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Brandon Marshall press conference at 3:30

Fist of all I want to thank everyone for continuing to come here every day, and obviously, several times a day. Yesterday was huge. This blog had a record-setting number of page views. It was about 50,000 more than the next closest blog at The Miami Herald and 65,000 more than the next closest sports blog. You guys have made this blog the giant gorilla at The Miami Herald. You might say this blog is the Beast. Thank you!

I am getting ready to head over to a local Renaissance Hotel for what has been termed as an informal media gathering with Brandon Marshall.

I reported about this on my twitter feed this morning.

I share this with you because it's strange. The Dolphins do not make players available for press conferences during the offseason. That is team policy. Bill Parcells believes you do not show favoritism to a new player. The attitude is he's just part of the group now.

That's the way it was when Karlos Dansby signed his mega-contract in March.

But it is obviously different with Marshall. The Dolphins are not having this press gathering but are aware of it and are not going to stop it. I'm told Marshall had plans to do interviews with national media, so the Dolphins suggested he also include the local folks.

It's interesting because Miami is clearly making an exception even though the policy is to make no exceptions for anyone. I'm wondering if that will send a message to a guy like Dansby or other players? I'm wondering why different rules for different players?

On the positive side, I'm told Marshall has hit the ground running. This morning he was at Dolphins camp bright and early, taking part in the offseason conditioning program. That is a welcome sign, indeed.

I will get back on here after the press conference to tell you what happened. I will also tweet some highlights so follow me, if you don't already.

And feel free to leave questions for Marshall in the comments section. If I run out of my own questions (I never do) I'll use some of yours.

{Update: Below are some Brandon Marshall quotes from the press conference:

Marshall on (Darrelle) Revis Island: "I"m not sure where that is. Revis is a friend of mine. Where is Revis Island? Hopefully I visit there soon."

Marshall on his new number: "I'm just worried about the number of wins. I'll be happy with 87 or whatever other number."

Marshall on his personality: "This may shock you guys but I'm no primma donna. ... I do have personality. We're going to have fun down here."

Marshall on 2010 production: "I plan on this year being the best year I've had so far."

Mashall said he doesn't really care about what number he's going to wear. He said he understand Davone Bess already has No. 15 and "I'm coming into his locker room."

"I'm just worried about the number of wins," he said. "I'll be happy with  No. 87 or whatever other number."


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Go Dolphins, enough said

damn it, second

Please ask:

Where do you see the Fins in the AFC East.

Did you talk to any of the Trifecta, prior to the trade

What number are you getting, suggest # 1 please

Marshall is about to put on for his city, Jeezy baby!

Can you throw out of the Wildcat?

Stephen Ross wanted this done.. I'm sure that's why there doing this!

Stop stirring the pot Mando!! And ask Marshall how much he looks forward to beating the flip out of Rivas?? I'm so done with being reminded how great he is ALL THE TIME!!

Ask him if it would be ok to start calling him Brandon "The Beast of a BM" Marshall

Our team is full of studs:

Marshall, the Stallion
Ronnie Big Brown
Camarillo, the Jack-Ass catcher
Hartline, the HorseFace
Ginn, my little pony

Fist of all I want to thank everyone for continuing to come here every day, and obviously, several times a day. Yesterday was huge. This blog had approximately a record-setting number of page views.

Armando Salguero = TOTAL CLASS !!!!!

Will the interview be available for Fans to see? Like in the Dolphins website for example?

"Despite the Miami Dolphins' acquisition of Brandon Marshall on Wednesday, ESPN analysts Mark Schlereth and Tim Hasselbeck each labeled the New York Jets favorites. "

They go on and on as the JETS best offensive line. Did they watch the MNF game? our DL and OL dominated....


It is "Ronnie the Rabid Beast" and "Teacup Teddy Ginn"

Brandon Marshall can be addressed as "Brandon The Beast" or "Marshall the Maniac" either one works

Please consult me on further nickname references... :D

I think Revis shut down Marshall last year. Revis is good, he is due that respect.

I like having Marshall on the team for sure

Crowder the Comedian
Henne the Hero
Ricky the Rhino
Vontae the Vulture
Earthquake Wake
Camarillo the Clutch
Fasano the Fumbler

This list is for future reference :D

Gotta ask this again...

What if Marshall's personality has not changed??

How will everyone feel if the new contract seems (to him)
like a reward -- and just encourages the guy act-out more then he did at Denver?

(No one seems too worried about this...most of you have your party hats on.)

I'm going to enjoy watching this guy play too....but what if his "off-the-field" personality stays the same??

Is anyone ELSE even just a little worried?

Denver didn't play the jets, revis must be a wonder boy to shut down someone he didn't play,.

Did someone tell Dansby he couldn't speak with the press ? NO ! Miami players speak on their own all the time. go to wqam and look at their library of radio guests. so STFU !

Is Brandon Marshall going to take Bess's #15 or is he changing his number?

Yazzi, the kid had issue's with one chick who he fought with all the time, she's gone. He hasn't had a issue in over 1 year. He is now married to another women recently.

Revis didn't Shut Down Marshall Last year, ya he held him to only 40 yards on like 6 catches but what would you rather have, Revis guy getting 40 yards while keeping Revis off the other recivers and letting them pile up a big day


Revis on Ted Ginn and his family getting two picks and Ted getting no yards?

We beat them twice with the second formula I think we can handle them and there shut down corner with Marshall.

And ya Revis is very good - no disrespect here.

The news conference will be on the NFL channel at 3:30. As far as the conference itself...it's about time. Can you imagine the Dolphins getting Marino and not having one? Parcells isn't a fool...in fact I see this as a great communication tool for the Dolphins and of course Ross...he does have a new toy to sell.

Carlito, you gotta give me at least.....
Clam Chowder
John Nalboner
Pat, Im not, White
My name is Earl Thomas

"Fist of all I want to thank everyone for continuing to come here every day, and obviously, several times a day. Yesterday was huge. This blog had approximately a record-setting number of page views.

Armando Salguero = TOTAL CLASS !!!!!"

Posted by: Mark In Ottawa

A much quoted Jason Taylor line about the Jets fans comes to mind ;)

How do you see the trade for Marshall affecting the progression of Patrick Turner?

I think it helps and hurts. Now there is a guy at that position who Turner can learn from who has similar physical tools. Maybe PT can try to develop into a Marshall lite.

The down side is now there is a guy who does the things PT was brought in to do, and if he couldn't get on the field last year, this only further limits his utility as a big target option. He needs to make big strides to crack the game day roster.


Also, KJ Choi is 7 under at the Verizon Heritage.


Great nicknames bro!

Good ones too Waterboy!!

"It's interesting because Miami is clearly making an exception even though the policy is to make no exceptions for anyone. I'm wondering if that will send a message to a guy like Dansby or other players? I'm wondering why different rules for different players?"

And you wonder why they don't like the media.

Pat Turner already cleaned out his lockeroom and is giving his number to Marshall.

How about Penny the Penis?

Every mock draft I look at has E.Berry, FS as the new Ed Reed. He is typically selected somewhere between 1-6 and 1-10 only a few slots better than our 1-12. How about trading UP in the draft .... If Berry is still on the boards at 1-8 maybe we can call that team and offer 1-12 plus THIGPEN ... give them TURNER also ......

"The Dolphins are not having this press gathering but are aware of it and are not going to stop it"

Now that is at least interesting. Would love to know how that went down....looks like we got ourselves a diva WR.

Mando - I'm a long time reader but almost never comment. I come to your blog almost every day. Glad to hear things are going so well and keep up the great work!We certainly appreciate it.

"It's interesting because Miami is clearly making an exception even though the policy is to make no exceptions for anyone. I'm wondering if that will send a message to a guy like Dansby or other players? I'm wondering why different rules for different players?" And you wonder why they don't like the media."

No wonder why they hate talking to the media!

how bout

Penne no better than Henne
Penne Pasta Arm
Penne 15 yd bomber
Penne beat the Jets

Ask him if he is willing not to be #15 anymore since D. Bess already wears it

I rather have a Diva receiver than a guy like Ginn anyday.


You're the one that makes this blog a success. Thank you for your diligent work ethic.

Here's an interesting topic. It's too bad Porter won't be here to compare his popcorn muscles with The Beast's abs of steel :)


He's a great player... And I'm enthused about the prospect of him plowing through secondaries next year.

But are you sure that MOST of his issues have to do with just one girl?? What about his attitude on the practice field? Are you familiar with his entire history?

I'm just saying that everyone thinks that the guy has magically transformed. I see a guy who has an equal chance of convincing himself that there's no reason to change. After all he just got 40 Million dollars and no one has said a thing about behavioral clauses that protect the Dolphins.

Many of the people on this Blog seem to feel that everything has magically changed.

I'm not sure that I understand how.

Armando you are a trouble maker.....Did you ever think the reason may be is he is the biggest story this offseason and we got him? He has to do this, not for himself but for the league, the league is bigger than the team rules and Parcells and the FO understan this.....relax, Dansby is not going to have a problem with this as long as his check gets deposited in his bank account on time.

I love Brandon Marshall already with his work ethic going into the conditioning program,,, I hope we get Dez Bryant as our 2nd wide receiver

Armando, this is my honest response to your last column:

The Dolphins are not on equal footing with the jets right now. Its ok that your a fan because your not the beat, but right now you are raising expectations again and putting unnecessary pressure on the process this team is taking.

Just like when you clamored that the team go and overspend for Wilfork and clamored that the team must win at all costs right away, your fervent fandom leads to an overreaction after one trade. The only thing that annoys me is that you are like a voice to the majority of dolphin fans, but in reality its that optimistic unrealistic expectation that has people crying at the end of the season, when we all know they are going to go 8-8.

I just hope the team continues the player development proccess and drafts well, so we can compete for it all from 2012-2018, with a nice window to get a super bowl.

Jay...the Dolphins aren't on equal footing? Really...pray tell which team beat whom last season? The last season's...the Jets have spent many mil's to acquire free agents...and to what point? Did they win anything last season...no matter how many wins...if you don't win the Superbowl...you ain't won crap...it's been that way since day one. Now add all the players the Jets have added again...do they fit...can they play together...every team goes threw what the Jets are doing...sell out now to try to win today..and it just doesn't work. Acquiring Marshall isn't the end of the work...nor is it the start...but it could be the end of the beginning back for the Dolphins.

Yazzi, I agree with you. I am excited to see this guy play, but I also don't believe that he changes scenery and "poof" he magically transforms into a model citizen. Tigers don't change their stripes that easily. Armando brought up the fact that the Dolphins don't allow anyone to hold press conference during the offseason, but are for whatever reason giving him a pass. I for one don't think Armando is making an issue out of nothing, and I hope the front office does not make accomodating Marshall's every whim a policy.

Jay, that was probably the dumbest post I've ever read in my life. If you read Mando's previous post, "The Fallout from the Marshall Trade," then you would have read this paragraph:

"Does Marshall make the Dolphins the favorite to win the AFC East? No.

Remember the team still has significant and worriesome holes to fill at outside linebacker, nose tackle, free safety and left guard. Also remember the Broncos never made the playoffs despite having Marshall on their team the past four years.

So don't buy your tickets to Dallas, site of the next Super Bowl, just yet."

So, no, Mando (nor the other fans on this site) are not being cheerleaders. But yes, we're very excited for the season and believe we have what it takes to win the AFC East. Maybe we don't do it, but we should be in contention.

I don't think it's an overreaction, when last year we had the best 2 teams in the NFL beat, only to lose at the end, when you think of who we gained this year (Dansby & Marshall). Those 2 by themselves make this team better. Not even counting another year of experience for Henne, all the injured players coming back, new Def Coordinator. All told, those are pretty good reasons to have a realistic shot at winning our division this year. If you want to be a sourpuss and throw cold water on everyone's parade, fine, go ahead. But stop being pessimistic just because you don't want fans to be crying at the end of the season, that's stupid. Any year the Dolphins don't make the SuperBowl, I cry, so I've only not cried once in my life as a fan (since I wasn't born in '72).

Amen DC Dolfan!!

Funny Phrase of the Day, from an above coment: "the progression of Patrick Turner"

I guess they got the diva receivah they didn't want and now the receivah who's a diva is calling his own press conference. I hope this is not a sign of things to come.

Although, I must admit, 100 catches and 1300yds would remind us of Duper & Clayton.

I think the press conference is a good thing, yesterday the trade put Miami all over the national media. A press conference today resparks the trade, and so we stay in the national spotlight for that much longer, and keeping Jets fan sick and tired of hearing Miami Dolphins news all damn week! kinda of like what we went through the past month.

What will his number be

Ask Brandon Marshall if he can still play safety like he did his junior year in college. Because we still need to get someone in there that can play.

Hopeful 'Phins Fan:

Yeah...I've seen two red flags right out of the gate.

He makes plans to be in the FRONT ROW at the Heat game during his FIRST EVENING in Miami.

Then he holds this somewhat strange Press Conference.

I realize that most good receivers are 'Special' people...
But I worry that his 'self-absorbtion' bubble could grow too large for the locker room.
...and most importantly I hope the Dolphins have a somewhat inexpensive way to back-out if this thing goes bad during the next two years.

Everyone agrees he's a great player....but a guy with a messed-up ATTITUDE... that hurts himself and his team.... would be a Epic Disaster.

Lets hope that the DOLPHINS affect Brandon Marshall more than his selfishness affects them.

Tiger Woods committed to play Quail Hallow in NC in 2 weeks. Look out girls.

I love Duper and Clayton...but those guys never had seasons close to the seasons that Marshall has duplicated three years in a row. Clayton's 18 TD season was remarkable...but Marshall is easily the best overall WR the Dolphins have had on the roster most likely ever.

Wow, Armando reaches out to thank us for tuning into his blog, a classy act, and is met with vile insults. Not sure that's warranted. I would expect that from a Jets fan.

The Fins never have pressers for new players BLAH BLAH BLAH! Now they change the policy and they are wrong. You can't have it both ways.

Yazzi, no you aren't the only one that is concerned about Marshall's off field antics and remembers him punching a teammate and sucking out in practice. I for one am not naive enough to believe these things go away just because he's a Dolphin. I'm very concerned. If this move blow up, that contract and the trading of 2 picks will hamper the Miami turn around. He better behave!!!

Armando: Now that the Dolphins have 10 WR, in your opinion, which ones should stay and why?

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