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Adalius Thomas a possibility Dolphins will consider

Adalius Thomas is on the free agent market and the talk league-wide now is that he wants to get paid.

If that is true, scratch the Dolphins from the list of teams that might be interested in him.

But if Thomas indeed wants to play the New England Patriots twice this season as is rumored, and if he is willing to play for a reasonable salary, he might make sense for the Dolphins.

I'm not saying the Dolphins must absolutely chase Thomas. But will they investigate the possibility? Will they make calls on him? Study his tape? Discuss the idea?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Thomas could be an "acorn" the Dolphins often discuss. The discussion would include the question whether he would be a "progress-stopper."

Simply, Thomas could be an insurance policy at strong side outside linebacker in case second-round pick Koa Misi isn't ready to start right away. But what if Misi is solid enough, as hoped, to play right away? Would Thomas become a problem?

Obviously the Dolphins have to weigh what Thomas might do in the locker room. He made no bones about complaining and showing his displeasure last season when Bill Belichick benched him. I'm certain he would not be happy coming to the Dolphins and then finding himself on the bench again.

But he can still be productive. At 32 years old he is not beyond an age the would cause the Dolphins to dismiss the possibility out of hand.

In fact, nothing about Thomas would cause the Dolphins to dismiss the idea out of hand. So stay tuned.


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Don't need him

Have we learned nothing from Joey Porter???

This would be a nice move, but it would be good to have Henderson since we do need a nose tackle, and getting Otagwe since we need a safety as well for these young guys to learn from. I dont want the team to get too old, but sometimes there should be some veteran leadership out there to teach the young guys. Would he be one of those guys, or would he complain about coming off the field like Taylor and Porter did last season instead of being a good mentor?? I guess that is what would be interesting to find out.

Jason La Canfora reporting Sharper could visit Dolphins or Cowboys after his visit in Jacksonville

I don't see this happening.

I'd take him for about what we paid Jason Taylor last year.

Adalius Thomas hasn't produced in 3 years... how the hell does he expect a big pay day???? Add on the fact that he was a locker room disturbance last year in NE and I hope the Dolphins will pass on him...

never reported miami, only dallas. sharper basically said he would sign with jags, dallas, or his preferred choice the saints.


U beat me to it

just read the sharper article----

sharper ---and adalius---we ready 2 go---

Adalius would still be on field if misi was playn well---u can move him inside or to the weakside---nolan loves the guy---

Its not a situation where if misi plays well you cant still get adalius on the field---

Remember every1 is sayn cam wake is movn to the weak side---and ur prob rite, but rememeber all the success he had last year rushn the passer was on the strong side runnin the arc against right tackles---vs left tackles that is goin to be a lot tougher---

Adalius is great insurance and is a proven vet---who at 32 still has game to him---

Sharper is a dream i have liked him since he was a packer--he could allow us to grrom clemons for future or wait till next year to add the future FS

Is he an upgrade over Charlie Anderson?

send jason taylor packing and sign thomas. bet that makes a lot of sense to yall!!! lmao

Sign adalius Thomas and Darren sharper for 1 year; release torbor, Jason Allen, and Justin smiley to save that money.

I think we have a division champ on our hands no matter what the jets or pats did.

I wonder if Mike Nolan would want him back.

absolutly is an upgrade---but i also like charlie anderson versatilty b/c of size speed---i think he will play but shouldnt start---

Rashed jones i like alot but i think he is the future at strong safety

if we got rid of J.T an J-PEZZY,wat make you think we gon go after another old OLB.C'MON man!!!!!!


I am not telling you what will or will not happen... I am telling you what IS being reported on NFL.com.... Can you read?

Adalius Thomas is not the answer

We can't keep all the LB's we have now. What about signing Henderson for that all important NT postion?

adalius is more veratile than jason taylor and 3 years younger---

He hasnt produced of late but that b/c he wasnt used rite in NE---watch him on tape from last year he is still fast and can conver---this is a passing league and the more big linebackers you can find who can cover TEs, slot wr, rbs in situational down is a huge plus---

3 years ago in baltimore---he was lined up wide jammn ocho cinco----thats crazy versatility

I'm not saying the Dolphins must absolutely chase Thomas. But will they investigate the possibility? Will they make calls on him? Study his tape? Discuss the idea?

Talk about not sticking your neck out with a prediction. Is this the best Miami has??

i think adalius is all situational and is another weapon---is he goin to get 11 sacks no---but his size with coverage abilty with a team with no startn experience at the postition ---we need a guy---i think he is the perfect fit----no1 is sayn he is terrell suggs in a pass rushn sense---but i think he would fit in real well considering we have no1 on the outsde that any1 is sure of that can start

a thomas is garbage. i hope the jets do sign him.

Henderson makes much more sense if were going to be running that hybrid 3-4, 4-3 defense and especially with all the LB's we drafted, why bring in Thomas?? give the youngens a shot

As for Nt; starks, soliai, baker, ivey, and oghobaase should hold the fort till ferguson returns

at TE; we need fasano to return to form and haynos, sperry, and nalbone to step up

at returner cobbs, bess, r. Jones, Carroll, grice-mullen, sheets, hartline or another street or rookie fa will have to step up

sharper and a. Thomas to fill the voids at fs and olb and the team looks VERY solid.

get sharper in miami for the visit, if he is willing to look at jacksonville---he is desperate---------woo him a lil bitand he wont leave

Doesn't make sense. JT? not happening.

Jamarcus Russell is getting released today. What a thief that guys is.

just because

Im with you those 2 veterans at a good price---would solidify the 2 last holes on the defense---lettn young guys develop---instead of forcn them to start rite away

What troubles me is when you say Kisi "might not be ready to start" Mando. Then why did the Trifecta draft him. I'm POSITIVE some of the other LBs drafted after him will be ready to start day 1 (at least 2 of them). So this would bode poorly for this draft (if Kisi doesn't start). I say bypass Thomas (don't need his lip in the locker room).

i honestly think we would of signed jt if we waited after draft---he mad an early decision so we let him walk---if u are using the reasoning that we wouldnt go for adalius b/c we didnt sign JT----i thinks its all about timing and the timing was they wanted to wait till after the draft

Atogwe would be nice but he's prob going to want crazy money

miami would never pay thomas, dude sucks. sharper will resign with saints

AD thomas + sharper----and the AFc should be worried about our defense

why would those guys make anyone worry?? there on the street for a reason

atogwe wants antrell rolle money and is injured too much--but he is a splash player all over the field---but too much money 4 dolphinss

So how is Thomas better than Taylor???? Taylor was also a great team player!

good players are on the street all the time b/c of something called a CONTRACT---its all financial---darren sharper was a beast last year---and adalius will flourish in a nolan system

Thanks but no-thanks on Thomas. Some o-line depth wouldn't hurt though, maybe some veteran depth at DT to help with the new guys...

i think taylor is the better pass rusher at this point---but adalius is more athletic and can be moved inside and to weakside---which taylor cant be---he also knows the defense which JT doesnt---but at the end of the day it comes down to timing ---and they wanted to wait after draft and see what they get be4 they sign veterans at certain positions

What you guys have to remember is that the phins WANTED JT... Just at their price.

Adalius Thomas is an interesting case... But you can't deny he would be a good fit at Strongside OLB. He has the size (270) & is athletic enough for the position.

Peezy & JT were best fit at Weakside OLB... But that's where they want Wake to develop (and for good reason).

At the right price, Adalius Thomas would be a very good addition to this team. Remember, if there's anyone who knows him it's Nolan (who coached him in his pro bowl days in Baltimore).

Again, we wanted JT, at the right price. And maybe we might want Thomas, but at the right price. Nolan knows how to use him, and stats show that... Guess we'll have to wait & see.

I like Misi, I just don't know if we should start him right away...

I was pushing for Derrick Johnson for KC earlier in this process, but since that didn't happen... I would also agree for Thomas to the phins.

thomas not on street cause of a contract, he was garbage to bill. sharper not on street cause of a contract either. he was a free agent, and still is. reason for these guys being where they are. do not sign these guys

remember sharper had knee surgery after the season

Carlito- Yeah, we don't need him because he's not better than Moses or Anderson or anything... and those 6th/7th rd picks and FA's are super guaranteed studs too, right?

How many linebackers do we need. If they sign Adalius Thomas it makes drafting so many linebackers an even worse decision.

Sharper wants a long term contract & is coming off knee surgery. He wants big $ too. Thats why he hasnt signed yet. Hes a quick fix for us right now... If the price is right, im all for it

agree check


its not counting the linebackers and ur hand---he is a vet that can start---

you say sharper is on street b/c he is a free agent---THATS IS ABSOLUTLY CONTRACT RELATED----wat kind of statement is that out of you----he signed a 1 year deal---if he signed a 2 year deal last year he wouldnt of been cut this year he would still be a saint---

AD thomas was going to make 5.6 million this year---tayloris making arouns 2 in NY----it was clearly contract related---they didnt cut him b/c they thought he sucked---but u dont pay a startn vet that type of money---def after u draft cunningham spikes, and resign banta cain----its all situational---

it isnt as easy as sayn he got cut so he sucks

sharper got cut with vikings wwent to saints and went apeshyte---why b/c he didnt play well in viking scheme b/c they arent creative---greg williams in NO is so sharper flourished---i expect the same situation with adalius and nolan

Dosent make sense, this is not happening

I can't wait to see what the defense looks like with Nolan running it.

hilarious, thomas wasnt contract related, hell he was inactive for multiple games. use your brain bro

i think both guys make sense absolutly but it will come down to the money they want---and if we are comfortable payn that amount---but i absolutly think they are both on miami's radar

well pistol just turn on denver games last year and u can see.

5.6 million to a guy that is outspoken about the coach---thats is a large amount---if that number was smaller and he didnt speak out he would still be a patriot---but u have ur opinion, and thats fine

The 5 remaining holes on the team - NT, OLB, FS, TE, and returner.

Returner, NT, TE - should be filled in house - since there aren't many reasonable upgrades available on the market (although John Henderson could be nice at NT)

OLB and FS COULD be filled in house - but A. Thomas/G. Ellis and Sharper/Atogwe are upgrades at those positions - I think you have to make the moves to compete with Jets and Pats.

jets will sign thomas, sharper back to saints


The Dolphins don't need him because he is old, hasn't produced in 3 years, and is a problem in the locker room.

just because

rite on point

agree carlito

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