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A quickie update on B. Graham, Sergio Kindle

You know I like love Brandon Graham. The Michigan defensive end is not a prototype outside linebacker for the Dolphins so there hasn't been much attention paid to him in the form of visits and interviews. I do know Bill Parcells has studied the kid at least twice on tape, although I'm not privy to what the Big Tuna thinks of the player.

Anyway, Graham had his Pro Day on Thursday and apparently other teams like the player more than Miami because 20 of them, including the Steelers, Falcons and Jaguars were present, according to a source. Graham did not run a 40-yard dash time at the workout and instead stood by his combine numbers there.

Graham's combine times were 4.72 and 4.77 in the 40-yard dash with the second being slower because he tweaked a hamstring during the run. Graham did all the defensive end and outside linebacker drills yesterday, and get this, even did some defensive back drills.

Seems Michigan defensive back Donovan Warren was having his private Pro Day at the same time as Graham and I'm told the defensive end/OLB volunteered to show scouts how well he can move around. I don't know if that will help or not, but it obviously says something about Graham's self confidence.

Graham continues his schedule of 15 visits. The Dolphins are not on that schedule. I don't care. I like love this player anyway. I'm a big softie for guys that simply do not quit -- ever.

Oh, Graham's combine numbers show he is 6-1 3/8ths and 268 pounds. His reach is 32 1/4 and his hands are 9 7/8ths. He bench pressed 225 pounds 31 times.

Another outside linebacker type that has been linked to the Dolphins in several mock draft -- but I'm guessing won't be the pick at No. 12 -- is Sergio Kindle of Texas. He has visited with Tennessee, Cleveland and is in San Francisco today, a source tells me.

Kindle also has not visited the Dolphins and no visit is planned right now. 


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The Trifecta seems to like the BIG TEN players. Don't count Brandon G. out, What you see sometimes is what you get and they have seen him and on some level they must know his value!

i watch jpp and see hand play, some spin moves, snap anticipation, burst off line, and he plays hard doesnt take plays off---45 tackels and 6 sacks in his first year, and has flashed abilty to stand up----

His situation is 1 year wonder CAUSE HE WAS ONLY THERE FOR 1 YEAR---

better get someone J.T. will ba GONE!!!


Watch the footage, its there... the guy is big and fast, but looks awkward playing... He gets handled by inferior OT's, takes bad angles, and has only played a half season of college football... Don't take it personal, I'm not insulting you, just pointing out the facts on Pierre Paul

im not takn anything personal, but we arent a 4-3 team and morgan kindle and jpp are the only protype tuna lbs that have showed abilty to stand up---

Carlito---some times you need a "set of ROCKS" to make the right pick---i think jpp works hard and is going to get better and better due to his lack of time playn the sport---you want to go with a player that has better stats rite now---and has a cieling later thts fine----

Different people---different opinions---Different philosphies---

JPP wit nolan and tuna---sky is the limit---Tuna is with me---

Sapp and hughes will never be an option too small---

Jermaine cunningham interests me in the 3rd

Ricky Sapp is 6'5

Hey thanks a TON socalfan!

I appreciate the kind words and because of you the Cheers ending ain't going away!

I could live with any of your 3 guys Dez, Spiller or Graham.

Even though those 1st 2 guys are OFF I think they bring some of the HIGHEST Value regardless of OFF or DEF of any of the top selectiomns.

Time will tell...draft a comin!


he is 6 3 7/8--only 252---coming off a monset knee injury----i cant do prospects at explosive ositions with knee injuries---bad omen---tuna hates that

i will say this blog shuld be based in michigan---the brandon graham love is unbelievale--im blamn it on armando---i understand every1 likes thier own guys--luv to see him from 3 years if any stil remembers him--every1 remembers the athletic freak guy that doesnt work out---

Welcome aboard O God Of War!!!

If your Draft Gods smile upon the as such... I will be a most pleased neophyte.

BG and Hughes are the best pass rushers of the whole college litter imo. They would help special teams as well as two guys that can tackle ballcarriers with a viking like rudeness.

Double rations of grog and double rations of gruel for the masses if the Fins draft those guys!

With those two guys adn Dansby and Crowder playing the middle I think it could very quickly become one of the Fins best units. After a year if Crowder doesn't step up with stud Dansby leading him he can be replaced in 2011.



I kid, I kid... golf ain't that bad to me but there are simply other endeavors I would rank much higher.

Having your friends over and hosting a party with some great beverages can make most any event a hit.

I hope yours is a smashing success my friend.


jerry hughes will def be a player, but tuna wont like him---jerry hughes has super explosion and coordiantion running the arc

There's no way we gamble on a guy like JPP with the 12th pick.
I'm sure we can get someone to do back flips on the 50 yd line at halftime for a lot cheaper.

Out of ALL the prospects that will play OLB in a 3-4, Graham's the most all around complete player.
He sets the edge and makes tackles in the backfield. Pass rush skills? He's got em.
There MIGHT be a couple of guys that have better pass rush ability, but NONE of them are the complete package that Graham is.

socal @ 4:50...

I hope to shout you are right bud!

I'll keep the faith until I hear otherwise bro.

Good stuff.

Viva La Smokescreen!


Don't sweat it too much Mando, they didn't show any interest in Jake Long either did they? So maybe it's a good thing.

On another note, it's really depressing to read about someone benching 225lbs 32 times when I can only get that up 4 times!

odinseye---if we were a 4-3 i would agree---my argument ends there---graham is against the prottype and if u think he isnt risky becaus eof his production with his hand in the ground---than im speaking to deaf ears---let the jpp bashn continue all---aprill 22---we will see, and i hope to go bak and forth with all on that day


What does this mean?

i understand every1 likes thier own guys--luv to see him from 3 years if any stil remembers him--every1 remembers the athletic freak guy that doesnt work out---

Posted by: allen | April 09, 2010 at 05:08 PM

You don't seem like your normal self today with your posts... r u drinking or anything bud?

There is a HUGE contingent of McClain ILB supporters it just depends on what time you log on allen.

Just know who you would pick and promote him as you do a good job of doing.

Trying to battle haters on any pick you differ on is near impossible. Most people are gonna like who they like for their own reasons and thats it. You and I do the same thing as well.

It's all good man. JPP is your pick and we will have our little side bet.



I wrote i would like to see BG in 3 years, and i said guys like BG usually if the bust arent really rememebred b/c they didnt have a huge cieling to begin with does that clear that up---

If jpp busts, or taylor mays, or eric berry---every1 will rememebr --i get the feeling guys like graham if the bust no1 will remember

on another note---im fine i just feel the oakland raider pick, 1 hit wonder---isnt accurate b/c what else culd he have done in 1 year at south florida---its about projections and seeing a guy on tape who actually shows you stand up abilty---

Any1 u take at 3-4 pass rusher shuld have some tape standing up---if they dont thats an issue that no1 talks about they just reply dont worry the transition will be easy----ASK CAM WAKE how that is goin---he hasnt sttod up yet, but he runs the arc great with his hand down

(Clangs shield loudly) at God Of Wars post at 5:15!

You got me ready to run through a brick wall Odin! ;)

Yes that is BG going by VERY HIGHLY rated OT Brian Bulaga like he was tied to a stump! The announcer even says "Bulaga is just trying to figure Graham out." The actual game footage is there that should reflect future success.

If the Trifecta adheres very strictly to their "You have to be this tall to ride the Fins OLB ride" mantra the Fins will miss out on 3 very good players. I feel BG, Weatherspoon and Hughes have terrific potential.

As you noted BG is the most complete all around package to walk in and start today in my opinion too.


if we didnt have cam wake i wouldnt mind Graham as a trade down late 1st, but we have that already you cant take on another guy who clearly it is debatable if he is comfortable and still explosive enough to make the transition---he losses his lower leverage when he goes from hand down to stand up---its a tough transition that for sum great 4-3 guys will never be smooth or posiible---THATS A RISK/RED FLAG-----but i gues we will sweep that under carpet---

Wow!!!! Good for u fat boy Rex!!! U figured out the only way to stop the Dolphins and our wildcat was to go out and try and hire yourself a snitch (Jayson Taylor). "cmon JT come over here and help me and my defense so we maybe don't get swept again by Miami this year... Oh btw did I mention in my defense i will give u the opportunity to sack Chad Henne up to 15 times next season"? Fat boy is the next mangenious lmao. "hey JT do u know any of their offensive audibles"? Wow JT u are a sucker if u go there! And I will be burning my #99 because I am a true Dolfan unlike U. And please don't tell me u needed the $$$ or they are they are the only team who wanted u boo hoo


If ANYONE but JPP busts out YOU will be there to REMIND everyone all the time!

You are in the catbirds seat my friend.

The good thing about feeling a strong conviction is that it stays with you long after it has worn off of everyone else.

All the Kipers, Mayocks, Charles, Brooks all those guys will try in focus on the ones they got right as ALL have ones they got wrong.

The Pat White youtube footage of draftday has Mayock and ALL the others absolutely GUSHING over the pick especially as a Fin. They knew BP was trying to dig deeper into the WC/Spread OFF at that point.

Many have folded up shop on any hope of PW becoming anything in the NFL. I want to see what he looks like in year 2 before I waiver.

I have seen some terrible starts and his year one was about as bad as they come... I have seen some big turnarounds as well so we shall see.

You just have to shrug off the negative JPP comments...it's difficult to do at times but a mandatory to have thick blog skin regarding your guys!


ahh lol

Dont worry i will remind every1

to be or not to be


I see your run the arc and hand down comments. They have validity and can be a sticking point just like ANY negative on a guy. I am not sweeping ANYTHING under the rug. I am simply betting that my guy is athletic enough to do a good job of it AND you are simply betting that your athletic specemin guy will learn on fly and be able to do it bigger, better, faster in the NFL.

The fact is JPP ONLY had his one year is just that, fact. He spent time wallowing around at lower levels for those first 3 years for his own reasons... thats been pointed out to you by other posters but it is very true. That's completely on JPP.

When I say "JPP didn't DOMINATE that lower level of competition even though he had ALL that upside and superior triangle numbers than ANY guy he faced at that level of college." He really didn't.

I just want you to know we are all simply talking facts and opinion and sometimes those both get blurred together.

Just please don't take anything personal.



I understand you're sold on JPP. If you and I were GM's we would have to live or die by our choices, so that's cool.
I also won't try and downplay the switch from hand down/ standing up. Some guys can do it, some can't.
However, I have to take exception with the Wake/Graham comparison. Wake has established himself as a pass rusher period. The main knock on the guy was whether or not he can learn to play the run. The jury's still out.
Graham on the other hand made a living off stuffing the run. He led the nation in TFL's. Those were not QB sacks. Those were stuffing the runner behind the line.
Graham will be/is better suited to play strong side. Wake is better suited for the weak side.

Since Rob always says cheers, I'll just say Bottoms Up!!!!


You got yourself a bet as I will remind you when JPP gets onboard with some team.



New Blog Up!

rob comment wasnt directed to you--it was to other bg supporters we have already toched based on that issue---again nothin peronal like always


Your right Wake hand down run the arch /bull rush is totalllly legit---but he has ran passed any standing up, and if he wants to start he cant with his hand in the ground---he has to develop a lot and i dont hink he is as close as people think---i think he is the best 3rd down pass rushing weapon int the league but this transition will be very difficult 4 him---im pulln for him though----

And this is a guy that shows he can run past NFL tackles with his hand in the ground---thats why the BG worries me.

hasbt ran pass any1 in a standig up stance


Just for the record.......

I live in Michigan. I was a big time Bo fan. From the days of Harlan Huckleby right up to Henne and Graham.

I'm not absolutely positive, but I'm pretty sure I was the first here to mention Graham as a draft pick for us. At that time I was hoping we could get him in the second, but his stock has risen.

Just the same, thanks for the welcome aboard!

Bottoms Up!!!!

Don't waste a first round pick on another DB, we need pressure in the form of Brandon Graham.

derrick morgan cant be the 12 pick in the draft he is gonna be a bust. the kid gets gassed when the game matters most in the 4th quarter. miami should take dez a NT in the 2nd and Jimmy Graham and give our young QB someone that can catch the football. i still dont understand how miami can even think of derrick morgan or dan williams. dan willams is the 3rd or 4th best NT in the draft if they want a NT trade up to get SUH or MCCOY. like i said earlier morgan is gonna be a bust because he cant last a whole game anyone here remember the Georgia Tech game vs Clemson last year at the half the kid had 3 sacks and in the 2nd half couldnt even stay on the field because he was so tired. DEZ has to be the pick.

First pick ----Jason Taylor.
First draft pick must be another OLB.Who?--the quickest.
Second draft pick---Safety.
Third draft pick---Nose Tackle
Fourth draft pick---best available


First of all Suh or McCoy aren't NT, they are defensive tackles. Neither one has played it in a 3-4 and neither one has the body type to be effective as a NT. They will both be great players but neither one will make a good NT, so get your facts straight. So, by most people's account, Williams is the best NT in the draft.

Secondly, what makes you think Morgan is going to be a bust? What do you know that nobdy else knows? It goes without saying that if Morgan is the pick, Sparano and company will make certain that this guy does not get 'gassed' and that he competes hard for four quarters. Doubt it? It's what they do best.....

Everyone think about this for one minute. The Miami offense scored only on long drives last year, but, we still scored a decent amount and we stayed in games by controling the clock and keeping other offenses off the field. Our defense was scored on entirely too easily and quickly. If we take a receiver with the #12 pick, we won't upgrade our defense with a player that has game changing ability. So, that receiver who scores on a deep bomb while only holding the ball for a couple minutes will only make it harder for our defense. They are entirely too prone to getting scored on when they average less than 25 minutes a game being on the field, what are they going to do when they have to be on the field even longer. If we could manage to stay in the game late into the fourth quarter by scoring a lot of points, our defense would bend over quicker than a 5 dollar wh*re, ala the Colts game - when the defense was only on the field for 15 minutes. I don't care how many points we can score or how quickly we do. We are nothing until be can stop the other team from scoring. Great defense starts with a great pass rush, which makes any defensiveeback look great. Anyone remember how good Gibril Wilson was in NY when Strahan and Co were wreaking havoc in the playoffs the year they beat the undefeated Patriots for the Super Bowl? So my vote, goes to the most tenacious, never quit pass rusher that will torment offensive tackles and quarterbacks alike - Brandon Graham. Offensive tackles will never want to block him because he will never take a play off, he gives 150% every play and he is not a one move wonder. Defense all day, and try to get a D. Thomas or Mike Williams in the 2nd or 3rd if they fall. All receivers have issues anyway, and those two are as good as Bryant.

I think we like Brandon Graham and are not making it obvious. He is big and we like big. He may not be "that" tall but I don't think that is an issue compared to his weight.

5.trade smiley m.wright/fs
thats the draft we need i'm for hire dolphins front office.

we would look pretty good?*=PROBOWLER(ROOKIE)

MANY DRAFT DREAMERS ENVISION A SCENARIO where the Dolphins trade down and get an extra pick ... either 2nd or 3rd round. However, it might be better to trade up from 1-12 to 1-6 and draft BERRY, a F.S. who is compared to Ed Reed. Perhaps if we give 1-12 plus Ted Ginn we can move up 6 slots .... Then, we can draft D.THOMAS or the best available WR in 2nd round .....

Third round ..... Cam Thomas or T.Troup, NT
Fourth round .... best available LB



Idk wat everyone doesn't see in Sergio Kindle he's a 6-4 250 lb Hybrid who has 3yrs of experience. He excels in all phases required by an OLB. He gets to the Qb, stops the run, and is good in pass coverage. He completly shut down Jermaine Gresham who is ranked the best TE in this draft class (and the position that destroyed the Dolphins last Year) not to mention fast enough to get to the sideline to disrupt those speedy backs that like to bounce to the outside. Mayock had Him rated the 7th best player overall and has also stated that he is more refined then his former teamate Brian Orakpo who the Redskins took at 13 in last years draft which is a big deal. Dolphin fans imagine Cameron Wake and Sergio Kindle as our 2 OLBs. That's two 6-4 250lb beast on the edges who's specialties are getting after the QB. The 3 most important positions of the 3-4 Defense is NT CB OLB with Vontae Sean Smith and Will Allen CB filled. With Sergio Kindle and Cameron Wake Devloping (which us Dolphin fans know will Happen) OLB filled. NT we can get later in the draft examples Linval Joseph. Cam Thomas , Brian Price. Torell Troup and we can keep our fingers crossed for Mount Cody and Brian Price. Plus the best part of Sergio Kindle we can probably trade down between 13-21 to get him bcuz most mock drafts have those sorry Patriots takin him at 22. Not taking anything away from Brandon Graham love him 2 but Kindles Parcells kind of Player. GO PHINS!!!!

Trade 1-12 plus Smiley and Ginn for 1-5 and grab BERRY, FS.

the rest of the draft

2. HUGHES, OLB tcu
3. MIKE WILLIAMS, WR syracuse
4. J.JERRY,OG ole miss

I would love Graham on the team!

Thomas should be the pick at FS.

We can win with our WR, but need upgrade at FS

The big tuna needs to come down off his Cross and Draft Brandon Graham. No other player in the Draft can play the run and rush the passer as well as BG. He is a true impact player in true sense of the word.

Does any1 know who Sergio Kindle is do Ur research on him He will be the Dolphins pick at 12

Rob in OC...your spot on buddy as usual...this is all about production production and Parcells is not blind...The pick will be Brandon Graham....and he will shore up our pass rush for 5 years...next pick will also be a Lineman...he picks in pairs...Jerry Hughes???

I think he s gonna go FA for a safety or go with Culver/Clemmons....Earl Thomas is tiny...he AINT the pick....

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