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A quickie update on B. Graham, Sergio Kindle

You know I like love Brandon Graham. The Michigan defensive end is not a prototype outside linebacker for the Dolphins so there hasn't been much attention paid to him in the form of visits and interviews. I do know Bill Parcells has studied the kid at least twice on tape, although I'm not privy to what the Big Tuna thinks of the player.

Anyway, Graham had his Pro Day on Thursday and apparently other teams like the player more than Miami because 20 of them, including the Steelers, Falcons and Jaguars were present, according to a source. Graham did not run a 40-yard dash time at the workout and instead stood by his combine numbers there.

Graham's combine times were 4.72 and 4.77 in the 40-yard dash with the second being slower because he tweaked a hamstring during the run. Graham did all the defensive end and outside linebacker drills yesterday, and get this, even did some defensive back drills.

Seems Michigan defensive back Donovan Warren was having his private Pro Day at the same time as Graham and I'm told the defensive end/OLB volunteered to show scouts how well he can move around. I don't know if that will help or not, but it obviously says something about Graham's self confidence.

Graham continues his schedule of 15 visits. The Dolphins are not on that schedule. I don't care. I like love this player anyway. I'm a big softie for guys that simply do not quit -- ever.

Oh, Graham's combine numbers show he is 6-1 3/8ths and 268 pounds. His reach is 32 1/4 and his hands are 9 7/8ths. He bench pressed 225 pounds 31 times.

Another outside linebacker type that has been linked to the Dolphins in several mock draft -- but I'm guessing won't be the pick at No. 12 -- is Sergio Kindle of Texas. He has visited with Tennessee, Cleveland and is in San Francisco today, a source tells me.

Kindle also has not visited the Dolphins and no visit is planned right now. 


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Kindle is too slender. Not enough strength. Parcells likes the Demarcus Ware=beast of a man type. Brandon Graham is a hard worker, but also not big enough for parcells. I like Derrick Morgan for our first pick if we take an OLB. I still like Dez, but doubt it will happen. Earl Thomas wouldn't be a bad pick either. I like playmakers as FS

This is what I hope for...hey it's my dream so shut up, Draft Bryant at 12 and trade for Marshall with next years pick. Doing this will give the Dolphins a pair of receivers that will actually scare defense's. With that, trade Ginn for what ever you can get to help the team.


If Miami take JPP at #12 then it's the equivalent of me just getting a hunter green sweater with a reindeer on it for Christmas. I would just hope I can get some use out of it or give it to someone (trade).

Andy NJ @2:26


We have both been about as passionate BG'ers as any can get away with without being shot, hung or tar n feathered on this blog.

What we can know is that this will all play out in the NFL... If he plays in the NFL like we feel he will, it will be tough to take unless the guy we get is a bigger stud...if even at a different position.

Keep hoping for the best bro!


Roc in OC,

The only good enough reason to pass on BG at #12 is if the player we get is not an OLB. For example maybe they see WR as the position of more need as far overall depth in the draft vs OLB and go Dez Bryant. Maybe Earl Thomas is too much too pass up on. If they JPP I am going to be disgusted. Like you said too much boom/bust potential.

The last time Miami went boom/bust they got a player #9 overall who is a straight up "P" and plays KR because I have never seen him make a player at WR.

JPP b/c there is a better possibilty that he is on the board at 12----if they are bother there my mind says mrogan, but my gut sayd tuna sees what i see---the perfect storm to land a future ware--in JPP

Suprised to hear there is no kindle visit scheduled

Seems a lot of people think JT is close to being a NYJ. haha, good luck facing Jake Long there Jason. Better off staying where you are.

B Graham & D Bryant are the most popular among Dolfans but I think it will be D Morgan if he's still on the board at #12.

all you graham lovers are stooopid....didnt you listen to Ireland the other day?? he said they will not stray from their standards at certain positions, guarantee that one position is Linebackers...graham wont be dolphin, dont be stoooopid


I have had long logical discussions on why not to take BG---
There arent enough guys that fit his type of game and measurbles that have succedded ever in the nfl standing up--

Even if i say i see lamar woodley and james harrison in him thats two guys

I see Bg as a Trent cole/darryl tapp type player---a guy suited better for 4-3---

All those BG stats are with his hand in the ground, Morgan and JPP have shown abilty to stand up in gametape last year---JPP is stood up more in 7 games than BG in 4 years----

To think b/c you are a great pass rusher with a hand in the grounf and when you stand up its going to be s supe reasy and smooth transition IS A HUGE IFFFFFFFFFFFF
Protypes OLB
Demracus, Spencer, Mcginist,ellis---all tuna pics

add , pace, shawn phillips, shawn merrimen be4 injury, Terrell sugs, , orakpo

These are prot type players that have consistantly played at high level pro bowl level
smaller guys, harrison, woodley,----Dumerville
dumerville is one dimensional--the other two ar an argument but i think BG isnt a copy image of either of them


Thanks bud...the 2:36 post made me laugh...needed that!

Yeah... the Tuna and I would have to go round and round about some prospects for sure.

The thing is I am MORE than willing to concede that there are some BIG, GIANT players that work out fine... It just seems the acknowledgement is not a two way street.

The Hall of Famers that were too small or not the right size for the job are too many to list. The fascination with the Andray Bruce/Tony Mandarich/Brian Bosworth/Vernon Gholston cromagnon types that have all the physical size but end up being flat busters or just wind up with lame careers is just as long.

The "BIG" people fixation doesn't allow for the trade offs as much in my opinion.

Typically the smaller people can change directions faster, have better stamina, fit into tighter windows when playing through trash and many times are just faster than the Hulksters.

Don't get me wrong, there are a certain amount of big guys you need on any successful team but within reason.

Parcells argument "Big people don't get injured as often"... I give you RB Ronnie Brown vs any stud RB that is smaller

The Indy game is a prime example! They are famous/infamous for having smaller guys on DEF. In the 4rth qtr...in a hot, muggy Sept night when Miami's BIG RBs were hammering away for basically 3/4s of the ENTIRE game(an NFL record in T.O.P for the Fins loss)... that should mean their DEF should melt... they didn't and we lose 23-27.


there defense got pushed around all game long---our defense couldnt stop manning once---
Tuna would never trade our defense for colts defense---he wants a front 7 that can stop the run , not a front 7 that relies on safeties and ----Look at what he built in Dallas-----the bigeest most domiant peronal front 7 3-4 team in football-------Ratliff, canty, Spencer, Ware---

He will do it here too---go phinz

im out---less than 2 weeks---drafttt i SEEE UU

After watching Sprano's Press conference the other day I'm almost positive it won't be BG...He said they set standards at a couple positions in which they will not stray...I guarantee one position is OLB...And Graham is NOT a good fit in the 3-4...won't happen

I've got two words. TRADE DOWN.
If Bryant is there at 12 we use that to our advantage as one team (arizona or Dallas etc) will really want him.
Chances are Thomas, Kindle or Williams will be there into the 20s.

Use the extra 2nd rounder on WR Tate.


Mark in Toronto,

Gotta watch what you wish for... Long is really good but he has given up some sacks...not exactly a stonewall.

JT will have some his best "try hard" face on when/if they meet.

For the record, I think JT will NOT be back to the Fins. I think the Jets or some other team reels him in...maybe NE?


I actually think that BG has relatively few staunch supporters.

I think it's basically because Armando likes the guy and throws him a few blog threads that it appears he has more support than he really does.

Most fans/'sperts like Morgan or JPP over BG imho.


Dolphins worked out Pierre-Paul today... I gotta say I am a little disturbed by how many mock drafts have the fins taking JPP... I am just not sold on him


You make decent point there. Not too many with his size? But he is a player period. I love his game. He has so many moves off the line. He is a beast, super strong and gets low to play the run.

With more and more teams switching to the 3-4 you have to look outside the proto types because they aren't going to be there. So in about 5 years you will see more and more "undersized" 3-4 OLB

Berry, Thomas or Bust

So No to Dez, JT, JPP, Spiller, any pat white or pat turner clone.


10 overall picks is not enough for needs we have on this current roster. We need to TRADE down and acquire add'l picks to improve the team.

I could care less where JT goes now. It's been 3 years of this stuff already. Who cares???? he's 36 playing a very young man's game at a very young man's position. He got all of what, 7 sacks last year? Who cares. Useful player but will nto make or break a team.


I beg to differ. He may not fit for a Trifecta type 3-4 olb BUT, I believe a 3-4 will draft him and he will go on to have a fine career.

You may end up being right in that the Fins brass won't draft BG. Time will tell if can truly play the position of 3-4 OLB should he get picked up by one.

I believe he will be good enough that he causes the "Big" people only drafters to revaluate their thinking.

Maybe not though, people get something in their minds and its hard to get it out sometimes as perception is reality.


LOL with Armando,

After rereading your post... the virtual honorable mention of Kindle is classic!

Kudos blog Grand Poo-bah!

Dolphins will not draft 1 hit wonders: JPP, Kindle


I will throw all in with you on the JPP pick...

He may suprise me later as I suppose anything is possible but the guy looks like a pissed of flamingo working out to me!

The three cone drill they showed again and again he almost falls crossing the line.

At his Pro Day his back pedal looks atrocious.

He may develop as a moving forward pass rusher only type but I am worried he is just too lanky to anchor and properly cut of the run to the outside. He was washed out a bunch by OT's from the game footage I saw.


Trade down and pick IUPATI (pick up an extra pick).

Henne cannot/will not complete passes if he's laying on his back.

JT is the new Brett Favre. Get outta here!!!!

Graham isn't too much smaller then any of the top prospects.(with the exception of Pierre Paul) All of them have their flaws, But what are we looking for, what was the major weakness at the position that needs attention? Graham might be the guy that offers that full package more then any of, I will say the top 4 guys.

So Mando your saying you like a man with staying power.............Allllrighty then.lol

Pretty disappointed in JT if he is close to signing with the Jets. I think he's making a mistake because I think he would be more effective in Miami. If he wants to leave, I say go for it. I think he will be a non-factor with the Jets, just as he was in Washington. The guy is a mercenery.....no doubt about it!!

If I was to pick purely from a "prototype" point of view then WR Dez would make the most sense from a Value AND Skillset standpoint. If his background check is sufficient for the Trifecta Inquisition.

He has REALLY good hands and seems to have the fluid enough big body to go up and make the tough grabs. With his bigger body and slower speed my #1 concern would be seperation in the NFL. I feel has has the huge chip on his shoulder and the hops to elevate and make plays even if he is covered ala Fitz, Moss kind of plays. I would stop way short of saying he is exactly like them though... they were bigger studs coming out of college imo.

From a prototype standpoint the Iupati pick would make sense. Drafting a G that high doesn't fit anyone's board that I have heard of. If they were sold on the guy being a high caliber player for 10 years then so be it. Me personally I would snag G John Jerry MUCH later and still have my 1st and 2nd round picks.

From an imediate contribution standpoint:

I would draft Spiller as a guy at #12. I would be very sure he could contribute right away and has a TON of homerun potential. His ability to make mutiple units (RB,WR,PR,KR,WC) better is what makes him a great pick. Speed kills if it is wrapped in a true football players body (Ginn..not so much).


Nothing we can do guys if JT wants or does sign with the Jets. I like the guy, but we all must move if he moves on. Hope he does not return a fumble for a TD on our Phins. Maybe he will hurt himself in preseason and miss a ton of weeks.

Rob in OC,

I agree with you on Bryant. He's definitely in the mix. There are other guys I like, such as D. Thomas but we would have to do some great maneuvering to get him and I'm not sure that is going to be possible. I'm not really interested in grabbing guys in the 4th and 5th rounds. We've got enough of those guys on the roster. It's time to get a stud receiver.

I like the idea of Dez the Dolphin...

He is the only non-defensive player that I would be happy with...

Darryl D,

Good post at 3:43.

I think MOTOR and desire to be "the Man" making every tackle cannot be underestimated...but gets just that all the time.

To tackle people you have to take it personal EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY play. The fact that you don't even want to concede an INCH of real estate on the DEF side of the ball is what drives a good defender. JT and Zack both had that killer intinct. You see Patrick Willis has it when he is running guys down 30-40 yards down field...JUST Because He Can! Hustle is harder to teach and instill then people think. I feel it comes more from inside than not, especially AFTER you get paid.

That's the type of hustle and willpower that shows up time and time again from Brandon Graham. It's there for everyone to watch. How everyone doesn't see it is beyond me but, we all have different tastes, likes, dislikes, prefer different cars, women, hobbies and Football players to embody our Miami Dolphins.

Those "Killer" NFLN draft day stories highlighting ILB Singletary, RB D. Williams, WR Steve Smith... they were/are constantly motivated by the "your too small creed".

As much as we are ALL just taking our best guess with all that we know about the game... I feel Brandon Graham will end up being another one of these slighted types that has a nifty career as an NFL'er.


I think Tate is the most pro ready reciever. He has been compaired to Steve Smith(I know you will never know untill the ball gets snapped) He understands routes, how to read coverages, is very fast, and tough. I think of all the top recievers he coud come here and make a difference right away. His size will keep us from taking him in the first round. But a lot like B. Graham he might be the best player for our needs at that position.

For all the JPP HATERS---which to be hones is ever1 in this blog other than me-------

"Rob at least you got a couple of guys who like BG"

JPP was in the trifecta head quaters after he did linebacker drills for them in the facility FOR A SIT DOWN conversion---

"in my mind"

Quite frankly our whole fanbase hates u other than 1 guy, and thats why their on a blog and me and jeff are sitting in front of you, your a good kid, big heart, lot to to learn, but we have demarcus "hall of Fame" Ware on Line 1 to wish u good luck on april 22. Oh one more question Pierre---random question whats your favortie number?"

Go hide under your blanket come april 22, with pick number 12-----JPP SOUTH FLORIDA i seeeeeee uuuu----keep it in the State

To me the scariest thing about Dez is his mind.

When he speaks, he doesn't come across as, well Myron Rolle"ish" if you will.

Maybe with the proper life coach and him being VERY full of piss and vinegar he can choke down the playbook enough to let his athletic talents speak for themselves on the field.

Just from what I can glean he sure seems like the type that might get VERY full of himself quickly with some NFL success. I hope I'm wrong if he is a Fin.

My fear is that NFL success would cause him to take his foot off the gas pedal. It takes a very mentally strong individual to know that he wants to not only make it in the NFL but that he wants to be great year in and year out.

To be able to do it dispite the myriad of distractions that crazy wealth and acclaim will net this kid... that to me will be his biggest hurdles.

So as AZ Cards combine bench/strength coach tells ALL the guys "Dez, you gotta get your stinkin' mind right!" ;)

JPP doesn't even have a full season as a starter in division 1 football in college... If you watch his film he seems very awkward and takes alot of bad angles... I've also heard that he has maturity issues and is not very smart either (which is the reason he had to spend time at different junior colleges before last year)


I didn't really get the second half of your post at 4:15.

I know you dig the guy a ton and that's fine with me that you do.

I don't hate the guy at all, I just can't see that big of a project with so little production and actual game time at #12.

He gets VERY highly rated on a bunch of draft lists so take solace in that.

He is the "Classic" projection pick with good triagle numbers and back hand spring athleticism but scares the crap out of many due to his lack of a college career.

He may very well turn out to be the next DT Eric Swann playing for the semi-pro Bay State Titans!

I just couldn't stomach the choice based off how badly the Fins have to hit on the #12 pick.

Cheers mang!

Anybody want to bet Eldrick finishes ahead of Phil "The Human Man Pear" Mickelson this weekend.


carlito you lil monkey, you not smart either. Always on this computer. No job, no work




Darryl D,

Tate is very much in that same boat as BG. Produced very well in college and some call him the best yac WR out there... his height/weight/speed will have GMs saying "Is this guy the next Steve Smith or not?" all day long.

It seems like because of where he may end up being drafted, that may end up being the biggest hurdle of all to him being a Fin.

I can't say I know anything about what the Fin Brass is thinking but, I would believe they are looking for a Dez or D. Thomas big WR! Without knowing a dang thing about any WR Turner progress it's really tough to say how much "in the hunt" the Trifecta is for a big WR.


Watching Pierre Paul do the 3 cone drill looks like a Fawn learning to walk. Watching him do those backflips and you can see why clubs are interested. As far as him coming in a making a difference right away, I'm not sure he is that guy. I don't think we want a project at a position that is so important in the 3-4 scheme.

I would rather have Morgan, Kindle, or even Rob in OC's man-crush Brandon Graham than JPP


Darryl D,

Sorry bud... never saw the reason people got so passionate over Golf. It's simply not an athletic enough game to me.

It's very popular and you can play into your twilight years but it's just a trumped carnival skill game. I liken it to being good at darts or beer pong!

If you want to ADD some REAL skill to that game at least bring over the Windmill shot or the continually opening closing dragons head shot from mini-golf. ;)

It's challenging and I get that part but slow as heck.



That one slayed me! Thanks for the chuckle bud.


Rob... Glad the Cheers are back on board! I do think they go for dez at 12 if he is there, I also think they go for Spiller if Dez is gone and I think they go for Graham if the other 2 are gone. Truly the press conference the other day was just another deceptive move to confuse the other teams. That usually goes so well like last year when we took P. White so the Pats couldn't get him ( so they thought } Maybe they learned, and maybe the didn't!!

Wow! This just in..... JT close to signing 2 yr deal with the jets!!!
What a F*cking Hypocrite this guy is. All that sh*t about the jets and their fans was all BS talk. FU JT go joon those FNing losers so I can laugh at u and fat boy Rex after we sweep your as ses again!

He must really need the job!!!

I think the draft comes down to the Trifecta's philosophy.
If you're baking a cake, the icing goes on last.
If you're into body building, it's all about symmetry.
If we want to make a serious run in 2011, Bryant and/or Marshall makes a lot of sense. We would need these guys to be in the system for a year so everybodies on the same page in 2011.
Which is more difficult, a WR learning the intricacies of a teams offense, or an OLB learning the defense.
Whichever we choose matters not. The all mighty one will again pull his pick two with our first two picks.

No.12-Brandon Graham.

No.43-Hughes or Sapp.

You can "ink it" The God of WAR is NEVER wrong!!!!

my point exactly im the only 1 in this blog who wants him or thinks tuna will take him--carlito trust me i kno ur with all the others---

rob---i was joking on what was said from tuna to jpp when they sat down----

carlito he takes bad angles------we are talkn bout safeties now---such a hater

Wow! This just in..... JT close to signing 2 yr deal with the jets!!!
What a F*cking Hypocrite this guy is. All that sh*t about the jets and their fans was all BS talk. FU JT go joon those FNing losers so I can laugh at u and fat boy Rex after we sweep those punks again!

Rob, Good one, I understand. The cool thing about the Masters is much like the Super Bowl, Casual folks, and folks that couldn't care less watch. Maybe it is the Hype, Course, tradition. Who knows. For Me I host a huge party at my cantina the Sunday of the Masters. People show up to root on Tiger, and drink Fernet Branca. Good Times

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