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Brown, Williams in final Miami year together?

Since the topic of Dolphins running backs has been all the rage of late -- with one being constantly whispered about as trade bait and the other as a documentary star and possible retiree after 2010 -- I wanted to appraoch the topic from a different direction today.

From the team's perspective.

You see, seemingly lost in all the draft coverage over the weekend, Jeff Ireland's words while addressing the running back situation seem to have gotten short shrift. And they beg more attention.

Ireland was asked Saturday evening if he might have liked to add a running back in the draft and he said that 2010 is the last year for Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams.

"Again, when you put a board together, sometimes the chips fall differently in certain drafts," Ireland said. "Obviously we’re aware of the situation on our team. You have Ricky [Williams] and Ronnie [Brown] kind of in their last year. We’re aware of all those things. We have them for another year, so anything can happen that way. The draft falls certain ways and you can’t help the way it falls. We’re not ignoring those positions by any means, but I felt like we stuck to our board pretty good and stayed the course."

I'm not going to leap to the assumption that Brown and Williams are indeed done with the Dolphins after 2010. The truth is no one knows what will happen after 2010. The NFL may not even play in 2011 for all we know.

But weighing Ireland's words with the facts currently before us, it is not out of the realm of possibility that Miami will be searching for running backs after this year because one or both of its top backs will be gone.

As far as Brown is concerned, he has yet to sign his restricted free agent tender. He would like a long-term deal but that doesn't seem imminent because, well, the Dolphins don't really have to offer one right now.

Brown, 28, has yet to prove he's 100 percent back from last year's fractured foot and has never proven that he is exceedingly durable. The Dolphins own his rights this year via the restricted tender they placed on him and can extend after June 1st if Brown doesn't sign by then. Trust me, Brown is not going to sit out this year if he doesn't get a new contract so he will eventually sign that tender if the Dolphins don't give him a new deal -- and as we just discussed their motivation for doing so is not high.

Bottom line is the Dolphins can keep Brown this year and decide to replace him with younger legs in 2011, if they wish. Bottom line is they have been willing to let him go at different intervals since 2008. Bottom line is his long-term future in Miami is by no means certain.

Williams is another matter, but one no less fraught with uncertainty. The Dolphins have shown a past desire to pass him Post-it note contract extensions, which is the reason he's signed through 2010. He has said in the past that he would retire following the 2010 season.

He said Monday he is "not sure" if he will retire in 2010 and that the hiring agent Drew Rosenhaus should not be interpreted as an intention to play into 2011. Whatever, the point is neither Williams nor the Dolphins know without doubt what is going to happen.

But we do know this: Williams will be 33 next month and so whether he's able to stretch his career beyond 2010 is not a certainty by any means.

So the Dolphins might be wise to take the approach that this could be the final year for both Brown and Williams. And if it doesn't work out that way, well, then something good happened that stretched the Miami career for one or both of the running backs.

Still, better to make the error on the side of caution.


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pistol , it's close but you have to remember that alot of NY/NJ people have moved down to florida, so of course there's more.

this is a non-issue. of course it is very important to figure out the RB situation and i would hate to lose either of those guys, but mando is reading WAY too much into irelans's comment. when i listened to the press conference it seemed pretty clear that tuna helper was only referencing the fact that they are both on their last year of their contracts.

again, i want to keep ronnie because he is a beast, but i can see why the FO wants to see if he has healed from the last injury before signing him to a mega deal.

also, IMO i think that if ronnie comes back, ricky will too (if they have him), but if ronnie is dealt and it would be ricky and a rookie, or ricky and a FA pick up, i think ricky would bounce.....it just seems that have ronnie as the feature back allows ricky to step back from the spot light which he always prefers. (unless he is starring in a documentary....go figure)

Well , i'm looking forward to the rookie camp this weekend. I'll probably be back on here during the camp since there's not much to discuss now Rob in oc , if your out there . I forgot about our bet until this morning. I'm totally suprised about mitchell and so are many experts. In fact , they're calling mitchell one of the biggest steals in the draft for where he went. You win a T-shirt and a cookie. congrats !!

SO, first the Fat Boys break up, and now THIS?!? I can't take much more damnit!

Chill Mando, chill. What's the lifespan of a running back anyway? I'd like to keep Ronnie, but I wasn't too broken up by losing JT (only how it was handled). So I'm definitely not going to get emotional if Ronnie leaves (though he gave us a few good years). Honestly, if we can get a Chris Johnson, then we'd be stupid not to. The best running backs are the young ones, so we'll need to upgrade that position sooner rather than later.

I mean we DO have Lex and Cobbs...

im a big Vince oghobase fan, cant wait to see him in a fin jersey---i bet he makes the roster, im interested with what the fins are goin to do with phillip merling---the talent at 3-4 end is gettn crowded---


Hahaha.... Good one that you conveniently "Forgot" our bet! Nice.

Really??? As much as you had hammered me with all the capped "LMAO's!!!!!" and the ever popular "Your CRAZY, for thinking he could go late round?"

You in fact brought him to my attention way back months ago and had me scout him. It was really late and I lookd a few vids and slapped a quickie 7 round - FA type grade on him. Then you REALLY got on me and let me hear about it good. I looked more in depth and brought his grade up to a 5-6 rounder. You still balked and had him going in the 3rd round.

The bet was on and I clearly won hands down.

I will take the cookie, the T-shirt, and your lunch money! LOL

Ok, I will admit that felt incredibly rewarding!!!!!!!!!!

That said, I am glad you could man up and realize that you can make mistakes in fine fashion right along with the rest of us. Kudos for no spin doctoring.

Somehow, I don't think the bad call on Marshall (which I also made as well, just not as hard core), Dansby and now with WR Mitchell you will change your style or argue your points any less vehemently.

At the end of the day...it's all good. I will totally squash it and you won't hear anymore from me about it unless it gets brought up for some reason.

I like to see people make predictions. It's really easy to squirm when one rides in a constant grey area like so many do. Allowing other people to have their own is equally important.



Like I said, DUMP PARECELLS AND IRELAND NOW! They are classless, jerks. Dolphins have lost respect.


how did you like the fins draft

im hearn the jets and phins have small interests in adalius---

I hope we change our rumored current stance---we need 1 vet on the outside and adalius we can move all over the place from inside to outside---

I always thought we didnt sign JT b/c they were monitoring adalius situation in NE---i would be shocked if we dont sign at least one guy with experience startn at olb

allen, bozo NJ is really funny though. Funny like a clown. If you really get on his good side and agree with him, maybe you can meet him at a fins game for some drinks. All this over the internet. Isnt that great. What an avontos.

Jed, get over it.

jed read the article---

Thats a crazy statement by ireland if that is true----askn if dez bryant mom is a prostitute---thats way past the line...

allen, NJ would have said, he likes to go past the line.

said it

BillRuger the thing that all the haters don't understand about Marshall and how people are going to double team him and shut him down, he was doubled teamed all the time last year in Denver and still had 100 rec, over 1,000 yards, etc., their number two guy was Eddie Royal, Bess's numbers this year will make Royal look like a joke. And if Buffalo didn't take C.J Spiller I believe the Dolphins were going to take him put him into special teams, and then work him into rotation with Ricky and Ronnie, and then trade Ronnie after this year, I love both Ricky and Ronnie and would hate to see either of them leave.


im a fins fan---i have no problem with people who disagree b/c i disagree with a lot of people but he is the only 1 out of every1---thats doesnt really explain his logic---his just makes a statement and trys to insult you(doesnt do a good job of it)---and throws a couple of lolsss---in

And thats fine---some people are wat they are but instead of takn it to that level anymore---i rather just ignore the comments---

Im ready for camp---lets talk FA's----

im waitn 4 news

WOW LMFAO @ allen. You are CRAZY if you think the fins will sign Adalious. Go learn something about football first. Cry me a f'kin river. Thanks for stopping by.

This is what NJ is thinking. Pretty good huh?

nicee payoso

thats him in a snapshot----

It is understood, allen. We (silent minority)LOL have your back if you ever need us.

be on later----out to train-----

Allen you got to admit. Bobby has toned down a bit. He will concede eventually and change. We still have hope for BJ Phin fan

I hope they bring in Sharper or Atogwe or somebody. They need to have a plan and a back up plan for free safety.

c you later allen, got to work on shoulders today. bawhahahahahahha

I would say with the Blog's main article that Ronnie and Ricky will NOT be a tandem for the Fins next year. If I were predicting I would say both will be gone by 2011.

As to the draft I am going to defer until I see some of these guys play in teal unis.

I am not sold on Odrick or Misi as of now. I agree with allen in that what is available on them is too limited. I have to give Odrick some props as JoePa spoke very highly of him. I am really not about verbal high fives and awards too much... I want to see him do it on the field. What may benefit the Odrick pick the most is working in Nolan's DEF scheme. He seems to move well for a guy his size but I also see him get stood up and stonewalled on more than a few plays. In otherwards he plays fast for a 300+ guy but considering that is not much different weight then Ferg carries he doesn't root himself nearly as well and can get washed out of some plays. I want to see him play more and until then I am mildy scethy on the pick. I would have prefered Jerry Hughes at that point in the draft.

Admittedly I know Nolan's DEF is different than most and so I will let all the Fins brass pick their own groceries,

I will stick my neck out for G John Jerry as I think the guy can truly anchor well inside. I thought he had a stellar Senior Bowl and is not the grabber that Iupati is. When I see him play pass rushers just get absorbed by the guy. He will be hard to get walked back into Henne's grill. His conditioning will hopefully improve in the SoFl heat.

Edds is growing on me more and more. I like what I have been able to find and research on him. Nice effort player and has a knack for finding the ball in the air which is in stark contrast to Crowder. I wonder if his run game defense will be stout enough but in space the guy can surely make some plays.

I also think S R. Jones was a great value in the 5th. He has game and when he connects with people they get smashed. May have a little too much Taylor Mays "Going for the big hit" in him but, I think that will be coached out to some degree. He will bolter our secondary nicely.

The others I don't know enough about and with Nolan Carrol the DB I don't like to hear about the injury stuff.

I am more optimistic that the Trifecta found a collection of players that will propel us forward even if I do not fully understand some of the choices.


* Sorry about the long post, I have to head to work.

Hey allen,

I actually don't think they will sign AT. I think he is starting to creep into that hated "older" phase of his career. I would have kept JT over AT imho.

With the swarm of LBs the Fins have added including Dobbins I think the Fins are prepared to go with "Young and Hungry" and eat whatever mistales that brings.

I don't think AT is a Fin and I am happy to let him slip on by. I thought he would produce MUCH better in NE. Turns out that Baltimore knew it could survive just fine without him. NE ate a HUGE contract on him.


be4 i leave

just saw a kiper post--interestn opinion
instead of odrick and misi

He felt the dolphins should of took jerry hughes at 28 and linval joseph in 2nd round

in his mind its suspect to take misi over hughes---when pass rusher is the biggest need

He stated---

"Hughes had 26 sacks during the past two seasons playing in the same conference as Misi, who had eight in the same span for the Mountain West Conference-based Utes."

Hughes was seing the same attention as any other pass rusher in draft---and that stat is telln---

Just thought it was a logical question---
no1 knows who will work out, but

what tandem goin on what you know rite now would you of rather had?

Rob, I feel the same way about Hughes. When he fell I thought for sure he was going to be the pick. He may be an inch or two shorter than they prefer but the guy can flat out get to the QB.

No to Thomas. The guy was a pain for belecheat in NE, and like i said b4 being a parcells guy, i dont see him coming here unless its DIRT cheap!! Sharper unlikely as well, looks like he will remain in NO according to agent.

Many of us would have liked Hughes, but we gotta work with what we have. I believe Misi will work out just fine. No worries here.

good stuff rob

I see we agree on the first two selection bein questionable at this point---not much to go on to see what misi is exactly---

Im wit you i think EDDS is goin to be a starter on the inside with dansby----like the kid alot

AT--i see why people dont want him, but i just have a feeling if u paied him up with nolan he would play real well---and i do think we need a vet---if the money is rite i would do it---

im out till lata finfans

mortreport On questions re:" Rams S Otogwe, he had reconstructive shoulder surgery after season and is fighting sporrts hernia, accord'ng to sources"
about 5 hours ago

very interesting on Otogwe, Bobby. Always something gets in the way.

That's not good.


When do we get to see these guys in person? I saw an OTA schedule that had the first OTA in the middle of May sometime. Is there anything sooner? Can you post the full offseason schedule for the Phins?


Many of us would have liked Hughes, but we gotta work with what we have. I believe Misi will work out just fine. No worries here.

Posted by: payaso | April 27, 2010 at 02:15 PM

many of us would've liked sergio kindle or gronkowski too but that didn't happen either, lets just hope bill knows something we dont with misi otherwise this will be another head knocker.

Jed thanks for the artical. Interesting interview process. In defense of Ireland:

1. You got to know these young guy alittle better before you fork over several million $. Make sure their ready for all the responsibilities and life changing that comes with it.

2. The statements made by Dez might have been exaggerated. Jeff probably wanted to know alittle about his background and DEZ was over sensitive. I don't think Ireland came out and said it exactly like that.

pistol... agreed!

I say the exact same thing about Brandon Graham... He is MUCH thicker than Hughes but with an even higher motor imo. Hughes had 26 sacks in 26 games. BG had 20.5 sacks in 23 games in a better conference agin imho.

I believe the Eagles ended up with a stellar draft and I think time will bare that out as they traded up to get BG.

That being said I do like the idea that Miami got its second rounder back. Maybe the Dobbins kid will play well enough on ST/ILB and swing the trade with the Chargers a little more towards us.

Hard to tell exactly what fits Nolans system but I would think the Jerry Hughes / Linval Joseph combo seems stronger to me as well.

I was/am a huge fan of Best and think that he could have even been a better investment than Odrick. I would have gone Hughes first of those three as pass rush pressure is paramount to winning.


Ill catch with you folks later on this eve.

Come on OTA's!! .... already.. (cough!)...news st..(ack!) starved... must..make..... it ..to...(cough!) OTA's.



Parting shot...

Besides the Jerry Hughes "alternate" draft theory. I know that besides Kindle that Misi will also be compared to LB Worilds as well that Pitt choose a little later in the second.

Now Kindle ha some late injury concerns that knocked him down or so it would appear. Worilds is right there in that mix and the Steelers thought so too and snagged him.

I always wonder if the shoe were on the other foot do both teams take the other teams guy? It would also seem that there is not enough physical differences to say that one is strictly going to fit Nolan's scheme that the other would not.

The game is a afoot!

Allen , you're really going to have a conversation with a troll named guapo who's now payoso who's really aloco and thank him for having your back ??? Really ??? now that's f'n funny. You would rather have a intelligent conversation woth him that me ??? That even funnier !!! I had a nice debate with you proving you wrong with carlito , boontang and odinseye agreeing with me but you insulted me when backed in a corner, That's OK have a conversation with a troll who has nothing better to do that entertain himself on here, LOL !!

One thing is for sure. Spiller and Jhavid Best's dont fall out of the sky. Guys with world class speed and elusiveness ala Chris Johnson who u hold your breath every time they get a crease.

Ronnie is not durable and is a plodding rb who is constantly chased down by lb's. I don't want any back that can't out run a safety or lb. Lex hilliard...pat cobbs have to be two of the slowest rb's in the NFL and are not the future of our running game.

Brian Harline will never be a big time wr. Slow...route runner...ok hands...not elusive or dynamic.

Bess is not Welker. He has good hands and runs good routes but nothing special...gets chased down by safties and lb's does nothing after the catch.

Pat Turner was a scrub at USC and is a scrub now. How are u a big wr but can't beat press coverage? Kid is slow...stiff and has very average hands. He will never be a game changing player that will compliment Marshall.

I think we are in the top 10 picks in next years draft so a good player will be there. RB and even WR need to be targeted.

Rob , i gave you mitchell. How about mclain going at the 8 spot and many reprots including mando's tweet saying that mclain was miami 's man and when he was taken by the raiders , miami chose to trade down . How about giving me credit that miami passed on your boy graham when i told you he was a better fit at DE and was to small for miami at OLB. How about miami picking almost all defense in the draft like i told you. You're pretty quick to point out my wrongs like marshall and mitchell but you're no where to be found on any of my things that i got right like my example above, I do give you credit for giving me kudo on going out on a linb with my opinions, cheers !

kudos ** Limb **

I think Hartline is going to be a good player for us this year. The guy made plays and was consistent when his number was called.

one queston about a thomas and i'm outta here. Why would miami bring in a 33 year old who's done nothing in 3 years at NE and was a big mouth in the locker room and media when they just got rid of taylor and porter, Do you relize the backlash the tuna and ireland would get from te media and fans for letting taylor go like they did and then bring in thomas ?? i don't see it happening. But Who knows

By the way rob, i did forget about mitchell and the bet with all the things going on in the draft with the dolphins. Also , you see i have alot more improtant things going on in my life than remembering about a carlton mitchell. I hate to disappoint you and i hope you don't get offended, cheers !

I am finally over the fact that we didn't get Graham or Sharpton or Fox. We should start recruiting Hankerson and Bailey for next year.

Go 'canes!

Wow, Truth, I'd have to disagree with you on almost every point you made. You're right about Ronnie not being durable, but he's plenty fast. I think he can outrun most linebackers. But his forte is breaking tackles and running hard (not fast). I think he's a good RB (not Chris Johnson level, but ProBowl level if he can stay healthy).

Brian Hartline was a ROOKIE last year, and was probably our best receiver (except Bess, but he's a slot guy). He can catch, runs good routes, definitely not a speedster, but not all good WR have to be (look at Derrick Mason in Baltimore). He'll prove you wrong this year after all the experience he had last year.

Bess is not Welker, you're right. But he's the closest thing I can find to him. He doesn't have good hands, he has GREAT hands. He doesn't run good routes, he runs GREAT routes (watch how he comes back to the QB to receive the ball). His down side is he's slow, but he's slick, and that works for us.

The one thing I do agree with you on is Patrick Turner. Scrub is exactly right. He better put on a show this pre-season or he's gone.

Also, what you're forgetting, is that we now have a true #1 WR in Brandon Marshall. He will make all those other WRs better. If he gets double-teamed, that opens lots of holes for other receivers/TEs to get open. And Camarillo and Bess will make people pay for double/triple-teaming Marshall, watch!

DC, I agree with you. As far as Bess goes, he went through a case of the drops last year but I do believe he has great hands and he is a great route runner.

Sadly...It sounds like Thomas sounds would be a perfect fit for the Jets.

He a 'Rex Ryan' kind of Guy!

Taylor could have been a great Mentor for Misi.

Ronnie is going to see a lot less 8 man fronts this year, too. The SS is going to have to respect the pass and PA.

You would rather have a intelligent conversation woth him that me ??? That even funnier !!!

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | April 27, 2010 at 02:47 PM

Allen you have a sound mind do what you may. I am not going to beg you to talk to me. I am cool with you. If this buffoon/nj would treat others with respect, cut the insults then maybe they will talk to him. One thing you gotta agree is, anyone who differs from his thinking is a "troll, jets fan, basement dweller" or whatever he seems fit to call you. This @zzzz wipe will change or not who cares.
Better yet he will call someone aloco. That friggin half wit could not write the way I do in a 100 years. Oh wait maybe he will call me dying breed or homer or stem trails. What a hack!!!

By the way rob, i did forget about mitchell and the bet with all the things going on in the draft with the dolphins. Also , you see i have alot more improtant things going on in my life than remembering about a carlton mitchell. I hate to disappoint you and i hope you don't get offended, cheers !

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | April 27, 2010 at 03:05 PM

If it were the other way around and NJ won the bet. He would have been grinding your @zzzzz about it. 100% Guaranteed

NJ, Do you think Aloco should be "Baker acted"???? In your opinion how many personalities does Lil Aloco have, I've counted somewhere near 15, with 4 dominate personalities... your thoughts??

cuban do you really think I am aloco? Now that is f'kin insulting. Remember awhile back, NJ thought you were aloco also. he was wrong then and is wrong now. You gotta admit it, cuban

No Payaso, Iam pretty sure I know who you really are and it's definitely not aloco..

Thank you, cuban

NJ Phin fan: what exit?

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