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Thursday afternoon notes on the Dolphins

NFL.com's Pat Kirwan, a former NFL scout, released his second mock draft and he's got the Dolphins picking Penn State defensive lineman Jared Odrick.

Odrick, 6-5 and 305 pounds with a motor that does not quit, can probably fill the need at nose tackle but also could have the position flexibility to play the five technique as one of Miami's ends.

After the Senior Bowl, when Michigan DE/OLB Brandon Graham was asked which players impressed him most, he immediately mentioned Odrick. Players know who's good and who's not.

ESPN draftniks Mel Kiper and Todd McShay both have the Dolphins picking Tennessee defensive tackle/nose tackle Dan Williams.

The intriguing thing to me is that if this happens -- and it might -- we'll have the Dolphins still addressing the defensive line a full three years after the new administration came to town and started reworking the unit by picking three defensive linemen in their first draft, signing one defensive linemen in free agency, and trading for nose tackle Jason Ferguson.

In total, the Dolphins have made seven moves to assemble their current defensive line, drafting Phillip Merling, Kendall Lankford and Lionel Dotson, trading their sixth-round picks in 2008 and 2009 to Dallas for Jason Ferguson and Dallas'  2008 sixth-rounder, signing Randy Starks as a free agent, trading a seventh-rounder for Tony McDaniel, and most recently, re-signing Ferguson as a unrestricted free agent.

The interesting thing is that the defensive line -- which many, including me believe is a team strength -- is still not sufficiently solidified that we might say there is absolutely no need there.

Guess rebuilding is a slow slog, folks.


Joey Porter's visit with the Arizona Cardinals just ended minutes ago. He was not offered a contract, according to a league source. But it is early in the process and that could change in the coming hours.

Porter clearly would like to play on the west coast as his family lives in Bakersfield, CA. Why, you might ask, doesn't the Porter family simply pack up and live wherever Porter's career leads?

Porter has two sons and two daughters and one of the girls, Jasmine has autism. Porter's wife Christy open a daycare center for special needs children in their hometown of Bakersfield, Calif. and attends to the center daily.

Porter would travel across country to see his wife and the kids several times per season. He wants to play closer to home now.

Different side of the big mouth linebacker we came to know with the Dolphins, no?


Speaking of former Dolphins linebackers, Zach Thomas was on WQAM 560-AM Thursday.

He was asked what he'd say if Bill Parcells asked him whether or not to go after enigmatic Denver wide receiver Brandon Marshall, a restricted free agent. 

"Yes," Thomas said emphatically. "Do it now before anybody else changes their mind."

Marshall has issues, as you know if you read this blog. He has a history with domestic violence. He has been often unruly in Denver. On top of that, he would cost a first-round pick. He would also cost a contract that would likely average $9-$10 million per year.

No problem, Thomas said.

"With Brandon Marshall it’s about money," he said. "If you pay the guy well he’s gonna play hard. He even played hard last year. He’s got a lot of pride, and he can be a little selfish, but good players are selfish. Look at a guy like Terrell (Owens), guys can go to extremes. But Brandon Marshall is a proven player; he’s still young, and I tell you what, he’s best in the league right now.

"It’s not even a first and a third. Miles Austin is a first and third because (Dallas wants) to keep him. He’s a first round? It would make everybody better. It would make Ted Ginn better, it would make (Greg) Camarillo better, all of them better -- (Davone) Bess. That’s who they need. Because if you’re gonna take a chance on Dez Bryant – I don’t know much about college, I go by what I hear – but if you’re gonna take a chance, you don’t need that. You go with a guy that’s proven."

Thomas, whose final year with the Dolphins was 2007, said he still suffers from symptoms of concussions that plagued him during the latter part of his career. He is working the Players Association to help educate players about concussions.

Thomas is primarily a fan now. And like you, he's hopeful about the 2010 season.

"I expect big things," he said.


Former Dolphins guard Andy Alleman, traded to the Chiefs last year, has signed with the Indianapolis Colts. Congratulations to him.


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He'a a man's man and a Damn good football player.

Posted by: SteveO | March 11, 2010 at 07:18 PM

We have enough problems without those kinds of problems. Not there's anything wrong with that.

I keep trying to tell you all that Parcells will not draft Dez Braynt. It will be a NT, LB, or FS. Take it to the bank.

The best NT RIGHT NOW in the draft is Terrence "Fat Man" Cody. He won't be the pick at #12 and probably won't make it to #43. I don't think he gets past his long lost father with the Jets at the end of the 1st. Ask Rolando McClain. Who he had to thank for making his life a whole lot easier the last 2 years. Alabama had one of the best defenses the last 2 years (and the best last year) because they were able to control the line of scrimmage and the point of attack thanks to Cody. Williams is the 3rd best DT in the draft but he will have to get used to playing the Nose in the NFL.


You believe what you want but you have ZERO way of knowing if every NFL team knew or not from where you are sitting. Speaking of assumptions.

Just like at the cobine when he tells Charles Davis that he is not working out because it's not in his best interest and then all the "stuff" comes out from his agent about a hammy?

I am not diminishing him and his draft status, I am pointing out that this could be problematic for him as he takes on a more rugged world as an NFL ILB. I have no malice towards McClain. He seems like a fairly well spoken guy from the interviews I watch.

A mans man?? WTH? Wouldn't a man's man already have admitted to the world about his situation? Instead it rears its ugly head at a very important day in the testing process and you are totally kewl with it? He ran a 4.74 which is good but not great. Weatherspoon tested out faster and would be my choice as ILB.

Apparently potential red flags don't bother you... you are a man's man and will draft a guy negative facts or red flags be damned eh?


Laters CM

B Parcells,

Good one!

Hey...someone is posting in my name guys....I didnt post that shyte about Arnold Classic....WTF...disregard that stuff...wots happeneing????


It's all good man. Some (im)posters are easier to spot.


you still around allen?

Let Ricky Williams go... and pick up L.T! Him and Ronnie in the wildcat..... imagine that

The Dolphins should take a page out of the Ravens Free agency book. Anquan Boldin & Donte Stallworth for peanuts. They really got young Joe Flacco the much needed help at WR. This is the veteran help Henne needs @ the WR position.

I sure would like to know when they have interviews like that on the radio, I would have listened to it if I knew.

Guys...if you see that kind of rubbish...its not from me...I dont post ccrap like that...whoever is doing it please STOP..!!!!!

Eli, how do you figure Boldin was for peanuts?
and Stallworth, what has he done lately besides running the wrong route in the south beach area?

just came back from nfl.com....den just released ild andra davis...hope mike nolan is up? anyone have any insite regarding him? looked like last year #'s were'nt too bad?

Ahh c'mon bigalfy don't be such a lightweight, err or was that featherweight :)

sorry!...meant ILB...my bad?


Please...what nut says a 6'5 guy is going to play at NT...he doesn't fit what Parcells wants in a NT...Wasn't Armando himself that said that earlierin another article?

Well one of the best Linebackers has told you the truth...do you want to hear or just talk stuff. And please Armando, saying "He has a history with domestic violence" is beneath you, you should know better that a person that is accused is not guilty unless proven so. You didn't like it when you were accused of something yesterday...get my driff. If you want to write he was accused...thats fine...but lets let our and his peers find him either guilty or innocent, in a court room...not in a blog.



To continue the discussion on if BG's arms are long enough here is some numbers of guys that should be considered along with BG as edge guys OLB/DE... Right now I think Kindle, Graham, JPP and Griffen could all go 1st round.

JPP height Height: 6'4 3/4 Arm length: 34 3/4
Everson Griffen 6'3 3/8 AL: 32 5/8
Sergio Kindle 6'2 7/8 AL: 33 1/4
Koa Misi 6'2 5/8 AL: 32 1/2
Jerry Hughes 6'1 3/4 AL: 33
Brandon Graham 6'1 3/8 AL: 32 1/4

This is the HUGE disparity that you are worried about allen? Even though Everson Griffen is 2 inches taller than BG he only has 1/2 inch longer arms? That would mean that proportionally he would have as long or longer arms than EG?

I know you are into the long, lean athletes like JPP. I think the thickness and a slighlty shorter stature give leverage to a guy like BG. You say JPP's long arms and upside from being a 1 year wonder at a smaller school will get it done.

That's why we bet allen.




Safety. B . Pool signs with Jets 1 yr. 1. 2


Did you here the Outside the Lines segment about Brandon Marshall and his ex?

Did you see there were he had 7 different episodes including one with his new and different fiancee that the Police were involved in. She would always back off and not press charges.

Does 7 sound like a realistic amount of brushes with the law regarding domestic violence, retraining orders and the like that would indicate sainthood? That's a ton of smoke for no fire but, he shall be considered innocent until proven guilty. But most folks that have this paper trail aren't being considered for the knarly contract either.

You would be cool handing WR B.M a 8-9 or 10 million dollar contract?

Look at his blinding talent all you like but he seems like a loaded gun to me. I am staying away.

The only feasable way I could think about it is if you could give Brandon Marshall an incentive laiden contract that can void or loss monies based on off the field issues but, I don;t think he would sign it.

Just my take on the BM sitch.


srry had to leave for a couple of minutes ROB give me a second to dive into this round

NP allen,

Rob...a one sided interview...what they didn't tell you is her mother also lived with them...she was the cause of alot of problems.
I agree with the claused contract...it's been done before...I believe R. Williams had one did he not? Denver will drop it's first round demand, as time goes on...because the coach/gm doesn't want him and HE doesn't want to be there. I could care less what he did or didn't do in the past..he's a talent the Dolphins don't have...and need. There's no player in this draft that is better than he is...right now...so do you use your first rounder on McClain...knowing he has a serious medical condition? Do you use it on Bryant knowing he's already a bigger baby than Marshall and hasn't done anything yet in the NFL...Do you use it on a DT that didn't play NT in college and hope he works out? Frankly the ONLY player I see worth the 12th pick if he's still there is Spliller...just my opinion.


The problem with the incentive laiden / monies dropping off with off the field issues is he probably won't sign it. If he will and if Denver comes off of the #1 pick I think somebody makes a move on Brandon Marshall.

Despite what some DEF only draftniks will say Spiller is one hell of a football player.

If the Fins wanted an OFF pick I would easily take him #12.

A talented speedster with recognizable jets and soft enough hands to play some WR.

PR and KR could be instantly upgraded and that should lead to better starting position on O.

A guy with his versatility as a weapon would be just as valuable as a bigtime receiver imho.

I hear ya...sounds like we are coming from similar reasoning with maybe you being more in Marshalls corner and me siding with Spiller.


Here's another thought...Ginn who is faster than Marshall had a recpt avg of 11.9 yds....Ginn caught 38 out of 78 passes thrown his way...Marshall avg 11.1 yds a recpt...and caught 101 out of 154 passes.

I believe Ginn's recpt avg is appx 50%...Marshall is 75%....Ginn was a first round pick, Marshall a 4th round pick.

Both receivers were double covered...who produced and who didn't.

Sorry I believe I made a math error...that should be 66% for Marshall not 75%.


No debate there...I for one will never debate that Marshall is better than Ginn.

I do know that typically RB's are usually the fastest integrated player positions around. If they took Spiller I think they could plug him in day 1.

Again, I am a BPA type guy so Spiller could work in a number of draft scenarios for me.

My round 1 list is...

B Graham OLB/DE
Spiller RB
Weatherspoon OLB/ILB
Williams DT
Earl Thomas S



No worries...you caught it.

Lets get this out the way now so i dont have to hear you repeat urself again---i have my own opinions on tape that i watch just like you---when it comes to graham i just tend to agree completly with walterfootball.com, (i disagree with there evalutation of Morgan, i think he can stand up--back to the topic at hand)-----

Walterfootball have Bgram in the 1st round b/c they are a legit draft database and they are not allowing thier own opinions to effect where they project the most accurate picks for teams---they had heyward-bay going to oakland last year not beacuse he should of but b/c thats what they thought was going to happen---

They say they DONT think BGram---is a top 25 talent--but b/c of his production, senior bowl vs bad tackles---(Mike Iupati is the name you drop---that kid is still a projected gaurd)--and mike mayock he will go anywhere from 16-30---

12 is a huge reach----again Lamar woodley i love----he reminds me of Morgan---big thick long pass rusher with production

Everson griffen i like and i dont mind his short arms b/c he is a much better athlete than graham---and i dont need a agility drill or website to tell me that---

Look at the change of direction and burst of Griffen as he chases people down and gets after the passer---i see a less explosive bigger version of freeney---

You still havn giveing me a comparison of a player that makes me feel more comfortable about his projection into the NFL

This is a little off track but stick with me---NBA comparison-BGram is a lot like --Tyler hansborough from UNC---PF college basketball----you cant deny he was a great player and had all the prodcution in the world---but the NBA is a different league---and all his production at that level didnt translate to the NBA as well as other players with more talent and less production did in that NBA draft.-----

Lamar woodley ---if he didnt have long arms wouldnt be a pro bowler----b/c he isnt a great athlete either----but strength with long arms and hand technique can work----

BGram---the COMBINATION---of an average athlete that is also short and not long----(BY THE WAY THE ARM LENGTH IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN HIS HEIGHT)-----

SCREAMS to me a MOTOR guy---which isnt enough against top LT in this league---i think the deck is stacked against him b/c i cant think of one example of his combination that is a dominant pass rusher in this league---

the only one would be harrison from steelers---

But what he is is so Rare i wouldnt feel comfortable banking on that

It also like the comparison about chris johnson at RB to Dexter mccluster---

I see the comparison and it could work but i dont feel comfortable with him either b/c i view chris johnson as an EXCEPION to the basic rules---his skinny build and little frame shouldnt hold up but it does---doesnt mean mccluster is going to hold up too b/c they are similiar----


has blueprint guys to folow like Ware--woodley, peppers, Jason taylor, greg ellis---

list goes on and on---guys who use thier length in combination with speed or power to get to the passer----

If you are small like everson griffen i like his chances cus i look at athletically comparable pass rushers like ---Dumerville, freeny, mathis, Wake

BGRAM just doesnt fall into either of these categories and i think that is a major issue--and if i was selecting in the second round i would take him

If you agree with walterfootball comparison with dewayne white would you take him in the top 12--- if you knew his producion in the NFL

I think most people dont even know who White is even though his career isnt bad---like BGrams's will prob be decent but a top flight pass rusher i think NO way

hows that ROB

srry guys for the length of the last comment

Im going to cut out for a while fishypete, allen

You can hit me up later allen as I know life gets in the way... no one can be expected to to be "blog-tied" LOL.


lol...your post went on right as i was getting off allen. Too funny


Does anybody know anything about Gerard Warren?

Can he play in a 3-4

dolphin disciple---

I was wondering the same thing---he might be a target---31 and no health issues---solid production also

Rob in OC,
I'm with you from day 1: Spiller.
Those defensive guys are a dime a dozen.
There's a t r a n n y giving h a n d j o b s on the corner that could play OLB or Safety right now.
That dude got's big hands too!

The longer it goes that parcells&ireland don't do anything more in regards to freeagency.the more I think they know something we don't. I think they have some trades in the works!just a gut feeling.

I think he could be a possibility. Could give us some more options in the draft


I just don't see it any other way...there's no NT worth the 12th pick, you don't buy damaged goods without a price break...so McClain is out, Bryant is just not worth it...if he can't play in college...what will he be like when he's got Millions...do you take a chance with a one year DE...taht may not fit as a 3-4 OLB?
Spliller just makes sense...you can use him at RB returner WR...seems the best player for the buck.

Well if they're going to draft a wr they have to get rid of one already on the roster. And if they plan on moving Turner up the depth chart they'll have to get rid of another wr.
The 'Phins dress 4 wr's on game day and have 5 on the roster right now.

we need too try and be patient here.the trifeicta bp,ji,ts, are always waiting till some players get released?there are going to be players we can sign still.some asked about a.davis ilb.i live in colorado seen games were he played very well.i'm all for a.davis to push c.crowder for the other ilb spot.also g.warren could also play the 3-4.could very well help us.

Aloco, Yup, I give up my mantle to allen... his posts are king sized sometimes.

YourBackDoorMan, Agreed... Spiller is the consumate lighting in a bottle player. Jahvid Best should be pretty good in space as well.

Dolphin Disciple, I am not sure on G Warren.

fishypete, Spiller has my offensive vote for sure!



I am not sure how the Trifecta would address things at WR.

I think they really do like all their receivers on a baseline level. There is no delusions of granduer as they know there needs to be upgrading or at the minimum improvement.

Right now I would have to say ONLY Hartline and Bess are safe as Fin's WR's go.

Jury WAAAAAY out on Turner and they drafted him 3rd round so he stays at least through 2010.

Ginn has speed but I now his drops and scared beahvior on the field can't sit well. (I have thought maybe they would draft WR Jacoby Ford if he is around later. He is probably just as fast as Ginn and may play with more heart.

Camarillo may be the odd man out intially. Good guy, consumate pro, catches the ball when near him. He also had the injury which may have diminished his speed a little bit. Aslo his y.a.c. has never been that great. Except against the Ravens for that lone win! lol.

Not sure how the WR spot plays out. If they draft Spiller he can play some at WR as well. Then they could keep all the WR's they really want.


That could be a reason why the Dolphins let R. Brown with only a first round tender...who knows...but I find it strange. When you have R. Brown coming back from another injury...R. Williams on his last legs...Combs coming off an injury...you just can't have too much faith in your running backs.

Dan Williams.

Camarillo would bring something from Az, Den, NE, Was

What if we traded the pick down for extra picks and then trade the first pick for Marshall


True enough. Some see it as a huge strength of the team and I say not so fast.

Last year was last year and we had some really good success in the run in 09. Lot of ?marks in 2010 with the RB's.

Cobbs coming off IR. I hope it didn't mess with his speed.

R Brown coming off IR. Should be good to go but the injury thing is definitely at trend level.

Williams is going to retire and although he played well down the stretch he did fumble a bunch. I am not sure if that was him wearing down or really good defensive plays or what? Thomas Jones is one of the few older backs excelling... can Ricky keep it up?

Lex Hilliard was a decent fill in and has some upside as he can fill in at FB as well.

I do know that Ronnie Brown was the only viable Wildcat direct snap guy. It never seemed to flow right when Ricky or Pat White ran it. White had like 2 really nice runs all year.

Spiller's incredible speed would have to be accounted for from opposing Def.



What do you see Camarillo fetching draft pick wise?

I agree he should have value.


fishy Pete,

I think our backs deserve a little more credit, how can you be down?

Ronnie Brown - is a very serious player, he will come back from this injury and be a starter in the NFL. With that said I would trade him for a first, hell yes… I love him but his injuries are a concern plus the end of his contract.

Ricky Williams - A solid team player who can lead by example for the young backs (lol can’t believe I just said that about smokey)

Patrick Cobbs - Major special teams contributor who was starting to shine at RB. Depends how he comes back from his injury. My guess… he will be 3rd string/ special teams stud.

Lex Hillard - showed explosiveness on his first touch last season. He is up and coming… he will surprise you next year if someone goes down or never fully returns from last years injury.

Lousaka Polite - this guy is a first down machine. Great player, attitude, work ethic, and Prrice!

phins fan,

The main difficulty there is finding a trade partner to move back. How do you get teams to part with valuable draft picks in a deep draft?

I am not sure they would get the normal value if they moved back this year.

The second phase of actually getting Marshall on the team was covered pretty well today. Scroll back and look for fishypete and I posting about Marshall.


Rob , do you ever SHUT UP !! You're worse that a wash women.


Thanks bro!


On that note... I'll grant your wish Sheesh.

I'm out!


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