Dolphins select Rolando McClain University of Alabama.He will then be paired with his teammate Mt Cody,giving us the 'pillar'of our defense.Mcclain(Henne)Cody(Long)u follow me?

I say we go LB (ILB or OLB) with the first pick and try to get Cam Thomas in the 2nd.

sssshhh...if you're reeeeeaal quiet, maybe we can find that OTHER undefeated NFL team around here somewhere....ssssshhhhh....

I don't think Troup got enough love by Cordero here. Very underrated, I have him better than Cam Thomas. With his build and strength, he'd be a pure hydrant in the middle of that line.


Remember that Thomas is 6'4 330, whereas Troup is 6'3 314. For the size we need at NT, Thomas is a better fit. I like Troup, but he is a round later IMO. The problem with Thomas is he has been far better in the offseason than he was for the most part in college.

We need a NT regardless of round, though.


Bootang, take a look at Parcells' NTs over the years. Most recently Ferg and Ratliff are shorter more squat and lighter guys.


As I was writing my last post, I thought of that as well.

SURESHOCK_PHINS - He may be there in the 3rd, but could also be taken before we draft in the 3rd...

Bootang, it's interesting. Parcells' theory seems to contradict almost everyone else's theory of size being king in selecting a NT. It's very difficult to really see what he wants in one but I know this, he's got to really like seeing the size of Dan Williams' and Terrel Troup's lower body power. Your quads and core generate all the functional strength in an athlete. That's my major concern with Thomas. I could be wrong and if someone can show me otherwise, that would be great.

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