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Tony Sparano breakfast: The quickie take

Tony Sparano has just finished an hourlong breakfast meeting with the local media.

This is the synoptic (look it up) version of the most pertinent points:

1. Sparano, who declined to name Chad Henne his starter after the 2009 ended, named Henne his starter today. Henne is the starter and Sparano confirmed an earlier Miami Herald report saying Chad Pennington is the No. 3 QB.

2. Sparano did not name the No. 2 and No. 4 QB but that is quite obvious. Tyler Thigpen starts out at No. 2 and Pat White is the No. 4.

3. Sparano said Pennington is the No. 3 because he doesn't need as many snaps as the mystery No. 2 guy. I asked the coach if Pennington's surgically repaired throwing shoulder has rehabilitated to the point he can throw a 15- to 18-yard out and he said, "Yes."

4. Sparano said there was "100 percent" attendance at the start of Miami's offseason conditioning program Monday. That included restricted free agents Anthony Fasano, Ronnie Brown and Quintin Moses. Not present at the program was guard Justin Smiley, whom the team is trying to trade.

5. On Smiley, Sparano said his injury history was part of his evaluation process but the coach said, "other things were also involved" in the decision to break ties with him.

6. Sparano shot down the ridiculous rumors that Phillip Merling will be moving to OLB. He (the player) weighed 295 pounds at the end of the 2009 season. Yeah, he's a 3-4 defensive end.

7. Sparano opened the door for the Dolphins chasing older unrestricted free agents the remainder of this offseason. In the past, the team has concentrated on UFAs that generally were in the 25-28 year old range because those were still in their prime. But desperate times call for desperate measures. So Sparano said the "philosophy is to find the best player" regardless of age. My opinion? Keep an eye on unrestricted free agent safety Darren Sharper.

8. It doesn't sound as if Jason Taylor is a big priority for coming back to the Dolphins. At this point it looks as if the team is planning to go on without Taylor in 2010. I asked Sparano if the team intended to bring the team's all-time sack leader back in 2010 and Sparano said, "I'm not going to make a comment on that ..." before going on to saying JT is a "super guy" and that he "enjoyed having him on my team."

9. Sparano said the team is obviously not hiring another coach for the outside linebackers. Last year Miami had an ILB coach and an OLB coach. Bill Sheridan will handle both ILBs and OLBs this year and defensive coordinator Mike Nolan will also be involved in the process.

10. Sparano said he'd feel comfortable if the wide receiver corps going into 2010 was the same as the 2009 wide receiver corps "because we know exactly what we're getting." OK, step off that ledge because I still expect the Dolphins to draft a wide receiver (or two). The coach has to say this because it's part of his job. And I have to share it with you because it's part of my job.

11. I asked Sparano his reaction to the string of arrests this offseason, three in all so far, and whether he might ever cut a player based on being convicted after an arrest.

"Obviously we're not happy about it," Sparano said. "Absolutely I'm not happy. Anybody that brings negative light to the team disappoints me. At the same time the team is getting all the facts on  this ..."

The coach said he would weigh a player's history when deciding that player's fate on the roster following an arrest or conviction. 

12. Sparano said newly signed Richie Incognito is "more a right guard-type of guy for us right now," suggesting he and Donald Thomas will compete for that job. The question is who starts at left guard when Justin Smiley is no longer on the team?

The obvious answer is the team can move Nate Garner to left guard where he started a game last year and played a lot. "We're going to put all of them out there and let them go and see what happens," Sparano said.

13. Incognito's reputation for suffering lapses of anger were partially the cause of him being dropped by St. Louis. Sparano addressed those lapses.

"We spent an awful lot of time together," the coach said. "This wasn't something that was just done very, very fast. We did our due diligence this way with Richie. But in spending our time together I wanted to hear why he thought some of these things happened and then I wanted to voice my opinion on where we were. And where we are right now is one of the lowest-penalized teams in the National Football League for the two years that I've been here. It is a way to win and lose in this league and not something that I'm going to tolerate. I think Richie understands that very clear. One of the things, I think, with Richie is to get a fresh start, a new start. I'm looking forward to being able to help him with that."

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Uhh Jordan....couldn't agree with u more man. WORST RECEIVING CORE IN THE LEAGUE. Henne deserves so much more. Just one playmaker, just one!

Insimounts, I sorry but ur being ridiculous, to call Patrick Turner a probable bust is asinine...Austin Miles had zero catches his first year in Dallas and 5 in year two...I bet u would have called him a bust too!!! Stop the nonsense, Fins will draft a WR AND yes, since Parcells is the BOSS it is his way, get used to it

Andy parcells likes his attitude though, and it's not really about what parcells likes, that's not te majority anyways. It's what the team needs. Everything about parcells says he would be against the wildcat. But, his main concern last draft was getting someone to run it who was a threat to throw the ball. Even though we still don't have that, nobody can look at last years draft and say we don't go after players with character issues or that parcells doesn't think outside his box

Uhh Jordan....couldn't agree with u more man. WORST RECEIVING CORE IN THE LEAGUE. Henne deserves so much more. Just one playmaker, just one!

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2010/03/tony-sparano-breakfast-the-quickie-take/comments/page/3/#comments#ixzz0j0xSVFgD

c'mon bro, def not the worst in the league.

I'm being ridiculous because I'm being realistic? That austin miles thinking
Is the same thing we did with ginn. Austin miles is one out of literally fifty that work. But I'll even up it and say five percent chance Patrick turner is not a bust. That's what I mean by probable.

Allen, I hear you. Good points about size. That's why I said what I want. Not what they will do in my post about the 3 LBs. I do think Kindle fit that size mold he is 6'3 250. True he isn't 6'4 270 like JPP and D. Morgan but he has plenty of size. Don't you think? I think Kindle is a great player. Another reason I didn't throw JPP in the mix is to be honest I have never seen him play. Morgan I have seen him play and I don't like his burst off the edge at 3-4 OLB. I think he is a 4-3 DE all the way.

Jarret Johnson played DT at Alabama and now is a 275 lb OLB for the Ravens. JPP and Morgan can play OLB in the 3-4. Both have the athletic ability and more importantly both are high motor guys who will put the work in to become better. If they aren't the choice its not cause they can't play OLB in the 3-4.

Vegas...give me one who's worse. I love my fins, but we have te worst #1 at lease. Let's take bess. Bess plays every game, leads or comes close to leading our team in catches past two years. How many tds does he have in two years? 3. I can give u more examples but it makes me sick. Henne needs more.

Inismounts,most receivers in this league need to develop, Marshall was a 4th round pick, u guys make it sound like there will never be another good receiver in this league, ridiculous

I don't like jpp, I like Morgan, but I like Graham better. It's good jpp is from south Florida, no doubt. But he's made better by selvie (who I like just as much as jpp and he would be a steal after underperforming this year. Crazy I know :)

: Maybe Bill Parcells has questions about Marshall's character, or maybe he's just being patient and smart. No one is willing to give up a first-round pick this time for Marshall. The Seahawks don't want to give up a first-rounder. The Jets really aren't interested. The Patriots haven't stepped into the act. It's not out of the question for the Dolphins to wait until the draft to see if they can get him for a second-rounder. I think the best value for Marshall at this time is a No. 2, a No. 4 and maybe another lower pick in 2011. The Broncos will hold out for a first-rounder until the start of the draft, but after that they have to make some major concessions if they are going to get value for him.

This talk about Kindle. How about three sacks last year????? Three... that makes him a top 15 pick. Get real. Forget Kindle he is a scrub.

Bobby, ur not being realistic. Keep it holy though :)......in all seriousness man, all I'm saying is that Brian hartline to me is our best receiver. He could be like welker, and no I'm not joking, as long as he gets his moss. Brian hartline has a long future in the NFL and is one of our better picks in a long time, and I hate the buckeyes. Lol. So it's not a round thing.

U know what seems is happening, and it's awesome? Is that whoever wants Marshall can probably wait till after the draft and they won't need to waste picks this year. Just sayin

Kindle is good, so I don't know if I totally agree with u westva, but yes u are right he is not good enough for even first round.


You make good points about our receivers. Not sure why others on here don't see it. To keep running the same guys out there, game after game, year after year is ridiculous. We're not getting enough production from our receivers and TE's and we're not scaring anyone. The funny thing is, we'll still be having this conversation in two years, 'cause the trifecta just doesn't value the wide receiver enough.

U know what my problem is in talking about wr. Is that this team wants to draft a playmaker at that position, and that's just too hard a thing to do these days. Was Percy harvin crazy good last year? Yes. But how Many others weren't. Even the picks before him were a disaster (Michael crabtree and Darius heyward bey)....before that Jerome Simpson (who? Exactly) I could name so many more. Bottom line: most of even the greats take a year or so, and we need help NOW.

Esteban Jarret Johnson plays 3-4 OLB and set the edge he isn't a dominant pass rusher. He is good player and he played the role similar to Matt Roth. I don't know anything about JPP so I will reserve my judgement on that but I watched Morgan play and he is better at 4-3 DE. Sure he can play 3-4 but would be better 4-3

I was on the Kindle bandwagon for a bit, until I actually listened to him. This guy is dumb as a stump. Weatherspoon has the tools. He is going to make a team very happy.

Craig, they don't value receivers at all, do they? U know what the problem is? Is they haven't been consistently sucky. Take ginn. Tere is always one game he blows up a year (this year two runbacks against the jets) last year he had like 175 yards in one game. Bess does the same. So did Camarillo. They have one or two games (fasano too) for that matter and then get thirty yards each other game. And the trifecta says, look, they did this, if they just do it every week we will be fine. But they won't, and we won't.

Waterboy. Pennes 15 yard bomb. Histerical.

Jb zach Thomas didn't know where Swiss cheese came from. True story. So it's all relative

Inimounts... bills, cle, oak, bears, stl just to name a couple I wouldn't want over the fins.

WestVa he also had 17 Tackles for loss and 31 QB pressures.

oh yeah.. forgot about TB

Zach can't be compared to Kindle. Zach had to actually use his brain to overcome his lack of physical attributes.

And crowder did not know where London was either

The Bears have a worse WR group than us.

And Crowder is a great LB?

We are talking about a first rounder, he needs to be the complete package. The later round can be used on players with shortcomings.


Hartline will be good. I think it was a great team by the team. He has the potential to be like a Wes Welker but I don't think he will EVER be a TRUE number one. We need someone who scares defences that he could take it to the house every time he lines up. We don't have that right now. Ginn could be that guy, but he can't catch the ball and he's not tough enough. Marshall could be that guy but most of the guys on here don't want him. Hartline will never be that guy but I do like him and I think he could be a Brandon Stokely type.....

Andy, i agree cause I think Morgan would be better off in a 4-3. Just see people act as if he can't make the switch. on JPP, i think he'd be better off in a 3-4. But ultimately its not about what system the player would do best in..its about if they can contribute to the Fish winning more games in Nolan's 3-4.

the main reason bringing up Jarret Johnson was that "if he can do it anyone can" - at least when it comes to the physical part. Cause Johnson wasn't a fast DT. He just wasn't an overly big DT. Would have struggled trying to weigh 300 to play 3-4 DE. But like you said he sets the edge. Does his role and has just enough athletic ability to do everything that's asked of him.

Vegas bills is actually pretty good. We have to go by last year because they don't have final roster. TO. enough said. Plus Roscoe and Evans. Much better. Problem is they had fitzpatrick and Trent throwing to them. Ugh. Cleveland: cribbs is amazing, they had Edwards almost whole year, that massaquoi from Georgia was just a rookie but put up good numbers seeing as how he had even worse qbs throwing to him than buffalo lol. Oakland is the same thing, but has the worst qb in the league. They have Louis Murphy and heyward bey who both have tremendous upside once they actually find a qb. And finally, chicagos numbers speak for themselves, watch out for my boys Greg olsen and Devon Hester, I'd take them both over any of our receivers, as well as aroumashado or whatever who we once had but let go.

Vegas, my point is, look at hennes numbers last year. Yards were impressive, especially with no 1k receiver or anything. He's suffering in tds because our receivers don't catch them. Period. Cribbs had more in one day than bess had all year. And I actually like bess.

Craig and anyone else it concerns,

Noone on here is saying WR isn't a position that doesn't need upgrading. Most just say no to Marshall and Bryant. We lost more games because of our crappy D than our offense. IND, NO, TEN, HOU games all come to mind. Our WR group is better than our NT, LB or S groups. On our own team.

Greg Olson is not a WR last time I checked, pretty sure of it. Bess and Ginn have both posted better receiving seasons than Hester ever has. Simple.

You can't become a great O-line if you keep changing the players around...they have to work as a unit..and that takes time.

i love it every1 will eat thier words with JPP---his is my guy for 6 months now--when i saw him live vs---cincinati----Off the ball quickness and burst with recognition of snapp count is unbelievable for a guy wiht that size and athleticism--also consider he has only played HS football 1 year---junior college 2 years---and at USF for 1 season------Selvie isnt even in the same class----look at the tape---JPP plays the run well---and has room to bulk up and get stronger with his upper body build---

These other guys like kindle, graham, Morgan---have already maxed out their physical builds---doesnt mean they cant get stronger they will----but JPP abilty to play the run at a young age---without that devloped upperbody strength the potential is enormous and not comparable to other olb in this draft.

Kindle too me is way riskier than JPP---i think kindle is a twinner with no position---and if i had to pick one i would say olb in a 4-3------he isnt a natural pass rusher relies on primarily his bull rush---and athletically isnt as fluid as pople make him out 2 be---his size is comparable to our ILB---and rememebr he was a RB in hs----who put on over 40 pounds at texas---his build is maxed out----

I agree Craig. And it's not like we are hot for Marshall, it's just we have waited too long and our needs are huge. I think if we had Marshall or TO or somebody. hennes tds would double this year. Is Marshall going to catch them all, obviously not. But they will make hartline and bess or whoever better, And while the safeties are concentrating on him hartline and co will become what they shouldve been with ginn. 2nd and third options.

Bootang we are talking about receiving CORES, and I'm pretty sure I named two wr anyways. And to say that overall ginn or bess are better than Hester is just stupid. Hester had more tds in a year than ginn or bess have had in their CAREERS. COMBINED.

This draft is very deep and we are loading up on picks this year. Arguably, BP and Co. are the best in the business at avaluating talent. There will be some gems out there in late rounds. We are just going to have to be a little more patient. This team isn't being built for a sprint to a championship, but instead towards many years of success. There wiil be mistakes along the way, but keep the faith, we will get there with this leadership.

I agree fishypete. I don't like garner moving to the left. Do u think it's a cap move or something? Draft Pick hunting?

parrish is a good returned. wouldn't call him good rec. nothin scary bout evans.

cribbs is a great player but he doesn't make his money as a rec. I like the massaquoi kid though.

oak best option they have is TE miller

chicago needs to let hester go back to bein a returner. maybe martz weill help though

I agree they need a big time playmaker but not the worst in my opinion

jarret johnsonmention is accurate ----but just look at parcells in dallas----everything people will say negative about morgan or jpp----you would say about Greg Ellis---and where did he play in dallas under parcells---6"6 270----anywhere else he is a DE in a 4-3-----SOUND LIKE MORGAN-----Mike nolan----1st round pick on Unknown Manny Lawson----6"6 255----to play strongside OLB---and he has steadily developed into a solid run stoppind OLB-----compare to JPP------look at the people in charge and thier history----------

And mcshay is right Graham and kindle arent holdn enough value at 12

Point is Allen is that jpp is a project. Everyone agrees with that, because he's so green. And I don't want potential greatness with a 12 pick. I want them ready to be great for us now. Graham is just like Jake long as far as readiness. He's ready. And I saw jpp, actually saw him, against Miami. He didn't look great.

None of those place have Henne. Look at the yard henne posted. U named probably four of te five worst qbs in the league (their teams). Henne is not in that category. Anyone that says our receiving core isn't the worst in the league hasn't been out to the games. Hasn't been watching the games. From the first damn game our receivers and fasano have sucked. But now all the sudden in the last six games we need a nt and lbs worse? . Please. Like the man said. I can't wait till next year when we are out of the playoffs, henne puts up four thousand yards with 10 tds and ur still telling me we don't need receivers. I'm sick of it.

Physical attributes are great, but with the first pick of the I want a Football player.

With the 12th pick of the draft the Dolphins select out of Mizzo.................. :)

Dez Bryant. Brandon Graham. Maybe Sam Bradford will slip lol


they are all projects none of them has played 3-4 olb---so for u to label JPP a project and say graham is ready to go to me isnt accurate---what makes u think graham trnsition from hand in the ground to stand is going to go so effortlessly---

Also i will state im glad parcells is the one that calls the shots---b/c i agree with him---and he will never select graham at 12---graham can be a solid player---i think in a 4-3 like darryl tapp

Well guess I should go do some work since I'm at work.

DEz i love---but ur not being relaitic they arent goin wr in 1st round----BG doest fit the value or prottype--for tuna----doesnt matter if u agree with it or not

I like Spoon from Mizzo for an ilb but he doesnt fit the parcells protype so i have to understand it isnt realistic

If you want a sure thing football player whith value at 12 who can contribute 1st year---the only pick is Mcclain if he is there---evry1 else is risky for different reasons---i think we will go risk----

And select Morgan or JPP at 12

For all that think Marshall is going to the jets , you can forget it. I Live in the area and jets are not going after marshall and he rumors are false. They admitted to sniffing about that but have shot it down. B Edwards will go nuts .

I think henne is gonna be great but he has a long way to go. let's not go overboard.

I'm in the sportbook every sunday watchin this team. don't think marshall or d bryant or TO or any of these other head cases are a bigger need than the fact our def constantly blew games for us. you can call it scheme or lack of playmakers on D but we would have made playoffs with better play from that side of ball.

our rec core didn't make last season miserable it was DEF.

Anyone hyping JPP I hope you are right. I watched South Florida play once this yer vs Rutgers when they got blown out like 30-0 and I know about Selvie already but I don't remember hearing JJP's name called all game. Granted it was a horrible team effort. If he is the pick I hope you guys are right. I will have to reserve any judgement on a player I haven't seen play.

The Tuna LOVES production and Experience . I doubt seriously he goes after a 1 year wonder who had a not so productive year like JPP. He's also not the brightest light bulb in the bunch going to 3 schools including 2 JUCO colleges because of academics , Remember the the trifecta's mantra . We want big , strong , smart , productive players . Right now JPP is all athlete . We want football players.

I see a lot of talk about Weatherspoon, I am guessing that talk is if there is a trade down, because anything I have seen has him as a borderline 1st rounder, that would be some stretch at 12. I see he was a tackle machine but we need to pressure the QB, does anyone know, is that just something he wasn't asked to do in college? If we are dropping back Jerry Hughes looks like a better fit with his history getting to the passer.


Please show me a post where someone, anyone, on this blog said our WR group doesn't need upgrading??

There will be another shock when the fins draft an offensive lineman with the first pick. The second rounder will be a nose tackle.

I'm not sure what the reason is for the Dolphins to keep changing the O-line around...be it they made mistakes on players or just too much cap...but again...you can't play musical chairs with the O-line and expect them to play well enough to jell together. I'll say this...IF it's mistakes on the players they signed...that does not speak well of either Parcells or Sparano.

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