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Thursday afternoon notes on the Dolphins

NFL.com's Pat Kirwan, a former NFL scout, released his second mock draft and he's got the Dolphins picking Penn State defensive lineman Jared Odrick.

Odrick, 6-5 and 305 pounds with a motor that does not quit, can probably fill the need at nose tackle but also could have the position flexibility to play the five technique as one of Miami's ends.

After the Senior Bowl, when Michigan DE/OLB Brandon Graham was asked which players impressed him most, he immediately mentioned Odrick. Players know who's good and who's not.

ESPN draftniks Mel Kiper and Todd McShay both have the Dolphins picking Tennessee defensive tackle/nose tackle Dan Williams.

The intriguing thing to me is that if this happens -- and it might -- we'll have the Dolphins still addressing the defensive line a full three years after the new administration came to town and started reworking the unit by picking three defensive linemen in their first draft, signing one defensive linemen in free agency, and trading for nose tackle Jason Ferguson.

In total, the Dolphins have made seven moves to assemble their current defensive line, drafting Phillip Merling, Kendall Lankford and Lionel Dotson, trading their sixth-round picks in 2008 and 2009 to Dallas for Jason Ferguson and Dallas'  2008 sixth-rounder, signing Randy Starks as a free agent, trading a seventh-rounder for Tony McDaniel, and most recently, re-signing Ferguson as a unrestricted free agent.

The interesting thing is that the defensive line -- which many, including me believe is a team strength -- is still not sufficiently solidified that we might say there is absolutely no need there.

Guess rebuilding is a slow slog, folks.


Joey Porter's visit with the Arizona Cardinals just ended minutes ago. He was not offered a contract, according to a league source. But it is early in the process and that could change in the coming hours.

Porter clearly would like to play on the west coast as his family lives in Bakersfield, CA. Why, you might ask, doesn't the Porter family simply pack up and live wherever Porter's career leads?

Porter has two sons and two daughters and one of the girls, Jasmine has autism. Porter's wife Christy open a daycare center for special needs children in their hometown of Bakersfield, Calif. and attends to the center daily.

Porter would travel across country to see his wife and the kids several times per season. He wants to play closer to home now.

Different side of the big mouth linebacker we came to know with the Dolphins, no?


Speaking of former Dolphins linebackers, Zach Thomas was on WQAM 560-AM Thursday.

He was asked what he'd say if Bill Parcells asked him whether or not to go after enigmatic Denver wide receiver Brandon Marshall, a restricted free agent. 

"Yes," Thomas said emphatically. "Do it now before anybody else changes their mind."

Marshall has issues, as you know if you read this blog. He has a history with domestic violence. He has been often unruly in Denver. On top of that, he would cost a first-round pick. He would also cost a contract that would likely average $9-$10 million per year.

No problem, Thomas said.

"With Brandon Marshall it’s about money," he said. "If you pay the guy well he’s gonna play hard. He even played hard last year. He’s got a lot of pride, and he can be a little selfish, but good players are selfish. Look at a guy like Terrell (Owens), guys can go to extremes. But Brandon Marshall is a proven player; he’s still young, and I tell you what, he’s best in the league right now.

"It’s not even a first and a third. Miles Austin is a first and third because (Dallas wants) to keep him. He’s a first round? It would make everybody better. It would make Ted Ginn better, it would make (Greg) Camarillo better, all of them better -- (Davone) Bess. That’s who they need. Because if you’re gonna take a chance on Dez Bryant – I don’t know much about college, I go by what I hear – but if you’re gonna take a chance, you don’t need that. You go with a guy that’s proven."

Thomas, whose final year with the Dolphins was 2007, said he still suffers from symptoms of concussions that plagued him during the latter part of his career. He is working the Players Association to help educate players about concussions.

Thomas is primarily a fan now. And like you, he's hopeful about the 2010 season.

"I expect big things," he said.


Former Dolphins guard Andy Alleman, traded to the Chiefs last year, has signed with the Indianapolis Colts. Congratulations to him.


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mando,hi first time poster here.couple quick ?'s.first why do you think marshall is such a bad chioce for #1wr??if not marshall who then would we look at in your opinion??thankx alot!also would we grab a davis & g warren just released??i would grab both & MARSHALL just my 2 cent's

who is this other robert posing as me I'm the robert from hollywood n twitter that is following all the dolphinswriters! If you guys wanna follow me do so PHINSPHAN1013 mando also follow me! Ok I think this team has too many holes to fiill in one year miami fans chill ok! I think the penn state guy will be a bust I'd rather take bryant n draft a nose tackle like brian price who people see going in the socnd round? Also armando since zach is telling miami gm wat to do y don't you tell ur source to draft ur guy graham or bryant?

Yeremiah Bell was pick No. 213 once upon a time. Ryan Clark, who the Dolphins wanted to sign, was undrafted.

You can find a starting S later in the draft if you develop him.

Armando they are saying the Broncos are moving Spencer Larsen to the position and rumors are they want to draft Rolando McClain. That is the reason the local media is saying Davis was released.

No. Porter is still a loser.

Just because your wife runs a special needs school doesn't make you a good person. It just makes your wife a good person.

i wanted A Bryant too, but the Bengals seriously overpaid for him! 7 mil/ yr. no way!

Robert, I believe JT signing will happen around the draft or soon thereafter.

Notice I didn't say it would absolutely happen with the Dolphins. We'll see.

There are four quality picks in the draft: #12, 43, 74 and 104. Those are enough opportunities to fill those empty voids.

No way they waste any of those - this year - on another Pat White type selection.


I wasn't attacking you, hope it didn't come across that way. I think Henne could be very, very good. There were plenty of WOW throws last year. I agree with trying to give him more weapons. Although I think that could come in the form of a great pass catching TE. You saw in that same game how much Ben Coates helped Bledsoe.

Mando, just to throw some oil on the fire.... any chane the fins take Tebow?


Nice to have you aboard. I haven't seen you live on here for a little bit.

I'm kind of hoping that the 'Bring Brandon Marshall to town' Campaign gathers a little momentum. SO many guys on here against under any circumstances. It's so good to hear a true team guy and hard worker like Zach Thomas come out and give a thumbs up to acquiring Marshall. And before I get into a big debate with everyone on here, I am not saying forego defence to pick this guy....our defence is still the achilles and has to be addressed. But I am saying I think Marshall is special, I think the Broncos want to move him and I think we should be doing all we can to pursue this.

Did you read the idea that was talked about on PFT today, where a team like San Diego would sign Marshall, put a 'poison pill' in the contract, thus decreasing any likelihood of Denver matching. Denver would get the 28th pick in the draft and then San Diego would turn around and package Marshall to a team like Seattle for the 14th pick. Not sure, if it's even within the rules but Seattle wins, not giving up the 6th pick and San Diego basically moves up from 28 to 14 and it doesn't cost them anything. Interesting thought...

Well if the Broncos want to draft McClain - that means Dez Bryant could be there at #12.

Mando, would you take a chance on Dez at #12?

One has to believe the Fins whole coaching staff gleaned some valuable knowledge of players at the Senior Bowl. Seiing 1st hand who was swimming in content they were teaching and who could handle it. Personality types, leadership abilities etc would have shown up in that environment.

My hunch is one or more of them will wind up as Fins.

Graham, Weatherspoon and Williams were all there.

Just sayin... =)

Mando, what about Gerald sensabaugh and the rumors there? He's tendered for a 2nd rounder, what's your take?

tell the other robert to call himself robert2 n when are you going to have player profiles make tht scout friend of yours do it on players miami could take?

any mad over all the co-owners we brought in last year and hyped everthing up.now no spending on fa's??why have the BIG STAR owners than makes no sense.unless your spending for a superbowl.ok 1 big fa (dansby) what about you mando what u think?

By the way, Andra Davis might be a fit as a cheap backup.

Broncos just cut starting SOLB Andra Davis.... Reunion with Nolan??

everyone follow me on twitter I have the same sources as armando esoecially when I retwitter his tweets lol PHINSPHAN1013

Robert1, Chris Cordero is putting together complete reports on many players of note.

He'll have a Pro Day report on here tomorrow.

He'll be pleased you asked about his work.

who is gerald sensabauh is he even good alot of rumors? I say give clemons a shot!

Truefan, Sensabaugh isn't worth a second round pick. If you tell me the Dolphins can give the Cowboys a fifth for the guy, then I'd be cool with that.

At NO. 12, Salguero takes Brandon Graham.

I do not take Dez Bryant at No.12.

Maybe at No. 22. But not No. 12.

Gerald sensabaugh for a 2nd rounder, what do you think mando?

miami better have a perfect draft because we havent done anything to make us better yet

Thanks mando! Wasn't sure about him

a.davis insurance poliocy for c.crowder=smart move!!

yea definantly he has good incite! N yea I do have the same sources as armando one of them being jeff darlington opps did I give it away? Um yea I'll read tht scouting report 2morrow did he get hired hope he does he's a good guy!

It's funny to me because everyone wants to throw a temper tantrum because we have only gotten Dansby and wouldn't overpay for Clark or Rolle. We still aren't even a week into FA, the Andra Davis release perfectly shows that there is a long way to go before the draft. The FA pool isn't going to just be what it initially was, other players will become available. And this regime is good at making under the radar trades that help add to the roster. Patience people.

Is there a chance we get McClain and then trade Crowder for more picks or players?

Craig M, I cannot say I know all the free agency CBA rules, so I can't comment on if that trade thing between San Diego and Marshall is even possible.

But I would bet you if it is, the chances of it actually happening are about 20 percent at best.

Most teams don't like to do crazy things like that. Remember when PFT speculatated the Dolphins should let time run out on their No. 1 overall pick in 2008?

How about trading up into the 2nd Round or Late 1st and grabbing Demaryious Thomas from GTech then Mando???

Some of these guys can't even spell patience!

Smirish, Tim Tebow to the Dolphins for a second round pick thus keeping the team's second-round quarterback love going.

I don't know, dude. I don't think so. This team has some serious, serious holes to be flirting with that kind of pick.

Sorry "trading up in the 2nd Round"

ok we both like graham after watching senoir bowl he was exceptionel wat does miami think about him n nolan also?

Home from work. What did I miss?

You are a tough nut to crack, Adam.

What if I told you he sings lullabyes?

patience, just like last year, hilarious, broken record

Armando, it's good to see you back on and taking control of this blog... things get a little crazy around here after a long absence from you. In my opinion, I think the Fins have a huge move up their sleeve with the QB situation, they have leverage at the position. Have you heard anything about Miami's plans for the QB's?

if they pick tebow miami would never believe inwat they are doing because 6 years of 2 round picks on a QB IS REDICOULUS WE HAVE HENNE ALREADY! N follow me on twitter phinsphan1013 I have multiple sources telling me the dolphins think I'm a genoius lol!


I had to laugh at that. It boggles my mind how much crying I read. Are these people new fans? Do they not remember the downward spiral of the Wannstedt/Saban/Cameron years? The Saints began their rebuilding in 2006. The Steelers are one of the most patient front offices. The Giants began in 04. The Colts drafted Manning in 98, took them quite awhile to win a championship. Patience. The annual free agency champions, the Redskins, havent sniffed a Super Bowl.


The reason I don't think the Dolphins will do this is because it requires giving up very high picks PLUS signing a HUGE contract for MArshall.

That is palatable if the guy is an unblemished guy that you can count on every down, every game, every practice. But Marshall is not like that. He has domestic violence in his history. He has worn out his welcome in Denver. He had run-ins with the organization. there is a reason they're willing to part with him.

What can the team do to solve the WR issue? Golden Tate perhaps, the kid from Ohio (forgot his name) in the middle rounds, Demaryius Thomas, Benn from Ill. in the second round.

By the way guys, I think Brain Hartline will be a starter next year. I just think he's going to surprise a lot of people.


I know many here might think I'm crazy but what trade value does Henne have?

Could he be worth a first and second round pick or a first and a third round pick?

I wonder if the FO has already explored the possibility of trading Henne to the Redskins for their #4 pick and their #5 pick in the second round (or to the Seahawks for their 36 pick and #8 in the second round pick)?

The Fins could be in position to get Berry (or McCoy or Suh if they for some reason drop if they did the deal with the Skins) and another immediate starter at #12. The #5 pick in the second could generate another starter.

That's THREE potential DEFENSIVE starters versus keeping ONE starter (Henne).

This would be the only scenario that I see Thigpen remaining a Fin (I believe he'll be traded otherwise). The Fins could bring in another veteran QB for backup (I'd see Pennington or Thigpen competing for #1 in this case).

no way they give up a first rounder for marshall. and if we draft tebow then parcells turned retarded. hartline isnt a starter, hes a decent 3

enrique, I've reported that the Bill have their eyes on Tyler Thigpen.

Everyone knows the team will also consider trading Chad Pennington.

I don't see a huge surprise move beyond those two possibilities.

Maybe the cut or move Pat White to WR if he doesn't show considerable improvement in camp.

hey armando I read ur blog n it's the best around n for tht I give you an emmy. The other blogs are boring n never interact with ppl keep it up! Phinsphan1013 follow me every1 n the dolphins have just signed armando to be their official blogger for the miami herald! Source jeff dralington n armando salguero lol!

OK, it's past 5 p.m.

I know some of you are on your way home from work now.

I always appreciate you coming here!


Please tell me the fins will go after Gerard Warren. Is there a reason not to?

we need a vet wr too help young ones.so if not marshall what vet??wr??i like tate & thomas benn a little,i think hartline will also start #2 #3 bess.we also need vet fs.with out both were are doomed!!

Armando, the fact that we don't see a crush of teams jumping on Marshall has to be an indicator of how much trouble he is....Baltimore signed Boldin, Cinn signs Bryant, Seattle is taking their time, Denver has to be losing leverage with teams to sign him...This guy must be an absolute disaster to have so much talent and have so many teams not interested

Mando, The kid from Ohio is Taylor Price.

I think Miami takes Kindle at the 12 spot, he is another Orapko and will be able to contribute from day 1. So very much in the Tuna mold of what he seeks.
Thats what we need.

right on for the replay mando.

We have suffered enough with the QB position, to suggest trading Henne is ridiculous

If indeed management is not "keen" on taking Dez or McClain (for any # of reasons), and Berry is long gone, the smartest move would have them trading up to say #20+/-, plus #23+/- in the second round. There are any number of really good players they can get eight picks later. There's no need to overpay for that guy at #12.

Just last night,i said the very same thing about Hartline Mando.

If he is to have as much time on the field as Ginn,Hartline is in for a terrific season

Just last night,i said the very same thing about Hartline Mando.

If he is to have as much time on the field as Ginn,Hartline is in for a terrific season

Beeef, you got to go into the draft expecting not to be able to find a trade down partner. It's usually highly unlikely that a scenario will occur where 2 teams will see eye to eye at that early stage of the draft.
Prepare to draft at the 12 spot no mateer who is off the board thru the first 11 picks.

Armando being that the Bills have their eye on Thigpen & their are rumors of Whitner being on the block. Could you see a trade of Thigpen for Whitner.

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