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Another PR black eye on the horizon? Maybe

It's been a long offseason for the Dolphins, one filled with more perceived flubs and miscues than last year's four-turnover afternoon at Buffalo.

Trying to be a postive, glass-half-full person, I guess I can look past the fumbled termination of Joey Porter's contract, which had other teams and agents snickering because it was proof someone on the Dolphins simply cannot do math.

Then there was the poorly strategized manner in which the Jason Taylor situation was handled and the failure to celebrate a free agency victory by holding a press conference when a player of Karlos Dansby's stature was signed.

I can even -- eventually -- move past the Dez Bryant "is your mother a prostitute" fiasco because folks have apologized, other folks have accepted the apology, and an internal investigation into the matter is underway.

We can get past all those errors -- assuming more errors aren't on the horizon.

But at least one more possible error in judgment will be unveiled as early as Friday.

On Friday the Dolphins will conduct a three-day rookie minicamp and right there, among the rookie linebackers, A.J. Edds will be on the field wearing No. 54 -- the number worn from 1996-2007 by Zach Thomas.

It must be noted that on its face this isn't a bad thing. The Dolphins have many linebackers on the roster and every number in the 50s including 54 has been assigned. The Dolphins have also held back No. 54 for two years until now. The number is not retired.

I also recall the Dolphins in the past gave away Mark Clayton's number the year after he left via free agency. Clayton was a great player like Thomas, although not as beloved by fans.

But none of that changes the fact that the timing of this is terrible. The context of giving out that number now is bad.

You see, Zach Thomas is one of the most beloved players ever to play for the Dolphins. He lived right, played hard, and gave the Dolphins everything he had (including some brain cells following a handful of concussions).

The guy is an all-timer down here.

But only a couple of weeks ago, Thomas took the Dolphins to task for their treatment of brother-in-law Jason Taylor. He did it publicly on the radio and in print interviews and it made people notice. When you've torqued off Zach Thomas, you've probably made a mistake.

Thomas also rolled back the curtain on his feelings regarding his own dismissal from the Dolphins years ago.

He talked about how all he wanted to do the day he got waived in 2008 was say good-bye to his fans by talking to the media at the team training facility in a press conference. The Dolphins did allow Thomas to make phone calls to various media from the facility but told him if he wanted to do a press conference, he'd have to do it elsewhere. Thomas obviously feels hurt by that to this day.

And he said as much in recent weeks.

Well, the awarding of No. 54 on the heels of the former player's comments looks bad. I'm sure it is pure coincidence. I know there were several internal conversations about this very subject in recent days going all the way up the ladder to include coach Tony Sparano.

But that doesn't change the fact that it looks bad.

The timing of this makes it look like retribution.

It looks like: You criticize us, we give away your number.

Edds wore No. 49 at Iowa. The Dolphins should have given him that number for this coming rookie mini-camp. They should have let him wear it through training camp. And if, if, Edds earned a spot on the roster after training camp, they could have changed his number into the 50s. After all, a couple of the numbers currently taken such as No. 59 (J.D. Folsom) and No. 57 (Brian Johnson) might or might not be around for the start of the regular-season anyway.

Edds Moreover, if the Dolphins absolutely needed to give Edds No. 54, they could have turned a potential flub into a touchdown if they wanted. They could have called Thomas in, let him sign a contract for a day, and promptly allowed him to retire a Dolphin. He could have then handed that No. 54 jersey to Edds, and gotten his farewell press conference in one fell swoop.

Is there anyone who thinks that would not have been a feel-good moment?

It would have sown seeds of good will. It would have diffused an issue that might leave a bad taste in the mouth of some fans during a time they're deciding whether or not to buy tickets for 2010. (It also would have saved me from having to write this post.)

The point is the Dolphins are lately showing they do not have clear vision about what some fans, the rest of the NFL, the NFLPA, the media, or their alumni are thinking. They seem to be somewhat out of touch in that regard.

Thankfully, none of this has to do with actual football. From a football standpoint these guys are nails. They got it right from A to Z.

But when you blow stuff like the JT saga, or this little No. 54 issue, or prostitutegate, it affects the way the football team is viewed and respected. And the respect and good name of the Miami Dolphins is very, very, very, very important.

It is sad that tomorrow when the rookie camp opens, some focus that should be on how great this draft class might be will veer toward why A.J. Edds is wearing Zach Thomas's jersey. That alone shows you it's a mistake.

None of this is rocket science. But how many perceived black eyes can folks take in one offseason?

[Evening update: The link to the roster on the Dolphins website above has been altered by the team. It orginally showed Edds having been awarded No. 54, Koa Misi wearing No. 55, and John Jerry wearing No. 74. But that roster has been changed out. The Dolphins took down the roster they had on their website that showed the numbers for Edds and all the other rookies and substituted this roster instead. I would say the team felt some pressure from folks seeing Edds wearing No. 54 before it was ready to announce the move. It is also possible the team, after consideration or reading this blog, might have changed its mind and not give Edds No. 54 tomorrow after all. Maybe the Dolphins don't have a desire to create more PR problems. We'll see tomorrow when the rookie minicamp kicks off.] 


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I love Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor, But;I got one question. Were was zach and jason when wanny was building this debacle of team currently that we have? I will tell u, they were kicking back with wanny enjoying a nice cool heineken for a job well screwed. I love them both,but neither one of them ever came out and rip wanny for this debacle of team he destroyed and neither did the media. But all of sudden zach and Jason and the media have a problem with the way the current trifecta is handling their affairs with the team. Isn't that a load of crap?

OK, Bootang, so, by your logic stats are IRRELEVANT?! Then WHAT exactly makes a player elite? I'm really confused. Superbowls? Dan Marino had none. He had STATS. Enlighten me as to why Zach Thomas was very, very good, but, NOT elite? Good lord. Do you people have any ability to reason, or do your opinions outweigh your ability to do so?

GET OVER IT why is everyone complaining have you all forgot where we were 3 years ago before they came oh yeah 1-15 who cares what number he wore did we EVER WIN A SUPER BOWL WITH ZACH AND JASON HELL NO STOP BITCHING!!!!!!! Im so sick of hearing the negitive BS with you and the radio shows and all the fake fans. Who sat in the stands for every home game when we were 1-15 I was there was any of you complaining fans there? Stop complaining about past there prime players!!!!!!

Mando, Put up a poll and see how many really care about this. A simple yes or no. My guess is most could careless. Zach is one on my favorite players ever, as well as person (athlete) to have ever worked with, however until the number is up in the ring and retired, drop it.

Your blog, post draft, has been painfully weak and not insightful. Lately I can't help but wonder if you are posturing for a staff position at TMZ.

How about telling us what you hear about FA's coming in or on the radar.


I praised Zach. I sad that had he played in a separate conference as Ray Lewis, he would have been the Pro Bowl starter basically every year. He is NOT elite. He was not the unanimous top player at his position at any point in his entire career. What game changing, all time remembered play did Zach ever make. Dont tell me some regular season nonsense, tell me when the games really counted. What part of his game sets him apart from any other great ILB. I would bet very good money that Zach Thomas' stats are hardly different from those of London Fletcher, another fantastic football player who is great, but NOT ELITE. Nothing about Zach's game is elite, elite is something that sets you apart. Elite means you may change the way the game is played. London Fletcher and Zach Thomas are super football players, not Hall of Famers. Not players whose numbers should be retired. Elite is Barry Sanders, John Elway, Mike Singletary, Rod Woodson.

They don't care about PR, just football operations


You're going to compare Marino to Thomas?

F the stats bro, Bootangs right.
Let me put it too you this way. Marino singlehandely won games. Lots of games. Did Zach?
Marino picked up an offense and carried it on his back year in and year out. Did Zach?

I loved Zach to death but.........

Zach-not so elite.

Mando's point is well taken. If even one Dolfan finds offense in this -- and obviously several on here do if I read the comments correctly -- then it is an issue the Dolphins brass should have considered more carefully.

It IS another PR black eye.

Needlessly so.


I persoanlly don't care about all that feel good stuff. So what they didn't let Thomas, Taylor anyone for that matter go with flowers and bells on and red carpet rolled out. It's a business and that's how they (players and Front oOffice) do it these days.

Suck it up!

Wow Mando!! Really?? Breaking news: the fins issued a number that isn't retired!! Ooooooohhhhh my!!!! This article represents everythinng that's wrong with the media!! Please report on football and if we don't hear from u in two days, that's better than this crap!

OK Mando, you are getting out of hand. Stirring up the pot is not going to help anything, you simply made this all up to add to the situation. I have lost respect for you as a result. You will get a serious cold shoulder next time you are in the press room after a game or practice and you brought in on yourself. You deserve the silent treatment from the organization and you should get it.

As for giving Edds #49, I happen to be an acquaintance of Charlie Babb and I would be offended for him if they gave out his number (LOL...not really)!

Man we are really reaching here. Let's look for ANY reason to critize. I'm a huge ZT fan but to make a big deal that someone will be wearing 54 is too much. In my mind the only number off limits is 13. Period.

First, I'd never knock Marino, but, that wasn't the argument Zach vs Marino. Different positions. QB's can carry a team, LB's, not so much. Apples and Oranges.

10+ tackles a game
100+ tackles a season
4 defensive TD's (Team record)
FF recoveries

If Ray Lewis retired today Zach would be the better LB. There stats are nearly identical

Zach typically had more solo tackles than the next guy total tackles...

I don't know what you guys consider ELITE...Name a better LINEBACKER, not Marino, or Barry Sanders...


London Fletcher, career 12 years. 1469 tackles. 15 INTs. 30 Sacks. 12 fumbles forced, 9 fumbles recovered.

Zach Thomas, career 13 years. 1733 tackles. 17 INTs. 20.5 sacks. 16 fumbles forced, 8 fumbles recovered.

So the 264 extra tackles, 2 extra INTs,9.5 less sacks, 4 more forced fumbles and 1 less fumble recovered, those stats are that different that you would say that Zach Thomas IS a hall of famer, and London Fletcher IS NOT? Also, Thomas played one more year. I think that is as comparable a player as I can think of to Zach, and the stats back that up. Noone would argue that London Fletcher is elite, and outside of Miami Dolphin fans, you won't hear Zach Thomas called elite. A big difference between the hall of very good, and the hall of fame. A big difference between great, and elite.

So now, I have given you a TON of logic behind my statement, this is NOT my heart or my own dumb opinion, so maybe you see the thinking a little better. I don't care that you don't agree with me, I don't want everyone to agree with me. However, I don't make any statement or any comment without a great deal of thought into it.

Mando's point is well taken. If even one Dolfan finds offense in this -- and obviously several on here do if I read the comments correctly -- then it is an issue the Dolphins brass should have considered more carefully.

It IS another PR black eye.

Needlessly so.

Posted by: PR Geek | April 29, 2010 at 03:01 PM

If even one fan takes offense to this?
Yeah the Trifecta should take time away from what we have entrusted them too do. Take time away from putting together a winning team to appease over sensitive fans?

Please, a black eye? I'll give you a black eye alright.

PS: Yes the Trifecta has built us a winning team. 11-5 + 7-9 = 18-14.

Ray Lewis was DPOY and Super Bowl MVP. Also, All-Pro I don't know how many times (Zach was NOT because of Ray Lewis) elite linebackers are Mike Singletary, Derrick Thomas, Lawrence Taylor, a few of the Steeler LB from the 70's, just to name a few. We will have to agree to disagree. I don't think Zach is elite, and nothing you say will change that. You are entitled to your opinion. I respect that.

Heck I know Brian Urlacher has been arguably as good as Zach, and I wouldn't call him elite. Derrick Brooks is elite.

Blahh blahh, can we get a good story here soon? All this crap is for oversensitive snatches who can't take words...they are just words guys!


I hate to even think about linebackers better than Zach.

How about Nagurski, Butkis, Singletary, Lambert, Lewis.
I know these are great names to be metioned with, but statiscally there's many more.

Actually this is non-argument for me. I think Zach was great. Still this number issue is a non-issue. Edds is a Dolphin, Zach and Mando should be wishing him well.
Armando's just trying to create undue pressure where there should be none.

Julie: (@ 2:33 PM)

Please Don't confuse a 'Number' with a 'SYMBOL'
(Number's mean more to guys then they do to girls.)

Football Numbers carry the Reputation of the player who wore them. Thomas has earned lots of respect as a Football Player.

I'm not sure if he's worthy of a 'Jersey Retirement'...but until that is put into perspective, (...with time,) they should probably leave it vacant.

The Management Team is very focused on "CHANGING THE TEAM'S CULTURE." ...and that goal sometimes blinds them to the achievements of good former players on bad Dolphin Teams.


The whole Dez story is overblown media crap playing to a crybaby Diva receiva!!!

Tell me this. Does anyone think Dez would be complaining about the questions the Fins asked if they drafted him at 12 where I am sure he feels he should have been drafted. Next thing will be Dez holding out with his agent claiming he is a top ten talent and should be paid as one regardless of where he was drafted. If this is such a horrible thing for Dez why leak it to the press for public consumption? Why not pass it along to the Commissioner's office first and let them handle it internally the way it should have been done.

Dez is nothing but an ignorant, petty, vindictive, spoiled lying P****. Race has nothing to do with it. I would say the same if he was white, black, green or purple.

So lets move on, GO FINS!!

Slow news day in Dolphin land.


shut up man,you already wrote enough .

Are all you media types all hung up on the past? If the number isn't retired, it can be worn. Get away from the past! I remember how all of you were excited when the "TriFecta" came to town a few years ago, now you're crying because they are letting a player wear a number that isn't retired? Are the Miami Dolphins a better football team than they were in 2007? Without a doubt the answer to that is YES. Larry Bird is not walking throught the door for the Celtics, just like Marino and Thomas aren't walking through the door for the Dolphins. Get over it!

Alright guys I am out, let's hope that f Edds is going to wear the number, he makes us, Mando, and Zach proud.

OK, so, just to clarify, the only LB's that you consider better are already in the HOF. I suppose we'll all find out a few years AFTER he finally retires...

I agree with Mandy, I've said my piece...I'm done with this

Well Dez Bryant has Michael Irvin/drew Pearson's old 88. Famed numbers as well but it happens. I was a little pissed when I found out about Zach's number but it's not retired so it's fair game.

Zach Thomas is great dolphin. And one of the best in the past decade. but I don't know if to retire his number.

But there is no doubt that he and Jason Taylor belong next to each other in the ring of fame of the stadium. Both Great People and personally of what is to be a Miami Dolphin.

Muchas Gracias.

"I think all this is crazy talk. If they didn't care about the fans, then they wouldn't be putting a winning team together."

Posted by: Epp | April 29, 2010 at 01:58 PM

"Um, they were 7-9 last year playa. That ain't no winning team they putting together."

Posted by: The West | April 29, 2010 at 02:17 PM

That is why I said putting together. They were also 11-5 the year before. That is an overall 18-14 record

like sands through an hour glass these are the days of our lives.

Before we jump the gun here, let's talk about a couple of other numbers....We have 8 HOF members (plus The Don). Of the eight, the jersey numbers of three are being reused (#85 - Buoniconti, #57 -Stephenson, and #66 - Larry Little). If we're not going to get amped up about that, why so much about guys who aren't in the Hall yet?

The only one in this blog that is "telling it like it is" ( to quote the great H cossell ) is
DOLPHIN MAN, why is this even an issue ?...Z Thomas is retired , he had a great run , made a lot of money and now he is done.

have a nice life Zack, your number belongs to someone else now...the Tuna and ireland are doing a great job, or do you all want to go back to the wanny days ?

hey FLPD....I didn't know that you had a reading problem, I did not call you a moron, I said that whom ever agrees with that moron armado should have their heads examined.

but I guess I was wrong , so their are two of you now...

Herm Edwards, Chris Carter, Brian Billick and Marcelus Wiley have all came out in defense of Parcell's and by extension Ireland.
They all mentioned holding off on judgement until the actual context and or motivation for the question can be acertained.

So apparently these guys think the question, in the proper context can be justified.

Wow! The same thing the more intelligent poters here have been saying all along.

Only black eyes are given to Jet fans!!


shut up man,you already wrote enough .

Posted by: billbill | April 29, 2010 at 03:26 PM

NO! YOU shut up or I'll go tell my MOM!

Come on Billbill, you can do better than this.

PS: You better recognize, I'ma KILLA! I'ma KILLA I tell ya!!!!

The past two days on here have been fkkking brutal!

Totally irresponsible reporting!! You should get out of Miami and go to work for Fox News. You suck Armando.

Aye karamba, it's just a number. Get over it. It seems to me, people are becoming way too sensitive about almost everything.

Heck they could give out Marino's old number, Griese, Czonka, Warfield, Kick's old number and everyone from the no name defense and it would be no big deal to me; nor should it be to anyone else.

Wow, seriously? Slow freakin' news day, huh?

You even point out yourself the Dolphins did this when Clayton left as a free agent and no one batted an eyelash. It's not like they gave Marino's number to AJ Feeley. Get a grip, Mando.

Doubly amusing/saddening is that you spent this much text (and presumably time, but we can clearly see how much thought you invest into this "blog") talking about the number of a player who hasn't even played here in years.

Yes, Zach Thomas was an amazing player. Yes, he will retire a Dolphin. Yes, his number will eventually get retired. But now some player taking his number for a bit is a "black eye"? Yeesh. Just when I think you've hit a new low (remember the array of iffy comments you posted not long ago during your Jason Taylor coverage? Yeah. I decided to skip commenting on that, but here I go again...) as a writer, you post more inane drivel.

I realize I can stop reading this blog at any time, and I do go through extended periods when I don't, but man. I'm just amazed anyone's given you a soapbox to talk sports. You don't report anything new, you put your ham-handed "spin" on issues no one really cares about (did we really need a dozen or so pre-draft posts from someone who WANTED to be a scout? Really?) and you act like a know-it-all to your legion of readers. Blech. It just makes me want to hurl and sad for my fellow Dolphins fans.

I feel bad for people that come to this blog for any sort of real information.

-- Bebo

There's only ever been ONE player that wore #39 for the Phins, as long as no one ever wears that number I'm OK with whatever the front office does with all the other numbers, including Jake Scott's number.

BTW, I believe that Jake is the only DB to ever be awarded the MVP trophy in a Superbowl. It almost always goes to a QB now, whether it's deserved or not.


I guess you didn't read Derrick Brooks, Brian Urlacher, or comparable London Fletcher? Also, it would make sense that in response to who I consider 'elite linebackers' I would name HOFers, since I argue there is a difference between hall of very good and hall of fame. You have yet to give one reason why Zach is elite, other than tackle stats.

Well, Armando was making some pretty good headway there right up to the night he fumbled the ball on his so called "Live Draft Blog" that he disappeared in page 2 of. Since then all I have read is attacks against a management staff he obviously has been Blocked out by... and whiny sentimental drivel about players numbers and Convicted criminals who have sons in the NFL.

I come to a "Dolphins Blog" to read and enjoy talking about our team... to discuss what may or may not be next... to enjoy the fact we have an NFL franchise when so many do not.

But because some just cannot let go of a past I/we are relagated to one sniveling side bar after the next...

Let me help you understand something you must have missed along the way.......
WE SUCKED!!!... THE DOLPHINS HAVE SUCKED!!!... from 1996 until 2 years ago this TEAM SUCKED!!! It had not even made the playoff since 2000/1 and some are acting as if we should have a memorial service for their greatness... for WHO'S GREATNESS... Zack?... love him... but Lawrence Taylor he ain't... JT... He is a friggin' Jet.....

Why don't all of you who want all these guys to be placed on Rushmore... go have a great big bash in their name? Hell... I'll come! But please... can we get on with the future? I know some of you were little boys when Zack and JT were here and you are all "Ol Yeller" on it all... But please... I got 44 years... since the say Danny and Joe brought the team to town as a fan and I really just want to win... I am well over Jersey numbers and guys who's Mama's are/are not ho's....

Got an issue??? Get a Tissue... But can we get back to enjoying our team... or do we need a moment of silence for those still whining over a jersey number???

It will be nice to see this team succeed... I hope to god they do and do well. Because I will be the E-mailer nightmare some will regret.

I haven't read every post here but I don't have to to know how screwed up some of you are. First of all, anyone, and I mean anyone who disagrees with Mondo on this one just has their head up their @#$. Shut the front door people. This number IS important and so is all of our history with these great players. Number 54 is Zach's number. Period. It should be retired as such. He should be signed, Retired, Put on the stadium ring. Done. ANYTHING less is a travesty. A slap in the face of our history. If they do this I'm done. Been a fan since the beginning when I was a boy. I have seen every player we ever had play. Cheered thru one super bowl and weeped thru two others. I still have my white hanky that Earl Morrell signed. I hope this front office and owner will do the right thing. And that what it comes down to. DO THE RIGHT THING. Everybody knows what the right thing to do is.

Wrrrrrrrooooooooooongg! Mark Clayton is very much beloved here.Clayton is one of the most under-rated receivers in history. The wearing of number 54 is not huge, but I am a big ZT fan and want Zach's number retired some day.

I love the Dolphins every year. The '72 team was my favorite of all time. Hopefully a few championships will be coming our way soon...it has been way too long.

I think our draft picks for many years haven't been outstanding. Ted Ginn was a mistake, especially at the time where it looked like Brady Quinn would have helped. This year we took a whole lot of linebackers, but I think Dez Bryant would have been a wiser choice. Top receivers like that don't come along every day.

But no matter what, I'll always be a Dolphins fan.

Manny, I'm sorry because I usually love your posts and i think you have the best Dolphins blog on the web. With that said, can you please get back to football and stop reporting about nonsense. I don't care about this crap, I care about fooball. This is a football blog, so please do us a favor and report about football. Maybe have a post about the top impact players going into 2011 or something entertaining like that. Obviously their is no news worth blogging about ao just make somethig up worth reading...please

I'm amazed... no, not about how this 'non story' made it to print, or about how Mando is bashing the team...
I'm amazed at the ignorance displayed by some of my fellow Dol-fans... Everyone screaming about how the jersey can/should be worn and are mad at Mando for saying it shouldn't... PLEASE! Read the article with brain engaged!!! Mando didn't say they shouldn't assign the jersey to someone else. He said there are better ways and under better timing to do it. Mando's not bashing the Fins, he's taking upper management to task about something that needs to be pointed out.
As for me, JT and Zach wil ALWAYS be more 'Miami Dolphins' than Parcells ever will be.

Odine, leave bill alone my little friend .

Undrafted rookie Tight End coming to Miami...

This according to the Slim Slantinel...

Montana's undrafted Dan Beaudin will be in Davie when the Dolphins' rookie minicamp opens Friday afternoon. Beaudin made 21 starts in college and stands 6 feet 5 and 252 pounds. While playing for the Grizzlies, Beaudin caught 65 passes for 678 yards and six touchdowns.

Dolphins suck Parcell doesn't care about history he cares about players that are loyal to him and say yes sir. How else would u explain signing a player who gonna miss 8 games with a Drug suspension over a player who did nothing but give the team his all. That's not counting ragit arm Chad Pennington geesh what are the head people doing down here. Insulting future stars mothers and remember Ireland Dallas is on the schedule I would hate to see Bryant get deep. WOW


If you want to write about retirirng a jersy number, might I suggest No.19.

That's the jersy number I don't want to see anyone wearing for a long time.

I'll be rooting for No. 54 this year. I hope the guy becomes a Hall of Famer and makes us all forget about this wussified non-issue!

LMAO! Rex' use of his middle digit not looking so bad lately, huh Salguero? lololol! Can't make this stuff up! love it!

Zach was a great player but he had lots of help from Bowens, Gardener, and that great d-line Miami had. I'm sure he made enough money that he could have throw his own press conference if he wanted... Come on Armando, let's pull it together and find something positive to write about.

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one worn out about these dolphin bashing posts by Mando. I too came too this blog in hopes of getting to enjoy talking to other dolphin fans which I rarely get to do living near Dallas. I too have loved and watched the Dolphins since I was a little kid. I was and still am a huge Zach Thomas fan and was a huge Jason Taylor fan however first and foremost I am a dolphin fan. I'm so burnt out on hearing about how JT was mistreated yet Mando you just choose to ignore the fact he was just as wrong as the trifecta. I do wish they wouldve let ZT come in and retire but they didn't oh well let it go. The thing I'm most tired of is LOSING! This is one of the better offseasons the phins have had in a long time and all you are stuck on and keep talking about is the negatives. I agree the trifecta doesn't have the best PR skills but personally I don't care I wanna win. Nobody is talking about us winning this division they are talking about those f'n Patriots and Jets. Winning is all I care about and it's all the trifecta cares about if they have to step on toes and hurt feelings to get there so be it whatever it takes to win.

He said there are better ways and under better timing to do it. Mando's not bashing the Fins, he's taking upper management to task about something that needs to be pointed out.
As for me, JT and Zach wil ALWAYS be more 'Miami Dolphins' than Parcells ever will be.

Posted by: Bob G. | April 29, 2010 at 03:49 PM

Sure pal. We're trying to get ready for the 2010 season. You know, that 16 game thing.
But wait......let's hold up Rookie camp and jack our schedule up so Armando and the over-sensitive gang don't get upset.
I know, we could throw a lush gala, orange carpet and all. We could invite the 72 team and everything. Weeeeeeeeee!!!!

Unless a number is retired it is available for everyone. I was upset when Otis Andersons number (47) was assigned to an unknown WR named Michael Irvin. However, Michael did OK. So .... lets hope that EPPS does as well for the Dolphins as Zack .... Good luck with 54

But .... Miami better retire 99 .....

Odine, leave bill alone my little friend .

Posted by: HOT ASHLEY | April 29, 2010 at 03:50 PM

I'as jus playin wid em Miss Ashley.

I ain't gone hurt em none....I promise......

What a bunch of nothing about nothing! Get off the soap box for a while and start reporting on the players playing on the team...draft picks, player changes, how's Henne doing, How's Brown running? How's Cobb running? Any footage of Marshall catching a Henne pass yet? Dansby ripping someones head off...Edds, if that #54 will help you play like ZT did....wear as long as you want my friend! Get back to the game Mando...and leave the rest to TMZ...........

Mando, in your declining writing years, when the Miami Herald surrounds your desk with security guards and boxes to escort you from the building, do you think they'll allow you to address the press room? Hell no, any more than they would the rest of us.

A pox on these prima dona ex-Dolphins. Zach was good but no Nick B, JT abandoned us twice and lucked into a good year last year, and both want to be loved as they cart off to Dallas, Washington (and the hated Jets & New England) with their extra millions.

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