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At least one blemish on Odrick character

When Dolphins General Manager Jeff Ireland described first-round pick Jeff Odrick Thursday night he said Miami's new player is a "big, physical, high-motor, high-character guy."

Perhaps Odrick has character. But there is at least one incident in which he acted like a character.

According to various reports from March of 2009, including this one and this one, Odrick was cited after he got into a fight with four other people -- two male and one female Penn State students and another man of college age.

Outnumbered, Odrick reportedly punched one of the men. He had been drinking according to the citation for an incident that happened at 1:40 in the morning.

Odrick referred the police to his attorney. After interviews with his attorney, police issues a disorderly conduct citation of $430 and the matter was apparently dropped. 


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You gotta love a guy who fights four guys at once!

Big Deal!

I mean three guys and one girl.

I think he can be a Jay Ratliff type of NT!

Let's not get started on the negative. What about the positive. I'm sure he had to help an old lady cross the road once. Cmon.

The odds are pretty good of getting into a bar fight in college.

So taking on double-teams should be no problem for him.

Mando please stop with the negativity so early in the season. The matter was dropped. Drop it!

Sounds like Matt Roth. Hope he doesn't fake injuries and get banished to Cleveland.

Sometimes you gotta crack some heads

Yeah, Armando, don't tell us what has happened with our first-round pick unless it's a history of him being a boy scout.

Fans are sometimes so stupid!

The "Drama Queen" strikes again....

What's wrong you backed yourself into a corner when you said you will not talk about JT anymore?

How many people didn't get a in fight in college? If that's all the issue he has a ticket for diorderly conduct I think he's gonna be fine.

I fought three girls and a cat once.

I love that toughness, betcha Bill and Co. do as well. He might be in there eyes, the Jay Ratliff type of Nose. Considering how stout Langford and Starks are against the run, this might be a perfect fit. If he can play low, like Ratliff does he should be able to hold up against the run and we know his pass-rush skills are awesome. He did beat out Brandon Graham for Big 10 PoY, I cried when Graham went last night, he still is my surefire can't miss prospect of this DEEP draft.

Exactly, fight happen all the time, no biggie. I'm glad he fought back instead of tucking tail like a girl. I'd rather have a tough lineman than a panzy that is afraid of a fight.

Everyone makes mistakes and no ones perfect.

Who are we grabbin' in the 2nd then guys..?


Hope u show up tonight Mando.. U were M.I.A. last night....

I want Golden Tate so we have BM, Tate, Bess, and Hartline

How bout that,hes a normal person.

How dare he defend himself while outnumbered /sarcasm

Do really have nothing to do but to turn non stories into......non stories?

Kindle, Everson Griffen?

I've given up guessing.

Then the rest Defence!!

OP is just mad the FO didnt follow his wonderful wisdom.......DRAFT A WR!

A college football player got into a fight with 4 other college students. If this constitutes character issues then 95% of players going pro have character issues. No big deal.

Hey Armando,
You having another live blog tonight , like you did last night. You know the one where you fell asleep for hours and ignored us all.
I love your blog,,,but you were a huge disappointment last night.

Mabye odrick, listed at 6'5 304 lbs can play nose in a year or two. Ferguson is listed at 6'3 310 lbs while Soliai, who is listed at 6'4 355 lbs isn't as good as Ferguson. So its not all about being monstrous in the middle.

I would be happy if we went all defense until round 6. There we can get projects like TE, OL, and returners but still looking at defensive projects there too.

Mel Kiper has a family of gypsies living in his hair.

This is a very unimportant issue... one fight in a bar, which nobody was seriously injured in college is really irrelevant. It's something to be aware of but ultimately you can't really conclude anything from it.

I bet he could kick Matt Light's azzz... finish what Crowder started...

Armando that was a waste of blog space. You should be charged with disorderly blog behavior.

Who cares, these team is full of offenders.

Everyone Go To Madden.com(The Video Game)An Boost Jared's Ratin Please!PLEASE!Thanks

i don't believe in hitting a girl. but some girls are just manly enough to try a dude.

Kindle has been diagnosed with a knee injury that may require microfracture surgery. This would explain his fall and, if true, why Miami should pass again in the 2nd round.

I just read another report that says that all the tags on Odrick's mattresses have been callously and recklessly ripped off. This raises some serious doubts about this pick.

Elvis, just read same thing...forget Kindle

Get ready to be baffled again because Jimmy Graham will be Miami's 2nd pick tonight. No Cody, no Kindle. Armando gets his Graham, Jimmy Graham.

Anyone hear Kindle dropped because he may need micro knee surgery?

This just in...Odrick was seen
J-Walking in South Beach...this guy is full of trouble. Yeah can we have a good story to comment on ;)

lol thats funny(no problem taking on double teams)

Doof, there are also numerous reports that he has been spotted making lane changes without signalling.

What the report doesn't mention is that the girl involved in the altercation was none other than rex ryan who had snuck onto campus in a schoolgirl outfit trying to get a student discount at the dorm cafeteria.

Did anyone think that there was something odd about our #1 pick? Odrick did.

Yea after the jaywalking incident, rumor has it , he took some pictures with female fans. He has trouble written all over him. TMZ is all over this.

Everyone Go To Madden.com(The Video Game)An Boost Jared's Ratin Please!PLEASE!Thanks

they still should have drafted dez or earl thomas!!

After further investigation into the Odrick matter it was found that the alleged girl in the Odrick incident was a 6's 280lb drag queen who Odrick struck first.

"6'5 drag queen"

Hey Armando,

Does a 6'5 280lb drag queen really counts as a girl?

Bong Pipe on the SVP show talking about Run Ricky Run, Elvis, and Tuna.

with the 40th pick, the dolphins pick k ray finkle!!

I will like the Odrick pick alot more if we can unload one of our DE's for a pick... Merling for a 3rd?

Forget Earl Thomas "Jared" makes diamonds!

lol, this guy is a freakin' menace :)

Jimmy Graham will be Miami's 2nd rd pick tonight. Now put that cracker in your pipe and smoke it!

I doubt he will be a gem!!

Laces out damn it.

Sorry But Jimmy Graham will be the fins 2nd pick tonight. After all sometimes thats the way the "cracker" crumbles.

Personally i prefer Wrestling with the girls

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