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Add Ginn to Dolphins on trade block (with video)

Coach Tony Sparano has often said the Dolphins are happy with their wide receivers. Well, I guess one would have to define happiness if, as I suspect, the report Ted Ginn is on the trade block is correct.

NFL.com's Jason LaCanfora tweeted minutes ago that Ginn is being shopped by the Dolphins.

My question is who would buy and for how much?

Ginn is coming off a year in which he regressed in 2009. He caught 38 passes for 454 yards and one touchdown. He also dropped eight passes, which was among the NFL leaders in that category.

In 2008 Ginn caught 56 passes for 790 yards and two touchdowns. Not stellar, but there were still hopes Ginn could continue to improve. Those hopes took a significant hit last year.

At one point, Ginn lost his starting job before regaining it late in the season.

So where does this leave us?

One might assume the Baltimore Ravens might be interested as Cam Cameron is their offensive coordinator. Cameron was the one who drafted Ginn's family in 2007. General manager Randy Mueller drafted Ginn.

But let's face it, in a league where Brandon Marshall is available for less than a first-round pick and Anquan Boldin was traded for a third and fourth-round pick, Ginn's value cannot be very high.

The Dolphins might be lucky to get a low fourth rounder for Ted Ginn Jr. And that might be based on his promise as a good return man.

[Update: One NFL personnel man has returned an email on the topic and he confirms Ginn is on the market. He also said Ginn would have different value for different teams, with most showing no interest. He said someone might, might give up a fifth-round pick because Ginn's only 26 years old and has elite speed that is "tempting."]

In recent days it has come to light that Miami is willing to consider trading Ronnie Brown, Tyler Thigpen and now Ginn.

We'll see.


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if we can get ANYTHING for him then trade him and be done with it. He's a total waste of a roster spot.

bobby he is worth it!!!just because he would be in miami you bring up drinking and southbeach.are you brandin marshall??maybe your just shareing your thought's on what you would do if you were him??so assumeing he would is not very openminded?i don't even remember the last time he got in trouble law wise?if so minor?we have players running over cops!players getting dui's.so what he got into a fight with his ladie?that's the problem with the world today.know one know's how too stay out of grown folk bussiness?keep to themselves.
i can't pass judgement on a guy i don't know?
only what i see on the feild.

ginn and a 3rd and 4th for marshall

You are right on the money about Marshall coming to Miami. This goes for those who think Lynch from Buffalo would fit here. These guys both play in white bread cities with no sort of culture except honky tonk, and chicken wings. Imagine having to remove yourself from those environs, and move to Miami. The Women are 3 sizes smaller, the bars stay open untill tommorow, and you can throw your loot around like the tooth fairy. Espn did a piece on Lynch a couple of years ago. It was him out on the town, mocking the Buffalo night life. It showed him makin' it rain at an Applebees. Imagine the damage he could do in South Beach. The trifecta must take these thing serious. Relocation of free agents is not just as easy as the player getting paid, and showing up to play.

LOL. Miami is putting out a feeler on ginn and now all of a sudden miami is getting Marshall.

Mando should hire waterboy to run the blog

get rid of him for a bag of nickels and pudding pop, just make it happen.

I have no doubt that Ted Ginn Jr. is capable of making big plays at times. However he is maddeningly inconsistent and doesn't do a lot of things that the Trifecta want in their WR. He's not a good blocker, isn't very physical, doesn't run great routes. He has killer straight line speed, but that's about it.

They may get a 4th or 5th rounder for him, based on his promise and his speed. Nothing more.

This means that we need to find a new KR.

The smart motherfu@ker is here and his word is final.

Restricted free agent Brandon Marshall signed his $2.5 million tender Tuesday "to facilitate trade talks between the Broncos and other teams."

Sorry Bobby12... Im pour gas on the fire here.

I think they should trade him to New York for San Antonio Holmes. Sell Ryan on a first rounder for a fifth rounder.

maybe he is trying too grow up!!??
you guy's are acting like he is pac man jones or something?i don't remember him slaping strippers or calling hit's out on bouncers at the club?in fact i bet he don't go to the club no more after the shooting death of his teammate?i live in colorado was really hard on the whole team that year?i think marshall is a misunderstood individual?people around here last year were real down on him in traning camp.all the drama with cutler & mcdaniels just piled up on him and he blew his top?
remind's me of me when i don't finish a play or something i start.after the season started and the record 21 catches in a game.people started saying different about him.best wr in the nfl,straight beast,monster.that thankxgiving game did it for me?this guy is great and will be one of the best of all time WR'S whene all is said and done.

The only way I would be for a move for Brandon Marshall is if somehow the trade didn't involve a high pick... something like Ginn, Smiley, and a 6th... but thats never gonna happen...

The fact that Marshall signed his tender means he is probably going somewhere soon, I just don't think its miami.

Yeah, he don't slap strippers or call out hits, he just pulls guns on his dad, beats his women and resists arrest.

BOBBY i hope ur wrong and he does come here.

Before every game Teddy ask's J.T., " tucked or untucked "

U think the jets would give this yrs 1st along with next yrs 1st for ginn. Ok maybe that's asking for too much , well throw in Pat white also. Dang

Please please please please STOP were not giving up any picks 4 marshel not gonna happen.sad thing is w miami luck as soon as we get rid of ginn the lite will prob come on and he will grow a pair so sad that boy has cj speed but no our luck only time he uses it is to get out of bounds.

That video is horrible and should be banned from being played on any kind of screen unless it is accompanied by Beny Hill music.

Marshall signs tender

Another leak by the front office to create a smokescreen for teams to believe they will be drafting Bryant in order for the Dolphins to trade down.

sez the Judge

The real issue I have with the Trifecta is that we left Roth, Porter and Wilson go and got nothing in return. Package those 3 along with Ginn and how can that not be worth a #2 pick? We need to package guys if we cannot deal them one at a time for enough value value. I will take one 2nd round pick over 4 6th round picks or in our case…nada.


you do not trade jet killers

he beats rapes and pillages.sounds like a great wr.were do i sign up?lol he'll fit right in with our other women beaters,drunk drivers,driveing over cops players.you guy's so quick to pass judgment.look at our players??
the pulling a gun on his dad is news to me??fact of the matter is.he can be accused of being a woman beater and a angry man. (did'nt know that was illegal?)but we don't know what happen to make him act like that if he did?
we all just assume.doof did u see him pull a gun on his dad?no than it's all just here say?
man if you were some high profile athlete people would try to set you up all the time as well?get you in trouble than sue because you have MONEY....

Ladies....Marshall wont be coming to the 305. Even Bryant will be a stretch. IMO, I agree with some of you. I would give Denver either Ginn and a third or a second straight up for Marshall. This way we get our OLB or DE Hybrid and our star WR in the 1st 2 rds. Win win...if we can get someone to bit on RB then use that 1st pick on CJ Spiller. Im telling you like I told you with Matt Ryan, you cannot continue overlooking playmakers to simply fill holes. CJ will replace an injured RB and a soon retired RW.

I find it curious that these rumors (Ginn, Brown, et. al.) are swirling on the eve of the draft. It smells like a Parcells special.

This is, after all, the lying season.


@ waterboy....honorable scrubs, lmfao

Cam Cameron is such a goon!!

Getting Marshall would be cool but come on guys , Pete Carrol and the hawks have been making it clear they want him . Marshall should be a seahawk b4 the draft. Come on Fin Nation , let's start dreaming a little lower .

Marshall will not be a Phin. If Seattle does not take the bait, Tampa Bay has two early second rounders to play with. And sorry to say, New England has 3 second rounders, I'm sure they would part with one of them, they could be a darkhorse.

Get what you can no lower than a 3rd rounder and call it a day, he is not a 1st Reciever option he wasn't that even in college , Cam went to high with him it not Ted's fault knowing what people know now he would have been a 3rd rounder. But in his defense he has 4.3 Speed and will have some interst as a Punt returner or Kick Off specialist .

Plain and simple...if MIA keeps passing and continues to be non agressive...it's gonna be another one of those famous MIA seasons where we flop and the jets, pats, and yes...even the bills will be better than us.....It makes me want to drink shots of the Tuna's vommit after a big mahi mahi meal

J-precise, you need to read up on things..1. He did pull a gun on his dad and was arrested for it 2. He has had these problems for a looong time, it didn't manifest itself in Denver, he had issues in college 3. Parcells is NOT going to give up ANY draft picks for him 4. Only one team Seattle has shown interest in him and they don't want to give up a pick for him 5. PARCELLS HATES GUYS LIKE MARSHALL..He will NEVER be a Dolphin, we didn't get Boldin, we sure as hell ain't getting Marshall!!! Stop wasting blog space with NONSENSE!!!!

I've seen this movie u posted armando. It makes me cry every time.

Thats the 1st time i saw that to bad that dimwit isnt still here huh.parcels has to fix messes left by that idjit satan and dumbsted and you guy xpect that in just 3yrs come on get real. Its gonna take at least 4 to b a legit force ALL THOSE DUMBSTED DRAFTS cnt b 4 gottn over nite one of main reasons so many holes nobody came in on draftday. The year bell made ut hw was only one who did and he was a 6TH ROUNDER .

I'm sure I'll get blasted for suggesting this but just a hypothetical...
1. Trade Ginn, Smiley, and a conditional pick in the 2011 draft for Marshall. Denver needs interior line help.
2. If possible, trade down from 1-12 for 1-20something and a 3rd. draft Kindle/Iupati/Pouncey with 1-20something.
3. 2nd round draft OLB or FS.
4. 3rd round 1st pick OLB or FS.
5. 3rd round 2nd pick TE.
6. 4th round NT.
7. rounds 6 and 7. Grab some gaurds and LB prospects.

just my humble opinion. not saying its plausible or what i think will actually happen.

How the hell did they count 8 drops?......I mean, I dunno what the NFL constitutes as a "dropped pass", but Ginn had at least 20-25.....Maybe they meant 8 in each game....;)

just came over from espn .com and you know if we get marshall the jets would drool thats what i get from there comments is they resent it

( rumor) phins offering 2nd a 5th next year and ted gin jr to denver for marshall

Ginn as a kickoff/punt returner is more valuable than some scrub 6th/7th rounder that will never make the team. Hello 2 TDs vs the Jets?

Where in the hell did that rumor come from?

I just spoke to someone who work for the dolphins that that our first pick will indeed be a receiver, either Bryant, Thomas or Benn. Ginn and others are looked to be traded so we can have more draft picks to used for defensive players. And that Spiller is a option if they get a good offer for Ronnie which is unlikely.

It makes NO sense to me to trade Tedd Ginn. So, let's say we get a FIFTH round pick back. Then what? What's that fifth round pick going to do for us this year? Who's going to run back kicks? I'm not a Ted Ginn fan by any means but he is a guy with some speed and he can be effective in special teams and he can stretch the defence. I wonder if we that means we are looking at WR in the first or second round. Without Ted Ginn we have NOBODY who can stretch the other teams defence.

If the Fins Traded Ginn would they also have to give up a draft pick to teddys new team for compensation?????

Trade smiley, gin and thigpin to the redskins for their number one selection. Draft dryant and berry in first round.

If I was a coach of Dolphins I would call Ginn in my office then tell him I think his weak football player but prove me wrong. I would then have my secondary rough him up in practice. That would make him or break him.
It's to late for Gin and Miami he's a big CHICKEN and no other team would be smart enough to take him. I hope the Dolphins and Ginn read this.

Plungie nominee :

"Can not Trade Ginn, Not now, value is to low, and potential is still there..."

This is like saying I will go to the Doctor when I feel better.

Posted by: Waterboy


i sure hope you are not involved in real estate or investments of any kind, because you dont know what you are talking about. the trifecta has botched a bunch of possible trades:

roth - got squat
peezy - got squat (could have gotten something decent before last year if they knew they were not committed to him)
hill, goodman, holliday - all starters during our division championship year - got squat

if we trade ginn now, we get nothing, and i think there's a better chance of ginn being a decent #3 wr or a returner, than the 6th rd pick we'd get for him even making the team.

Why does ANYONE think Ginn would CATCH the damn football any better as a #2 then he has as a # 1.
Even open, he's still, a risk.

Keep him ONLY if he's worth a roster spot as a returner, and make sure all out returns are geared to the CENTER OF THE FIELD!! ;>D
Won't matter, he'll just tackle himself.

Trading Ginn is a bad idea. So is trading Ronnie for that matter.

Ginn isn't a true #1 receiver, he never was and never will be. He does have big play potential and has shown that in the past. He has had his drops, he has fallen and he has ran out of bounds. A lot of players do that. It is more beneficial for the Dolphins to have him then it is to not have him.

They currently have 3 receivers that are 2/3 guys. Hartline, Bess, and Camarillo. They should get rid of Camarillo. Although, the most consistent, Hartline and Bess are younger and show more promise. They need Ginn to stretch the field.

The Dolphins should draft Dez Bryant (if available, if not, trade w/ who ever signs him). Dez Bryant would be a huge difference maker for a very long time. He would make Ted Ginn & the other receivers better.

The Dolphins are not going to get Brandon Marshall. Stop talking about it, really. It's annoying.

Too many people drank the 'trifecta' kool-aid when they came to town and think they worked wonders by turning a 1-15 team to a 11-5 team. No. If you watched all of the games during the 1-15 season, you'd notice that the biggest problem was their QB play (losing Ronnie didn't help either, since he was having the best year of his career), but switching QBs every 4 games wasn't a good idea. John Beck wasn't ready to play and should have sat for a year. Trent Green getting hurt didn't help, and he was on the tail end of his career anyway. Cleo Lemon is a back up and that's it. The Dolphins lost 6-8 games by less than a TD. A good QB could have won them those games. Enter Chad Pennington. Chad played nearly mistake free football and was able to bring the dolphins down the field to win games and manage the clock (except for that game against the Jets when he threw an int in the endzone). He was the difference maker (along w/ some draft picks.. i.e. Jake Long).

If you really look at it, the 'Trifecta' haven't really done much. They released Roth when they could have used him and possibly got something from him in the off season. They need OLBs. They just release Porter, who ended up going to the Cardinals. A possible trade could have been worked out for Boldin. They release Gibril Wilson and have not replaced him. They don't resign (yet) a very productive OLB in Jason Taylor and let him galavant w/ a division rival.

They preach character and resign a player for 8 games that was caught using a banned substance, twice. They sign the dirtiest player in the league. They resign Pennington, who might not fully be able to play like he once did. Yet they cannot resign a very good player that wants to be there because it might stump the growth of a younger player? If they say they want Pennington & Ferguson there to help mentor the younger players, how is that different than what JT can do for a very inexperienced OLB core?

The playcalling while on the field is not good. The 'Pat White Package' was obvious most of the time he was on the field. I knew what he was going to do. If I could figure it out, a defensive player could. Their playcalling was very bland in general. Hopefully w/ Nolan, The Defense will be better.

Then there's the Wildcat - without Ronnie, the wildcat is dead. A player of his caliber in that position is hard to come by.

The 'Trifecta' haven't really done much since taking over. They're just going to get the Dolphins to around 8-8 every year and never will be able to make the next leap - because of management. Saban also lead a 4-12 team to 9-7 in his first year and then 7-9. If he stuck around, i'm sure the dolphins would be much better off than where they are now.

Randall! Good points!

What can we get for the rest of the Ginn family?

Dolphins are better off keeping Ginn then picking up a 5th round pick...

We need a frontline RB more than another WR.

Our RB's are in shambles...
1) Ronnie Brown-DUI and coming off of very serious foot injury. Who knows how much he can produce before he sustains another injury?

2) Old man Ricky...Plays with a lot of heart but when Ronnie went down, Ricky only had one or two very good games before he got injured and became an ineffective fumbling machine.

3) Cobbs-Coming off an ACL repair from last season.

4) Little might Lex Hillard...5'9" 180 who is a north/south runner.

Our receivers on the other hand are all young coming off a season wo any significant injury in which Camarillo should improve back to his previous form as this will be his second season since the ACL repair. Bess will likely improve along with the two rookies Hartline and Turner.
As for Ginn, he does catch those deep ones from time to time and with his speed, the defense must respect him which allows us to stretch the defense.

So this is my reasoning why the RB position is more of a need than the WR position.

What do you think Mando?

Good thing Brady Quinn is terrible.


Next 14 days...BM Bowel Movement Marshall will be traded somewhere, not here...Dez Bryant will be gone before 12...Smiley will be traded and probaly Thigpen too..McClain or Williams will be a Dolphin....Jason Taylor's career with the Fins will be officially over...that's my predictions


Ted Ginn, after 3 years and very little if any progress the Dolphins are officially done with him..If the guy didn't beeline it for the sidelines everytime he touched the ball, things might be different...u can't fix " scared" I think they will take whatever they can get and call it a day


Every receiver on the Dolphins roster is better and more valuable than Ginn so trade him,even for a 7th if we have to.

I appreciate what he did last season when we beat the Jets but in general,he's been a huge dissappointment

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