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Add Ginn to Dolphins on trade block (with video)

Coach Tony Sparano has often said the Dolphins are happy with their wide receivers. Well, I guess one would have to define happiness if, as I suspect, the report Ted Ginn is on the trade block is correct.

NFL.com's Jason LaCanfora tweeted minutes ago that Ginn is being shopped by the Dolphins.

My question is who would buy and for how much?

Ginn is coming off a year in which he regressed in 2009. He caught 38 passes for 454 yards and one touchdown. He also dropped eight passes, which was among the NFL leaders in that category.

In 2008 Ginn caught 56 passes for 790 yards and two touchdowns. Not stellar, but there were still hopes Ginn could continue to improve. Those hopes took a significant hit last year.

At one point, Ginn lost his starting job before regaining it late in the season.

So where does this leave us?

One might assume the Baltimore Ravens might be interested as Cam Cameron is their offensive coordinator. Cameron was the one who drafted Ginn's family in 2007. General manager Randy Mueller drafted Ginn.

But let's face it, in a league where Brandon Marshall is available for less than a first-round pick and Anquan Boldin was traded for a third and fourth-round pick, Ginn's value cannot be very high.

The Dolphins might be lucky to get a low fourth rounder for Ted Ginn Jr. And that might be based on his promise as a good return man.

[Update: One NFL personnel man has returned an email on the topic and he confirms Ginn is on the market. He also said Ginn would have different value for different teams, with most showing no interest. He said someone might, might give up a fifth-round pick because Ginn's only 26 years old and has elite speed that is "tempting."]

In recent days it has come to light that Miami is willing to consider trading Ronnie Brown, Tyler Thigpen and now Ginn.

We'll see.


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Is Greg Cote trying to tease Phins fans with his new blog saying Miami is one of the teams seriously interested in Brandon Marshall, but for nothing greater than the 2nd round pick? I have issues with Marshall as much as anyone, and I'd like to think I have a pretty good reputation as far as my posts go, but I'd be hard pressed to argue against getting Brandon Marshall for the 43rd pick in the draft. Even with all the holes we have on defense, which I have brought up only about 3000 times already. This should be interesting, these next 10 days, that is for sure.

Well said Ask Bill Ruger

My most favorite Dolphin defense ever went by the misnomer: "The No Name Defense"!!!!

PS: Speaking of names, yours confuses me?

What am I supposed to Ask you.....Bill Ruger?

Take the 5RD pick... Ginn is a hearless scrub!

How can you watch that video and not just laugh in disgust? It's pure comedy.


I'm with you on Marshall. Everybody says he did this, he did that, he's a thug. At this point, to be honest, I don't even care anymore. The guy can play ball and nobody, bar none on the Dolphins WR corp could even hold his Jock Strap.
The one thing, the ONLY thing that concerns me with the guy is how close he is to a lengthy suspension. You know what though Bootang? After watching that video of Ginn AGAIN today, I don't even care about that anymore.
Give up that 43rd pick and send Smiley, White and especially Ginn with it. Just get my boy Henne a REAL GOD D A M M E D wide receiver!!!!

Cote is an ASS, with a capital A...if anyone is starting rumours it's him making things up as usual


I'm not as into the trade if we have to offer a lot more than just the 43rd pick, but even if that were to happen, I wouldn't complain. Why you ask? Because before we make any kind oftrade for Marshall you can bet everything you have that the Trifecta did the due dilligence that is needed and felt the trade was worth being made. You can't argue for the Trifecta and say have confidence in them when they stay patient, and then turn around and not have confidence in them if they pulled the trigger on the Marshall deal. I'll believe it when I see it when Marshall or Dez Bryant is a Dolphin, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't be excited.


The guy on Phinsider basically said the same thing you did, and said he was asking some of his sources. He then said that his source said that Miami really was involved in the Marshall sweepstakes. As I just said, I'll believe it when i see it, but I have seen far crazier things in my lifetime.

If you can't trade him, just cut him ....
He is taking away playing time from receivers that actually catch the ball.

Adios Teddy G !!!!

**Breaking News**

With the 12th pick of the 2010 NFL draft the Miami Dolphins have selected: Brandon Graham from the University of Michigan.

My sources from deep within the regime have informed me that shortly after the Graham selection was announced Chad Henne reunited with his new old teammate and headed out for a night on the town.
However, reports indicate that they will not be chasing sorority sisters at the Capitol City Club in Milledgeville, Georgia.

Follow me on tweeter VERY closely for late breaking developments.

Cote is a HACK and a BUFFOON !!


Boy you are very funny tonight. You may win an all expense paid camping trip to be joined by two of the members of this blog. They are, my dear friend Aloco and Pricemaster. One will eat food off your stomach and the other will... well..... let's say he will play the part of a Catholic priest and you will be the altar boy.

If I ever see Cote on the street I'm gonna smack dem bi-focals off his four eyed face and take his lunch money!!!!

Listen here Odinpuss. if I ever see you out on the street I will slap you silly. You long haired drugged out no good wrench wielding punk!


I'm not too good at playing character roles.

I'd rather have Aloco and Pricemaster appear in a little production I've got planned.

It's sort of a hybrid mix like Broke Back Mountain meets Friday the 13th:)

Miami just do something. Nobody is afraid of the offence. Make a bold move, act like you want to get better, try to get a player or two that can get to the end-zone.




Very interesting that now Rolando McClain apparently does not have Crohns Disease. A very weird thing indeed. I haven't had McClain fall to my number 5 spot for anything he doesn't do, just what others do that I like best.

The Sky Is Falling.

We are Doomed.

Tuna lost JT, Santonio, Ryan Clarke, fill-in-the-blank, and generally sucks overall.

This is all I've heard and read the last week or two.

AwIght Ya'll

I aint trying to sweat da small stuff but D A M N ya'll done got own mah last nerve wit dat wrong spelling.

Offense is spelt OFFENSE

Defense is spelt DEFENSE

De fence is sumpin ya'll jump over after all ya all done committed an offense.

Ody is spelt a word?

Rumors of Marshall to MIA abound

I agree with that future list of stars Aloco... Its not like Jake Long is some kind of Scab Left Tackle either.

**Breaking News**

The Miami Dolphins have traded the 43rd pick of the 2010 NFL draft and two unamed "progress stoppers" to the Denver Broncos in exchange for (spoken like a UFC ringside announcer)the notorious, the thug meister himself, wide receiver BRANDON MARSHALL!!!!

Again, loose lipped sources have confirmed a welcoming "PARTY" of Ronnie Brown, Will Allen and Tony McDaniels are now on their way to assist Marshall in "getting aquainted" with the Greater Miami/South Beach area.

Don't forget to follow me on Tweeter VERY closely for late breaking developments.

odinseye... my handle is just a name that comes from what I do... Google "Bill Ruger" and you'll probably figure it out. Its like being a Mechanic of sort but not on cars... Just call be "Bill".... thank for you comment above.... I like our managements player profile as far as football players go. Big, fast, athletic. I don't think they should get so caught up in that profile process they miss good talent (guys like Zack Thomas would not fit their profile) but for the most part I am happy with who we are grooming.

**typo.... Me not BE

Goodbye Teddy Ginn, though we never liked you at all you had the grace to run for the sideline, like a tee boy with the tee. Drafted with your family, cam cam said we would love you on Sundays and that's why he no longer is here. And it seems to us you played the game like a candle in the wind. Never knowing how to hold on when the ball came in. And we would like to disown you but we can't get rid. Cam Cameron burned out long before your sorry az ever did.

Ody is spelt a word?

Posted by: UJACK@ZZZ | April 13, 2010 at 10:50 PM

Dough even go dere BUOY!

U ain't wan nona dis!

I gits MINE!

News flash====== Miami has traded Ted Ginn to Cleveland for Matt Roth!


Just trying to blow off a little pre-draft ADHD. I'll probably start hyperventilating in another couple of days. I feel like a little kid waiting on Santa Claus.
I was just trying to be funny with the name thing. I read your post when you mentioned the work you do.
I don't mean to understate what you do, I hunt as often as possible up here in Northern Michigan. I got nothing but respect and admiration for Gun Mechanics.


That was absolutely beautiful.

Big Blackie and buffoon Justin Imbecile best be leaving this blog.....boy

Cam Cameron is the biggest mistake in the history of life . Screw him and Ted ginn along with the entire ginn family. What wonders they did for our Dolphins.

MIAMI DOLPHINS BANDITS Jim Berry from channel 4 our local station confirmed to me .that the Dolphins are in negotiations with Denver for Marshall, Ginn and an undisclosed pick.. u heard it here 1st Go Fins!


I can see ur dislike for marshall, gettn away from the fact u dont think parcells will trade for him, Would you want him or no? Its like people talking about brandon graham--tuna will never take him, but you can still argue on logic why u want him....

Marshall for a 2010 3rd, ted ginn, 2011 2nd---i would do that trade yesterday....just my opinion if i was GM

I think the last few weeks are a sign that the Trifecta has an amazing plan in store.
In the past player personnel matters have been tight lipped backroom affairs. Now suddenly we have "leaks" with regards to JT. We're shopping Ronnie, Ginn, who is next.
I think something big is up, or as my Great Grand Pappy used to say: There's a c o o n in the woodpile.
Lets track back to the 2009 season. It had to be a blow to Bills infamous ego. Add to that the fact Bill's Doctor had to increase his blood pressure medication, after having watched Teddy drop the umpteenth TD pass.
I think it's fair to say Bill's feeling his biological clock ticking.
I think Bill knows he has already laid the foundation. I think he knows it's time to be aggressive.
You bet your a s s something big is about to happen.
What's it gonna be Bill?

B l o c k b u s t e r
B a l l b u s t e r?

i have a question for every1---do you think there it is just random that the day marshall sign tender, ted ginn gets put on trading block---or is it a sighn that you should read mre into????

Thank odinseye... I just re-barreled 20 Armalite 308 cal. AR-10's with match grade barrels that were going up your direction (Sheboygan falls Wi.) Bad ass hunting rifles and great for killing Bad guys in Afghanistan. I work on guys sport rifles also... mostly free floating barrels and getting new optics on them.

Sadly, Ginn is worth more to us for his potential as a returner than he's going to bring in picks. If anything, we might us him to move up a few spots in the 2nd or 3rd. However, if we acquire a high-round WR and/or trade for a top guy...plus pick or sign a late draft guy...plus considering they're probably still hoping Turner develops...Ginn might have trouble staying on the roster anyway. Even those of us who gave him time and hoped for the best have to admit it: Ginn is officially a bust.


How funny you mention a 308. I was going to mention a 308 in my post back to you and decided not to.
One of my favorite T-shirts ever had a picture of one of our Presidents(who I'll leave unamed)on the front appearing in the cross hairs of a scope.
Across the top it said: One Man can make a difference.
Across the bottom it said: With a 308.

New blog up guys!

get Henne a WR!!!!!!!

Dante Hall went for a 5th rounder if memory serves.....that's basically Ginn's range.

The Dolphins need to keep Ronnie Brown and Tyler Thigpen, but trade as a package Ted Ginn and Pat White. If we can get a bar of soap for the pair of them we will clean up.

Pay him crap...because that is all he is worth and just have him run back punts and kick offs. He BLOWS!!!!

b marshall to fins for 2 2nd round picks!!!!!!!!

Might as well keep his sorry a_s_s to return some footballs. Marshal will be doubled, Ginn does play good against the Jets

We need to keep ginn Marshall will teach him well. In th meantime Marshall takes care of the best db on the defense and ginn just runs saaright past the rest for a td. Routes aren't as important anymore as we use his speed. He isnt a numer One receiver but he is the fastest number two with a geeat new teacher

the dolphins cant trade ginn he help davone bess get open alot if people watch the dolphins game in some game they would put them both on the same side and ginn would go deep taking all the defense with him and bess get open

Waterboy, I think that you are a tradeable scrub! Camarillo and Pennington? They've both helped us win! I trust both to not drop, lose or turn-over the ball more than anyone else we have on the team!

There is no trade value in trading Ginn right now. He's still worth more than we can get for him -period. He still has value as a return man or as a situational receiver.

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