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Add Ginn to Dolphins on trade block (with video)

Coach Tony Sparano has often said the Dolphins are happy with their wide receivers. Well, I guess one would have to define happiness if, as I suspect, the report Ted Ginn is on the trade block is correct.

NFL.com's Jason LaCanfora tweeted minutes ago that Ginn is being shopped by the Dolphins.

My question is who would buy and for how much?

Ginn is coming off a year in which he regressed in 2009. He caught 38 passes for 454 yards and one touchdown. He also dropped eight passes, which was among the NFL leaders in that category.

In 2008 Ginn caught 56 passes for 790 yards and two touchdowns. Not stellar, but there were still hopes Ginn could continue to improve. Those hopes took a significant hit last year.

At one point, Ginn lost his starting job before regaining it late in the season.

So where does this leave us?

One might assume the Baltimore Ravens might be interested as Cam Cameron is their offensive coordinator. Cameron was the one who drafted Ginn's family in 2007. General manager Randy Mueller drafted Ginn.

But let's face it, in a league where Brandon Marshall is available for less than a first-round pick and Anquan Boldin was traded for a third and fourth-round pick, Ginn's value cannot be very high.

The Dolphins might be lucky to get a low fourth rounder for Ted Ginn Jr. And that might be based on his promise as a good return man.

[Update: One NFL personnel man has returned an email on the topic and he confirms Ginn is on the market. He also said Ginn would have different value for different teams, with most showing no interest. He said someone might, might give up a fifth-round pick because Ginn's only 26 years old and has elite speed that is "tempting."]

In recent days it has come to light that Miami is willing to consider trading Ronnie Brown, Tyler Thigpen and now Ginn.

We'll see.


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Ginn is just scared to get hit plain and simple. U can't be a good wide out in this league and be scared to get hit. Ship him out!!

Esteban, saying "if Ginn wasn't afraid to get hit he could be used like the Eagles used Jeremy Maclin last year" is like saying if my uncle had breasts he'd be my aunt. You are what you are, and Ginn's the worst.

Ginn will be traded to the Patriots where he will magically learn how to catch with both hands and eventually be one of the top receivers in the league...because taht's what happens to every other player the Dolphins send to the Patriots.

We should keep him. He's the only deep threat we have for now. The only way I see him leaving is if the Dolphins draft Dez Bryant.

Stop bashing ginn, your gonna lower his value even more lol

Boy this team is all over the place with Ginn, Smiley, 4 QBS, no # 1 WR, NO FS, NO NT of the future, JT Soap Drama.

Draft day cant come any sooner

What Potental????His "Potental" To drop Balls, His "Potental" to trip over his two feet,His Potental to fall down if he catches a ball, His potental to head stright to the side-lines, His Poten..... Ahhhh forget it...........

Thats a Plungie right there !


Ted Ginn's potential....

Dead wood...Ginn and Allen...almost 10 mil a season for what...a receiver that is afraid, can't be counted on to catch more than a couple cheap throws a game...and Allen..a special teamer that cost a first round pick, get rid of both of them...trade Ginn to happy happy Denver and get a receiver that makes catches and has proven to be a top ten receiver in the NFL...Then draft Bryant.

Cuban, I am not happy with him either. but this year he did have some incedible tip toe on the sideline catches to keep the sticks moving. Ran 2 TD's back in one game, could have been 3 if not a flag. He did drop balls, agreed, but his trade value vs upside, (speed, some nice catches, familyLOL, ect...) is worth much more than his trade value. I just do not see how trading for a 7th is a better scenerio.

Every time I see him drop that TD in that colts game it makes me want to punch him in the freakin head!

I wonder is Ginn was shaken or stirred by this news?

At least he beat the Jets for us last year. I guess I'll have to switch up my fantasy draft this year since I was looking to take Pat White and Ted Ginn with picks 1 and 2.

Is Mando gonna cry now like about how the FO is doing Teddy No-Nuts wrong by trying to trade him?

Trade for Brandon Marshall - Ginn and a 2nd round pick this year and a third next year. I don't care how much he costs. Henne needs a target for this offense to click...

I don't know what we're going to do with Ginn but Parcells has less than two weeks to bridge the gap with the jests and pats. Hope he's got an ace up his sleeve. Bring on the draft!

IT IS ABOUT TIME!!! Should have traded him LAST year when he had trade value!!! Call Cameron see if he wants his precious Teddy boy??? GOOD BYE GINN you are a BUST!!!

Drop it like its hot...

I'm starting to get the feeling that Dez Bryant is going to be the guy if he is still there at 12. He's heads above any other receiver in the draft, has ideal size and good hands.

We should offer Ginn to Denver for free to convince them to possibly pass on Bryant at 11. Denver seems to like our former players anyways.

"I think Ted Ginn has negative trade value. He'd be the first player in NFL history where the team that wants to trade him has to pay the team that takes him as like a garbage surcharge. Like when the State of New York paid the State of Virginia to dump it's garbage there. That's the perfect comparison to Ted Ginn."

Actually, I think that distinction already belongs to another Dolphin. I believe Miami traded AJ Feely and a mid round draft choice to the Chargers for Cleo Lemon of all people. When you have to trade a pick AND a mplayer for CLEO LEMON, you have SERIOUS issues!


If you going to trade people just to say you made a trade than Parcell's and company don't have a clue and there idiots. You have to get some value for Smiley, Brown, Ginn, etc. Let me tell you the Dolphins better not make stupid draft picks in rounds 2 and 3 like they did last year.

Brandon Marshall get a life, he is a biggggggggg time pain in the you no what.

No way tuna will let ginn go for less than a 4th unless he knows he's getting a good player with the pick. Ginn has value.

Mando, what about us trading Ginn to the Jets for Leon Washington? I thought Washington was not happy with the Jets... he could provide that chunck yardage player we've been missing on offense and also be our returner... Sounds like a pipedream, but the Jets may remember Ted Ginn single handedly beating them last year. lol

Keep Ginn as he has more upside than what we could trade for him (and make him earn a roster spot) unless you trade for a proven stud wr.

Also, Ginn is a "Jets killer" and the way the jets are building their team this offseason, we need any help (even if it is psychological) that we can get.

I could see the bears or ravens trading for this bum


How about Ted and 3rd or 2nd for Marshal..

I think Ginn still has SOME value. If they trade him, they best make sure they pick Dez Bryant. If not, defenses will stack 9 guys in the box. No deep threat = stagnant offense! Who will they be afraid to defend? Fasano? Camarillio? Bess? Hartline? Hardly frightening!

I actually believe Ginn would thrive with a big guy like Dez or the like on the other side. He does get alot of double coverage right now. Because lets face it, aside from a RB, he is the big play potential guy this offense has.

Most rushing teams, their WR's don't command much attention because the threat of the run is too much. Thats our offense, PREDICTABLE! If you have a Bryant on the other side, Ginn will be singled and have a chance at ALOT of explosive "chunk" plays. Safeties would play OFF the line and not ON it like they presently do. It will open up the running game also.

His value is against the Jets. 2 returns in 1 game? And did anyone happen to notice he eats Revis alive? In NJ to win the AFC east in 08? He beat Revis for the TD & he came back to catch that underthrown deep ball! He had Revis & Rhodes beat by 5 yards. This year, the 50+ yarder he smoked him on? Blocked him out of bounds on a KEY 3rd & long later in the game that lead to a go ahead TD. Keep him for those 2 games a year!

As good as Revis is, you can't be great if Ginn is taking you for TD's.

This Dolphin administration seems to to it backwards, as they are selling when value is low. As you correctly said, very good to great WR's with character issues are flying off the rack as low prices, so what can the Phins hope to get for Ginn? I would imagine that they are better off keeping him and seeing if someone he sees the light this year because not sure if its worth it to give up on him for a 5th round pick or something worse.

Ginn might not command that high of a pick but I can see him being shopped along with Smiley for a 3rd or 4th rounder. I think that would be a good value for another team to shore up their interior line as well as getting a young speedy receiver who may need a fresh start.

this is dumb unless its a deal add on he does add to our team speed and by himself is not worth a trade

trade him to the Jets, they'll take anybody

bring on marshallllllllllllllllllll!

smoke screen...something is a brewing.

We need to keep Ginn .. He is the only player we have that can run fast ..LOL .. Trade him to the Ravens for nothing and watch him smoke us when we play them in Baltimore.. Its FATE .. Flaco to Ginn can see it now...

Thank U God!Trade Him!If The Dolfins Are Smart They Would Trade Him And Justin Smiley To The Browns With A 6th Round Pick.To Get Eric Berry,Them Get Dez Bryant With Our 12th Pick!Or If They Dont Get Dez They Could Go For Earl Williams An Hav The Best Safty Combination 4Years!

No smoke at all the pick is Dez Bryant like I have been saying from Day 1 LOL. Then again there is always the surprise on draft day so who knows. All I know is I have money ready on that DEZ jersey so make it happen TUNA. LOL.

i know marshall has had his problems.but so have all of you.stop hatein on the man.give credit where credit is do.he might be a little young and neieve.but all of us were around 26-27.i know i was?no ? dude can play and is not that what we want?bill and company can get his head on straight.i want this guy on are team.do you guy's wanna win or not?sick of people saying if he comes to miami he will be in trouble?i think bill parcells and company will have that part covered in the contract.about good behavior!this guy would open things up for everybody ginn,hartline,bess fasano, not to mention are running game would be smoking hot with no more 7-8 man in the box.we got nothing to lose yets are stacking players and the rest the afc as well we need to make an impact right now!i say let the good times roll!!!

Every time I see Ginn drop a pass or run out of bounds, or shy away from contact, I'm reminded that the Dolphins actually had Cam Cameron as a coach for one season. It wasn't a dream, that actually happened. Cam "in over my head" Cameron was actually the head coach! Say what you will about the current Dolphins regime, but I'd take them over Mr. Cameron any day of the week!


Maybe Cam Can with the Ravens would be interested in the Ginn family again.

what the eff is wrong with the dolphins. they havent done much in the offseason and they are trying to let some of there better playmaker go (ginn, ronnie, smiley, JT) i hate to say this but the jets are promising then we are. mayb the trifecta are not as good as said to be. i woood hate late ginn go. he may b not be a great wr but he he other aspects of atheletiscm that r promising. the trifecta better find gold in the draft or else b/c they they didnt diddly squat in free agency (missing out on rolle, clark, holmes, rolle, bolding) only dansby i am happy with

Trade Ginn for Marshall & a 2nd round pick!!!

Brian Hartline # 1
TO # 2
Cam # 3
Turner # 4
Bess Slot
Pat White = PR
Cobbs = KR

nuff said

Wow....This just made my day.

they better not drop the ball on this one.please for the love of god make this happen for us?this is the break we need
MARSHALL!!!!!! this would pump the fans up so MUCH!!all who are aganist the trade will be drinking the kool-aid by about week 4!! than we sign him to a long extension make him happy so he can make us VERY,VERY happy.

Marshall and Dez are no deep threats, so if I am correct and even if we acquire any of those 2 receivers mentioned, we'll be complaining we have no one to stretch the field. Unless we get a 1st round pick(which we won't)we'll be complaining like we did when Jimmy johnson was here that we have no speed at WR. Please don't do it Parcells. He's the only guy who burned CB. Reves.

I would rather take Dez Bryant over Marshall way less risk involved but I do love Marshall as a player have lots of respect for him. He would be ideal if not for all those legal issues he's still involved with.

The Miami Dolphins have been pursuing options to trade wide receiver Ted Ginn, league sources said Tuesday.

Ginn, a first-round draft pick by the Dolphins in 2007, has excelled on special teams, but he hasn't regularly contributed as a receiver. He had 38 receptions for 454 yards and one touchdown last season.

HQ video delivered by Akamai

Ginn's lack of productivity and relatively heavy rookie contract have turned off some teams, and two league executives said they don't anticipate the Dolphins receiving considerable value for the three-year pro in a trade.

Still, Ginn could be a part of a package on the first night of the draft next Thursday, as the Dolphins might trade up from the 12th spot. Clemson running back C.J. Spiller is among the players for whom they could make a move.

The Dolphins are looking for playmakers on the outside and still could make a trade for Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall, a restricted free agent who received a first-round tender.

This guy has no clue of whats going on... I expect no trade to be made..... this is just feelers they put out

Trading Ginn is absolutely freakin stupid if you don't get atleast a very good WR in return or get atleast a 3rd round pick this year. He is our only deep threat regardless of his hands and willingness to go out of bounds. He has to be packaged for a #1 WR or just forget doing it.

Marshall??? Bwahaaaaaa, NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!! EVER

Here we go again....Armando the "RUMOR MONGER AND COUCH COACH"....what else can we expect!



If ted ginn is on the trade block, does that mean his family is to be trade too. I mean Cam draft him and his family. Is this a package deal

please explain how this works?

J-pecise, don't u get it??? The Fn guy is one incident away from a loooong suspension, and you want to put a guy with, alcohol, anger and maturity issues down on South Beach....give me break, Parcells isn't going to take this criminal so stop with the sobbing... He is not worth it

we can replace speed.we can't replace a real motavator a true warrior!a real #1wr.a leader someone for the team too look too.the qb is really the player who needs to be this guy and will be he is just young and will earn his.but marshall would instantly supply this!!get marshall go deffense heavy rest of draft?marshall=proven dez=rookie could be just like ginn??no one know's???this is the nfl after all.

that big ben statement sounded jus like the one tiger did ...they were so unemotional

As most of us , I haven't been impressed with Ginn , regardless of a couple of outstanding plays here and there .

As a return guy he still is damn good though .

I bet i know someone who would want him. His first and last name are the same and they start with a C. Maybe we can get a first rounder for him if we throw in his family at no cost!!!!!

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