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Brandon Marshall press conference at 3:30

Fist of all I want to thank everyone for continuing to come here every day, and obviously, several times a day. Yesterday was huge. This blog had a record-setting number of page views. It was about 50,000 more than the next closest blog at The Miami Herald and 65,000 more than the next closest sports blog. You guys have made this blog the giant gorilla at The Miami Herald. You might say this blog is the Beast. Thank you!

I am getting ready to head over to a local Renaissance Hotel for what has been termed as an informal media gathering with Brandon Marshall.

I reported about this on my twitter feed this morning.

I share this with you because it's strange. The Dolphins do not make players available for press conferences during the offseason. That is team policy. Bill Parcells believes you do not show favoritism to a new player. The attitude is he's just part of the group now.

That's the way it was when Karlos Dansby signed his mega-contract in March.

But it is obviously different with Marshall. The Dolphins are not having this press gathering but are aware of it and are not going to stop it. I'm told Marshall had plans to do interviews with national media, so the Dolphins suggested he also include the local folks.

It's interesting because Miami is clearly making an exception even though the policy is to make no exceptions for anyone. I'm wondering if that will send a message to a guy like Dansby or other players? I'm wondering why different rules for different players?

On the positive side, I'm told Marshall has hit the ground running. This morning he was at Dolphins camp bright and early, taking part in the offseason conditioning program. That is a welcome sign, indeed.

I will get back on here after the press conference to tell you what happened. I will also tweet some highlights so follow me, if you don't already.

And feel free to leave questions for Marshall in the comments section. If I run out of my own questions (I never do) I'll use some of yours.

{Update: Below are some Brandon Marshall quotes from the press conference:

Marshall on (Darrelle) Revis Island: "I"m not sure where that is. Revis is a friend of mine. Where is Revis Island? Hopefully I visit there soon."

Marshall on his new number: "I'm just worried about the number of wins. I'll be happy with 87 or whatever other number."

Marshall on his personality: "This may shock you guys but I'm no primma donna. ... I do have personality. We're going to have fun down here."

Marshall on 2010 production: "I plan on this year being the best year I've had so far."

Mashall said he doesn't really care about what number he's going to wear. He said he understand Davone Bess already has No. 15 and "I'm coming into his locker room."

"I'm just worried about the number of wins," he said. "I'll be happy with  No. 87 or whatever other number."