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Day 3 about to start -- Get it!

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling fairly comfortable with what the Dolphins are doing so far in this draft -- assuming the players they are picking become instant contributors.

I expect Jared Odrick to be a starting DE in 2010. I expect Koa Misi to be a starting OLB in 2010 -- the Dolphins obviously do also based on the tact they've taken this offseason. I expect John Jerry to be the starting LG in 2010.

The Dolphins desperately need all three to be starters.

The Dolphins need to find one more starter today to make this draft a resounding success. They need to find a starting free safety somewhere in rounds 4-7. One guy in seven picks. That's all I'm asking for.

Six safeties were drafted in Day 2. Nate Allen, T.J. Ward, and Taylor Mays went in the second round. Morgan Burnett, Major Wright and Chad Jones went in the third round.

The fourth round begins in earnest at 10 a.m. The Dolphins can still land:

Reshad Jones (my prediction, if he's there), Robert Johnson (another Utah player whose selection wouldn't upset me).

After the fourth round, the value picks at safety are East Carolina's Van Eskeridge, Nebraska's Larry Asante, a former junior college linebacker who plays with that mentality. He seems more like a strong safety to me but, well, whatever.

The darkhorses? Virginia Tech's Kam Chancellor, a freak at 6-3 and 230 who has played some free safety for the Hokies or Gobblers or whatever they call themselves these days. He is thought to project as a strong safety but the Dolphins might have other plans. Michigan's Stevie Brown is a great hitter who actually played some linebacker for the Wolverines. He's another option.


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Damn Pitta gone to Baltimore

i bet sanchez made that pick

They need depth. The Jets don't have much depth at the position. They also need a bigger back with speed and wiggle that could be an every down guy if needed. SMART

and there goes pitta, we gotta be going S or NT even though starks will start

Man we lost a lotta good options in the 4th round switch with the chargers.....

the Pats will kill it next year too. They have 2 1st rounders and 2 2nd rounders in next years draft

Drafting two TEs is not killing it by any stretch of even the most dilluted imagination.

Were gonna be stuck with garbage at 126 or whatever our picknis

Ricky Sapp

some of the fans on here are out of their friggin minds. calm down

Also remember thy we have more picks, rmthe Pats and the
Puke-jets are almost done

no, the Pats were smart. the second TE they drafted can line up in the slot a la Dallas Clark. It's a great pickup. The Pats look strong with depth. Meanwhile, Leon Washington must be on the block for the Jets...

Mando, go over there and wake those guys up. Poke them with a stick if you have to.

The Pats are really looking for a TE, thats 2 in the 1st 4 rounds

Haha. I need to calm down

Yeah I'm I wouldn't say that's killin it...we are actually killin it with quality starters thy will be either crushing or running around those guys

Damn Pats!

The whole Starks thing is a possible ploy.

Yeah Vegas, it's sad

ok thank po white trash,

i think he would be a good fit

I hope we dont get more linemen that would be pissing me off...

Exactly Cowkilla. Fact: we draft starters.

Garbage coming up for us. We are left with no TE with hands an speed in this draft. Hernandez was the best in the draft at catching it and running after the catch.

Looks like NT or another O-linemen by the time we get to pick.

Any one who thinks we are having a great draft is on crack. Pitta is slow and is a Fasano clone. We need a new era TE with speed and the ability to make plays.

No backs or wr's left either. Look out ...time for the extremely small schools prospects that now one has ever heard of.

He was pretty good at FSU.

We need Smiley.

i hope we go cam thomas at 126

I'm thinking they take another pass rusher at 126 Ricky Sapp, Thaddeus Gibson, Brandon Lang, or Cameron Sheffield

Did i say they were killing it just because those two pick, although both those picks are great value! Brandon Spikes in late second. That is a great pickup. And all the picks they've added for next year. Just cause you dont like the Pats doesn't mean they cant have a good draft. I would've like the Fins draft alot better if we woulda landed Hernandez. But Fins are still having a good draft.

We should be making moves.. This pisses me off!!

Cam Thomas would be good too

Anthony mcCoy, Andrew Quarles, Dorin Dickerson are all athletic TE's still available. OBrien Scofield is a OLB/DE with first round ability who tore his knew during the Senior Bowl who would be a good long term project with tremedous upside

Dorin Dickerson is gonna be a beast. They had him projected high. I wonder why he dropped

I'm not so sure the pats will keep both of those TE's...they will prolly let one win the job and either drop or shop the other

Good call Chase

Thaddeus Gibson just went to the steelers

PAts have two explosive pass playmakers now at the TE spot. Who do we have??? You are crazy for thinking that wasn't an excellent move on there part. They have also taken another wr.

Come on down Cam Thomas. Let get some more o-linemen now or a stretch the field TE...oooppps...no more left.

Who's available at safety still?

Fins are having a solid draft. Man I am hoping now that we land Cam Thomas. That would be awesome

Chase, did I say I didn't like the pats because I disagree that they're killing it with their draft? Brandon Spikes is what you point to? He's a very poor man's Crowder. It's a myth that they draft well, save one 6th rounder.

pats are having a great draft..........but what else is new?

Lot of passion out there.....

Dorin Dickerson is the fastest TE in the draft

Hey Balla...lay off the morning bowl of Crank-Flakes bro, we are doin just fine and yes...there are good ones left my man ;)

Pitta to the Ravens. Now the Ravens have taken two TE's who are capable of stretching the field. Dickson and Pitta will help Flacco. Henne needs more help than B. Marsh. Give the kid a darn chance.

RB, RB, RB!!! NEXT!!! Ricky is getting old and Ronnie is a 10 game player.

Myron Rolle , Kam Chancellor, Reshad Jones,Larry Asante......

Whoa whoa whoa. RB us not a need yet

Kam Chancellor is a big freaking guy at FS man. That would be interesting

Well Mando i have one word for you LIAR.

Cam Thomas DT
Thaddeus Gibson OLB
Jonathan Dwyer RB
Ricky Sapp OLB
Carlton Mitchell WR
Eric Norwood OLB
Marcus Easley WR
Kam Chancellor FS
Brandon Lang DE
Dorin Dickerson TE

Dorin Dickerson is in the mold of a big wr. He is sliding because he doesn't have the weight or strength to be a good blocker like Hernandez and the other who have gone before him.

i agree with DLT.

on another note, this is the jets backfield next year:
-Shoon Green
-Leon Washington
-and the new guy they just drafted (forgot his name already....haha)

ton of players left. kick back light it up and chilllllllll.....

What do you think about trading a pick for Leon Washington? He is a good back and can be our return guy.

Who is availble that is even worth drafting a rb??? No more power backs please. We need big play ability.

Thaddeus Gibson to Pitt - there goes another possibility

Still a lot of value out there in many positions.

My fellow Wisconsin man Garret Graham selected. Great player. Not highly gifted athletically, but is both a solid blocker and pass catcher. However, was a little small and I didn't like him for the Fins.

Hernandez will NOT block.

Mark in To,

Thaddeus Gibson is off the board

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