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Thursday afternoon notes on the Dolphins

NFL.com's Pat Kirwan, a former NFL scout, released his second mock draft and he's got the Dolphins picking Penn State defensive lineman Jared Odrick.

Odrick, 6-5 and 305 pounds with a motor that does not quit, can probably fill the need at nose tackle but also could have the position flexibility to play the five technique as one of Miami's ends.

After the Senior Bowl, when Michigan DE/OLB Brandon Graham was asked which players impressed him most, he immediately mentioned Odrick. Players know who's good and who's not.

ESPN draftniks Mel Kiper and Todd McShay both have the Dolphins picking Tennessee defensive tackle/nose tackle Dan Williams.

The intriguing thing to me is that if this happens -- and it might -- we'll have the Dolphins still addressing the defensive line a full three years after the new administration came to town and started reworking the unit by picking three defensive linemen in their first draft, signing one defensive linemen in free agency, and trading for nose tackle Jason Ferguson.

In total, the Dolphins have made seven moves to assemble their current defensive line, drafting Phillip Merling, Kendall Lankford and Lionel Dotson, trading their sixth-round picks in 2008 and 2009 to Dallas for Jason Ferguson and Dallas'  2008 sixth-rounder, signing Randy Starks as a free agent, trading a seventh-rounder for Tony McDaniel, and most recently, re-signing Ferguson as a unrestricted free agent.

The interesting thing is that the defensive line -- which many, including me believe is a team strength -- is still not sufficiently solidified that we might say there is absolutely no need there.

Guess rebuilding is a slow slog, folks.


Joey Porter's visit with the Arizona Cardinals just ended minutes ago. He was not offered a contract, according to a league source. But it is early in the process and that could change in the coming hours.

Porter clearly would like to play on the west coast as his family lives in Bakersfield, CA. Why, you might ask, doesn't the Porter family simply pack up and live wherever Porter's career leads?

Porter has two sons and two daughters and one of the girls, Jasmine has autism. Porter's wife Christy open a daycare center for special needs children in their hometown of Bakersfield, Calif. and attends to the center daily.

Porter would travel across country to see his wife and the kids several times per season. He wants to play closer to home now.

Different side of the big mouth linebacker we came to know with the Dolphins, no?


Speaking of former Dolphins linebackers, Zach Thomas was on WQAM 560-AM Thursday.

He was asked what he'd say if Bill Parcells asked him whether or not to go after enigmatic Denver wide receiver Brandon Marshall, a restricted free agent. 

"Yes," Thomas said emphatically. "Do it now before anybody else changes their mind."

Marshall has issues, as you know if you read this blog. He has a history with domestic violence. He has been often unruly in Denver. On top of that, he would cost a first-round pick. He would also cost a contract that would likely average $9-$10 million per year.

No problem, Thomas said.

"With Brandon Marshall it’s about money," he said. "If you pay the guy well he’s gonna play hard. He even played hard last year. He’s got a lot of pride, and he can be a little selfish, but good players are selfish. Look at a guy like Terrell (Owens), guys can go to extremes. But Brandon Marshall is a proven player; he’s still young, and I tell you what, he’s best in the league right now.

"It’s not even a first and a third. Miles Austin is a first and third because (Dallas wants) to keep him. He’s a first round? It would make everybody better. It would make Ted Ginn better, it would make (Greg) Camarillo better, all of them better -- (Davone) Bess. That’s who they need. Because if you’re gonna take a chance on Dez Bryant – I don’t know much about college, I go by what I hear – but if you’re gonna take a chance, you don’t need that. You go with a guy that’s proven."

Thomas, whose final year with the Dolphins was 2007, said he still suffers from symptoms of concussions that plagued him during the latter part of his career. He is working the Players Association to help educate players about concussions.

Thomas is primarily a fan now. And like you, he's hopeful about the 2010 season.

"I expect big things," he said.


Former Dolphins guard Andy Alleman, traded to the Chiefs last year, has signed with the Indianapolis Colts. Congratulations to him.


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Jonathan, I'd pick Brandon Graham.

Are the Dolphins on the phone with Andra Davis? Just got released... Played for Mike Nolan last season... Would be good depth to add to the ILB rotation...

I can't believe we are still talking about Clark big time money for average player. Please let's move on

I didn't mean nothing negatively and didn't take anything negatively.

Guys, I'm typing fast and words in print sometimes suggest a mood that isn't accurate.

I'm not mad at anyone. I'm not unhappy. I'm just answering as quick I can.


Mando, well said but if we address our D this year in the draft, then next year a RB, then we just need to folk a few spots. Then having Marshall will open up more doors for our Offense, plus Pat White may even complete a pass.

386Ron, I talk primarily to two scouts that I've developed as sources over the years.

Both believe the value in the first round will be in the teens. So I would not be surprised if teams are willing to trade down.

But how many teams will want to trade up? That's the big question.

I think most people would have preferred Boldin to Marshall. But that being in the past what are the top dogs going to do moving forward?

After watching that NFL classic NE vs Miami circa 1994 last night I want a stud WR more than ever. Now that's how you throw the football. Damn you Tom Olivadati! (the person not the poster)

Who cares if Marshall is a diva? Weren't the Marks brothers divas? Maybe not wife beaters but divas none the less. Just say no to another 4th or 5th round shot in the dark.

Joe, see my answer to 386ron.

Image, where was that posted?

Glad to hear that your not offended mando... Gotta go, see you all later, I'll read the chat later on.

After changing my daughter's poopy diaper I was reminded about that Douche bag Rex Ryan and how their D just got better this year, plus they have an interest in Sharper. Now, having a WR will help us when we play, but the more they blitz we should keep running screen plays until Ryan loses focus and starts eating Little Debbies during timeouts.

has there been any rumors of a team signing ronnie to that 1st rd. tender?

Mando Mando Mando...

do you think the team is considering parting ways with any draft picks for a potential starter at OLB, NT, WR or FS??


Who was the stud WR in the game you watched. Irving Fryar was a very good WR, but I wouldn't say stud. McDuffie was a rookie. Our passing game was great, a lot of which had to do with Mr. Marino and his awesome arm.

Whats the status of Pat Turner, is he going to be given a chance to crack the rotation?

Rob, the twitter folks and you folks are the same folks -- I hope.

Look, the draft is more than a month away. Anyone that says they know what a team is likely to do in the second round or later rounds is speculating.

Teams lock in to guys in the next couple of weeks. But not yet.

I know that doesn't answer your questions but I want to be honest with you in case other folks are acting like they know something that is actually just speculation.

Armando the Cowboys have been rumored to be releasing Ken Hamlin, do you see Miami going after Hamlin if released.

News also broke out Atogwe is finally receiving interest fromt teams, any info if the Fins are one of those teams


Any update on the Free Safety front (Sharper, Atogwe, Sean Jones?)?


Are the fins that down on Clemons and Culver? Could you see them addressing other issues at the start of the draft and getting a FS in the late rounds to compete with the 2 for the starting job?


What have you seen/heard about Kory Sheets? I've been wondering since we picked him up if he's got real potential with the Phins.


Smirish, my guess is that no one will pay a first round pick for Marshall. No one.

Someone that is interested will probably try to make trade for him that might include a second and a third round pick or a second and a fourth.

And I think Denver will do it.

Congrats bigafly!


Andra Davis was cut out of nowhere! We're going to scoop him up, right?


The dolphins should Draft me to play NT. I'm huge !!. i was in pumping iron with arnold . i won the featherweight division at this year's arnold classic. I know football because i play pro rugby. 1 .2 .4 .

Interesting since Zack Thomas was among the most vocal in his opinion that Ricky Williams should not come back to the team, back when Ricky was a proven talent with issues during the "I just wanna smoke" pot debacle

Andra Davis could play ILB, and Dansby could switch to OLB where the Fins were rumored to really like him at.

Jordan - a 31 year is not exactly prototype Tuna player.

thx mando. the fins are CRAZY if the woudnt give a 2 & 4 for marshall

HvK, you hit on something that has really jarred me during free agency.

The Dolphins offered contracts to both Antrel Rolle and Ryan Clark to start. That tells me they don't think Chris Clemons is ready to start for them -- not this year, not the next couple of years.

Very disappointing to me. Not that I'm down on the team. I'm down on the circumstance.

Great teams draft guys and develop them. After a year or two, those guys should be ready to step in if they're going to be players.

That's how Pittsburgh does it so often.

Right on... Honestly is ALWAYS the best policy.

Thanks Armando!


Put another way, I would love for the Dolphins to reach the point where they are getting rid of players like Joey Porter instead of signing players like Joey Porter.

I want them to be able to get rid of Gibril Wilson and have someone in house ready to step up.

Unfortunately, the chase of Rolle and Clark shows Clemons probably isn't ready to step up in the opinion of the team.

Image- Neither is Sharper who the Fins have supposely shown interest. Remember Tuna didn't draft OT first overall or CB in the 1st round. If the guy can play they will sign him.


How are ya? Have the Phins shown any interest in Atogwe?


the Fins haven;t signed Sharper either.

Darn it Mando, why did you have to go and humanize Porter? He's in my top 10 favorite guys to hate list and it's hard not to see him in a different light knowing about his daughter. :)

Nothing definitive on Otogwe at this hour.

Nothing going on with Sharper either at this hour -- in fact, Sharper is recovering from surgery. He's probably going to wind up back with New Orleans, in my opinion.

Image - Andra played under Mike Nolan and did well beyond what he was expected to last year. Effort and connections are actually ALL Parcells seems to be about.

Thanks Mando,

Could Gerard Warren (just released) fill the NT spot for a few years?

Armando have you heard of any potential visits recently. Thing shave been real quiet since Clark.

Dantheman, the Jets cannot have a serious interest in Sharper because they cannot sign Sharper at the moment.

They can only sign a UFA after losing a UFA and they haven't lost any at this point.

I didn't mean to imply that Miami had a great WR in 1994. I meant the thrill of seeing the Dolphins have a viable vertical passing game which of course Marino could have probably made Ginn look like an All-Pro. But since Henne is no Marino, at least not yet, it seems like it's going to take someone at the WR position who the defense respects as a downfield threat. I haven't seen that person yet on the roster.

Armando do you see the Fins trading for a RFA that is not a WR. Perhaps a safety or OLB.

Don't get me wrong - i'm all for upgrades Rob and Jordan!

I'd enjoy watching him on the team! I just dont see them spending the kind of money he'll want at his age... hence Sharper.. hence Clark..

Armando the Fins have re-sgned Pennington & Ferguson how long before they re-sign JT and does he even get re-signed.

Odrick sounds like a very Parcellsian pick. Its a safe pick, and a versatile pick. But, this doesn't necessarily mean its a good pick. The Chiefs took Tyson Jackson as the #3 pick last year because he was safe and versatile, but he made little impact. He might anchor the line steadily as a 3-4 end, but he showed no reason to think he will ever be a difference maker.

The first draft was played pretty safe in the trenches (Long, Merling, Langford, Thomas).

Last years draft was one that had me scratching my head most of the time. (Vontae Davis over Clay Matthews, Rey Malaluga, James Laurinitis). I thought Parcells was a linebacker guy. Pat White picked over lots of wide receiver/linebacker talent. Sean Smith was the only pick that resonated with me. Even the wide receivers had me scratching my head. Thankfully Hartline worked out.

So either Parcells will go slow and steady with a 3-4 end/tackle like Odrick, Price, Morgan, Griffin) or completely fool us with Damariyus Thomas, C.J. Spiller, Golden Tate, Joe Haden, or some other skill position/defensive back type.


With the draft this deep and the true value being in the high teens in the 1st round, the true best deal might be giving up a single 1st round pick vs a 2nd and 3rd or 2nd and 4rth.

I am wondering if teams will call Denver's bluff and angle for a straight 2nd or a conditional 2nd with further compensation in 2011.

I know Denver is saying they won't go any lower but I really doubt McDanials can face the Marshall music a second year in a row.

Hmmm, the plot thickens.


Every body who thinks the dolphins have confidence in clemons just shut up , so in your world you would like to go into training camp basically giving a second year pro with limited playing time as a rookie the starting job ? Well the dolphins aren't retards like you . They want clemons to start but he has to earn it , by beating out someone in camp , like we are in an uncapped year if clemons shows up and takes the job with athority , would we really be loosing anything by cutting the other safety ? Ummm I think not

The thing is, Clemons was the #165 selection. Not sure one gets a can't miss starter in the sixth round.

LOL CavalierKong.

Anybody else suddenly think better of Joey Porter after finding out a little more about him?

That narrows it down.....

Odrick is a beast, besides Graham & Earl Thomas he is the only other safe pick at the position I feel good about.

Dan Williams combine was bad

What's the word on Benjamin Watson? Fasono has turned into FaDrop-o

*dnt have confidence in clemons I ment

So the question is WHY was Andra Davis cut?

The Dolphins are reporting no visits today. Zero.

why is the sky blue?

Has ZT actually talked to the team about signing for a day and retiring with the team? Everyone would love to see that happen

I think Parcells drafts Graham or Dan Williams

The things with Porter little girl is sad and I hope him and his family can overcome that, like Marino's kid did. Porter on the other hand showed no class, used Super Bowl week to make the Dolphins look like a piece of crap and everything was about him.

He was gonna get released and felt he had to go out with a bang. Instead of just stay quiet and wash into the sunset. I can't stand Porter and Im glad he is gone.

so no visits and no a.bryant now. offseason just keeps getting worse.

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