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Day 3 about to start -- Get it!

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling fairly comfortable with what the Dolphins are doing so far in this draft -- assuming the players they are picking become instant contributors.

I expect Jared Odrick to be a starting DE in 2010. I expect Koa Misi to be a starting OLB in 2010 -- the Dolphins obviously do also based on the tact they've taken this offseason. I expect John Jerry to be the starting LG in 2010.

The Dolphins desperately need all three to be starters.

The Dolphins need to find one more starter today to make this draft a resounding success. They need to find a starting free safety somewhere in rounds 4-7. One guy in seven picks. That's all I'm asking for.

Six safeties were drafted in Day 2. Nate Allen, T.J. Ward, and Taylor Mays went in the second round. Morgan Burnett, Major Wright and Chad Jones went in the third round.

The fourth round begins in earnest at 10 a.m. The Dolphins can still land:

Reshad Jones (my prediction, if he's there), Robert Johnson (another Utah player whose selection wouldn't upset me).

After the fourth round, the value picks at safety are East Carolina's Van Eskeridge, Nebraska's Larry Asante, a former junior college linebacker who plays with that mentality. He seems more like a strong safety to me but, well, whatever.

The darkhorses? Virginia Tech's Kam Chancellor, a freak at 6-3 and 230 who has played some free safety for the Hokies or Gobblers or whatever they call themselves these days. He is thought to project as a strong safety but the Dolphins might have other plans. Michigan's Stevie Brown is a great hitter who actually played some linebacker for the Wolverines. He's another option.


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OK...justin.tv just saved me...

I like alot better NFLN than ESPN...but what the heck better espn than nothing...

(they have alot of ads and pass on the picks they are not interested in...)

Faneca might get cut soon. Kills market for Smiley. Lets get a playmaking TE. Excited about moving Starks to NT

the first time i saw NJ PHIN FAN's litter wiener I thought he shaved it on purpose...Turns out he hasn't grown pubic hair yet

litter = little

I'm not that sure why it is so critical that rookies have to start. When I think about all those good Steelers teams, I don't recall many rookie starters... The key is to continue to pick up good long term values.

I`d like us to trade a pick to St Louis for the rights to Atogwe. As is theyve got another35 days or so to make their offer market value. If we offered them a fifth we`d know their intentions. Accepting the deal says he wasn`t in their plans and we`d make that market value offer. Rejecting it says he`s in their plans and it`s time for us to move on Sharper.Either way we know what the future involves.
If we get a high quality Free Safety I think the sky`s the limit for this team.

We'll do fine today, I have little doubt.

and ive seen alot of weiners in life because i am a f a g g o t who loves little boys

Why didn't we trade up in this round to get Mike Williams? Seriously, three 7th round picks (2 that are tradeable) and we're holding onto these for what, some scrubs that will be on the practice squad....

Hey Armando, it's "tack" not "tact," as in, "the tack the Dolphins have taken..." It is a sailing reference in case you were wondering...

Late....has TE Aaron Hernandez been picked?

What number pick do we have at 4th?

We continue to put every one to sleep while the players with 1st and 2nd rd grades left in the draft are being goobled up early in the 4th.

I have an idea. Let's go all defense for the remainder of the draft. Parcells...don't even attempt to draft an offensive player. You don't have the eye for offensive talent outside of the offensive line.

No big slow TE's, WR's or rb's please

We continue to have faith in Hartline and Camirillo while the Bucs took two of the most physically gifted wr's to come out in the last 4 yrs. Benn and Mike Williams. Our attempts to pass the football will be laughable...trying to force it to Marshall while Fasano is never open or drops every pass.

4 - 126
5 - 145
6 - 174, 179
7 - 3 picks

Armando , another Safety to keep an eye on is Jeromy Miles from u-mass . 6-1 210 4.46. They do like robert johnson rom utah and so do I.

Still on the board Joe.

Thanks guys.

I am sorry I am such an idiot. My mom used to drop me on my head because she has very sweaty palms. Please don't hate me.

A sh*t load of TEs on the board still.

I would like Hernandez at our pick. Does anyone else think that would be a nice pick if he was there?


Good link to track the Board Joe.

We need to trade up and grab a TE

Cam Thomas
Corey Wootton
Thaddeus Gibson
Jonathan Dwyer
Ricky Sapp
Carlton Mitchell
Eric Norwood
Aaron Hernandez
Dennis Pitta
Marcus Easley

My top 10 for Miami on the board. Not that it means anything.

ha...after actually drating smart for first 3 rounds Raiders draft two combine guys in Cambell and Jacoby Ford

If Hernandez, Pitta and Dickerson are still on the board when we pick and we pass...we're definitely going after Vernon Davis next year

I'd like hernandez, pitta if he's gone

I don't think we will go TE, but I could be wrong and frequently am.

Rick Sapp

I can't stay here all day. My boss said I need to clean out the used oil from yesterday before I start frying today's lunch french fries.

Funny idiot. Get a life using people handles to make moronic posts. Very original. We are convinced we have enough weapons on offense. This pick will be another LB or D linemen. Wait and see.

No Dwyer...I live in atlanta...seen him play plenty. Kid is to slow and stiff. Even though he has size he is not particually strong. Straight line speed slow feet...think he ran a 4.7 at the combine. that's linebacker speed. We have a clone of him in Lex hilliard. We need speed some where on offense.

I hated cleaning out the oil back in the day.

Chargers pick up Darrell Stuckey...that's a great name for a safety

Players I'd like to see picked:

Jacoby Ford
Dorin Dickerson
Cam Thomas
Myron Rolle
Javarris James
Zac Robinson

I believe most will be available in the 4th or 5th round. Not sure if any of them will be around in 6th or 7th round.

Wootton off the board to chicago

I like who we've drafted so far, now I want an "sexy" pick

Hey Po, thanks for the tip. My current theory is, we need a FS so the pick will be TE.

Jets trade up

Jacoby Ford...gone to the raiders

I don't think we're drafting anyone who wasn't at the senior bowl

God d*mn Jets....

Cam Thomas, Ricky Sapp and Jonathan Dwyer are what left on my wish list.

4th- Ricky Sapp
5th- Garrett Graham
6th- Charles Scott
6th- Van Eskerage

Eat sh*t and die Braylon.

Who played well at the senior bowl, maybe we can get a heads up

How is Aaron Hernandez still on the board???? He in my opinion is very comparable to Jet's Dustin Keller.

Damn, has Seattle had an amazing draft, or what? Okung, Thomas, Tate, and they grab LenDale White and Kevin Vickerson without giving up any picks?

They are having, by far, the best draft of any team so far.


i hope smileys traded for a forth.
i think myron rolle already went but correct me if i'm wrong.
i still hope we a nt to help out starks even though i think starks well br great.
hernandez has NOT been picked and think would be a great pick as well.

damn patsies

Pats just took Henandez

wow the pats doubled up on Hernandez and Gronkowski.


F...... See the Patriots know what im talking about!!!! Dangit!!!!!!

JEts understand how to find rb's in the draft. Joe McKnight tremendous...elusive...fast..perfect compliment to who they have. Jets will have a fast...explosive offense to compliment a great D.

Pats take Hernandez...one of the best TE's in the draft while we continue to sit and wait to draft more linemen.

why do the jets need another rb?

How is Aaron Hernandez still on the board???? He in my opinion is very comparable to Jet's Dustin Keller.

Just got picked by the patriots...double TE´s

Myron Rolle is still there.

Damn it all

Absolute travesty. All if the 'sleepers' are being gobbled up by our rivals

And we aren't moving up? Come in guys let's do something and not wait

The Pats are killing it in this year's draft!

hernadez to the pats darn it!
didn't they just get a te yesterday?

I hope the right people are watching all of this...Fasano vs Gron-Monster and Hernandez...wtf

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