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A speculative but interesting trade scenario

The following is not based on sourcing or reporting and is not likely to happen, alright? The following is merely fanciful speculation so let's get that out of the way before anyone spits up breakfast or the folks at rotoworld report this as fact. (By the way, rotoworld guys, I'm not the Dolphins beat writer. I'm a columnist at The Miami Herald so please get that correct from now on.)

This much is certain and true: Oklahoma State wide receiver Dez Bryant was in New England visiting the Patriots Thursday, according to the Boston Globe, Boston Herald, National Football Post, NESN.com, and probably even the dudes at rotoworld.

The Patriots have a situation at wide receiver because they lack a legitimate No. 3 even as their No. 2, Wes Welker, is recovering from a shredded knee and torn rotator cuff. The knee injury happened the final game of the 2009 regular season so the chances Welker will be his usual 100-catch self by the start of the 2010 season seems unlikely.

So the Pats have receiver issues.

And that's big because Tom Brady requires weapons and right now Randy Moss is the only healthy receiver on the roster that gives opposing defenses pause. Now, it says right here that perhaps the Patriots were working the Bryant visit as one of their evil empire devices. But maybe, just maybe, they have a serious interest in Bryant.

If that interest is serious, is it so far-fetched that New England might be willing to trade up to pick Dez Bryant? And what better place to trade up to than perhaps the No. 12 spot in the draft which is currently owned by ... the Miami Dolphins.

It is possible the Dolphins fancy Bryant because he is the best receiver in the draft and they need an upgrade at wide receiver. But it is also possible the Dolphins have no intention of picking Bryant because, regardless of his talent on the field, his stock has been in free-fall mode because he was late to something or other a couple of times.

Seriously, Bryant is the draft's best receiver. Anyone that doesn't see that is blind. And yet, despite never being arrested, he is reportedly falling because of maturity issues and a nightmarish background.

So perhaps the receiver-hungry Dolphins get a chance to pick Bryant. But perhaps the ever-conservative Dolphins don't really want to exercise that opportunity.


If the Patriots want Bryant, well then, come and get him!

Back up a second ... even if the Dolphins like Bryant and would pick him, they should still consider trading the pick if Bryant is there at No. 12 because, let's face it, Bryant isn't going to resolve all their problems. But perhaps the Dolphins can use a chance to pick Bryant as a chip to dangle before the Patriots for one of their three second-round picks.

The Dolphins could give New England the No. 12 overall selection in exchange for moving to New England's No. 22 overall selection and picking up a second rounder -- the Pats own Nos. 44 overall, 47 overall, and 53 overall.

That would give the Dolphins three picks in the first two rounds, which means three possible starters on a team that needs starters at wide receiver, free safety, nose tackle and outside linebacker.

Works for me.

This trade value chart, which assigns a point value for every slot in the draft, says an even trade of this magnitude would require the Patriots to give up their 47th overall selection or the second-highest of their three second-rounders.

That would give the Dolphins Nos. 22, 43 and 47 overall.

Is that a superior or inferior standing than having No. 12 and No. 43 overall?

Granted, this scenario would give the Patriots the best wide receiver in the draft. But it would give the Dolphins the ability to pick up three starters.

Yes haters, I recognize the two clubs are in the same division.

The Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles are also in the same division and they just completed a trade. The Pats and Fins were in the same division in 2007 and completed a trade for Welker.

The question here, in this speculative scenario, is would you give up the opportunity to draft Dez Bryant in exchange for New England's pick toward the bottom of the first round and an additional second rounder?

I believe after mulling it a good 10 or 15 seconds, yes, I'd do it. 



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I have been hearing the last 2 days that Seattle is not willing to give a first rd pick for Brandon Marshall and may be willing to now take a 2nd rd pick.

If that holds true Miami should do that in a heartbeat so it allows them to take a OLB or FS with the first rd pick. Also would allow them to trade down for an extra pick and still fill one of their needs.

This way WE are in control of who gets Dez Bryant. And trust me, the off the field stuff is a smoke screen, there are a ton of teams that wnat this guy are are hoping he drops into teir lap.

If New England wants a WR, trade Ted Ginn Jr to them for one of their three 2nd round picks (#47).

That trade (which IMO, makes good sense) would give the Dolphins Nos. 12, 43 and 47 overall - an opportunity to pick-up three starters and get rid of a player considered "marginal".

It is still entirely possible that Bryant may turn out to be a bust. Regardless, the extra pick is not enough. Now a proven starter and a pick, that'd be different.

all the top teams win with offense! we still don't have offensive weapons who are threats and who opponents game plan for. we need offense so we can get some TD's instead of settling for 3! SPILLER OR DEZ!!!!or give up a 2nd for marshall.

Bill Ruger,

Your right, that was a long post....but you make a lot of really excellent points. You are right on the money by saying the trifecta has done a great, not good over the last couple of years. People will criticize the White pick but, as you said, his College career was impressive and I don't believe the final chapter is close to being written on this guy. Just watch how many guys jump back on the bandwagon when this guy performs. It will be a bunch of guys saying 'I didn't write him off. Not me'.

I think what it really comes down to is a lot of whiny, snivelling, bitchers and complainers, who have lost faith in this organization to have any sort of success. We had paradise two years ago when we went from 1-15 to 11-5. That was somewhat of a mirage fellas. Not that we didn't play well and deserve to be 11-5 but we still didn't have top-notch talent and it showed last year when we fell back to 7-9, playing the toughest schedule in the league. I think with another good draft this year, and I'm confident we will have one, we'll be back competing for a playoff spot this year. You said it already Bill, but there is a lot of good young talent on this team and if you don't believe then you need to start listening to what a lot of the experts are saying and stop moaning and complaining. Instead of a lot of you guys venting on here, I would suggest enrolling in some good therapy somewhere.

Message to Ireland: Ignore Miami t-stirring columnists and their little whiney, gamer, fantasy-geek lemmings. You will know if Brant is too stupid to draft. Just do what you think is right, and don't worry about the riffraff.

The Fins will most likely trade down to get more picks.

THEY NEED TO PICK IUPATI when they trade down to replace Smiley. If they don't pick Iupati, Henne will be sacked so often that last year's passing offense will look great in comparison.

Having Bryant as a receiver won't help because Henne (as slow as he is)or any other NFL QB can complete passes if they're on their back.

Iupati would be a starter from day one and a potential Pro Bowl player. The left side would be set for 8 to 10 years. The guy's a 335 pound animal.

I would not make the trade, if Dez there, you take him, period. I am just a fan, but I'm really expert comes to NFL drafts. I was upset when they didn't draft QB drew Breeze, and I was happy when they drafted Jason Taylor in the 3rd round. Dez Bryant is the real deal here, he will be the Andre Johnson type. Dez is not a trouble maker, and the problems he has are coachable. That's why we are paying the big bucks to these coaches. Realty is, he is not going to fall to Miami, just too talented to be there at #12. I am praying hard for him to be there at #12, and I will be very disappointed if Miami passes on him.

Craig M.... Thanks for your reply/input. I look at the Pat White deal like this, anyone who tries to sell us a "I knew it all along" Line... is full of crap. Some may not agree on the pick as far as taking another QB in the second round decision. I personally though there were other areas of need that should have been addressed and taking another QB at that spot may have been a reach... but with his stats and background I was not complaining.But, I believe there was "NO WAY" anyone saw what happened coming.
Your statements concerning "Sniveling and Whiny" fans is both funny and true... Much to my delight and the disgust of the Media and many fans, Miami has solved many of those problems by simply not telling any of them what the hell is going on.
Armando made a statement concerning "Making guys feel special" flying them around in Helicopters (Mando made no statement about helicopters, its an example) But all the Palm pressing and ass grabbing" has become a "Norm" around the league and I hate it. I see Miami moving away from that "You the man" Mentality and back to the standard of Hard work and back to old school "team first" mentality... These guys are a football team... Not a rock band. They are a team... not a group of individuals. You have a full blown press meeting and all the trimmings for Dansby... then... what do ya do for Incognito? Where does it all END? Personally... I like the silence and I like the "Team" Mentality. If this group of men wants to win... and wants it bad... they don't need a helicopter ride and a few nights in a nice joint to get them motivated. Miami wants guys who want to work, and work hard without having to be told or having to twist any arms or grease any palms... I like that sort of thinking also. Winner don't have to be "Bribed" to win... It must be already be all they want to be. Nothing short of it will do. Thanks again Craig...

Yeah I, too, would do it only because Dez Bryant most definetly IS NOT the best wr in this years class--- that honor belongs to Demaryius Thomas hands down, no question or contest, done deal.

If NE traded to draft Bryant, it sure as hell wouldn't be with the Fins. They'd pick a team a spot or two ahead and royally screw us.

mipi667.... Who are your top three WR's in this years draft? Its interesting you do not feel Dez is the best of this draft because I share your belief... But only on a 3 year developmental basis. I feel there may be as many as two guys better then Dez... but both will need developing where Dez (IMO) will likely make an immediate contribution.

I would love to see DT From GT fall to Miami's #2... not a snow balls chance in hell though...

I would pull the trigger. I think getting an extra 2nd from the pats is a good trade off and I much rather have 3 picks than two, since have of the players we want seem to be valued as late teens early 20's anyhow...

We need electric starters badly.

Are trades within the same division that common? I really don't know... Seems odd to me to make a trade within the division. Everyone thought it was odd when the Eagles traded McNabb to the Redskins.

I think you should have posted this article on April Fool's Day, Armando. You're kidding, right?? This trade would come back to haunt Miami just like the Welker trade did. No way would I pass up Bryant for a lousy 2nd rounder from the Pats. If Miami wants to stop muddling in mediocrity then they need to grab Bryant if he is there at #12...or trade that first rounder for Brandon Marshall.

If you need a No. 1 WR, you better trade for one because even if Dez Bryant had a golden reputation (ie., absolutely no baggage), he would still be a risky pick because all WR's are. Most No.1 WRs were picked in later rounds and developed into a WR1.

One thing is no doubt.. Brandon Marshall is a proven WR1... and Miami could trade down and send a lower first round pick for Marshall in a sign and trade deal.

Miami would have their WR1. Now remember both have baggage and could be trouble later but if I have to choose between Marshall & Bryant, I choose Marshall. WR1 problem solved.

dats one of the best ideas i ever heard from a newswriter congrates you are my bestfriend now lol

Yeah and I still cuss everytime I see welker in a pats uniform. What did we get for that guy anyway, John Beck?

Reminds me of he logic that caused us to send them Wes Welker. Looked good on paper at the time, perhaps still looks good on paper, but in reality there's no one who looks at that deal today and says "we're glad the Welker deal happened"... except the Patriots.

Let's provide Brady with a stud receiver, for the rest of his career so that he can shread the Dolphins with 100 yards plus games for the next 5 years.

If the Dolphins do this trade we Dolphin fans need to riot in front of the Dolphin offices!!

I don't see this happening, but we'll see? If Dez is available at #12 and Miami feels he's the one, he's Miami's, but they will not trade him to New England!

If the PAts or Jets end up with Dez Bryant or B. Marshall we can pencil ourselves in for 3 place in the AFC East and we won't sniff the playoffs regardless of who we add on defense.

We simply don't have enough weapons to beat any good teams on our schedule. 1TE and 1WR will not be enough to fix a punchless offense with aging rb's.

Why would we help the pats in getting the best receaver in the draft? #22 and #47. I would never do it. I can't imagine the dolphins see that as a fair trade. Now a #22,43 and one more pick like their #53. Now that one is worth considering.

Uh no...Why? So we can draft another pat white, that was the worst pick of the last 4 years, stupid trifecta, blocking out JT like its all good, and now you want them to trade with the pats mando? Yeah wes welker trade sure helped the fins, he only leads the pats in receptions and torures us on third down...

No, no...The best thing to do is either draft Dez Bryant, because he is THAT good, or sign brandon marshall forgoing the first rounder we have (Still the smartest move if this team really wants to win), and trade down but with someone else, but not too far, maybe 3-5 picks down, leaving the fins with an extra pick and they have to position themsleves to still take sergio kindle, he is my favorite guy coming out this year for the fins...

I meant OR trade down

It is getting interesting. It makes sence that the dolphins will want to aquire as many draftpicks in the top three rounds as they can. If they do trade in their own division, they will need to get a gdeat deal from their trade partner. To me the only they pick Dez Bryant or SJ Spiller at the #12 spot and no one else. The most immidiate impact to help their office and take preasure off the defence. CJ Spiller perhaps accomplishes that more than Dez. Can you imagine Spiller and Brown in the same backfield? Wow. They may be able to drop down a few spots and still get him. Then get the olb they want with their next pick. Let's see whats they get for Smilley or Fasano. Then look to adress other needs based on best available. Safety with the third pick if possible. That way we can stay on the field longer. Improve the explosiveness of the offense and produce more consistent pressure on the opposing QB. A heady safety that has the tools and is smart enough to outwit the likes of brady, manning and brees. Now that would be a great start to the draft. Guard, Nosetackle,Tight end with the latter picks.

JC... Once again... The Pat White pick turning out like it did was a surprise for most everyone. The Guy had a fantastic College career. Strong Arm, fast and elusive... he was in many people's mind a "Perfect Fit" for the Wild Cat formation. Chad Pennington and Ronnie Brown were still healthy so in the minds of more then just the staff of the Dolphins he was a "perfect Fit" for the wild-cat offense we were using. The only people I believe when they tell me they saw this coming with Pat White are those who were in the room with me that day of the draft. And even those guys were only pissed because they thought Miami needed to fill a different position. ALL of them believed Pat White would be successful in Miami's wild cat... Hind-sight is usually 20/20 and its easy to sound smart about a horse race when all the horses are back in the barn. I would rather look to picks like Jake Long, Vontae Davis, Sean Smith, Brian Hartline, Chad Henne along with a good number of picks that have yet to show their true potential.

Hey Mando,do you think the dolphins have any plans to trade Ronnie Brown, and if so, which one. Who in the top ten, or maybe, one of the top five. Another number one would really open things up for us.
terois, Dolphan in Conn.

I suggested 3 months ago that we trade Camarillo to the Pats for thier disgruntled OLB.

Wow!!!! Good for u fat boy Rex!!! U figured out the only way to stop the Dolphins and our wildcat was to go out and try and hire yourself a snitch (Jayson Taylor). "cmon JT come over here and help me and my defense so we maybe don't get swept again by Miami this year... Oh btw did I mention in my defense i will give u the opportunity to sack Chad Henne up to 15 times next season"? Fat boy is the next mangenious lmao. "hey JT do u know any of their offensive audibles"? Wow JT u are a sucker if u go there! And I will be burning my #99 because I am a true Dolfan unlike U. And please don't tell me u needed the $$$ or they are they are the only team who wanted u boo hoo

Miami did not "Send" Wes Welker anywhere. As a restricted free agent, New England made an extremely gratuitous offer to him. They also installed a "Poison Pill" into the contract they offered Wes. So, although Miami could match NE's offer, the Poison pill was this... New England GUARANTEED every dime of the contract... even if Welker was a total wash out or was placed on IR for the rest of his life... Bill Belicheat saw the talent and jumped on it... Miami was afraid to guarantee the money and IMO did not recognize the talent. Belicheat did.
Watch Brian Hartline this season... he is going to be a long term quality receiver for Miami. He reminds me of Sean Dawkins. I watch Sean his whole career and Hartline is just about as close to a "Clone? to they way that guy played as you will ever see. Sean Dawkins was no slouch by a long shot. He was no #1... yeah that's it... a #1"... but he would get under and around coverage and make plays... that will be Brian in Miami.

If NE did move up it would be with his old buddy in Denver to go right before us. rude dude would not give any 2nd rounders to parcells, no way.

Mando it does make sense. You'd need a ton of secondary talent to stop Moss, Welker and Bryant. I still think the Pats get TO instead.



I have another fantasy trade senario. Trade Tyler Thigpen to Buffalo for Lynch. I hear he's on the block and would be great security for Ronnie Brown if he's not 100%. Let me know what you think


Do it and get

1 Golden Tate(Best WR in the draft)
2 Koa Misi
2 Toby Gerhart
3 Lamar Houston, Torrel Troup,or Linval Joseph
4 Robert Johnson or Owusu-Ansah

If Bryant is as good as everyone says and he slips to the fins, they need to draft him. Remember Randy Moss? And how Jimmy traded down to pick up a second rounder? And how all those picks failed to make an impact?

I cannot agree with you on this one Armando. The last time we traded a WR to New England (evil empire) it came back to bite us...fairly hard! Here's the kicker, on paper that was an excellent value trade. There was some serious upside in Welker that the Dolphins underestimated, and he was very good with the Dolphins! Imagine the same type of result for Bryant....? Yeah, not so much right?

I'd do it

I proposed this exact same scenario a few weeks back on this forum, it makes all the sense in the world, almost to a point that I almost expect it to happen. One main reason is the history between Parcells and Belichek, both men are secure enough in their positions to ignore the old rule about not trading within your own division. The fact is, this is a trade that could really work for both teams.

Lol..great idea Armando. Just gift wrap the best receiver in the draft and give him to the Pats so he can DESTROY us for the next 12 years. You think Parcells will give Dez Bryant to our division foe then you are nuts. The Fins need Dez Bryant.

5 days later, this is certainly a moot point. Man, do we have a LOT of power with this pick. GO B. Marshall and GO 'PHINS!!

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