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Add Ginn to Dolphins on trade block (with video)

Coach Tony Sparano has often said the Dolphins are happy with their wide receivers. Well, I guess one would have to define happiness if, as I suspect, the report Ted Ginn is on the trade block is correct.

NFL.com's Jason LaCanfora tweeted minutes ago that Ginn is being shopped by the Dolphins.

My question is who would buy and for how much?

Ginn is coming off a year in which he regressed in 2009. He caught 38 passes for 454 yards and one touchdown. He also dropped eight passes, which was among the NFL leaders in that category.

In 2008 Ginn caught 56 passes for 790 yards and two touchdowns. Not stellar, but there were still hopes Ginn could continue to improve. Those hopes took a significant hit last year.

At one point, Ginn lost his starting job before regaining it late in the season.

So where does this leave us?

One might assume the Baltimore Ravens might be interested as Cam Cameron is their offensive coordinator. Cameron was the one who drafted Ginn's family in 2007. General manager Randy Mueller drafted Ginn.

But let's face it, in a league where Brandon Marshall is available for less than a first-round pick and Anquan Boldin was traded for a third and fourth-round pick, Ginn's value cannot be very high.

The Dolphins might be lucky to get a low fourth rounder for Ted Ginn Jr. And that might be based on his promise as a good return man.

[Update: One NFL personnel man has returned an email on the topic and he confirms Ginn is on the market. He also said Ginn would have different value for different teams, with most showing no interest. He said someone might, might give up a fifth-round pick because Ginn's only 26 years old and has elite speed that is "tempting."]

In recent days it has come to light that Miami is willing to consider trading Ronnie Brown, Tyler Thigpen and now Ginn.

We'll see.


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How dare they....ha ha I beat you to it Armso.



He's worth keeping just so he can ruin the Jets again.

If Santonio Holmes only went for a 5, no way does Ginn go for more. That being said, I see no gain in trading Ginn. He is on our few playmakers, and regardless of his knack for wanting to find the sidelines and dropping balls, I still thinks he serves a purpose for us. Again, we should be adding playmakers, not getting rid of them.

Ted Ginn is still pretty young and has speed... I know the Jets' Westoff is a fan. Doubt he gets traded there though... Jaguars traded for Troy Williamson and he did less than Ginn... I think on the clock when a team looks at what receivers are available in the 4th round, they will be willing to send a 4th for him.

The problem with Ginn is fans want him to be a #1, which he will never be. He is a lot like Devery Henderson of the Saints, and Henderson isn't considered terrible. Why? Because he is about the 4th or 5th best option in that offense. If we put better players around Ginn, he would certainly improve. It's not like this guy doesn't har quite a few impactful plays in his time here, he does.

How are we supposed to be the JETS now?

But seriously, would be a good fit for the Ravens...

If holmes got a 5th, Ginn is a 4th because he has no record.

So Mando, are you saying you don't believe Ginn has or is being shopped?

Jags also could land him, since they dont like Dez and need a WR

Also could go back to Ohio with the Browns.

Regardless, anywhere he goes he will be a stud returner.

Bootang25, good comparison.

We will have to include the Ted Ginn Jr. family as well.

Mandito, how come you got scooped dude?

I was waiting on one of those "as first reported by the Miami Herald..."

Damn it!

OH MY GOD! I am shocked! Is the Ginn family included in the deal?

I might be crazy but didn't he actually make plays in the last 2 or 3 games? I couldn't remember anything big but no drops atleast. Any thought was finally developing a rythme with Henne? I was calling for his head like everyone else last year but if you think about it he has never had time to develop with 1 QB for longer than 1 season. Hope he would develop into a serious threat if we did bring in that true #1.

Trade Ginn and a 5th for BMarsh! Pick up Dez Bryant w/ the 1st, and we got instant scary offense. And I mean scary on the field - not Big Ben scary.

Woohoo, place Teddy out there, doubt if we can get much but u never know!!!

Bootang- Devery Henderson is waaaaaay more physical as a football player let alone a WR than Ginn and in my opinion thats Ginns problem. whether it's creating space, getting open, running routes... YAC or running to the sidelines when returning kicks.

Maybe the Rams with the first pick of the fourth round.

Ginn is under control for two more years I believe. He isn't a character concern and brings some return value.

Rams have many needs and could address LB and O-line in the second and third rounds.

Probably won't happen, but a thought.

Ginn and Smiley and Brown in a package deal for Brandon Marshall

And somebody ruins it starting with the Brandon Marshall crap again...F Marshall, he ain't coming here

Bess Twin brother Rice Gullens whatever will be returning kicks.

Ireland said so in his dolfans chat video after he interviewed with the south florida media.


If Holmes is a 5th how is Ginn a 4th? Ginn is a 7th rounder with perhaps 6th based on incentives.

Our talent level is as low as its ever been... thanks Tuna!!!!

3 years ago both Atlanta and Miami went after Parcells, we got him but they are much better right now.

Jersey, physical and Devery Henderson don't go together. He wouldn't catch anything inside the hashmarks until this year. And he'd drop so many passes it he wasn't that great outside the hashmarks either. He's gotten more confident as the years have gone by but put him on another team and I doubt does much.

AMEN ! ! !! !

Turn those thumbs this way

You couldn't get a box of jock straps and a used Ford Pinto for Ted Ginn.

I think Ted Ginn has negative trade value. He'd be the first player in NFL history where the team that wants to trade him has to pay the team that takes him as like a garbage surcharge. Like when the State of New York paid the State of Virginia to dump it's garbage there. That's the perfect comparison to Ted Ginn.


Thanks for the Memories TEDDY!!!! We will miss you

This should be good news guys it means Dez Bryant will replace him what an upgrade I say LOL. Dez will do what Ted couldn't which is catch the damn football LOL.

Just to think, he was a high pick? Yes, he has got to go! He is not worth the money. He is a fair KR/PR, but no WR that can get us the first down... I don't trust him. I can't count on him. My 16 year old son can make a break on the ball better than him. Hell! I can go get the rock better than him! Despite my words I like him as a 4th WR, but he not going to be the WR to help get us to a Super Bowl...Bess is better!

My vote is not to trade him. I think Ginn has value as a return man and should be kept on the team for that. If he leaves, who will pick up that duty?

Yeah the knock on Ginn is he is afraid to get hit that's why he drops so many pass.

Ginn is worth the price of a bag of Doritos.

Can you image how good Ginn would be if he were in the slot in New England?

depends on the color and mileage of the Pinto.

the fins should just cut their losses if no other teams shows interest.

If Ginn wasn't afraid to get hit he could be used like the Eagles used Jeremy Maclin last year. Sucks that Ginn just isn't doing what he needs to do to improve.

Jets game excluded he did nothing as a returner. Ginn sucks plain and simple. He'll get cut after the draft.

Here is a strategy that is 100% logical

1. Keep JT ... we are weak at OLB
2. trade 1-12 + Thigpen for 1-22 + 2-22
3. use 1-22 for DAN WILLIAMS,NT
4. use 2-12 for HUGHES,OLB
5. trade 2-22 to Denver for B.Marshall,WR
6. use 3rd round pick for R.Jones,FS

Keep Ted Ginn ....

If Marshall gets double coverage that leaves Gin open ..... and he is fast


It should be illegal to make a "Best of" video of a player on a 1-15 team. Watching Lemon passing to Ginn (against Buffalo, with Miami up 21-0, which we obviously eventually lost), was absolutely disgusting. You should have warned us dude, I just ate lunch!

There were too much expectations towards Ginn because he was stupidly drafted in round 1 by Cameron.

He should have been drafted in round 4 or 5; based on his return skills.

We should nonetheless keep him as a PR/KR. Our return game is average with him; it would be abysmal without him because we have no depth at that position.

"If Holmes is a 5th how is Ginn a 4th? Ginn is a 7th rounder with perhaps 6th based on incentives"

Well, couple of reasons. First of all, Holmes is serving a 4 game suspension and has character issues and other off field issues. He also is a free agent after this season and will want #1 money. Ginn has no off the field issues and has another two years on his deal at a very palitable $1.5Mish a year.

Cut Ted(No testicular fortitude)Ginn and the offense improves instantly.......

Esteban- im not saying Devery Henderson is great, good or average or a beast or even all that and yes totally agree his teammates have something to do w/his play...but he is waaaaay better and that includes being more physical than Ginn and plays tougher than Ginn thats all im saying.

There is no way anyone can compare Ginn to Holmes...Even though this is the news I have been waiting to hear since we drafted Ginn and his family, he has way more class and upside than holmes...Why you ask? Holmes is one mistake away from a year suspension...ONE MISTAKE folks. He has smoked as much or more weed than sticky Ricky! People do not turn around their lives like Ricky. He is one in a million, or at least a couple hundred thousand. Ginn has value, especially for a team with a clear-cut #1 receiver. He would make an outstanding compliment and he has more value in such a scenario than he does to the fins. About time we wake up! This news is a year late however.

Give Ginn a chance with a real number #1. That is his problem he can't break a coverage when he is the only one to stretch the field if he was a #2 option he would be a much bigger threat. That being said we should trade him now because we aren't getting a #1 recieving threat anytime soon.

Side note on Pat White we have him know and once he can get his new throwing motion kinks worked out he will be an effective player. Calling a dive play every time he gets in hte game doesn't help him either.

Addition by subtraction? Sort of like the Gerbil Wilson Effect?

and i understand what people are saying when they say Ginn will be good as a complement, as a #2 or #3, but im done with this project as a Phin fan.

This could only mean either Pat White or Pat Turner are ready for Prime Time.

You guys really think DEZ BRYANT will be drafted by the TUNA?????

Too many holes on D

About time...I can see J. Allen gone too.

I bet Ted Ginn will still be a dolphin come september.

Package brown and Ginny pig for B. Marshal.

I still don't understand why people want to straight cut Ginn. People are just bitter little babies. Look, I think we can all agree that Ginn is not the #1 WR we all hoped he would be but to say he does not have any value is stupid. First of all, just his presence opens the field for our possesion receivers and running game because of his speed. You want evidence, check out the 2nd jets game. They played bump and run coverage on the outside with no over the top help and committed to stopping short routes and the running game. The two kick off returns are the only reason we won. He also has made some dynamic plays on reverses which keep the defense honest. At $1.5M a year for the next three year I still think the guy is a steal as a #2-#3 WR and return guy. The past is the past, accept his value for what it is.

I think its a great move to get rid of Ginn. I would scream the next he takes the direct route for the side lines with out trying to get additional yards. Enough is enough Ginn experiment should be over. Once the dolphins draft a wide receiver he would the logical one to be out. No way is he better than Hartline, Bess or Camarillo.

Trade Ginn for a stick of gum and a kick in the NUTTSSSS!

List of Tradeable Scrubs

1) Ginn
2) Haynos
3) Jason Allen
4) Camarillo
5) Thigpen
6) Pennington
7) Torbor
8) Ryan Baker

Honorable Scrubs
1) Ronnie Brown
2) Will Allen
3) Smiley

With Ginn gone...I have to assume that means either Marshall or Bryant are going to be Dolphin's. Lets pray that both are...then we will have a great receiver tandem again.

Can not Trade Ginn, Not now, value is to low, and potential is still there... He could be a real good number 2. This would be a very silly move.

Plungie nominee :

"Can not Trade Ginn, Not now, value is to low, and potential is still there..."

This is like saying I will go to the Doctor when I feel better.

No, it really isnt, the guy has made SOME great sideline catches, and did show some spark as a return man. Toughness can be learned. Desmond howard, Lee Evans and Quadry Ismail all had the same problems, and in their 3rd year figured it out. Now none are a #1, but are servicable and better than a 7th pick.

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