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Day 3 about to start -- Get it!

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling fairly comfortable with what the Dolphins are doing so far in this draft -- assuming the players they are picking become instant contributors.

I expect Jared Odrick to be a starting DE in 2010. I expect Koa Misi to be a starting OLB in 2010 -- the Dolphins obviously do also based on the tact they've taken this offseason. I expect John Jerry to be the starting LG in 2010.

The Dolphins desperately need all three to be starters.

The Dolphins need to find one more starter today to make this draft a resounding success. They need to find a starting free safety somewhere in rounds 4-7. One guy in seven picks. That's all I'm asking for.

Six safeties were drafted in Day 2. Nate Allen, T.J. Ward, and Taylor Mays went in the second round. Morgan Burnett, Major Wright and Chad Jones went in the third round.

The fourth round begins in earnest at 10 a.m. The Dolphins can still land:

Reshad Jones (my prediction, if he's there), Robert Johnson (another Utah player whose selection wouldn't upset me).

After the fourth round, the value picks at safety are East Carolina's Van Eskeridge, Nebraska's Larry Asante, a former junior college linebacker who plays with that mentality. He seems more like a strong safety to me but, well, whatever.

The darkhorses? Virginia Tech's Kam Chancellor, a freak at 6-3 and 230 who has played some free safety for the Hokies or Gobblers or whatever they call themselves these days. He is thought to project as a strong safety but the Dolphins might have other plans. Michigan's Stevie Brown is a great hitter who actually played some linebacker for the Wolverines. He's another option.


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I like us drafting Norwood in the fourth and Johnson in the fifth.


Carlton Mitchell or Freddie Barnes.

Mando, I know we need FS's but I was referring to WR's I'd like to see with a Dolphins uniform on.
As far as FS, I'd love to see Kam Chancellor on our team. He's a baller!

Reshad Jones... no choice here !
Or pray and sign Darren Sharper

They might start and that's good, but the judge for a "resounding success" in the draft is whether or not they'll produce if and when they start!

I have a feeling there will be growing pains for our defense ahead...

Does anyone get the feeling the front office will be bringing in a veteran OLB? I just can't see them going with the current group and expect to replace the 16 sacks they lost with Taylor and Porter.
Not sure who it might be, but just a gut feeling they have someone in mind.

Starks is a smoke screen - look for them to choose Cam Thomas, if availble, with the next pick!

I keep hearing Reshad Jones' name mentioned alot, but I see him listed as a strong safety by everyone. Is that really a good fit?

Let's Go Hokies!

I think that the dolphins will go after oj atogwe after the draft is over

Kelton Tindal, WR Newberry here in the 4th.

Kam Chancellor = terrible coverage skills, gets burned more than a gingo on spring break!

its crazy people really think they know more and the dolphins would be better off with out parcells,dude your a delivery driver calm down in parcells we trust not in idiot fans

I'd like a TE in the 4th Myron rolle in the 5th a couple of backups in 6 and 7 (5 picks) and go for Atogwe for FS

I think they need to move up or what ever to get Sapp (I think the Jets or NE will get him if we don't)- Chancellor - Dickson or Dickerson the TE from Pitt - I guess hes fast like a WR - the LB from S Carolina is pretty good and the nose from N Carolina is still on the board.

I like Ty culver. What we need is more speed at offense like a much faster te than we already have. Also who is our return specialist these days? Speed & size going forward is what we should focus on as long as they are football players too.

I totally agree, it's a smoke screen.

Sapp, S. Carolins LBs, Chancellor S, or get the RFA from Rams or Sharper, Mitchell WR from SF, Cam Thomas NT from N Carolina - theres alot ot tallent left

I'm guessing a push will be made for O.J. Atogwe after June 1st - I doubt we will solve our safety issues with a 4th round plus draft pick.

4th round FS on my board are Larry Asante, Reshad Jones, Morgan Burnett.
Somehow I see use getting Brandon Lang in the 4th - would bre a good pickup.

Armando - watch for Kurt Coleman (S, Ohio St)

I meant Sapp Clemson LB OR the LB from S. Carolina - Petta or Pitta or Dickenson or Dickson whatever there names are from BYU and Pitt


Any news or rumors on trades today???

We should have drafted Earl Thomas

Ricky Sapp would be nice, but he isn't going to last until we pick again. I wouldn't be dissed if we moved up like Doug said, but I don't see us doing that. Whatever Tuna is okay with me. I think they're doing a great job so far. All the haters seem to be pretty quiet at this point.

I am hoping we get an extra 4th round pick by trade. Possible trades Smiley, Thigpen(maybe Buffalo) or Turner(maybe Seattle) What do you guys think? If Starks doesnt work out as NT then he can go back after the eight game.

Kade Weston NT in the 6th/7th ?????
Good size 6'4 320

Brandon Banks RS in the 6th - 4.2 speed ????

Lonyae Miller RB in the 7th - 5'11 225 ???

Pitta and D. Dickerson are on Kiper's best available.

I know Dickerson had the fastest 40-time at the combine and is known more for pass catching than blocking.

Could he play at WR?? He's 6'2" 226 lbs.

Lets see what surprise the front office has in store today.

The future is now, and this is where the team is built.

we have 2 guys on our roster that can play fs in culver and clemons, what we really need is a nickel back


Has kiper or anyone else been even close to right. Clausen goes in the 2nd round McCoy in the 3rd. and Kindle still on the board.

Watch the show and enjoy it man

I don't buy the Starks to NT line. How the hect can the Phins affort to cut lose the top 2 sack generating players and to then take the third one (Starks) and put him in to play NT and further reduce our sacks......I don't believe it. He might play some plays there, but I don't believe it.

What if the phins have decided to give the job to Clemons? I think they may have since they waited this long and still havent drafted a safety. I really hoping we just get a talented player, Dwyer, Blount, Mardy Gilyard,Dorin Dickerson, Mike Williams, Cam Thomas, and Ricky Sapp.

akwasi owusu-ansah would be a good choice at db who could also return kicks

i like to get kurt coleman he is great safey and will be a excellent sleeper pick

lol i meant safety

Matt Mayberry in th 5th round. I am telling ya it would be a great move!!

Dickerson has 4.4 sec. 40 speed and has played WR.

That sounds like Brandon Marshall's size.

Guy´s i think today i wont get any stream to watch the draft...:(

Justin.tv doesnt have any...

Good morning Draft Junkies. Here we go. This is where teams add depth and super bowl teams are finished up.

I don't really have a clue where they are going from here. I have to admit their whole draft has been a mystery to me. Not saying I don't like, I do. But I think it just shows me just how little I know about it. It's not the way i would have gone at all but what do I know.

So here's my uneducated opinion....I like RB Dwyer who is still there. I wonder if they would consider him as a back for the future. Maybe he could run back kicks for a season and get some spot duty. Obviously guys like Sapp and Norwood are of interest and there are still some good TE's out there. Rolle would we good in the 4th or 5th but I'm honestly not convinced they are going to draft a FS.

Miami has a very late 4th round pick. Let´s see whats left of what we´ve talked about...

Mike Mayock sounds like one of Marg Simpson's sisters. Too funny!!

I'm out for now guys.....time for some exercise. I'll check in later.

I really would like the Dolphins to find a pass catching TE, a KR/PR specialist, a nickel CB, and safety help at both Free and Strong.


After the 1st 3 rounds I think we should all just relax and see what trifecta picks because none of us has been right on any pick...I think that is the approach we should have.

There goes Mike Willaims, I really wanted him here. Uhgggggghhh :(

I love NFLN coverage, but Mayock is brutal to listen to right now.

Are we going to be able to trade up in the 4th round? Does Smiley get traded? Any other trades for the dolphins?

any word on trading smiley or anyone else for more picks???

I never saw him play, but DE Clifton Geathers put up numbers at the combine that probably caught the Trifectas attention.

Jacoby Ford was the fastest player at the combine. I think he;s still available. Will he still be arounf in 5th round?

He could be used for special teams: punt returns, kickoffs

He's the same size of Mark Clayton.

I am excited to see who we can dig up today... I hope Smiley is traded


will we draft based on the cutest butt?

Mayock needs some hot tea and should be sent back home. he's done !

Hope we get WR Jeremy Willams from Tulane. Or Cam Chancellor!

I hope smiley, a WR not named Marshall/Bess/Hartline and a QB not named Henne are traded today

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