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To broil or not to broil is the Dolphins question

ORLANDO -- What is more important, to make Dolphins fans more comfortable in early season home games?

Or to make visiting teams more uncomfortable in early season home games.

You cannot have both.

The Dolphins have decided it's more important to keep their fans comfortable. And that is why owner Stephen Ross has officially requested that the NFL schedule as few as possible 1 p.m. home games for the Dolphins early in the coming season.

This despite the obvious weather advantage the Dolphins enjoyed for years when visiting teams often wilted in the heat and humidity of early season 1 p.m. games at Sun Life Stadium.

"Our goal is to have as few games at 1 p.m. in the early part of the season as possible," Ross said Monday during a chat with South Florida media at the NFL owner's meetings. "We've let the league know that. Last year was a great schedule. If I can duplicate that schedule we've done a great job. I like night games, four o'clock games, that kind of stuff earlier in the year."

Frankly, this is akin to the Buffalo Bills asking the league not to schedule too many December home games because it might snow. Sure that snow can make the fans miserable and, trust me, I've walked through that crowd, they're not happy.

But the football side of the Bills' organization believes the snow and cold and wind is part of their home field advantage. And they love it!

The Dolphins have enjoyed an equally inarguable advantage early in the season on their home field when temps can soar to the high 90s and the humidity threatens to drain every ounce of energy and desire from one's body.

Playing primarily 1 p.m. games in September, the Dolphins posted a 24-6 home record from 1990 through 2006. The team, after all, practiced in the heat and was prepared to play in the heat when opponents were not.

The most obvious example of the home field heatvantage came in the 2005 opener when the Dolphins beat the Broncos 34-10 not because they were better more likely because that team had three players go out of the game suffering from heat exhaustion and cramps. Denver, accustomed to the thin mountain air, melted down in the second half.

But Ross thinks having those early season games at 1 p.m. can be a home field disadvantage if fans aren't in their seats.

"The fact is when you see you’re winning but still see empty orange seats, and they [the fans] really want to be there, which would you choose?” Ross asked.

The Dolphins have chosen. Which do you think is the right choice?

[BLOG NOTE: Coach Tony Sparano will have a breakfast round-table at 7 a.m. Come back during the day for updates on what he said.]


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LOL odie ,I kinda miss the ORANGE BOWL,It got HOT and LOUD.

Odinseye i heard u callin me. I couldnt resist clicking the app one more time. Damn u armando and ur iphone app. I gotta work in 4 hours! Ok later now.

One more thing. I live in Orange County, CA and the Dolphins are now a joke again, not because of 1-15 or the ugly uniforms, but because of J-LO, Serena, Jimmy Buffet, etc. Ross is ruining the team and image. We need a football guy as an owner, not a celebrity wannabe.

The orange bowl was the only place I knew where you could have gone to game by way of boat

Heinz field,pittsburg.....by boat

or better yet BASS BOAT

Unbelievable!!! Please sell the team to someone who knows at least a little bit about football!!! And to Joeym27, if you don't like the sun and alcohol combination, then don't drink.


It's all good brother.

You have to admit, it was a nice break from talking about Brandon Marshall and Dez Bryant.

Gotta open the shop in 5 1/2 hours....YIKES!!!!

I think Ross bought the team to make money. If he can make money at 8 pm and not at 1 pm, well it is a no-brainer to me. Now he has a bunch more money to spend on free agents.

Ross is not only cheap he is stupid. Parcels and his crew need to go. I think the game has passed him by. Hoping for a reat draft because as it looks now the dolphins are looking at another 7-9 or 8-8 season. Trade Brown and for a low draft pick while he still has a little value.

This is a stupid decision. I love the one oclock kick off. I'm sure it is hot, but the home fans should be used to the heat.

Maybe they should give out water wings and pink umbrellas when it rains too

I am a little disappointed… but lets think this through… If you are a Dolphin fan in California you are watching the game at 10 in the morning if it has a 1pm eastern starting time. What game has a better chance of being televised nationally… the “10” 1pm games or the “3” 4pm games?

When you guys invest billions of dollars you night want to recoup some of that money I think Stephen Ross is trying to make the Dolphins one of the most popular teams in the league again. Unfortunately it is a business guys. Lets remember how much money the owner has on the line. All of the people upset save your money, but the team, and enact your policies.

People criticize the Wildcat because they say it’s a gimmick. If we were really a talented team why do we need to have a “sun” gimmick to win. We need to focus on being a better team and winning.

Besides guys, this is all trickery… smoke and mirrors. Just because he sends a request to the league doesn’t mean its law. Trust me… we are the Dolphins, we are going to have many 1pm games. It is a fact!

U guys R worked up over nothing as far as the heat is concerned! It is actually Hotter with higher humidity at 4pm than it is at 1pm during those Sept Games. (unless it rains of course). My problem with this is that I like to Deer Hunt, and 4pm games will ruin my evening hunts.

Gotta open the shop in 5 1/2 hours....YIKES!!!!

Posted by: odinseye | March 23, 2010 at 03:29 AM

Yeah right open up shop. One bozo mechanic and a parts gofer. Yeaaaaahh it is a shop. I bet he is not even ASE certified. Bozo.

Michael Wise,

Are you serious?? He paid 1.1 billion for the Dolphins, real cheap guy. Do you think before you type? No offense just seems like a guy who spends over a billion dollars is not cheap, he is smart, successful, and LOADED!!

Whats the most expensive thing you've purchased?

Dumb move. The fins are the only team that train for 2 months in these conditions, why give up the advantage?

Will the standing be rockin' when we start 0-2 again?

Ross is all about the glitz


DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

# Tony Sparano admitted that he failed to develop Patrick Turner properly. "I should have gotten him in the game, got him some exposure."

# On FS, "we'll find the right player for us," Sparano said. But he looks at Tyrone Culver and Chris Clemons as viable starting options 30 minutes ago via UberTwitter

# Just listening to Tony Sparano I have to conclude WR isn't as much of a need as the fan base thinks. He likes his WRs...stone him, not me. 32 minutes ago via UberTwitter

# When asked about Terrell Owens and Brandon Marshall Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said he doesn't think they would be a good fit for his team. 36 minutes ago via UberTwitter

# Tony Sparano said he feels confident that Chad Pennington can throw a 15 yard out right now. 37 minutes ago via UberTwitter

# Sparano said you can't exclude the body of work that Will Allen has had as a CB starter. "The best four guys will play" 37 minutes ago via UberTwitter

# Tony Sparano said all three of his restricted FA players (Ronnie Brown, Anthony Fasano and Quentin Moses) participating in offseason work 39 minutes ago via UberTwitter

# Sparano points out Tyler Thigpen has similar skillset to Pat White, and can be used to run the ball. White needs to understand the offense 41 minutes ago via UberTwitter

# Sparano said Chad Henne is the starting QB, and Chad Pennington is the No. 3. Won't experiment with Pat White until sees improvements made. 42 minutes ago via UberTwitter

# When asked about Dez Bryant Sparano said it's about adding good players on the team. But "we have to be concerned with all things out there" about 1 hours ago via
# Tony Sparano said Karlos Dansby's was signed for his playmaking. "An active player and a very productive player." Brought up 25 sacks. about 1 hours ago via UberTwitter

# Sparano on re-signing Jason Ferguson. "I don't think it sends a good message. But we know this player...he's been a captain for two years" about 1 hours ago via UberTwitter

# Sparano said he thinks it's important for Incognito to get a fresh start. "There is a line you can cross, you just can't cross it." about 1 hours ago via UberTwitter

# Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said he project Richie Incognito as a RG. He's been watching him for a long time and likes him 4 his power. about 1 hours ago via UberTwitter

Stop whining about home field advantage in the heat.....we are talking 2 maybe 3 games. We have to believe our Dolphins can beat anyone despite the weather.......that is the measure we want our team to achieve! 1pm or 430pm will not be as major factor as you may think. It really depends who we play, and if we are even at home?

The Dolphins are 7-6 over the past 2 seasons (including playoffs) in 1pm home games.

So, is there really an advantage?

I used to think so but not anymore.

“Ross, you damn commie!!! We all should be comfortable, whawha! What's next... cheaper tickets so we can all afford to go to a game. jk. Sorry, I've been watching Fox News.”


You seem like a clueless little child to me, you probably need to read a book.

Dude he is the ultimate capitalist. He made loads of money and now he owns the Miami Dolphins. Doesn’t that give him the right to manage his team how he sees fit? Or should you the non-owner have a say.

I love Capitalism, the Free Market System, and Fox News. You sound like the commie to me. No one is forcing you to be a fan. Plus I really think you distort the truth on how evil communism really is when you make comparisons like that.

Stalin (communist) killed 7-10 million Yugoslavians in 1 year (by starvation)
Mao (communist) killed 70 million of his own people in 4 years (by starvation)
Che (communist) banned many forms of music and oh yeah he killed thousands

You are ignorant of the truth. Where will you get all your welfare money when the people who earn money leave? Who will give you health insurance and wipe you @ss after you shat?

Lower the prices and I will go regarless of time, I just cant afford to go, If I go I got to bring my wife and kids, if I go by myself they will get MAD!!! but I cant afford to bring everyone...Lower the prices and we will go, WE ARE LOUD!!! AT HOME THE NEIGHBORS COME TO SEE WHATS WRONG WHEN WE WATCH THE GAME !! LOL.

Ross means to say when he sees empty orange seats he misses out on $$. But that's just Business vs Football right? Ross is the owner so he makes the call, but I bet if Sparano or Parcells were given the choice it would be no question: they choose homefield advantage over fan comfort. I personally like the decision bc the heat gets unbearable and I always get the half-face-sunburn lol, but as a dolfan I know we need every advantage we can get for the team to prosper. She's a mixed bag for sure. The other part is that Ross requested it, but his request may not be honored. We could have every game start at 1pm. We shall see, dolfans!

Why would people have a problem with this? It's about selling tickets and filling seats and making the Dolphins more money. The last place most Floridians want to be on a hot afternoon is a huge unshaded space. We need to do what we can to sell tickets and put that money back into the team. Most of you talking against it right now probably rarely or never go to Dolphins home games. It gets pretty damn hot!!!

Is this subject REALLY worth a whole blog about it ? It seems we have run out of blog material only 30 days before the draft ? Mando, why dont you commment on the ESPN report that has Sparano saying that neither T.O. or Brandon Marshall "FIT" the Dolphins ? ? ?

Now there's something to talk about !!

AS a Season ticket holder, I am with Ross on this one. Those 1o'clock games are too dam hot.
Especially when you start drinking at 9am.

JUSTPLAYBALL you moronic bozo...
Why don't we tell the Bills or Pats to stop playing in the snow for the sake of the fans. Tell them they need to beat teams in any weather......you buffoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Without the fans, there is no money to pay the players and no NFL. So, it makes sense to have the games at a time that would be best for the fans so that more of them can attend the games or watch on TV. As far as what is worst for the visiting team, while hot weather is a killer, playing in front of a near empty stadium is not only a killer for the home team but a help to the visitors. So, I agree with Mr. Ross in that scheduling games for 4 PM and at night which gives the team the best opportunity to fill the stadium and make money is by far the best option (not to mention that having games in the middle of the day basically screwed up your entire day from doing anythin else, so having them at 4 PM gives us a shot at doing alot of things prior to kick off. Great move, Mr. Ross!!!

Oh please, 35% of the stadium each Sunday is filled with opposing teams fans anyway.

Dolphins fans do not pack the stadium not b/c its hot, its b/c they don't care. Build a consistant winner and people will be there.

My guess is people in Miami are used to the heat and can handle a few hours in it once a week.

One more thing....this advantage of playing at 1 PM was great during the early years of the NFL because players did not train year around. They basically showed up to training camp to get into shape, so in the early part of the season, the heat would definitely take a toll of all players, specially visitors from the north. Now, the NFL is a year around job that has players training constantly, and oftentimes, in warm places like Florida, Texas and Arizona. Just look at where most of the NFL players come from or live, and you will see that this so called 1 PM game advantage due to the heat is not what it used to be. On the other hand, snow and rain will always be a problem for anyone.

I remember reading how many fans couldn't wait for Huizenga to sell to someone who 'knows football'. How do you feel now????

'B' list celebrities, changing the fight song, Jimmy Buffett and all that other BS did not fill the stadium. But 4:00 games will, right?

What about the fans who drive from the Keys or up north who have to work the next day?

The Dolphins is Ross's new toy and he wants to play with it. Here's a clue: Win games and the people will come.

stupid moves start at the top and i think waht ross is saying it is all about the money and screw the win loss column... kinda of like our approach to free agency no boldin no rolle
no clark all guys that wished to be here

One more thing, the coaches like 1:00 games. That should be all Ross needs to know.

As a season ticket holder who goes to the games it certainly is more comfortable to not sit out in that blazing sun at 1:00 pm early in the season....fact of the matter is if you have a good football team, it shouldn't matter what time u play games

Second point: if Miami had fans that would sell out this stadium week after week this wouldn't even be a problem, instead we have 49,000 season ticket holders in a 79,000 seat stadium...yet u get stadiums in Denver, Green Bay and NY that have waiting lists from 7 to 20 years to buy Season tickets, sorry I don't blame Ross one bit in this decision

4pm games are much better for those of us who attend. I'm not sure that the heat difference between 1 and 4 is as marked as to make a difference in the field but being able to have a leisure Sunday morning instead of having to be at the stadium at 9 am is always a plus.

Good points BobbyD!

Bobbyd12 is too much of a poooooooosy and cant stand the heat. Punk

Nice to see ALoco up making up names early, morning Paul

I was at the Indy/Miami game last season, a Monday Night Game. It was week 2 and the heat was miserable without the sun. Did anyone see the Colts and how drained they were. I was physically exhausted from the heat just watching the game (even though I loved being). Teams will still struggle with the heat during the 4pm games!

This could also mean splitting the early games to be road games and in December we could have more home games which would allow us to play in nice weather later in the year.

I don't think this is such a terrible thing that they are asking for. They are already considering putting a half a roof or whatever you want to call it on the stadium.

I think this is a mess. I think winning is what brings fans out and not washed up musicians or less sun.

If the 1:00PM games give us an advantage and result in 1 win, then it is worth it. I mean, in the NFL, each and every win is so important.

Ross is a F'in MORON!!! I live in Orlando, but I love driven down to the 1pm games! I get there like at 9:30am and start the tailgating, then kickoff at 1pm... then by 4pm I'm post game tailgating some more till about 7:30 before I drive back. The South Florida HEAT is part of the tailgating experience, and I wouldn't want to change that for any reason!

Parcells, please punch this guy in the throat, he needs to shut the F up!

Uh, since when isn't it STILL oppressively hot and humid in South Florida that time of year at 4 p.m.? Some of you act as if it's more like a lakeside cabin in Michigan than the reality---it's still a steambath in those months, even at night. You want to know when there's a real home-field advantage? When the team is GOOD and the fans pack the joint. Did anyone talk about a "heat advantage" in the early expansion years when they routinely lost? Was there any advantage in some of the recent crappy seasons? No. None at all. Not to mention that this is Ross simply stating a preference---there's no indication the NFL will accomodate his wishes.

Avoiding 1 pm September home games is stupid, unless it means more December 1 pm home games rather than in New England, Buffalo, or New York. We've had bad starts the past two years, and put the team way behind for the playoffs. But I guess that doesn't matter to Ross.

Yeah , I certainly wouldn't want to be a little more comfortable and watch my team beat the other team if they are not wilting under the south Florida sun!

Stephen Ross is starting to get annoying.

Play in the heat! How can such a rich guy be so stupid?

You get to the playoffs for having one of the best won/loss records, not the best attendance.

Ross is an owner, not a coach, what is the primary goal of any business owner...TO MAKE MONEY! Sorry to break it to all of you but money is more important than anything, Ross has enough confidence in this team and knows they will win regardless of the time they play at. So sorry but if you want to be able to dish out more money especially in uncapped seasons, making more money is also nice. So sorry to everyone that cares so much about that, now maybe we can sell out more often!

This is stupid! Home field advantag is bigger than fan comfort, last I checked the playoffs weren't determined by the fan experience. I am sooooo mad right now. MR. ROSS: WE ALL LOVE ONE O'CLOCK GAMES!!!!

Armando: please start a pole on this so we can really see where the fans stand. Thanks for keeping us informed.

Ross is Rong! Winning games will put more butts in seats and the 1pm kickoffs equate to Dolphins advantage thus more wins. I know he means well but he just doesn't get it.

The early season heat is why we started strong almost every season. This is crazy ! The heat doest mean anything to hard core fans. Winning means everything Mr. Ross ! Field a team full of talent then ask for the 4 pm games with your after game concerts. We need the 1 pm. games for the heat advantage.. This is like the Packers building a dome so the fans can be warm during the cold months..

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