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A quickie update on B. Graham, Sergio Kindle

You know I like love Brandon Graham. The Michigan defensive end is not a prototype outside linebacker for the Dolphins so there hasn't been much attention paid to him in the form of visits and interviews. I do know Bill Parcells has studied the kid at least twice on tape, although I'm not privy to what the Big Tuna thinks of the player.

Anyway, Graham had his Pro Day on Thursday and apparently other teams like the player more than Miami because 20 of them, including the Steelers, Falcons and Jaguars were present, according to a source. Graham did not run a 40-yard dash time at the workout and instead stood by his combine numbers there.

Graham's combine times were 4.72 and 4.77 in the 40-yard dash with the second being slower because he tweaked a hamstring during the run. Graham did all the defensive end and outside linebacker drills yesterday, and get this, even did some defensive back drills.

Seems Michigan defensive back Donovan Warren was having his private Pro Day at the same time as Graham and I'm told the defensive end/OLB volunteered to show scouts how well he can move around. I don't know if that will help or not, but it obviously says something about Graham's self confidence.

Graham continues his schedule of 15 visits. The Dolphins are not on that schedule. I don't care. I like love this player anyway. I'm a big softie for guys that simply do not quit -- ever.

Oh, Graham's combine numbers show he is 6-1 3/8ths and 268 pounds. His reach is 32 1/4 and his hands are 9 7/8ths. He bench pressed 225 pounds 31 times.

Another outside linebacker type that has been linked to the Dolphins in several mock draft -- but I'm guessing won't be the pick at No. 12 -- is Sergio Kindle of Texas. He has visited with Tennessee, Cleveland and is in San Francisco today, a source tells me.

Kindle also has not visited the Dolphins and no visit is planned right now. 


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DEZ BRYANT.... Before the others get him !!!

Graham reminds me of another former Michigan standout, LaMarr Woodley. I'd be happy with him, Thomas or Dez at #12.

I think the picks will be:

12 - Derrick Morgan

43 - Daryl Washington

Trade down a few spots for more picks please!

Where is Rob in OC?????


Would love to see Graham as the pick - guys that don't quit go a long way in football when they have some ability - like Graham does

Earl thomas should be our pick 12. We lost a lot of games because we got burned deep. We need someone to come in and play right away, we have plenty of projects and dont need more atm. I think taking Dan williams at 12 or even sub 20 is a bad ideal and Kindle is a one hit wonder, the last thing we need is a possible bust at 12.

I think it's coming down to Bryant, Morgan, Kindle, McClain or Earl Thomas. I'll be surprised if it's anybody other than one of these five guys. Only way it's not is if Berry drops.

Whoever they draft needs to come in and make an impact right away.

I'd love it if Berry was there, but I think he will gone way before 12.

I think Kindle will be a bust in the NFL. he simply doesn't bring it all the time. And you don't succeed in the NFL with that attitude unless your name is Julius Peppers and he is nowhere near as talented as Peppers.

I have a feeling Bryant will end up being the pick although I will be happy with anyone of the usual suspects except for Kindle for the reasons mentioned above or Rolando McClain. The MLBs in this defense just aren't huge impact players - and having one outstanding MLB (dansby is enough). Don't think it will be Dan Williams either. Tough to draft a guy when you don't have him in for a visit.

Berry doesn't get by Cleveland unfortunately.

I'm here to rep for me and Rob in OC. I love Graham too. He is a beast. It means nothing that he did defensive backs drills but great point Mando look at the guys determination and mind set that he knows he is athletic enough in coverage. That would be my guy if he is available. I would go Brandon Graham, Dez Bryant, Dan Williams, Sergio Kindle and in that order. All of them have a chance at being available. I can't take the madness anymore. I love the draft like kids love Christmas.

The dolphins need to trade down, not once but twice and then pick the best player available.

way too many holes, and go defense , defense , defense whenever possible.

that is all..

So you're saying Miami weren't there?

That makes me want to punch Jeff Ireland and Bill Parcells in the throat. You take a guy off your board that is talented and that moves that well on his feet because he's one inch too short...you deserve to lose football games. Period.

Mark in Toronto you make great points but Miami sent like a regional scout or something to Jake Long's Pro Day. I think they do the 52 fake out thing a little too much but I don't think that doesn't mean they won't take a player just because of not going to the Pro Day.

The pick will be Dez Bryant and I hope we Trade UP for him I don't see him falling to 12. We missed on our target Percy Harvin last year we have to be aggressive to get our guy this year period.

If we get Dez Bryant or Eric Berry, of course I won't gripe about Brandon Graham at all. But if we don't get either of those guys and we pass on Brandon Graham, I'm pissed.

All this trading down talk makes me sick. So what Miami has holes most teams in the top half of the draft do. Miami needs a STUD. Is it possible to get a STUD at the end of the draft absolutely. I just feel the back half of the draft studs take a few more years to come along then if you can get one at the top half of the draft.

Graham's skill set is exactly what Miami needs. He has a variety of moves to beat people including a non stop motor. He wreaks havoc in opponents backfields. He has great leverage and is stout against the run and not just for his size. He kicks ass against the run and pass and like I said the non-stop motor to boot. His arms are short? That's the same knock that Dwight Freeney had when he came into the league. I'm not comparing them but judge the player not the measurables.

Two positions I use measurables are QB and and Offesnsive Tackle and thats it. For any other position I can give you at least 3 players in the leage that makes measurables and over rated stat.

Andy, big difference in not going to a pro day and not having the player in for a visit. Therefore the Jake Long argument doesn't really apply here.

Earl Thomas...btw CROWDER SUCKS!


Bwaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh !!!

Why not trade down and use the extra pick to work a trade with Denver for Marshall?

That way we still have the same number of picks, get an impact player and fill defensive needs through the draft?

Relentless....but still a

S M U R F !!!!!!!!

That is what i said. I read today Denver probably will not be able to get more then a 2nd rd pick. I like Dez Bryant alot but trade the 2 for Marshall and then either stay pat at 12 and take Earl Thomas or Derrick Morgan or try and trade down and acquire an extra 2nd or 3rd. Also a Marshall deal would allow them deal Ginn for a mid rd pick back.

Sounds like a no brainer to me but i doubt Parcells will deal for Marshall.

Earl Thomas or Rolando McClain please we need DEFENSE DEFENSE DEFENSE DEFENSE

It's not just Graham is an inch too short, he also has short arms for his height. Just doesn't fit their mold for an OLB. Also, remember they didn't go to Jake Long's pro day, so relax. They know what they need to know and these pro days are all available on tape. They have all the game tap and combine too, it's not a big deal.

Marshall is a prone

W I F E B E A T E R!!!

If he ends up in Jail he won't be able to help the Dolphins.

Every year, somebody is the next . Every year a lot of fans are disappointed.

I don't think that Berry is the next Ed Reed. Tennessee DBs haven't done well recently and there's only one Ed Reed. Likewise, Dez Bryant isn't the next Randy Moss or Andre Johnson. He may be that good one day, but nobody can make that statement based on how he played a year ago against college competition.

As for Graham "not quitting" and "trying hard", who friggin cares? I don't want Rudy at #12 overall, I want a perennial Pro Bowler!

Graham doesn't look like one to me - nor do Thomas, McClain, or Willaims for that matter.

JT is a Jet Ughhh!

"The pick will be Dez Bryant and I hope we Trade UP for him I don't see him falling to 12. We missed on our target Percy Harvin last year we have to be aggressive to get our guy this year period."

Good point flipper.

Brass Monkey take a look at this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DYk6GzwHC4. This a highlight of Bryan Bulaga OT from Iowa. Watch the first minute and a half of this. Brandon Graham dominates him play after play. Bulaga couldn't block him at all. He does this every week. Don't go off what you think. Watch the evidence then judge.

I think its Brandon Graham or Dez Bryant, we need help rushing the passer and we need a big play wr. I will be disappointed if its not one of these guys. I think if they go wr they bring back JT, but if they do select lb bye bye JT. I also think the Trifecta might be playing mind games. Leading everyone to think they are done with JT so the obvious choice to every other team is that we will go LB hoping that teams let Bryant slip down to us at 12.

Graham's going to kick our butt's for 10 years...If we don't pick him.

Ireland has said they have received offers to trade up or down. I say if we lose out on Dez Bryant, then trade down and pick Jerry Hughes with the first pick, then afterwards, 2.receiver, 2.safety, 3.tightend and 4.nose tackle.

Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!

Here haters http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQfcytu6ItI&feature=related.

Rudy my ass! You guys don't know football. You just like the guys who looks the best not who plays the best.

All of you guys who don't like Brandon Graham were probably the same bunch thinking vernon gholston was going to kick Miami's butt after seeing him. You guy's don't get it. You are all combine and physical specimen but no substance.

Morning Gents, (Well or afternoon or eve depending on your time zone)

carlito, thanks for remembering the pick I have "Bro"mance for. lol. BG will be a crazy good player in the NFL. Like many draftniks I will probably have to watch my #1 choice from a distance as the fins pass and he goes on to a different team.

Like most all posters that have invested more than a casual minute (hours and hours is more like it for the competitive ones) in researching the possible talent the Fins could bring on board... A few caught my eye.

None any moreso than this blog threads OLB/DE Brandon Graham!

I could go on and on (and have adnauseum for some, sorry dudes) about what BG has already actually done in college. From his bigtime Michigan program good enough to produce out OT Jake Long, his nation leading Tackles for Loss and was second only to Jerry Hughes in sacks over the last two years for the major draft players.

I do commend and thank you VERY much Armando for posting the Exact physical stats the guy had at the combine. The lies abound and make him sound more like Billy Barty.

I went to PFT (under features/More features) and they were doing a spread on Outside Rusher types. PFT was in such a hurry to write negative things about his height and arm length they gave INACCURATE numbers for the guy (30 arm length, 263lbs, 6'1 all BS numbers, they rank him 3rd behind DM and JPP for Outside Rushers). It seems for all his dwarfism he can never be pushed too far down any credible player lists.

It's hard enough when you are on the lower end of the Prom King's physical requirement chart to have falsely low numbers circulated but so goes the battle.

As AndyNJ and CK have stated I will hold out the slimmest of hopes that it is smokescreen... although I fear it not.

I will join the ranks of stalwart B. Graham backers:


These guys and a few others in seeing a player with mad pass rush skills, huge heart and never quit motor slip away as the "OTHER" prototype guys, that look the part, go on to have mediocre careers.

The draft can't come soon enough and put us all out of pre-draft pontification delirium.


Short and Semi-Slow.... Nice motor though.

Kind of a 'Microscopic Version' of a Decent Football Player.

I say if we lose out on Dez Bryant, then trade down...

I gree with that statement !

Please stop the bryant stuff he is best reciever & he hasnt played in a year? Were gonna get tite end this year its deep w-them & we dnt hve one who scares anyone.
We need a balls out safey look where we got let dwn time & time again last year . I'll be playn reciever 4 miami b4 marshel will & im a plumber frm binghamton ny. F*ck marshel he is a head case & parcels aint gonna give up any picks 4 him wake up.
The draft is like christmas 4 me too.

Also, ANYONE touting B Graham (stats above in Armando's post) as being "Too Small" to be a buzzsaw blitzer/outside contain OLB...

You can also check off your list...

Jerry Hughes OLB 6'1 3/4 / 255 lbs / 33 AL


(If you are looking at him as OLB/pass rush)

Sean Weatherspoon ILB/OLB 6'1 1/4 / 239 lbs /
31 1/4 Arm Length

Just sayin...

Answer this for me Mando... Did Vontae Davis visit with the Dolphins last year?

I believe the answer is no. (However, if I'm wrong I will accept that)

That says to me, that the people the Dolphins seemingly have zero interest in is exactly who they are interested in. So the fact that they haven't had a visit with him makes me believe that he's someone who they are really interested in and don't want other teams to know that.

I agree with Pat Kirwan, I think Kindle is the pick and I will be ecstatic if the Dolphins pick him.

Right now everyone thinks the Dolphins want Earl Thomas, Dez Bryant, or Dan Williams. I don't think they'll select any of them, but I wouldn't be mad at any of those selections.

Hard to see the Fins trading up, unless they were willing to go all in and move up to 4/5/6 and get Berry. I don't see how they do this - unless they could somehow package Smiley, and a decent pick from 2011. One reason I think this could happen has been the strange silence on the Smiley front, from everywhere. I can't see them just pulling him out of training so quickly, unless they had a deal in place, and didn't want to announce it too early.
Trading down to say 19/20 might make sense, if they can pick up a decent slot in the second round.

Personally, I would be more than happy with Graham. I don't think that Williams is the right pick at 12, Bryant seems like an awful risk to me, and Kindle just doesn't seem like a solid prospect. I suspect Earl Thomas will go before 12, although he would be my pick after Graham.

Rob I WANT THE CRYSTAL ball that has told you that derrick morgan and JPP will have mediocre careers. Send me some info on where i can pick one up, you can buildup BG, but dont throw low blows at my 2 guys.

We have that bet---u take BG, ill take 1 out of the 2---(u know the one that Tuna will probably pick)


What low blows at your guys?

jerry hughes wont be a dolphin either, trade up in 2nd 7 spots and lets go get terrance cody

The Dolphins shouldn't draft THOSE two guys either...

Just Sayin...

"These guys and a few others in seeing a player with mad pass rush skills, huge heart and never quit motor slip away as the "OTHER" prototype guys, that look the part, go on to have mediocre careers." 2:01pm

Rob-i felt it was a lil left hook under the belt line to JPP---im just the ref callin it how i see it

Rob in OC, my man! I was waiting for you to make sense out of all of my passionate but not clearly written post lol. Good looking out bro!

It might be just a pipe dream for guys like us but like you said with BG you are getting production against the pass and run, a high motor and a good character guy. Everyone else wants the guy looks the part but can't play worth a lick.


I will surely take that bet in a heartbeat...

Who do you have JPP or Morgan?


every pass rusher has some type of flaw, or they wouldnt get out of top 10, didnt hear any1 complaining about gholstine when the jets took him at 6---any1 can be a bust...and it really depends on where you go and what system you are in-----if you got to the eagles compared to falcons---you will have a different career, Steelers compared to the bills same logic applies---thats why it is so diffivult to really know who was a bust or not

Kindle looks like an amazing player and would fit great on the outside but the Maimi area would eat him alive.


Its tough all logical signs say that tuna likes morgan more---with bringing him in and working him out--but they are poker players,

Would you read into that they havnt scheduled a meeting with kindle, jpp, cody, linval joesph, there is no way they are on the radar im not sure??

I will say i think morgan is the SAFER pick doesnt make him the better one---using that logic i think morgan might be off the board so JPP will be the pick at 12

Rob is thrown chairs, and cursing out lil kids, when he hears the selection on april 22 9:22pm

A pleasant shocker...

I was stoked when Michael Lombardi of NFLN (One of the guys that actually was a scout and worked his way up doing that for a living for years) said he was predicting Denver grabbing Brandon Graham at pick #11.

He said that right after someone presented the typical "IF they get rid of Marshall, Dez Bryant is the auto pick scenario right?"

It makes me know that at least one scout type is seeing that the NFL is just a "matter of inches."


if brandon graham goes to the falcons i will give you a pass, b/c no1 can be good there unless you are john abraham---(1 of the best that no1 talks about)

mcdaniels doesnt care as much about the size like the dolphins, Rob it must be tough 4 u---b/c you are prob a fan of the only team in nfl---that values size and height and length to the max---thats my make-up but is far away from urs---u and Tuna would have some harsh words

MojoMark, I am one of the few that seem to like Kindle on here. I like his athleticism. The only problem with his game which can be coached up is can he play the run? I know Brandon Graham can but Kindle plays so high he don't get low against the run. I like Kindle just like BG more. But if BG isn't the guy Kindle is # 2 on my OLB list.

I don't trust J Pierre Paul's athleticism vs production ratio. I don't want him. Too high of a bust factor with him.

I do like Derrick Morgan but not so much as an OLB in a 3-4. He is a a very good player. I just see him a 4-3 DE not and OLB. If Parcells sees Demarcus Ware then bring it on. However, I think he will be gone by 12 anyway.


LoL... it's all good mang! I know ya got your guys just like I have mine...we have wailed about our picks for waht seemed like hours some late nights.

In saying I don't want to draft "X" guys...it is the same for ANYONE saying that guy will have a mediocre career or less...maybe even bust.

With JPP...You know as well as any that with all that upside is hardly ANY game time to back it up. He is probably the hugest boom/bust prospect in the 1st round... u agree?

Morgan gets the pub for his knuckle dragging arms but, I put higher emphasis on actual production of which BG outplayed him in every single category in college.

I'm not trying to say it automatically translates but I think it will in BG's case based on my personal study/research. You think otherwise.. no worries...we are still cool bro.

Who you have Morgan or JPP as your #1?


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