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Brown, Williams in final Miami year together?

Since the topic of Dolphins running backs has been all the rage of late -- with one being constantly whispered about as trade bait and the other as a documentary star and possible retiree after 2010 -- I wanted to appraoch the topic from a different direction today.

From the team's perspective.

You see, seemingly lost in all the draft coverage over the weekend, Jeff Ireland's words while addressing the running back situation seem to have gotten short shrift. And they beg more attention.

Ireland was asked Saturday evening if he might have liked to add a running back in the draft and he said that 2010 is the last year for Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams.

"Again, when you put a board together, sometimes the chips fall differently in certain drafts," Ireland said. "Obviously we’re aware of the situation on our team. You have Ricky [Williams] and Ronnie [Brown] kind of in their last year. We’re aware of all those things. We have them for another year, so anything can happen that way. The draft falls certain ways and you can’t help the way it falls. We’re not ignoring those positions by any means, but I felt like we stuck to our board pretty good and stayed the course."

I'm not going to leap to the assumption that Brown and Williams are indeed done with the Dolphins after 2010. The truth is no one knows what will happen after 2010. The NFL may not even play in 2011 for all we know.

But weighing Ireland's words with the facts currently before us, it is not out of the realm of possibility that Miami will be searching for running backs after this year because one or both of its top backs will be gone.

As far as Brown is concerned, he has yet to sign his restricted free agent tender. He would like a long-term deal but that doesn't seem imminent because, well, the Dolphins don't really have to offer one right now.

Brown, 28, has yet to prove he's 100 percent back from last year's fractured foot and has never proven that he is exceedingly durable. The Dolphins own his rights this year via the restricted tender they placed on him and can extend after June 1st if Brown doesn't sign by then. Trust me, Brown is not going to sit out this year if he doesn't get a new contract so he will eventually sign that tender if the Dolphins don't give him a new deal -- and as we just discussed their motivation for doing so is not high.

Bottom line is the Dolphins can keep Brown this year and decide to replace him with younger legs in 2011, if they wish. Bottom line is they have been willing to let him go at different intervals since 2008. Bottom line is his long-term future in Miami is by no means certain.

Williams is another matter, but one no less fraught with uncertainty. The Dolphins have shown a past desire to pass him Post-it note contract extensions, which is the reason he's signed through 2010. He has said in the past that he would retire following the 2010 season.

He said Monday he is "not sure" if he will retire in 2010 and that the hiring agent Drew Rosenhaus should not be interpreted as an intention to play into 2011. Whatever, the point is neither Williams nor the Dolphins know without doubt what is going to happen.

But we do know this: Williams will be 33 next month and so whether he's able to stretch his career beyond 2010 is not a certainty by any means.

So the Dolphins might be wise to take the approach that this could be the final year for both Brown and Williams. And if it doesn't work out that way, well, then something good happened that stretched the Miami career for one or both of the running backs.

Still, better to make the error on the side of caution.


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Ok, I gotta get in on this... Someone mentioned that Ronnie was the more dynamic runner between him and Ricky... That is just simply not true... Ronnie is a bruiser who runs with "thud" and falls forward most of the time... Now, while Ricky is also a powerful runner, he runs with "pop" and also tends to gain ground after contact... These comparisons have been made down here for years... Ricky possesses better field vision, quickness, speed, and acceleration... Ronnie is by and large our sledgehammer... Therefore, Ricky is, and has always been, the better talent at RB for Miami...

Note to those who don't know:
When Ricky returned to the 'Fins under Saban, he and Ronnie were called into the Nicktator's office after their respective evaluations... Saban basically told them that he could not decide who the starter would be between the two, because they were both that good... Ricky interrupted with; "He can start"... That's the only reason that Ronnie Brown became the starter over Ricky Williams...

NJ u have NOOOOOO credibility, zipo my friend not after u shyt the bed w/the Marshall deal!

even when you are right, you words hold no weight! stick to the DUMB bells you clown! you are a black eye to all true Dolphin fans on here!

and i am not HOME..lol but hey, f' it i'll take the credit if it annoys u hahaha!

Posted by: 1701972 | April 27, 2010 at 08:31 AM

1701972 we here you brother. We got your back as Ody would say. Keep the fight, we will too.

I hope ronnie stays this year. Without him i doubt we make playoffs. And if he hadn't been injured last year we would have probably made the playoffs.

Allen vs NJ debate on last blog.

NJ lost points on style, too many disrespectful comments toward the opponent, lost points there, too many LOLs lost points, too many "goodnights" or "i am finished" did not follow through, lying, lost points.
Allen won by an inch.

WE thought we had seen a change in NJ, but we take that back. When he posted as "ENOUGH" in a previous blog, we noticed that he digressed in his change. Therefore, Kudos to Bobby for now. NJ will never change, so fight on people.

Ronnie Brown & Ricky Williams will combine for over 2,000 rushing yards this year.

At least one of them will be a Dolphin past the 2010 season.

A combination like this does not come around everyday, we have to make sure the rest of our team is ready to fly now or we may lose out on this special 2 RB set!!

I agree that Ronnie "should not" be considered injury prone YET. Both knees went, but both have been repaired with no furhter issues. the foot injury would have happened to anyone. I think this is his year to prove he is not, if he get's injured we have to label him that way, especially if it is a re-occuring injury. This guy runs hard and plows people between the tackles and gets up every time. Injury prone guys would not be able to do this as often as he did before these non-contact injuries/freak injuries.

You've also gotta ask who would be available next year in the draft at RB. Early signs say a Penn State running back (cue horror music): Evan Royster, along with DeMarco Murray from Oklahoma and tiny Noel Devine from WVU. Don't see any from that crop as a starter on this team. See rankings here: http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/prospectrankings/TSX/2011_RB?&tag=pageRow;pageContainer&_1:col_1=1&_1:col_2=7

If Patrick Turner can get on the field this year, him and Marshall will both be beasts in the Red Zone. I hope he corrects what he was doing wrong last year so he gets to play. Scoop up a soft handed TE and we are set. Let's face it, this year our running game will be so much better because opposing D's can't stack the box due to Marshall. And no matter who we put back there to run, our FB Polite will open lanes for people like you and me to run through. Really excited about moving the ball, getting 1st downs, and having a higher Red Zone ratio. Not to mention that our D wilk out us in better field position. Go Phins

We need to add A Thomas today before the bloody Jets get him. Tired of Rex and the evil Jets adding to that team. I don't want our OLBs to be Wake and Misi. Too unproven and too inexperienced. Add the vet who can help us for a year or two. This guy would be great under Nolan. Do it now!!....don't hesitate!


@ Todd Doug, I agree that Noel Devine will not be an every down back, but he will be a playmaker sort of like Sporles or even Reggie Bush. Devine numbers at WVU are incredible and every time he touches the ball, he is a threat to score, compared to Spiller. Slaton was good at WVU but Devine has been devine.

I don't think anyone can say Turner will be a beast. Just the fact that you preface your remarks wit "If Turner can get on the field" tells you all you need to know. I hope Turner ends up being a "player", but we can't count on him. I think Marshall, Hartline, Camarillo and Bess will be our top 4 in that order. Maybe Bess overtakes Camarillo for the top slot spot. Turner would be gravy.

Jrljr2, I meant a beast in the Red Zone only because of his size, that's the reason we drafted him in the first place. I don't look for him to be a playmaker, but due to his size teams will think twice about double teamming Marshall in the endzone. He is bound to get some TD's. At this point, any WR who scores 3 or more TD's in a season for the Dolphins, I will consider them a beast. Lol

thnx alll

Nj thinks he is god---and has no class, the guy is one of those types that thinks he is better and he is wrong all the time.

I hope misi works out--i just think he is a combo outside /inside guy that isnt a great pass rusher---but has other skills

Odinseye has substance and i recognize ur knowledge---

on better nejets dont want Adalius---dolphins get him in hereeee

adalius wuld be a big piece for us---another combo guy that can play inside and outside

I hear you Dan in regards to in the WR production. The only problem with the Turner conversation is that the biggest knock on him was or is that he can't seem to get off the line of scrimmage against press coverage. That only gets tougher in the red zone. All I'm saying is I think Hartline more than Turner, will make a big jump this year, but I hope you are correct. They need all the weapons they can get.

how come no one ever mentions Ronnie being a bust? #2 overall pick. only 1 1k yard season. sounds like bust to me. i like seeing him on the field but before the year is up he gets hurt. bust, injury prone but great when he's on the field. dont think he'll be here next season. you can find good rb's anywhere. they're a dime a dozen. with the right blocking scheme you can turn a average guy into a 1,000 yd rusher. look at what shanahan does with rb's. if hilliard progresses ronnie will be gone. no need to talk about 2011 draft because someone will get hurt, someone will get suspended, someone else will emerge. and adalius thomas was let go for a reason. we dont need him. if we did they would have got him because before rex was his dc, nolan was. phins want to stay young and let these guys grow. the jets will get him because they want as many big names for hbo as possible. all those egos and personalities wont mesh together. another 8-8 season for them. our most glaring need is an explosive returner. could've signed leroy vann or brandon james after the draft but i guess they see someone else that be a threat. hope its not bess because thats one thing he doesnt do well

I'm hoping that Bess will be the next Welker. He does lack some speed but, as a slot receiver, he catches a lot of balls, and that's the spot in the field that should be open for us. I'm hoping that last year that Fasano was trying to adjust from Pennington's throws compared to Henne's velocity on the ball. Hopefully that will be corrected in offseason with Henne taking a majority of the 1st team snaps. Both should have a big year.

i think turner will have a good year, b/c marshall takes the pressure off every1----malcolm floyd looks really good last year b/c of the attention of vincent jackson---

it took floyd 4 to 5 years to put up that stats he did last year----for bigger wrs it takes time to develop---to write off P turner this early in his career is unfair----

I willalwys stick up 4 him, b/c i like the kid and i wanted the dolphins to take him in the 4th----they took hm the 3rd---and he didnt have a good rookie season ---but a lot of the bigger wrs in the league started slow---

he will rebound this year

bess wont be the next welker. he'll be the first bess. fasano is a flat out underacheiver

todd doug---

i like usc tailback allen bradford---5"11 235


Can Ron Brwon play nose guard? It might make his career longer , no and move rick willians to slot back like wels welkir? I thinhk that we should also cornsider giove Chad Hennington hthe starting job too.

I'm also interested to see how they are going to use Pat White. I know every thinks he is a busts and his rookie season stats project that. I can tell ya that that's not the Pat White I saw in every game he started with WVU, the guy can make plays. I hope they find some way to use him. Hopefully, he hit the weight room hard, instead of it hitting him.

Where were all the other reporters when Ireland said this? I appreciate you bringing it out in the open, Mando. This should have been written about before.

Ireland said something newsworthy and it slipped through the cracks.

Miami media slipping. (cept you mando, nothing personal).

allen your welcome. I do like Turner as well. We have to give him time this year, he should improve. I dont think he will be a beast, but hope he can become a contributor, like in the RED ZONE

kiss kiss kiss kissy

Keep them both, Brown will play hard because someone else will then overpay next year in a new contract. Next years draft wil be all offense early.

I'm gonna go a lol off topic but what someone said earlier a bout marshall gonna improve bess who was our best receiver last yr, timeout. Now don't get me wrong bess is a sparkplug who I like a lot but Camarillo did not drop a pass all season and hartline who I would have to say looked and played the best last yr excluding rookie mistakes and camarillos lack of speed and bess's dropped passes. So marshall will make every1 better, but bess is not #2.

ESPN NFL - BOS Globe: Florida TE Aaron Hernandez (4th-round pick Pats) failed multiple drug tests for marijuana

Give Ronnie a new contract. Trust me, there will be plenty of teams out there who will grab him if they don't.

Ronnie is a core player. Tons of Dolphins fans bought his jersey. It won't go down well with the fans at all if they didn't keep him.

At least give Ronnie an extension of a couple of years! He's just had bad luck with his injuries. It happens with running backs. It's not like he has had a nagging knee or shoulder injury that keeps coming back. Ronnie recovered 100% from his knee injury and he'll recover 100% from his broken foot.

Keep Ronnie!

After this season there will be another potential HOF receiver available from San Francisco for a bargain 7th round pick...

I think Ricky would like to play an additional year if Ronnie does.

After the screening of his film, Ricky responded to a question.....
"I want to play as long as it's fun still," Williams said. "I know I said this'll be my last year, but I'm having second thoughts. With Ronnie (Brown) in the backfield and Coach (Tony) Sparano and the team doing well like they are now, it's still fun."

If Ronnie stays healthy and productive the R&R team might get their wish.

Does Misi-Dansby-Edds-Wake sound any better than Taylor-Chowder-Ayodele-Porter?

Posted by: odinseye | April 27, 2010 at 02:30 AM

That's a resounding HELL YES!!! Especially when you factor in how much potential this group has for the future...Wakes the pass rushing specialist while Edds is the coverage specialist while Misi and Dansby are the the versatile and dynamic playmakers who will be all over the field. This has the potential to be one of the most talented groups in a year or two and I for one am excited as hell to see how they do.

I hope we move on from Brown AFTER this season. I can't name many (no more than 5) RB's that contribute much AFTER their original contracts (4 or 5 years). Brown has proven he can't stay healthy fir all 16 games and to reward him an addition 3-4 years would be a major setback for the organization.

Shanahan always dealt with RB's the correct way...keep an abundance of them, rotate them and NEVER resign them after their original contracts. Next to a Center and QB, RB's touch the ball the (3rd) most and requires a lot of physicality carrying the ball or blocking so I am of the same mentality when it comes to NOT wanting to resign one after their original contract is up. Look how much LaDanian Tomlinson, Emmit Smith, etc dropped off AFTER their original contracts expired...Ronnie Brown is no different. I don't expect much from him after this year, regardless of where he ends up....hopefully it WON'T be a Dolphin.

Make no doubt that I love Ronnie and all that he has done for us, but we need fresher legs and more productivity in the future...I say keep him this year and let him become a free agent after the season. And a trade would be pointless for 2 reasons:
1. We don't know if their will be an NFL next year
2. Weak draft class next year as EVERYONE with decent value came out this year in fear their won't be an NFL next year. So with that being said, a potential 2nd rd pick for Ronnie would probably be equated to a 5th rd in comparison to this years draft class.

Sorry this was very long!!!

I too love watching Ronnie Brown as a Dolphin! He seems to enjoy himself out there and gives a great effort everytime he steps on the field.

I realize business is business so hopefully Ronnie has a great injury free season and we all agree to give him a nice extension.

Does anyone know if the rookie camp is open to the public?

Anyone who thinks the FO is going to keep a player based on jersey sales or how much the fans like them is a dumbass. We had a pretty good example a couple of weeks ago.

Dolfanatic, I'm 99% sure it's not.

NOT DURABLE???????? I can't stand this. Go to YOUTUBE and watch Ronnie Browns Highlights. He runs like a freight train and has gotten some injuries from that. But the guy runs through people and over them and also runs past them. He's got moves and power. The guy should be given a long term deal and we should just worry about adding a compliment to him rather than wiping out our entire running game and starting from scratch. Makes no sense. We'll never get the type of value for him that makes moving Brown worth it.

Money, I like Ronnie just as much as the next person and I think they should keep him (for the right price) but one thing you can't call him is durable. Getting hurt 4 out of 5 seasons and missing considerable time does not make you durable.

What is with the hate against pot.

I've tried it - wasn't impressed - but I will never understand how people who REGULARLY get plastered on booze can then look down on pot smokers. Sure, it is illegal, but why?

Anyway, as a dolphins fan, I hope the Pat players smoke up, get caught and get suspended.. but I really think we should be more concerned with other things..

Now that's breaking news. A college student smokes marijuana.

I predict Hilliard will be a beast this year

IF we keep the wildcat as a core component of our offense, we keep em' both, along with Cobbs.
Remember Cobbs is Tony's favorite player and a key piece of the wildcat's success.
If we scrap the wildcat if favor of a more traditional offensive, then one of them goes.

The othe thing to consider is that Brown isn't going to change his running style and that style is the reason he can't be given an extension. Given his injury history and his style there is no way this FO gives him a three or four year extension. One maybe two. Maybe. Although we all love him, a long term deal would just handcuff this organization if and or when he gets hurt.

One thing about the running back position , you can draft them or pick them up in FA or trade for them and just plug them in like Adrian Peterson! They don't need to learn the system.

Good possibility next years draft will be focused on running back. No sense worrying about that now .

I hate to say this, but good running backs really DO grow on trees. Not great one, but good ones litter the rosters of the whole NFL. There will be running backs cut from NFL rosters that are better than 90% of the ones you could draft in the 2nd or 3rd round next year. There are RBS that could be cut that are potentially better than a RB that could be picked in the FIRST round next year. There's no guarantees in the draft, and a body of work in the NFL is a good resume and a great scouting tool for replacing talent.
If Henne becomes even a slightly above average passer, and Marshall and our receiving corps in general run circles around NFL secondaries which I think they can do, then our RBs don't have to be superstars to find creases and move the chains. I remember getting excited by Hilliard in the pre-season last year and I was the least bit surprised by how he contributed when given the ball last year. Coach should've have given him the ball a lot more than he did and Ricky could've rested that much more.

Next year, if both Ronnie and Ricky are gone, you could have something like this: Hilliard, (veteran runner like either of Buffalo's very productive runners) and an early round rookie RB. That would get the job done just fine, especially with an offensive line that is one year older/better with John Jerry helping to open moon-crater sized holes.

The amount of quality FAs still out there is amazing. Miami still needs a TE but those guys are totally out there and probably better than anyone that they could've drafted and groomed to contribute in 2010. I think this Dolphins team is really built now to contend for a long time. They have youth and depth at a lot of positions, to where then can tinker on the edges over the next few seasons to really make a run at the superbowl. I think Thigpen can push Henne too, which we need. Not only that, but I think Thigpen, with practice reps, could truly make the Wildcat scary from an uncertainty standpoint. If the runner is really a legitamite threat to throw, and throw accurately, it should make picking up 1-5 yards on 3rd down really easy.

Damn, I can talk about this stuff all day...

I don't see the wildcat being as much of a factor this year as the past two years. Running it will virtually eliminate throwing to Marshall which our biggest threat. I enjoyed the wildcat and it was successful for us but I hate taking the ball out of Henne's hands.


"The Dolphins have shown a past desire to pass Ricky a Post-it note contract extensions"

Great line

Allen , spare me and us with your lies . You can thank trolls named " guapo " all you want but i'll take the credit from real regulars like carlito , boontang25 and odinseye who backed me up last night and said i was right. I destroyed you my friend and you admitted it in your last seveal posts even saying " NJ you good points . You were the one that was classless by making an insult ( little girl with LOL ) at me after seeing that you were losing the debate. Now , you just couldn't let it go as a nice healthy debate last night , you have to come on here today and talk some more shyt. Who's the classless one now ??

" NJ and Allen are still raging ...... WHILE ONE OF THEM IS DOING ALOT BETTER THAN THE OTHER ...." posted by odinseye . HMMMMM Odinseye , i wonder who was the one that was doing alot Better ???? LMFAO ! Odinseye knows it was me and what's up.

and i'll leave at that.

Has anyone signed the RB from Michigan St.? If not maybe bring him in or another undrafted rookie, just to see what they can do. But we should be fine if Ronnie, Ricky, and Patrick are healthy.

NJ, is there many Dolphin fans up there?

Watch out for a stronger Pat White this season. It was his second year at West Virginia when he made a name for himself. I loved that pick in the second round. He will work out for the Dolphins.

pistol, there's alot of dolphin fans in the tri-state area, i bet we can fill dolphins stadium up every week

WV, where do you see him making an impact?

NJ, is it anywhere near the amount of yets fans there is down here?


You have three bottom lines there. I'm confused. I thought the bottom line was, just that...the bottom line. (LOL)

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