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Football returns to the front burner today

At approximately 2:45 p.m. on Friday the Dolphins can get back to thinking about football. Thank you, Jesus!

After a couple of weeks that weren't necessarily all about football, but rather raised issues about sensitivity and arrogance and vision, we get back discussing football today. Dolphins coaches this afternoon will take eight draft picks, maybe eight or nine undrafted free agents, maybe a dozen tryout players, and some others onto the field for an afternoon practice.

So let's discuss football, shall we?

First thing to look for today? Mike Nolan, the Dolphins new defensive coordinator.

I'll be interested to hear about his style on the field ... Is he a yeller or a mild-mannered teacher? I'll be eager to hear what position he pays closest attention to on defense. Remember Nick Saban used to concentrate almost exclusively on the defensive backs?

I'll be interested to hear how exactly the Dolphins line up on defense. Yes, I know it's just a rookie camp but the alignments should be the same as the ones Nolan will or has already installed for the veterans.

As so many of Miami's draft picks were defensive players, the focus is going to have to be on defense.

Can Koa Misi cover? After playing mostly defensive end in college, is he really a fine OLB candidate like the Dolphins believe he is? (Let's hope!)

Is Reshad Jones instinctive enough, smart enough, agile enough, fast enough to play free safety? Or is he more of a strong safety?

Is A.J. Edds really as good in coverage as everyone says. Remember he had like 78 interceptions in college (actually 7) so this is supposed to be his ticket to plays in the nickel package.

Does weakside linebacker Chris McCoy have the explosive ability to pass-rush that the Dolphins say he does? Where does he get it from? Is it strength, an amazing first step, great technique, what?

Can Nolan Carroll stay healthy? And is he a viable candidate to compete for spot on the roster as a fourth cornerback or perhaps a special teams contributor? Can he catch punts and kickoffs well enough that he might become a return option?

Finally, Jared Odrick will be on display. It's hard to judge what a lineman can do in a minicamp setting. I'm not that sophisticated. Tony Sparano is that sophisticated. He'll find something interesting about Odrick, learn something, tweak something.

How about that? Football. 


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Will, Zach Thomas, Jason Taylor, Jeff Ireland, and Dez Bryant be watching?

Finally I can look forward to viewing the blog again!!!!!!

Spike I couldn't have said it better my self!! Lets lay off the hen party gossip for a while

I haven't been less excited about a rookie class since before Yatil Green was drafted. I hope there's one or two solid starters in the group. I don't even see the potential for stars with these guys.

I am excited about Brandon Marshall though. Great use of two second round picks!

There is a rumor on ESPN saying the fins want Adalius Thomas for a discount... UGH I say

Agree with Carlito on Adalius Thomas. He's a bumb...

would be beyond crazy to think that patrick turner could gain 25# and be a freakish awesome TE....?

and will allen will be our free safety....?

lets talk football boyzzzz!!!


I don't think Turner can do it. Even at the size he is now his biggest problem has been getting off the line.
If the scout team CB's are more than he can handle, I can't ever see him moving inside regardless of weight.

A good question though. I asked it myself-LOL!

Can Koa Misi cover? After playing mostly defensive end in college, is he really a fine OLB candidate like the Dolphins believe he is? (Let's hope!)

According to Misi's college Coach, OLB is his natural position.


You don't have any enthusiasm over Edds or Jones?
What about Ivey or Ogonon whatever?

Have you seen any video on these guys?

I couldn't have said it better myself Mike

Odin, have you seen college videos of Tedd Ginn? What about Brady Quinn? ;)

Adalius Thomas is a stud. Bring him in

Am sorry i thought they could have done much better in the draft.They really had two first round picks brandon marshall was 1 good move,earl thomas should have been they choice.I think all those player they drafted would have still been there.Now they still need to fill those spots in free agency.

Thank goodness

When I saw Brandon Graham's highlights from the senior bowl, Jared Odrick was being double and triple teamed allowing a 1 on 1 matchup for Graham. Great pick!

Wow football talk, thank god mando took off his wifey tight ass thongs and blood is flowing back 2 his head.

What about Adalius Thomas?? Heard anything new on that?? Or any other free agent or trade possibilites that may be going on??? How about something regarding that Mando?

The Gulf oil spill is now 5 times faster than originally reported and is on track to be the biggest manmade environmental disaster in US history. The famous Republican Drill Baby Drill chant has been replaced by the lesser known, but just as catchy chant, Drill Baby... Oh Crap!!!

Odrick is a beast much needed 4 the trenches.

Hey Julie, you'll have to wait for some other outlet to report anything new first ... then give Mando a day or two to re-report.

Random thoughts about my Dolphins:

1. Why or why did Zach get treated like crap on his final days as a Dolphin?
2. Why or why did the Dolphins pass on Jerry Hughes?
3. Why is Bill Parcells so secretive? Any trait in extreme becomes a liability.
4. Where are we going to get a David Martin type of TE?
5. Why did we let go of Nate Jones?
6. JT would be such a great mentor for or new defense. Such a poor mind game strategy by the Trifecta.
7. Who does Miami have if Brandon gets injured? What is our contingency plan then?
8. Parcells is the top guy of course but then it seems like coach Sparano is second on the pecking order to Ireland.
9. Why did Miami use JT in the wrong way last year?
10. Who the heck is going to play S this year for Miami?
11. Why is Ireland so darn tight in terms of his personality. Anyone that tight has a temper problem and an easily bruisable ego.
12. Why would a player want to play for the Dolphins after the way they see the Miami management treating Zach and JT like yesterdays paper???
13. Why can't Shula pick up the phone and tell Parcells a little bit about Miami's history of treating others with class.
14. Parcells would benefit from learning about classy players like Warfield, Stephenson, and Griese. The history of Miami is strong minded intelligent players who play the game with class and composure.
15. Miami may be destined this year to fall a little short. I suspect they may fall JUST short in the division to the Jets and guess who will be the slight difference which may separate the teams. You guessed it JT. Then the verdict is definately in...Miami screwed up by letting class go.
16. When all is said and done, Parcells will be remembered by how he treated others and not by the ring. There are two types of legacies in life. There is football wins and there is also how you treat others. I'll take the latter and the former as a bonus rather than the other way around.
17. Love the Kia the second round pick this year.
18. It is not to late Trifecta to humble yourself and still create a great Miami Dolphins football team. Don't let your arrogance cloud your judgment anymore.

GO FINS! David (aquaandorange on my cell) in Northern California.
ps Favorite player is still CAMARILLO (the guy didn't drop a pass...can't say that for management).

1st off good draft, now lets hope we struck gold with atlease 2 of these kids. Im optomistic yet very worried cuz i dont know these players so its all faith in the tri on my part! 2nd~about adalius thomas, dudes done in my book. I dont think he wud make us better, lets put these young boys on the field and see what we working with!

Shomer Shabbas!!! Foozeball talk is back!

wow no more bs outrage about Ireland asking if a woman who had a kid at age 12 with a 40 year old on a 1 night stand, 3 kids from 3 different men before age 20, was a crack addict(may still be)living on the street and went to jail for selling crack was a prostitute?wow, the nerve of him!lmao, everyone knows the smart money is on her having turned at least a couple tricks. NO more bs about what numbers are being worn in minicamp?wtf? did salguero quit and a real writer took over the dolphins beat?

by the way i used to think Israel Gutierrez was by far the worst writer on the herald's sport staff, but salguero is closing in on him.Of course that is the sports section writers Leonard "the black supremacist" Pitts is by far the worst writer on the staff as a whole!

oh and David aquaandorange or whatever you call your self, shut the F UP you dumb fruitcake, GO ROOT FOR THE 49ers like every other QUEER in FRISCO!LAY OFF PARCELLS!

Man im sick of reading about all these crying n complaining about parcells n company. Do yall have amneisia or something, wasnt it just 3 season ago we were at the bottom of pit and who is it that came in and changed all of that. Made us respectable once again, we are bigger,faster,stronger and tougher. So what they dis jt and zack, stop trippin and appreciate and recognize greatness, and bill is just that! IMO. You cant always get ur cake n eat it too, remember how nice and respectable cam cameron was 2 the media and his players and what was the outcome, 1~15 and Cam moron getting can!

lasondon do you have a link to the senior bowl highlights?

It's time for football talk again?? Whoopie!!!!!

Mando, get your head in the game and get us some stories about these new players. We want details about this weekend, and no, i don't mean what freakin numbers they were wearing. WE DON'T CARE!!

Can the LBs cover? What do the defensive sets look like? Focus.

Wiley rules,yea,yea,yea I know but he said it all.If you did not hear it go to espn nfl afc east blog and click it on.It's real.

ok here's how the defense should be:

cam wake and koa misi at olb

karlos dansby and a.j. edds(got to give his ints respect) at ilb

v. davis and will allen at coner

bell and either s smith or r jones at fs

with j odrick on the line

Now my PSU boy is gonna kick ass

OH YEAH Let the Football talk start!! Finally Go PHINS!

David, why are you a negative douche ?

This is camp we will look back at in a few years and say "That is where it started" ... It will be just a beginning. A beginning of Miami returning to a place it held for many many year. Unfortunately, that was many years ago. The truth is, with the people that were already here (and hopefully now all nearly healthy) Miami was already giving teams fits. They were already a team that won a bunch of games 2 years ago and 7 last year. They did lose 9, but while those losses hurt us, they also hurt the teams we played. We embarrassed the Jests. We did the year before also. We played all but a couple of last years play-off teams and put the fear of God in N.O. and Indy. Indy was one Ted Ginn dropped pass from a win (remember that this morning if you are still lamenting his absence). N.O. was a 100% defensive breakdown wich this team should have won (Remember that if you are pissed about who we took in the draft)... Miami is going to be...IS, a very improved and physical team who, even against the best team, is going to leave a bunch of players bloody.
You don't have to take my word for it. Go read some of the comments made last season from teams who played Miami. Go see what they had to say about having to stop that pounding running game (and now add an over the top presence that is truly scary) and you can bet your ass they are not going to take the week they play this team lightly.
Their fan bravado may be there, of course with the Jests, all they are listening too is their own home town homers HOPING the "Big Mix" all works out. Experience and reality tells me it will not.
I am of the belief as this teams management is, that once a team is 100% sound in the area of fundamental football, something Miami has not been since Jimmy Johnson left here. That team is far more likely to do the more difficult things right. If Henne is not worried about being on his ass because Long and Jerry got his back... that shot down the field to Marshall becomes all the more easy. Conversely, if our D-backs know our line and linebackers are not having to push their wheelchairs up to the QB to tackle him, and that they have some...(ARE YOU LISTENING JOEY AND JT)...Run support underneath... they are far less likely to bite on play action and allow big plays behind them.
Regardless of what Myself or any other armchair guy says... I would be willing to bet if you went right now... and asked the coaches and players of the teams we play this year to point at the games they know they had better have their act together for... we will be right up there with the best. Because you cannot hide from solid fundamental football. The best you can do is line yours up against ours... and as usual... in football and life... Ours is "Bigger"


















Lets play some football!

First game this Sunday right!! Lol

Thank God!

Thank You Dear Lord.

Ya know, I've been pretty vocal in the 'Critics of the Question, Critics of the Defenders" Camp......but I'm as sick of this thing now as anyone in the 'It's Overblown BS' Camp. Plus, I've really begun to wonder what ESPN's & Mike Silver's agendas are as they beat this to death.

Anyhoo.........that's it for me on "that"!

I am extremely psyched by this Draft Class......let's Get It On!!!

You made me laugh this morning Armando with the Thank you Jesus comment. nice.

Armando, the issues about arrogance and sensitivity were raised by writers like you that have nothing to talk about this time of the year.

You STILL didn't answer my question when I asked you why you started that stupid blog yesterday about the dolphins "giving" # 54 to an unproven rookie.....OMG this regime is horrible you implied!!! And you don't even mention there is someone named Kory Sperry on the roster using # 85 right now which "used" to belong to the great Nick Buoniconti who IS IN THE HOF......can you say double standard?

stick to football talk...otherwise you look like a fool.

Now, let's talk some football....

very happy the Tuna & Ireland went heavy on the defense, that's where we need lots of help..looks like we got a lot younger and faster and with the addition of M Nolan the defense will be much improved.

the addition of Marshall is a big plus.

I trust Tuna & Ireland 100%, they know what their doing and they have a plan, in my opinion, they are the best at drafting players around here since the great late Joe Thomas.

What kind of money A. Thomas looking for ??? I think he can still move if he is motivated.

YES,THANK JESUS ..........................................AND YOURSELF ......FUNNY .

Aloco where is NJ??? You know the end all see all sob m'fker that he is.

I'm with you Armando - Football! Dolphin Football. Kill the Jets.


I Spoke to a Hunting buddy of mine who lives in Billings Montana. He said we may just be pleasantly surprised with "Dan Beaudin"... our teams Young acquisition at TE. My buddy said he was a player the fans would look for when the Grizzlies were in 3rd down situations and in Goal line situations. Very sure handed and blocked his ass off. Tall, big, good hands... I at least hope he gives a couple of the meatheads we have at TE a run for their Gatorade.

There were only 2 areas that I did not particularly like about our draft. The first being the biggest disappointment for me by a long shot and that was not taking a TE in the upper/mid portion(before the end of round 5)and not taking Can Thomas when he was right there in round 5 to take. I like the vision the team has a D-line but would have liked it better with Can on Board.

Hope good things for Dan Beaudin. No doubt he was not drafted for many reasons... with luck we found a nice "Acorn" and he can become a contributor to the team.

Anyway... Glad to see guys on the practice field... Gotta love it!!!

Go Dolphins 2010!!!!!

Hey Bill Ruger.

THAT was a hell of a post...you're making way too much sense for this bunch...agree with you 100%

I agree my brothers from
Other mothers
Thanks God
Football Miami Dolphins
Talk let's get it on!!!!

Thank Odin, 3.5 months till pre season.

Armando being your usual condesending self even when discussing football.

Ask Bill, you are the bomb man, you are smart, funny, and you rock. I think you are so smart for these bunch of monkeys here. Please keep writting because we need you. I hope this does not sound creepy, becuase I love all your posts and by far, you are my favorite. You are too good for these IDIOTs on this blog. YOU RULE!

Ask Bill, this is where it all started. All the ties from the "decade of abject failure " have been severed. I haven't been this excited about an upcoming season as I am about this one. I'm with you!!! Go Dolphins

When is tere going to be an update for the App? It still says Dolphins Football 2009...

Can't wait

Dear Mr. Salguero

Yes please lets get back to Football topics only.

Soiled :)

P.S. Ask your doctor if this post may be right for you.
Do not operate any heavy machinary while reading this post.
Do not injest alcohol when reading this post.

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