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Thursday afternoon notes on the Dolphins

NFL.com's Pat Kirwan, a former NFL scout, released his second mock draft and he's got the Dolphins picking Penn State defensive lineman Jared Odrick.

Odrick, 6-5 and 305 pounds with a motor that does not quit, can probably fill the need at nose tackle but also could have the position flexibility to play the five technique as one of Miami's ends.

After the Senior Bowl, when Michigan DE/OLB Brandon Graham was asked which players impressed him most, he immediately mentioned Odrick. Players know who's good and who's not.

ESPN draftniks Mel Kiper and Todd McShay both have the Dolphins picking Tennessee defensive tackle/nose tackle Dan Williams.

The intriguing thing to me is that if this happens -- and it might -- we'll have the Dolphins still addressing the defensive line a full three years after the new administration came to town and started reworking the unit by picking three defensive linemen in their first draft, signing one defensive linemen in free agency, and trading for nose tackle Jason Ferguson.

In total, the Dolphins have made seven moves to assemble their current defensive line, drafting Phillip Merling, Kendall Lankford and Lionel Dotson, trading their sixth-round picks in 2008 and 2009 to Dallas for Jason Ferguson and Dallas'  2008 sixth-rounder, signing Randy Starks as a free agent, trading a seventh-rounder for Tony McDaniel, and most recently, re-signing Ferguson as a unrestricted free agent.

The interesting thing is that the defensive line -- which many, including me believe is a team strength -- is still not sufficiently solidified that we might say there is absolutely no need there.

Guess rebuilding is a slow slog, folks.


Joey Porter's visit with the Arizona Cardinals just ended minutes ago. He was not offered a contract, according to a league source. But it is early in the process and that could change in the coming hours.

Porter clearly would like to play on the west coast as his family lives in Bakersfield, CA. Why, you might ask, doesn't the Porter family simply pack up and live wherever Porter's career leads?

Porter has two sons and two daughters and one of the girls, Jasmine has autism. Porter's wife Christy open a daycare center for special needs children in their hometown of Bakersfield, Calif. and attends to the center daily.

Porter would travel across country to see his wife and the kids several times per season. He wants to play closer to home now.

Different side of the big mouth linebacker we came to know with the Dolphins, no?


Speaking of former Dolphins linebackers, Zach Thomas was on WQAM 560-AM Thursday.

He was asked what he'd say if Bill Parcells asked him whether or not to go after enigmatic Denver wide receiver Brandon Marshall, a restricted free agent. 

"Yes," Thomas said emphatically. "Do it now before anybody else changes their mind."

Marshall has issues, as you know if you read this blog. He has a history with domestic violence. He has been often unruly in Denver. On top of that, he would cost a first-round pick. He would also cost a contract that would likely average $9-$10 million per year.

No problem, Thomas said.

"With Brandon Marshall it’s about money," he said. "If you pay the guy well he’s gonna play hard. He even played hard last year. He’s got a lot of pride, and he can be a little selfish, but good players are selfish. Look at a guy like Terrell (Owens), guys can go to extremes. But Brandon Marshall is a proven player; he’s still young, and I tell you what, he’s best in the league right now.

"It’s not even a first and a third. Miles Austin is a first and third because (Dallas wants) to keep him. He’s a first round? It would make everybody better. It would make Ted Ginn better, it would make (Greg) Camarillo better, all of them better -- (Davone) Bess. That’s who they need. Because if you’re gonna take a chance on Dez Bryant – I don’t know much about college, I go by what I hear – but if you’re gonna take a chance, you don’t need that. You go with a guy that’s proven."

Thomas, whose final year with the Dolphins was 2007, said he still suffers from symptoms of concussions that plagued him during the latter part of his career. He is working the Players Association to help educate players about concussions.

Thomas is primarily a fan now. And like you, he's hopeful about the 2010 season.

"I expect big things," he said.


Former Dolphins guard Andy Alleman, traded to the Chiefs last year, has signed with the Indianapolis Colts. Congratulations to him.


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Its ok Getterdone. If it makes any difference my vote is for Tampafin to get lifetime achievement plungie

they need to do something. one free agent signing for 45 million. are they letting that chic make the decisions or what?

runner up???


So you want to start with the lame name calling and talk football or? How am I delusional now? Because I think one player is more talented than another and they will probably go in the same round? Delusional how?

If you want to insert Weatherspoon over Graham go ahead. I have Graham in front of Weatherspoon by a little bit but I would be fine with either player.

So you would go with McClain over both of them...so what? What's your point Crohnie? I mean Homie?

Getter, Still early, I say more silly posts around the 9 to 11 time slot......

Crohnie,,,lmao...now that was a funny innuendo Rob.

Getter Done,

I don't pick an elite QB in the draft. I pick Berry (Suh or McCoy if they drop down to the Redskins #4 pick and BPA with their #5 pick in the second). Then use our #12 and #11 in the second for more defense (pick a QB to develop in a later round).

Then you have a defense that can dominate for 7 to 10 years. You have the formula to get to the SB and win like the Bucs and Ravens with a great defense and an average QB that doesn't run the offense into a ditch.

The Jets are working on perfecting this method for getting there.

carlito, drink the koolaide. It's cheap and kids love the sugar high. Do you like grape or orange?

Cuban thats true, thats why I hardly post anymore. Waste of time wading thru all the bickering...or as one poster put it, male pillow fighting...lol

GetterDone Phins! ;)


Kool-aid is not by flavor, but by color. The correct question would be, "Do you like purple or red?"

`Mando I just read that you thought that the Bills had their eye on Thigpen. Would the Bills trade down to 12 from 9 for him?
This would be of immense value to the Dolphins as it would get us ahead of Denver. And as I posted earlier I think McCoy will fall in the draft.

That is what I'm saying. Linval Joseph had better combine #'s then every NT prospect at the combine including Haloti Ngata in 2006. He doesn't get the hype because he came out of East Carolina and not out of Tennessee or Alabama. But a good scout looks at it and pulls the trigger. Look at Jerry Rice no one knew about him in his draft class but the 49ers staff didn't bother with the size of the school but the size of the talent.


The Dolphins cannot help that you are naturally pessimistic and love to complain. I have tried to contact them to see if there is anything they can do about this, but they haven't got back to me yet.

Carlito . i'm huge . i'm a bodybuilder and boxer in the light featherweight division. i'm huge but you're a dill ! mate.

Rob in OC,

I am not responding to you because I am not prepared to read your 5,000 word rebuttle.


U still around?

Who would you draft at OLB in round 3 if you snag D. Williams in the 1st?

carlito, I guess you're the koolaide expert. I gave it up when I found out about beer.

Rob in OC, my concern is I don't believe the guys u mention will be there in round 3...I believe that if u take an OLB with round 1, we HAVE to use our second pick on NT, it's too important to take a chance to wait till the third and find the cupboard empty...IMO I would like I would rather grab a WR at two then three

carlito had a retarded sandwich for lunch today


Your perogative...

Definitely one way to avoid a conversation about your McClain pick @12 if he is there.

Lookie... no more words.


tampafan, so your thinking that
A) Henne is gonna run the offense into the ground and not be able to manage the game from here on out???


B) We can't build a dominant D with Nolan, Dansby, current top D players on roster, and the 9 picks in 2010 draft????

or would you rather dump Henne, get a couple more good D picks and then spend the next 3-7 years trying to find or develop a late round QB that can manage what you think would be a guaranteed dominant D based on a couple extra draft picks in 2010???

The most useless comment here is about Henne...The Dolphins are a business, how do u explain to ur season ticket holders that trading Henne is a good move??? U Lise at minimum 10,000 season holders if u throw out the best QB we have had in years....absolutely stupid and a waste of time to talk about

henne not being traded or even shopped.


I am not avoiding a conversation... the fact is, we have had this conversation several times and there is really nothing new to say. I am tired of reading your repetitive rambling. Its like talking to a long-winded wall, you've said yourself... you don't even know/remember what you write

So Bobby, You Too cast your vote for Tampafin????

This is why I said I can't wait till April 24th is here, I'd rather argue about what has already happened then what might happen


You don't think any of the DTs Troup, Cam Thomas or Joeseph will make it to the 3rd?

I do think Cody will go in the 2nd and that uses up one teams NT choice. I also know that 4 NT's got tagged and locked up in FA... so that's 5 more teams that shouldn't need a NT.

But you think all 3 of those guys go in the 2nd round?


Rob likes to argue worse than an old jewish lady at a bargain store. I bet his wife and family can't wait until he comes on this blog so they can get rid of this headache. Rob , Do you ever shut up ?

You are right about taking a NT by the 2nd. I think 3 more teams are swithing to the 3-4 this year. NT is the center piece of that defense. Much like B.J. Raji was taken at #9 last year becuase the Packers made the move to the 3-4 they're will be a run on NT early. So if we do decide to go OLB, WR, FS with our 1 rounder NT must be addressed by round 2.

Cuban yea, it's right up with the guy who tweeted Mando yesterday saying we should consider re-signing Gibril Wilson

Rob in OC, I don't want to take that chance with the most important position in the 3-4 defense


for all the takers of brandon graham at 12----Armanso this starts with and your blogs on this guy---

You talk about taking the best player available at 12 ---if you think brandon graham is the pass rusher in the draft (i dont agree)--

Then you dont rreach and take him at 12 b/c the rest of De's in the draft dont meet ur criteria---he just isnt top 12 talent---we can all agree on that---not sayn he cant be a good player in the league but he really is a 2nd round talent---that had out performed hus talent level in college---talk about a guy with limited upside---

If we were picking in the 20s---i could understand more---but Graham at 12 is a bad reach VALUE---wise in a draft---if you like him more then any1 esle at 12---u trade down to get him in the low 20s-----he isnt a top 15 talent PERIOD

Sorry Rob


Dan Williams
Terrance Cody
Cam Thomas
Terrel Troupe
Linvall Joseph

There are lots of quality NT's I will be satisfied if any of these guys are picked in rounds 1-4 and I wouldn't be surprised if they take 2 in the draft...


good post allen


You wouldn't know this since you floated over here on a milk crate but koolaide goes by flavors. Even my 4 year old knows how to pick out his favorite. Stick to soccer, the rules are really simple.

There He is, Aloco, How's things at Sub-way??


Nothing NEW???? Hello Crohns??? Are you going to try and say you already new that before his pro day that he couldn't finish due to crampies?

No rambling today as I am keeping it very focused and easy for you to read. All the wall and repetative stuff aside.

If you don't want to talk about it as we are both are in different corners for two seperate players then so be it.

See short and sweet!


4th gen, its called a joke, but 4 generations of inbreeding will really numb your senses to things like that

This is a very deep WR class. Go to footballsfuture.com and look at how many WR's over 6' and run sub 4.5 times. I guy that has freakish combine #s that I think we can add in the later rounds is Scott Long from Lousville. 6'2 3/8" 216 lbs. 4.46 40, 41 inch vertical leap, and very good cone drill time. This is why I think we can add a quality WR later in the draft and address our needs at NT, OLB, FS early. Besides I really think we see huge improvement with Hartline next year.

GetterDone & bobbyd12,

My point in all this discussion was to see if every player on this team would be considered in a trade for the right price or if there are some that are untouchable.

I'll drop it and pass my judgment on Henne at the end of the 2010 season (I'm not on the Henne bandwagon yet).


Darlington reporting that the Dolphins are "not thrilled" with UFA left at safety...now looking at RFAs and Draft....not good news if we have to add another major hole into the draft


Thats the thing... I am not in any player's corner... Thats where you are off, while you are "fighting" for Graham and against McClain to defend your honor, I just want the Dolphins to pick the best player available at 12...If anything I am in the Dolphins corner... If McClain is not the best player available at 12, I will have no problem with the Dolphins taking someone else...

What's wrong with anchovies? I love 'em and the best part is most people don't. That leaves the rest of the pizza for you.

Alright fellas, I'm out for a couple hours...


You just dropped off the planet last night dude?

Let me know in the future as I stayed on while as we were going back and forth pretty regularly.

No need to apologize to me about what you think of BG.

I will ask you this...based on what you are saying where would you draft Pitt OLB Lamarr Woodley today? Knowing what we know about him in the NFl already?


Ok guys I'm out till later, this is about when this blog goes to shyt and I can already see by the names blogging that the posers, imposters and cowards are about to appear...anyone posting under my name is a fake from this point on...have a good night

tampafan, good call, now your thinkin my friend.
Everyone is waiting till the end of 2010 to be able to pass a more credible judgement on Henne, including the most important guys besides us...the Trifecta!
Now your rockin :)


ROB , STFU !!!!!



This draft will covet NTs. the top three: Williams, Cody and Cam Thomas will be gone by
the time Miami picks at #43. So, if they want
one they better be ready to trade up in the
2nd round, if they don't pick one at #12.

UM , Rob. Hello ! . Mclain has had crohn's since his freshman year in high school. He's had no trouble playing with it his entire career. In Fact , he hasn't miised a game because of it and has gone on to win the butkus award as best LB with it. It a tribute to his drive , will and love of football. He'a a man's man and a Damn good football player. You trying to diminish his him and his draft status because of the crohn's os pathetic . The entire NFL knew about it already. It was the media that just got wind of it.


Your main judge of why BG is not like Lamarr Woodley came from Walterfootball.com and on his site he is pick #16 in the 1st round!!! 4 spots is the "Big plummet"???

This is your own site talking and now you are touting him he is a 2nd round guy?

Plus you tell me how anyone on Walterfootball.com can tell me how BG's 1st step is faster or slower than anyone else's? Your 1st step is not 10 yards so that test is out?

Also I did some digging of my own because you are always so stuck on the arm length thing...

I will show you what I found...

Sorry allen, I am not backing down due to your fav website... I use my own research and namely my own eyes to form my opinions bud.

The sad thing is I can throw huge positives on the table Michigan is a big football program, he lead the NATION in tackles for loss, He is very strong, He has back to back years with double digit sack totals and he is killer at setting the edge / outside contain.

Your arguement is he is 1-2 inches too short and has short arms?

Seems fairly weak as an arguement goes but hey, it's you own reasons.


Ok guys the Cuban is outta here for the evening, Be Kind to each other and NO INSULTING!!!!!!!!!.......

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