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Adalius Thomas a possibility Dolphins will consider

Adalius Thomas is on the free agent market and the talk league-wide now is that he wants to get paid.

If that is true, scratch the Dolphins from the list of teams that might be interested in him.

But if Thomas indeed wants to play the New England Patriots twice this season as is rumored, and if he is willing to play for a reasonable salary, he might make sense for the Dolphins.

I'm not saying the Dolphins must absolutely chase Thomas. But will they investigate the possibility? Will they make calls on him? Study his tape? Discuss the idea?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Thomas could be an "acorn" the Dolphins often discuss. The discussion would include the question whether he would be a "progress-stopper."

Simply, Thomas could be an insurance policy at strong side outside linebacker in case second-round pick Koa Misi isn't ready to start right away. But what if Misi is solid enough, as hoped, to play right away? Would Thomas become a problem?

Obviously the Dolphins have to weigh what Thomas might do in the locker room. He made no bones about complaining and showing his displeasure last season when Bill Belichick benched him. I'm certain he would not be happy coming to the Dolphins and then finding himself on the bench again.

But he can still be productive. At 32 years old he is not beyond an age the would cause the Dolphins to dismiss the possibility out of hand.

In fact, nothing about Thomas would cause the Dolphins to dismiss the idea out of hand. So stay tuned.


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peronally i luv a guy that calls out bill belichick on his stupid shyte----Bill bilichick is a jerk---the jetson line i luved--we will just have to wait and see---im hopn nolan puts his foot down---and makes it happen

who says nolan likes him, maybe nolan puts his foot down and says dont touch this guy

Exactly!!! Sounds like another joey porter. Runs his mouth, limited production, will limit the growth of our young draftees. Sounds just like the bum we got rid of! No thanks for agedalius!!

nolan luvs AD---called him defensive slash---went after him badly in san fran when NE signed him----some guys dotn fit systems---he never fit in in NE---and he wanted out

Football is situational--AD reunited with nolan---with dansby ---young talent all round---and sharper and yb at safeties---would be a great fit in my opinion----Nolan discovered this guy in baltimore---

Just my opinion tho, so take it 4 what u want

joey porter has 2 bad knees, and isnt athletic anymore---if i thought adalius wasnt still an athletic defender that u could move around and cover in his area i wouldnt want him---and i could see the comparison to porter---


Three words; F##K Off Thomas!!!

If NOLAN wants him, get him.

But before siging AT, Sharper or (best possible news in a few weeks) Atogwe.....

better ask first if their Mothers were Prostitutes!

our best signing was mike nolan! sure wish he was running the show.

This is just another attempt by the enemies to try and infiltrate our defenses in order to weaken our structure. We have built a solid foundation and now we are adding the final pieces to the top of the pyramid. The last thing we need is another washed up loud mouth to create distractions!

We exited the draft with only 7 players over 30 years old. Adalius Thomas would be very surprising if we went that route, as it would seem to go against the grain of really every other move we made this offseason. I don't think that this will happen at all. We have a far bigger need at FS, and Darren Sharper has been FAR more productive than Thomas the last few years. We aren't talking to Sharper, what makes you think we would talk to Thomas? I just can't see it, IMO

I'm willing to bet that he won't come to the dolphins. I think its a bad move to take thomas

Fins are better off playing the young LBs so they can develop as players and build chemistry. No more washouts Tuna. This team is at least another season away from serious contention, be patient...

Look at what Adalious's production in the last two years and his age. I say we pass.

Thimas would be an upgrade right now, if he's cheap, sign him. If it doesnt work out you always say ooops and release him. Good insurance policy. And PLEASE sign Sharper !!

I meant A. Thomas !

refreshing post by rodge, reality is that we are a year away. which is fine, keep building

Adalius Thomas
John Henderson
Darren Sharper
OJ Atogwe

These are all good players and I would love for the fish to make a play on at least one of them!

Sharper isn't coming to Miami guys. Neither is Atagowe. It's Culver / Clemons / R. Jones this season.

Dolphins seriously considering Thomas. Ireland is preparing the interview questionaire at this very moment...

I would rather have had Jason Taylor

With 14 linebackers on the team already, most of which being young with upside, I just don't see the team pulling the trigger on this one. We have a bunch of contracts to get done so if Thomas wants money forget it. He will probably end up on a contending team.

Besides the Jets will probably sign him for 7 million a year while giving up a third round draft pick. I know he's a free agent but the Jets love giving up their picks so much they just won't be able to help themselves. Making it rain gangsta style with those picks! Boy that teams going to be a mess in 3 years.

If they view Jason Taylor as a progress stopper than I am hard pressed to see how AT would not hold up progress for younger guys as well.

I know he is younger and bigger with some position flexibilty but he seems like had some decline at NE. He also seems like he would follow in Joey Porter's footsteps and chirp if he waqsn't being used in the maneer he wants or has to rotate with other player too often for his taste. I say rain check him and go with a combo of the 24 LBs we have on the team... well maybe 24 is a tad sarcastic.

I thought the Fins would make a play for either Sharper or Otogwe. If Otogwe is too beat up, that won't work. Reports of sports hernia and shoulder issues... caveat emptor! If they grabebd one more guy I would say go after Sharper. He had SUPER production last year and is smart.

In the end they may pass on both of them.


Thomas had 8 sacks in 2 years and JT had 7 last year alone. If they didn't want to re-sign JT they're not going to sign Thomas IMO...

Agree with some here, Would of much rather kept JT than having the big O. I can not see us putting money into an older LB.

Why don't we call Darren sharper we need a safety

Anyone wondering if AD's mom is a prostitute? Just curious. hahaha....

Don't worry, everyone. We'll get Jeff Ireland to ask him!

not hard to see that miami has no interest in sharper unless he wants the vet min. thomas is complete garbage, parcells knows this

"Better ask first if their Mothers were Prostitutes"!

I would ask them that and more if I was giving up millions of dollars to a player with a long history of offenses and a mother who was in prison for drug trafficking.

Would you hate the question if the line of questioning went like this?->

1.How many times have you been arrested?
2. Which time did your quick temper get you in the most trouble?
3. Do you have trouble following rules?
4. Do you have a problem with authority figures?
5. We know your father was gone but did your Mother set rules for you to follow and enforce those rules?
6. How many times was your mother arrested in front of you during your childhood?
7. Where did you live when your Mother was in prison for selling drugs?
8. How did she get money to support you after she got out of prison, when she didn't have a job?
9. Was your mother ever a prostitute?

Now the question was distasteful but not completely out of line. We have no idea how the interview went and we have no idea what Bryants answers were that led up to the distateful question. Everyone is making it out like it went like this,

"Hi Dez I'm Jeff Ireland, Is your mother a dirty **** sucking prostitute"?

Give it a rest already, the guy manned up and apologized and Dez accepted the apology. End of story.

What's up fellas? I don't want Thomas at all. I think he is washed up. He is too big for the position and his body of work indicates that. I think he would be a progress stopper. I say let the young guys plays and grow together. If there are a few growing pains then so be it.

Let the yets sign him.

Bill, Jeff and Tony, if you are reading this then you are obviously looking for guidance (which I don't think you need) but if you are, please, please, please do not sign Thomas or Sharper! After having done an excellent job in the draft, don't inhibit the progress of the new players or those who have been with the team before the draft. I also agree completely with your handling of the Jason Taylor situation. God, I love this team! Thanks, I am O.T.F.D.

Don't need him, but if we'd get him, he'll mentor some of the young ones.

Reshad Jones will be a force for years to come.

Henderson would be a nice gamble if they could sign him for a minimum. If he stays healthy he can be a run stopping force on 1st and 2nd down. That would also keep the d-line more fresh for the 4th quarter, disrupt the opposing QBs, and maybe a pick six or two.

agree rodge, love this rodge guy, where u been

If the Fins give 3-sack Thomas a deal, I demand that Stephen Ross immediately fire Parcells and Ireland.

Adelius Thomas wants to get paid? Is that the kind of statement you make coming off of a couple of great years. Thomas got paid last time he was a FA and didn't produce. He needs to recognize this isn't a "getting paid" situation.

"Hi Dez I'm Jeff Ireland, Is your mother a dirty **** sucking prostitute"?

LMFAO @ NY Scott

Thanks billbill. I've been waiting patiently for this team to be built properly. Looks like we're on our way. If the trifecta can't do it, then let me know Mr. Ross. The formula is very easy

Stay away from Thomas. Wake is the starter at WOLB and is younger and better than Thomas right now. Thomas'es skills have diminished to the point where I don't think he is a viable option at SOLB. If we are going to make any moves go after Sharper or Atowgwe.

If they weren't willing to re-sign Jason Taylor, I do not see why they'd be willing to sign Thomas.

we dont really need him we need a safety and kick returner

Here's an example I would like to give you guys about sports interviews. True story, read it or don't, doesn't matter because I'm home from work on a rainy day and bored!

I played college hockey and was interviewed by a few different colleges out of highschool and into juniors. I had a very bad temper in my younger years and it got me into trouble more than one time, especially on the ice where I would take a lot of major penalties. Teams liked my toughness but hated my inability to channel my aggression in a more positive way.

In one interview I sat in a large room in front of the colleges hockey coach, two scouts, team doctor, two assistant coaches, and some guy they never introduced me too (he turned out to be a phsycholigist). This was after 4 hours of being poked and prodded and while walking around half naked in a freezing corridor. Lets just say I wasn't in the best of moods. After about what felt like a million questions from everyone else the assistant coach asks me this, "So how long have you been a big p**sy"?

BAM! First friggin question out of the guys mouth and he calls me a p**sy. LOL, I said "I've never considered myself to be a p**sy". Understand that my face was beat red and I wanted to jump across the table and choke the little twerp! I looked at everyone else and they were dead serious. He keeps going, "Are you afraid of looking more stupid then you are, is that why you hide behind your supposed tough guy exterior"? "No sir" I said. Then he SCREAMS, "Then what's your F***ING PROBLEM"?!

Holy crap I couldn't believe it and felt so attacked. Luckily I remembered my trainer telling me sometime back to keep a cool head at interviews because they would probably aggressively test me. I told him "I just want to be the best I can be and I get frustrated at myself when I don't live up to my own expectations" or something along those lines.

So they were trying to get a rise out of me to see how I handled myself. I never was chosen for that college. Unfortunately for me because they went on to win a NCAA title the following year. My point is teams ask all kinds of messed up questions. Either in the pros where they're giving up millions of dollars or on the college level where thy're giving up time and scholarships. They shape their interviews to each different players personality.

Irelands question was in bad taste but I understand where it was coming from.

the dolphins arent a year away if the defense can add some vets---

Rob nice post---

But we have no idea what the trifecta didnt sign Jason taylor be4 the draft---4 all we know they always wanted 1 vet at olb but didnt want to pull the trigger be4 the draft---for every1 thats says Adalius is garbage u just are lookn at stats and lettn ur emotions get to u----this guy is still athletic no major injuires to his lower body and is a young 32 b/c he didnt start rite away when he came in the league----

I think he is a very good fit but it will come down to moneyyy----i would be shocked if sharper and adalius dont at least visit miami---cause both make logical sense for miami---

And i said be4 the draft the reason we didnt sign JT is that they knew a guy like adalius thomas would be cut---

At the end of the day no fan knows why JT wasnt signed---every1 is sayn b/c they wanted all the young guys to start that could def be the reason---or it culd of just been timing--they wanted to wait to sign veterans---imo

atogwe too expensive and has a list of injuries, but he is a good player

jason la canfora---just blogged that Miami is a player for sharper and Adalius----im gettn ready

What Carlito said.

I mean come on, New England is where old, slow, washed up LBs, go to die and they even cut him lose.

Go sign with the Jets so when they start the season 1-4 , it will give them one more selfish malcontent to help with the implosion.

yah I agree with carlito..

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