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Thursday afternoon notes on the Dolphins

NFL.com's Pat Kirwan, a former NFL scout, released his second mock draft and he's got the Dolphins picking Penn State defensive lineman Jared Odrick.

Odrick, 6-5 and 305 pounds with a motor that does not quit, can probably fill the need at nose tackle but also could have the position flexibility to play the five technique as one of Miami's ends.

After the Senior Bowl, when Michigan DE/OLB Brandon Graham was asked which players impressed him most, he immediately mentioned Odrick. Players know who's good and who's not.

ESPN draftniks Mel Kiper and Todd McShay both have the Dolphins picking Tennessee defensive tackle/nose tackle Dan Williams.

The intriguing thing to me is that if this happens -- and it might -- we'll have the Dolphins still addressing the defensive line a full three years after the new administration came to town and started reworking the unit by picking three defensive linemen in their first draft, signing one defensive linemen in free agency, and trading for nose tackle Jason Ferguson.

In total, the Dolphins have made seven moves to assemble their current defensive line, drafting Phillip Merling, Kendall Lankford and Lionel Dotson, trading their sixth-round picks in 2008 and 2009 to Dallas for Jason Ferguson and Dallas'  2008 sixth-rounder, signing Randy Starks as a free agent, trading a seventh-rounder for Tony McDaniel, and most recently, re-signing Ferguson as a unrestricted free agent.

The interesting thing is that the defensive line -- which many, including me believe is a team strength -- is still not sufficiently solidified that we might say there is absolutely no need there.

Guess rebuilding is a slow slog, folks.


Joey Porter's visit with the Arizona Cardinals just ended minutes ago. He was not offered a contract, according to a league source. But it is early in the process and that could change in the coming hours.

Porter clearly would like to play on the west coast as his family lives in Bakersfield, CA. Why, you might ask, doesn't the Porter family simply pack up and live wherever Porter's career leads?

Porter has two sons and two daughters and one of the girls, Jasmine has autism. Porter's wife Christy open a daycare center for special needs children in their hometown of Bakersfield, Calif. and attends to the center daily.

Porter would travel across country to see his wife and the kids several times per season. He wants to play closer to home now.

Different side of the big mouth linebacker we came to know with the Dolphins, no?


Speaking of former Dolphins linebackers, Zach Thomas was on WQAM 560-AM Thursday.

He was asked what he'd say if Bill Parcells asked him whether or not to go after enigmatic Denver wide receiver Brandon Marshall, a restricted free agent. 

"Yes," Thomas said emphatically. "Do it now before anybody else changes their mind."

Marshall has issues, as you know if you read this blog. He has a history with domestic violence. He has been often unruly in Denver. On top of that, he would cost a first-round pick. He would also cost a contract that would likely average $9-$10 million per year.

No problem, Thomas said.

"With Brandon Marshall it’s about money," he said. "If you pay the guy well he’s gonna play hard. He even played hard last year. He’s got a lot of pride, and he can be a little selfish, but good players are selfish. Look at a guy like Terrell (Owens), guys can go to extremes. But Brandon Marshall is a proven player; he’s still young, and I tell you what, he’s best in the league right now.

"It’s not even a first and a third. Miles Austin is a first and third because (Dallas wants) to keep him. He’s a first round? It would make everybody better. It would make Ted Ginn better, it would make (Greg) Camarillo better, all of them better -- (Davone) Bess. That’s who they need. Because if you’re gonna take a chance on Dez Bryant – I don’t know much about college, I go by what I hear – but if you’re gonna take a chance, you don’t need that. You go with a guy that’s proven."

Thomas, whose final year with the Dolphins was 2007, said he still suffers from symptoms of concussions that plagued him during the latter part of his career. He is working the Players Association to help educate players about concussions.

Thomas is primarily a fan now. And like you, he's hopeful about the 2010 season.

"I expect big things," he said.


Former Dolphins guard Andy Alleman, traded to the Chiefs last year, has signed with the Indianapolis Colts. Congratulations to him.


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THANK GOD !! Get yourself a Hobby while you're at it.


I'm not down on the running backs just realize the truth...you have two backs coming off serious injuries...no one knows how that will work out...R. Brown has alot of mile son him already...Cobbs is nothing more than a change of pace back. You have to look towards the future...Parcells nows this.

Hey mates , just finished working out with Lou Ferrigno and arnold. It brought back memories of me when i was in pumping iron with them . I'm huge ! I just competed in the light featherweight division. I'm also the light featherweight #1 contender in boxing mates. did i mention i'm huge ? I also play pro rugby with alot of men. Many dills on the team. I'm huge. 1 , 2 4

Miles on him...Parcells knows...Geez...I'm writing like a old man...gee I am a old man..LOL

Are you serious! Enough of this DL with the 1st pick crap. I played football and I understand you can't win championships without great OL/DL play but a home run hitter can also win a game with one play. CJ Spillers don't come around often. He is a triple threat and we better take him if we have the chance and worry about the defense later. I think that Nolan will have the defense playing better this year anyway. Spiller, Brown, and Williams (Csonka, Morris, and Kiick). That's the last time the Dolphins actually won Super Bowls. I can't take another year of nothing but 8 minute drives or a quick three and outs. Dolphins need that quick score to deflate the other team from time to time instead of it only happening to the Fins. Maybe the FO will impress us and make a smart decision but if the past tells anything I am just setting myself up for more disappointment.

Someone could wake Parcells and Co please !?!

No OLB (maybe Taylor)

Meanwhile, the Jets continue to improve their team. No playoff in 2010 !

Chip. The fin had a quick score againt the bills last year with a crapy defense. How did that game turn out?

Where is Dennis I mean Cuban the menance?

My Draft Preview:
If Bryant is available past Denver then:
1st WR Dez Bryant
(Or DT Jared Odrick / DT Dan Williams)
If Bryant goes 12th:
2nd DT Terrance Cody
(Or WR Arrelious Benn)

And for 2011 I WANT SOONER DeMarco Murray!!!

I also like RB LaGarrett Blount, doubtfully a steal in the 3rd, im wishing.

Lex Hilliard can be the starter at some point next year. And why not? The guy is a battering ram, he catches the ball out of the backfield as well as any of the backs we have, he's also a solid pass protector. It's a shame that Lex didn't get more opportunities at the end of last year when it was obvious that Bong Pipe had run out of flame.

Draft a DL with the first pick??? You gotta be kidding me. I couldn't agree more with what Zach Thomas had to say. Go for the sure thing...GET MARSHALL!!! QB is the MOST IMPORTANT position on the field so we should make getting him a playmaker our #1 priority. If he only has sloppy seconds to work with year after year he'll never develop.

For me the first option would be to trade down into the 20's in round 1 and pick up an extra pick. Then ship that pick to Denver for the "Diva Reciva". Stipulate a clause in the trade that if Marshall gets shot, throws a towel in Sparano's face, beats his wife, or gets caught trying to drive through a police barracade with a drunken Will Allen then we get Denver's 2011 first round pick and get to slap Josh Mcdaniels in the face!

Option #2 would be to keep the #12 pick and draft Brandon Graham/OLB or Derrick Morgan/OLB/DE. We need a pass rush and Jason Taylor is older than Dave Wannstedt's mustache...

Mates watch me on the worlds stongest man competition, i'm in the super featherweight division.

Little Ditcka u should be a comedian

Little ditka u should be a comidian haha

Whoever is posting in my name...please cease...mando..can you pick up who it is at all???

Why so cowardly dude???

Pretty childish...lol

What is the deal with all you guys saying we should trade up in the draft , I should hope that we stopped that nonsense buy now.If anything we trade down ,preferably to a middle round team ,we can pick up a great player and pick up a much needed 2nd round pick.

I also like RB LaGarrett Blount, doubtfully a steal in the 3rd, im wishing.

Posted by: Gabe | March 11, 2010 at 10:49 PM
Blount was a no show for his pro day at Oregon today. 1st the sucker punch , then the slowest 40 (4.73) among RB's at the combine, and now blowing off the Pro Day with NFL scouts in attendance.

Sooo, in other words, don't count on Tuna signing him in any round.

Here are five players that would be great for the dolphins to take in the first round: EARL THOMAS, S ... DAN WILLIAMS, NT .... DEZ BRYANT, WR ... C.J.SPILLER, RB ..... B.GRAHAM,OLB ...... Most likely, 4 of them will be there at our pick (12th) .... However, at least one or two of them will still be there if we trade down to 20th .... and we can pick up another 3rd round selection .... maybe even a 3rd and a 5th ....


extra 3rd round pick .. DEXTER, RB/WR Ole Miss
4. JERRY, OG Ole Miss
5. GRAHAM, TE from the U

Mike Troupe is from UCF , not Cam Thomas, he's a Tar Heel.

I'm ok with Spiller or Graham as our 1st pick, but me personally, I would also add Kindle, Spoon, JPP, or Hughes.

I also think that WR D. Thomas might not be there in the 2nd for us at #43.
He is highly sought after, enough to still make it into the bottom of the 1st rd, regardless of his broken foot.

Marshal for the 12th pick all day long. Despite the attitude problems he is the most dynamic receiver in the league. Marshal requires the double team that opens the field for our speedy possession receivers. This level of WR is exactly what the team needs.
Do you think LT was any less deva?

here's my preview for are holes and than some,tell me who you like anybody?? my picks are first names mentioned:
FS:sharper,oj atogwe/rfa,s.jones,m.roman,k.kavorinhorn,
NT:dwan edwards,g.warren,k.clancy,d.lewis,i.scott,j.kennedy,h.thomas,c.redding,g.jackson,k.peterson,j.parker,r.mier,c.grant,theres more

1rst rd. trd 2 denver (marsh)
2nd rd. j.huges/olb
3rd rd. m.wright/fs< 4th rd. l.joseph/nt
6th rd. s.long/wr<< 6th rd. b.carter/og< 6th rd. j.bell/rb
7th rd. a.quarless/te
7th rd. o.schofeild/olb

get just half of the fa's & picks we will have one hell of a team!!!!!!

Yeah that's a little different side of Joey, but those that work in the hotel industry down here know a little something different

i think if Dez Bryant is available for the Broncos at 11, we trade our pick to Denver for Brandon Marshall, and they can draft Dez Bryant at 12. I'd rather take the headaches from Marshall knowing that he can perform instead of the potential headaches from Bryant and not knowing whether he can put up numbers. Look at the numbers Ginn put up at Ohio State.

Best wishes to Joey porter the man, not the player, and his family. ZT u know we all love u and r hoping for the best knowing what we know now about concussions :/

If I was the Fins GM, I would wait until draft day, then trade our 1st round pick with a team that picks behind us (for their 1st and 3rd round pick), that really wants to move up to our spot to pick "their guy". Then take that later 1st round pick and send it to Denver for Brandon Marshall, by doing so you get him and an additional draft pick. There is no one in the draft especially at that 12th spot that is going to test out better than Marshall for the next five to seven years. You got to go get him!!!!!

How about we trade our pick and a 3rd with Detroit (trying to trade out of it) and draft ndomakung sue? U wanna solidify the line and get OUR GUY? sue is like the next sapp, fridge Perry, u name it. Id rather see us get sue and one of the sleeper recievers than just a shot-in-the-dark OLB.

I think Miami should go after Marshall, give up the 1st rounder and take thomas from unc in the 2nd, that will take out the two most glaring needs, yes they need more pass rushers but the added explosiveness Marshall would bring to the offense would easily make up for that lack of pass rushing, I mean how many games did they lose because they couldn't score quickly, not only that but how much stronger would that running game be if everyone couldn't stack the D and had to respect the pass, Henne has a cannon and I think he and Marshall could be a dominant combination, if I am not mistaken the Saints or the Colts both outscored teams to win, not out sacked them.

A first round pick for Marshall is a no brainer. He is a proven player. We already wasted a first on Ginn (I know not present FO) and a second on White in the past. If we got Marshall we could trade Ginn for a pick. Marshall would change everything for the offense. The other receivers would be better and the running game would open up. Our present receiving corp doesn't scare anyone.

Sorry folks. Parcells is picking the best ILB on their board @ #12.

Unless he can slide down to say between 19 and 23 and add up picks.

i would be absolutely shocked if the trifacta dont draft lb the first round. They havent addresed this need at all in past drafts. They can pick up a cam thomas at nt in the second if not the third round

No one will fill that 54 jersey like Zach did. If all the players had heart like Zach Thomas the NFL would be better for it. Thanks Zach for Giving south Florida the great seasons you did.

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